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615 Fallsway, Baltimore, MD 21202


39.297475, -76.6101675




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Voted Baltimore’s #1 Gentleman’s Club by Baltimore City Papers Reader’s Choice 6 years in a row!!! 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012,


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105 reviews for “Penthouse Club

  1. Lamont Williams

    Yo I went to the clubs with some of my boyz and I took a nice girl for a LD and to my surprise I saw one of my friends mother humping her ass in the VIP room. I was sure it was her but I didn’t says anything just kept to myself and kept quiet. Does anyone think I should bring this to his attention I mean he’s got no idea where his moms be working.

  2. cal

    i love this club i would come here everyday if i could – best club in the city

  3. Bob

    I would go to Scores everyday if i had the time…



  5. leann

    best club in baltimore no reason to go anywhere else – they just started doing the summer special , free steak lunch during the day !

  6. Karl

    Definitely the best spot in the city. Best variety of girls, blondes, brunettes, black girls, latinas, asians, red heads. Steaks are awesome too. This place has it all.

  7. Dr. Love

    Always a good time and good food.

  8. Alicia H.

    Went back last weekend. Had a great time. Did not know club was two floors. Everyone is very nice and professional here. You will not be harassed by people here and the management were great. I would definitely return. Had an enjoyable night and there was definitely more variety this time. Juliana was great and beautiful. Definitely recommend for upscale adult entertainment and they have definitely upgraded their employees so I will return. I saw something here for all tastes. Want to thank the management for treating us so great.

  9. Booyah!

    Great Friday Happy Hour!

  10. rick

    I scored with the girl I spent my cash on! hell ya!

  11. Scores

    I love Scores Baltimore

  12. Bobby

    Best club in Baltimore period.

  13. donnie

    had some hot girls but ,did,nt score nothin, the service needs a little work too

  14. dr bill

    best place in baltimore i come here 3 times a week

  15. Austin

    Should’ve come here to dance a while ago. Every other club in the city sucks ass now.

  16. mike

    was ok would not go back waste ove money

  17. Alexander

    Over priced for bmore. The average quality doesnt justify the prices

  18. andy

    Had some hot girls . But the dj sucked . The table dances were ok.It was okover all . But nothing amazing.

  19. roy

    place is goin 2 shi9t n there over priced,

  20. ken

    food sucked n the guy who parked my car put 25 miles on it girl were ok but managment sucked wont go back

  21. ervington

    nothin 2 say //shit

  22. rippedoff

    I’ve visited some clubs before and felt like I wasted my time. But who the heck does this club think they are? $30/dance and she’s fully clothed? Seriously wtf? I went in at 12:30p and I’m used to clubs being a bit slow but usually one or two girls will make rounds and try to talk. In this case the two manager/owner looking guys were faces a few inches from their phones the whole time and the couple of girls that came down after their dances (very hot) we’re busy laughing and doing shots with each other.

    One girl sat and talked with me, pleasant enough but then I heard all the prices for the various locations they have to do dances and I declined and left. What a waste of my time.

  23. Freddy 66

    First time in Scores Bmore…always assumed it would be the same mega hustle scene that Scores NYC is. Wrong. Nicest atmosphere in town by a mile, hot girls, cold beer at a reasonable price (in the afternoon. I will be back.

  24. bill

    love the wings, i enjoy old bay!!

  25. silky
  26. cant wait

    cant wait to go back again

  27. Sampson

    they have the best lunch deal in Baltimore

  28. willy

    u ant scorin nothin here but some empty pockets, n some bad service

  29. kenny
  30. fuckery12

    Long story short, this is thee best strip club in the DMV area. The bouncers are polite, the place is clean, and the environment is classy. All nude is always a bonus. The center stage is small but you are close to the action. The women (most of them) are hot and good dancers. You won’t get constantly haggled and when you do want a private dance prices are reasonable. Drink prices are typical for a strip club ranging from $6-8 for a beer and $9 for a glass of wine or cocktail. The bartenders are even hotter than the dancers, lol. It is an upscale club so the dress is business casual, but I’ve worn T’s in there too. Best time to go is Thurs in my opinion. I was there on a Fri before and it didn’t seem as popp’in, plus cover is $15 on weekends vs $10 on other days. If you wanna park in their reserved lot that’s also $10. Get there before 9 though and there’s usually street parking available. I would have given five stars if the women were Spearmint quality, but Vegas is really hard to beat. One complaint I have though is I wish they didn’t have a fog machine, that stuff kills my allergies for some reason.

  31. adamrod

    This is an AMAZING place!I discovered it when my brother-in-law asked me out with boys. Everything about this place is top notch: -beautiful girls, which will please your eyes with their body and moves they got.-friendly DJ, who would put up a song you want to hear for a small tip.-huge variety of liquor at the bar, that will quench your thirst for alcohol. Also bartender is open-minded and would listen to your request if you have something special in mind(I’m b-52 fan, which requires to be lighted with fire to be done properly). -pleasant interior design.-worry-free valet parking-cops don’t bother their patrons.Guys, seriously, if you haven’t been to this joint yet, I HIGHLY recommend that you do yourself a favor and go visit it. Just make sure you have enough cash and dollar bills. 500$ should be enough to have a great night out.

  32. fritter17

    I am not sure why Scores Baltimore has been getting bad reviews, but I happen to disagree. I’m also not sure why my review was removed the first time! As someone who used to bartend at a strip club, I feel like I know the ins and outs of how a place like that is run, and Scores Baltimore happens to do a great job. It’s clean and classy and it’s just as good for a bachelor party as it is to just go in and have a drink or watch a UFC fight. While it’s not in the best part of town, they have valet that will park your car right in front of the club if you ask for it ($ extra) so you don’t have to be scared to either a) walk to your car, or b) leave your car. The security in this place is top notch, even if the bouncers are sometimes on an ego trip. I personally believe that it’s because they have to be on alert for drunk gropers. The drinks are pricey, but they are strong and it’s a STRIP CLUB. And not one where the girls have stretch marks and bullet wounds, so that’s to be expected. The cocktail waitresses are attentive, friendly and accommodating, and the dancers themselves are for the most part, very pretty. People have been commenting about how they feel “ripped off”, but every time I have been to Scores, all of the friends I’ve been with have been very happy with the service and the atmosphere. No one has ever complained about feeling ripped off. The way I see it is, come prepared to spend money, or don’t come.Also, this is NOT something that you can say at every adult entertainment establishment, but their food is delicious. I swore to myself I’d never eat at a strip club, but I have never regretted eating at Scores. The food is as good if not better than at some good Baltimore restaurants. In all, I think out of all of the strip clubs in Baltimore, this is the best one. It’s definitely the most upscale and has the best looking staff, as well as good security. This would be the place I would recommend to anyone who wants to go to a strip club in Baltimore city.

  33. Scott

    Best spot in the Baltimore, DC clubs suck ass.

  34. Brian

    What can i say the hooters bartending contest last tues was the most fun i have ever had in any strip club anywhere

  35. Franklyn

    Best strip club in Baltimore. The ladies are the best around, they have something for everybody which covers every type of customer. Call me lonely but I used to goto strip clubs 3-4 nights a week, Ive been to ALL of them! Scores has the best atmosphere, drinks, FOOD, and ladies by far!

  36. managment sucks

    the girl r ok , but managment n everything else is bull shit way over priced, n fuck the vallet, the scratched my rim/ bitches

  37. watcher

    was there this weekend had a great time , food was good girls were hot

  38. harryharry

    Came here last night for my Bachelor Party…. I’ll be honest I’ve never been a fan of strip clubs. Their usually dark, dingy and kind of grimy. But Scores has completely reprogrammed my bias. In fact, I can’t wait to come back here… Sure you got the typical door guy thing where they place some big dude in front of your face to intimidate and give you this whole shtick about how your not being on the “list” and what not… This was my experience at least. But once you get past the B.S. and walk in… its quite nice. Scores has excellent lighting and its clean. Let me repeat — it’s CLEAN. This is already a huge step up from your typical strip club. I like the employees here too… from the wait staff to the security. But the thing that really makes Scores excel is the plethora of beautiful women they have working here. The place also does at good job (at least from my one visit) at keeping thug vermin out… you know the kinds of stinky, stupid, illegitimate gangsters that tend to fester in places like the cockroaches they are. Keeping these low-balls out is a very good thing. Scores is definitely expensive though… there’s no denying it. We paid like $250 for every bottle of alcohol we consumed. The lap dances are $30 and the table dances are $20, each of which only last one song. With tips, a guy can very easily drop a few hundreds bucks here in an hour, possible more. But honestly I didn’t mind it because there’s a constant stream of beautiful ladies surrounding you. There are also two poles in the room so you are always close to a show no matter where your sitting. And these girls are in shape and damn talented. Most are very friendly too. In all, this is probably one of the best strip club in Baltimore IMO. Sure you feel like a human ATM machine during your stay. And yes the ATM machine in the club itself, charges a whopping $10 fee for every withdrawal (so bring lots of cash with you). But again, the bathrooms are clean, the floors are clean, the tables are clean and the girls are clean. What more can you really ask for? Plus they valet!! Besides the ridiculous $10 withdrawal fee, my only other major gripe with Scores is that the guys at the door never bothered to tell us about the various PACKAGES they offer (Rockstar, Ultimate, Birthday). We would have done these things but we were never told about them. Plus the “bookie” my noble best man booked our package with never emailed the club to tell them about our party. That kind of pissed me off because its not professional. But hey, these are minor issues. The important thing is that Scores stands head and shoulders above the competition. It’s really worth every penny. And our party had a great time.

  39. maria

    first time i ever went to a strip club and had a blast there are some really hot girls at scores def going back !!!

  40. larry1

    If you had to pick just one Gentleman’s Club to go to in Baltimore, I would say hands down go to Scores. I have been to other clubs in Baltimore and there are good girls at other clubs, but the overall quality of the women at Scores is better without a doubt. At some other places the girls hardly even seem to be on planet Earth, but I digress. The place has a cool vibe but feels a little small on a busy saturday night. The drink prices are quite high but thats to be expected. Don’t forget to bring your own cash because the ATM fees are $10 plus whatever your bank charges. Overall, this place is expensive but you can definitely have a lot of fun which is what its all about. Just don’t fall in love with a stripper…

  41. o's fan

    saw scores teamed up with pickles pub for every orioles game go to pickles first then get a free shuttle to scores it was the best opening day party ever!

  42. annonoymous

    Scores is Smokin! All the girls are HOT(10+). The food, music and dances are the best too. I really like it that the girls are full nude and that the girls will sit w/you without hustling and you don’t have to go look for one.

  43. bobbie j

    hey the club is awesome ! best that i have seen in baltimore – love this place

  44. huey

    hate this place went once ,some the girl r nice but fuck evreybodie else ,wont c me again

  45. Lou

    I love SCORES !!!

  46. ryan123

    Scores is a very upscale club! It is very clean and it has the most beautiful girls in Baltimore. Scores is great for bachelor Parties and business meetings! The club it’s self is gorgeous with great VIP lounges and a huge VIP upstairs! Scores always has a variety of girls each night! They also have a great lunch menu and a awesome happy hour!! They also have valet parking which is plus!! Hands down the best strip club In Baltimore!!

  47. jeff allen

    Polite Staff, Very attractive ladies, and Safe environment. Had business clients in town for weeknight, had dinner at Scores then enjoyed the evening with the entertainers. Recommend highly!

  48. Big Nick

    Doesnt live up to the hype nor what you get at the other Scores. They should tighten up the ship a little

  49. Bruce

    Never been here before first time in had an awesome time and will be back for more!!

  50. Jerry S.

    Will be back! Brought clients from Pittsburg to Scores for a night out after business. Club is perfect for entertaining clients.

    Professional staff at door, and inside the club.

    The Dancers were much better than I expected for Baltimore and not nearly the cost of NY or Vegas.

    Special shout out to Scarlett and Megan!


  51. Scores Lover

    Best club in town no joke , i have been to them all the food and girls are the best i have seen in md

  52. pornostar

    I liked it a lot and i will be back again

  53. Vic

    Man, hadn’t been in Scores for a while cuz of family stuff and all. Went in for happy hour on friday and the place is hoppin and the girls are still smokin. they really got a lot better girls workin in the day than they used to. Especially Autumn, she’s gorgeous.

  54. /
  55. Petey

    Always my favorite club anytime i come to baltimore.

  56. billy

    2nd time here was just as good as the first time love the dollar beers and buffet on fridays

  57. sam

    was disapointed, the staff n girls treated me like crap, n i had tons ov money 2 spend, i bought 2 bottles, n couldent even get a waitress that i already tiped 25 dollors i left early n will not return, they got some work 2 do , 2 make it better 4 the patrons

  58. Bitches

    Great Spot!!!!!!!!!

  59. arron

    managment as horrable, n staff, girls r ok

  60. freddy

    service was horrible, girls were ok,would not go back , wasted my money

  61. Jon

    Bad Ass! Hotties everywhere, even the waitresses

  62. V-Day

    Took my wife to Scores on Valentine’s Day after dinner and I must say that we had a terrific time. The girls were beautiful and fun and the staff friendly and attentive. Best V-Day in years.

  63. Lover

    Loved the girls and loved the tater tots

  64. steve

    2 thumbs down

  65. big man

    Best thing in B more

  66. .
  67. timmykilla

    Been messin with scores for years.. Usually blacked out drunk before I even get there but this one Sunday I was invited out to lunch(yep) and was sober… My dudes and I, ONLY people in this b!tch, VIP section spendin GOOD money.. 8 deep… Daytime manager comes up and asks me to remove my hat, stylish-ass Greek fisherman’s cap.. I looked around at an empty room, B-team stripper leanin on a pole double tappin on Instagram and a bartender and asked, why? “Dress code”… I asked her to bring me one motherf*****r in the place that was offended by my hat, we went back and forth for a few and, long story short, she comps my food.My meal: a crab cake sandwich in the HEART of Baltimore Maryland… Home of the crab cake… Freezer burnt over fried lil dog treat that tasted like it’d been stuck to the bottom of the deep fryer since 2002… I ain’t mad at em, I should of known better then to order food at a tiddy bar… Left hungry and the manager lady found and added me on Facebook. 5 stars.

  68. member

    best club in baltimore – look at the website link – voted best strip club in baltimore – by the readers .. 2008, 2009, and 2010 – no other club can say this …

  69. Dave

    Best selection and most girls i have seen in a while, i will be back.

  70. jenna

    nicest club in baltimore

  71. David Peffer

    I had an excellent time visiting scores while I was in town.

    I attempted a few other clubs before hand and must say,

    scores is the best club I’ve been to in the Baltimore area.

    It was obviously cleaner and the girls were beautiful AND

    friendly. I was definitely taken care of and treated like a

    VIP, it’s my go-to for Baltimore, try it out!

  72. scoresfan

    Good all around club. Nice girls. Great food and drinks.

  73. Bree fan

    saw bree last night was a great show

  74. dice

    its ok, there some ok white girls,notin speacal

  75. Charlie

    By far the best club in Baltimore. From here on, when I come to this city, Scores is my spot. Used to go to the block, too many dirtbags on the streets. Scores is it.

  76. AssnTits5

    Went here with a few friends and my wife. Pretty nice place once inside (its located next to the City prison!). Bathrooms are clean and it doesn’t take long to get a drink. Unfortunately by the end of the night it was obvious this place goes above and beyond in trying to get in your pocket. I understand that’s what happens at strip clubs but I’ve never experienced a financial thrashing like this. A $10 cover was a bit much and a beer and cocktail came out to $16 but that was not even much of a problem. For example, my friend (a lady friend) wanted a lap dance. We told the waitress this. She goes to get the dancer my friend liked and brings her back. Waitress says “that’s 15 bux honey.” OK, waitress gets $15 for some reason. Now, my friend chats with the dancer who says she’ll be back (she was next on stage). She did her thing and then disappeared. So did the waitress, who never came back. Really? Do you (the waitress) need to pull shit like that to get a measly $15? I know its a strip club but damn, that’s just sad. Some of the bouncers are either burned out or going way to heavy on the “I have 20 inch guns” pills. One fat behemoth was actually threatening a customer’s life for sitting in his seat. Uhhh, should you even be sitting down to begin with, you overfed Yeti? There is a place in Fells Point called Ritz Cabaret (it was on The Wire) that does not do this kind of crap and, as far as I can remember, never asked for a cover charge. Everyone is friendly, the dancers are just as pretty (if not more so) as the Scores ladies, and its located in a good part of town, NOT next to a prison!

  77. mathewater12

    I’ve been here once during the day and once at night. The day time woman I suspected to be the “manager” didn’t present herself well at all. She had her face shoved in her phone the whole time and didn’t even help the bartender when she was clearly overwhelmed working by herself with a busy club (for daytime) I went there again during the night and the night time managers were very rude and full of themselves. The girls were pretty but they didn’t come over to talk to me. Just a hello. The bartender I had during the day was very nice (i believe her name was jessica) but that still doesn’t make up for the terrible management I encountered just from observing them since none of the girls came over to talk to me. Not enough for two stars.

  78. Big Balls

    Not from around here but they are all friendly and hot!!

  79. Easyrider

    Was very disappointed. Always thought of Scores as my high end go to club. Had not been in a while and it has gone down hill. Had a good number of girls, which could not hide that most were not as hot as you expect from Scores. Most of the girls were ok, but I can get that at any of the lower priced clubs. If you are going to have high prices, and rude management, you really need to have better talent!

  80. ll
  81. paul

    ok on week ends but on weeknights the place sucks ,n staff treat u like shit even if u got tons ove money ,an i park my own car there valet is not 2 be trusted they messed with my buds stuff in his ride

  82. carl

    girls good, sevice n managment suck

  83. Blie

    great club!

  84. sexy

    best club in baltimore cant wait to go back

  85. maxxy1

    TERRIBLE. We decided on Scores to take one of my friends for her first strip club experience. Boy did we make the wrong choice. Saturday night cover was $15. High, alright.. it was Saturday. Still a bit much. Everyone elses posts say $10, did these people come on weeknights? Not sure. The doorman/security dude was nice and greeted the 4 of us and another host type guy asked us where we wanted to sit and said if we needed anything, to just ask him. The club was crowded, no seats around the “main” stage.. which is a really small area.. so we grabbed drinks on the side of the bar. The seating, imo is pretty awkward. You can’t see the main stage too well from the left side. Whatever, so we got drinks. My friend paid $26 for a Long Island and a Jack & Coke. INSANE. He wasn’t too happy. We asked the host dude about the tables, and of course, you can’t sit there unless you buy a bottle… Maybe we should’ve gotten there earlier to grab better bar seats. We were about to buy their cheapest bottle (~$60) for a table but I was angry already at the prices and told my friends I thought we should leave. This place is CLEARLY just out for your money. They agreed. We went to the bar to close out the remaining tabs. I got mine… $40… um, what?! I had ONE vodka/pineapple and my boyfriend got a beer. He asked for it to be itemized and the bartender returned that receipt to us… NOT OUR DRINKS. Wtf. Not sure I’ve ever been to a bar and got the completely wrong tab. The bartender was either trying to rip me off or just an idiot and didn’t know what she was doing. We told her, she fixed it, and then returned a $20 something tab… again, what?! Oh, then she decided to let us know there’s a $20 minimum. Of course there is. And a $2 service fee. Really, really shady stuff going on at Scores. How about take off one of the drinks as a courtesy for giving me the wrong tab? How about SOMETHING?As for the girls… The only one that came around when we were by the bar had MASSSIVE fake breasts (disgusting) and wasn’t particularly appealing. I gave her $2, she said thanks and left. No little shake, dance move or a smile. Work for your money, honey. Really disappointing. However, the other girls who were on the main stage dancing, 3/3 were attractive.Probably the best part of the place was the music (or DJ who was playing). Kindof club/industrial/dancey remixes of other songs. You wouldn’t think Pink Floyd as a dance song would be that great, but it was really cool. I enjoy a good strip club and will NEVER go back to Scores and I will be sure NOT to recommend it to my friends. They are only out for your money. Ef this place.

  86. chuck

    place had no class was disapointed

  87. Sparky


  88. tex

    managment a holes n girls r not all that

  89. Mr Baltimore

    Cant wait to go back ! great time

  90. SHooter

    Dont go anywhere but scores its the best place in baltimore

  91. ken from P.A.

    It was a wasted drive was not inpressed at all

  92. Samantha

    Definitely the best spot in the city right now.

  93. Lick Me

    Went in last night. Pretty good spot. I enjoyed it. Not too expensive. Everyone was friendly

  94. Sammy

    Nice Place

  95. daryl

    nice place great girls will be back soon

  96. Franklyn

    For Baltimore, this is pretty much as good as one can hope for when it comes to a strip club. It’s on par with a strip club in NYC, DC, Atlantic City, and (maybe) even Vegas. It’s not the biggest strip club in the city, but it has a simplistic yet easy to manuever layout where you can always see the stage, which is behind the bar. The girls are HOT, A+ quality. Head and shoulders above the other clubs in the city. Even more fun is that about 20% of the patrons are women. You will see more couples in this strip club than others in the area, by far, which tells you something. Been here multiple times, and never been hassled for a lap dance. Cover charge is $20 or more, which is outragous, but that’s normal I guess now. The food is good too, not that anyone cares about the food in these places. There is valet parking immediately in front of the door, so the neighborhood and parking are not a concern whatsoever. Wife and I get there several times a year and love it.

  97. h manhuiomkhggfjf


  98. N&E

    Although not experts at clubs, my wife and I have been to enough to have walked out of a few, but not this one. We had a great time. Management, Kam & Doug, was great to us. All the waitresses we had were very sweet & attentive. The vast majority of the girls were pretty with a couple of knockouts. 90% were fun & flirty. I suggest Jamie, Jessica or Sam for the VIP rooms. Scores gets a big thumbs up from us.

  99. Baltimore


  100. XhXeXy

    I have been to every strip club in Baltimore and every dance club/bar… Just went here last weekend and it is STILL the best. Best looking girls in Baltimore and surrounding areas. You would have to drive to Philadelphia or NYC to find girls on par with the ladies who work here. As for the people leaving negative reviews about the cost and the girls not working for their money. Well, if you don’t intend on paying a cover charge, want cheaper drinks, or don’t plan on tipping the dancers (who are not paid anything or given any benefits) then go to a regular bar people! The cover and cost of drinks helps pay franchise fees and insurance on the premises which is most likely a lot higher than average bars. They also need to hire more workers and security than a regular bar. This place rocks and it is run well. Just ask the thousands of people like myself , who love this place.The food is underpriced and it is good. It’s a nice extra they provide for guests that most places don’t. The DJ is amazing as well. Let’s not forget he needs to get paid too so pay your cover charge.

  101. the best
  102. danny

    not worth the money

  103. anthony

    i love strip clubs and this is the best i have seen anywhere around here

  104. MR lee

    good times ….

  105. Jimmy

    Fuckin’ Sweet!

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