The Red Room Cabaret



411 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21202


39.2895705, -76.609475




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Red Room Cabaret

  1. master p

    A lot of money hungry people there. I feel that I got ripped off there. However, a female dance took care of me. But, still. If you go there, check the prices, and go sober than wasted.

  2. Kevin
  3. john
  4. once in a while

    This is one of my stops when I DO visit the block. It is hit or miss. Daytime can be disappointing, but it isn’t so crowded and once in a while you get a diamond in the rough. The girls can be pushy with the tips, and the bartender as well. Overall, it is what it is. If you want a real treat, go right before change over time. That is when the girls start cutting prices and offering outside action. Be careful though, some dopers here too.

  5. Julio

    Stay away from this club……rip off girls are nasty and junkies. Thay are all on some drugs and are nasty….If you want STD/AIDS come her for sex. This place sucks all the girls push you fror drinks nothing nice to spend time with.

  6. Lauren

    It should be renamed the Aids Room

  7. Michael G

    I went with some buddies and before we can sit dancers came up asking asking us to buy drinks or laps. Ugly dancers high on crack. Some dancers told us if we buy them crack and smoke with them dont wont charge us for private room just room charge of $250.00. We left.

  8. nastyclub

    This place is a joke most of the girls are trashy and high out there mind the bartender rob is a joke he always threatens the girls rips off customers steals from the girls he’s all bout him self he’s very pushy and if he doesn’t get his way he will cuss you out he acts like he’s a pimp this place is disgusting its small big whole in the wall joint I DONT RECOMMEND NOBODY TO GO THERE AT ALL

  9. Diego

    Worst club I ever been to.

  10. Never Again

    I went into this club during the day it seem like all the girls were prego and I over heard the girls talking about the bartender rob having AIDS.The only good part about the bar was the drinks were strong and the music was good but the girls were scary looking and no amount of makeup in the world could cover up the scars, and needle marks. Then there was a excessive amount of girls running in and out of the bathroom so there was rarely any girls on the floor continously.The bartendar kept having to run to the bathroom to drag girls out everytime someone came down the steps.I heard this was the best sex room but I guess I came at the wrong time before the girls got high.You have to go probably after they get their fixes because until then they dont have time for customers and have no interest in making money.

  11. piolt

    more like the fat n nasty door , place is small ,stinks n girls r nasty

  12. Crizzle

    Not worth the walk down the steps. My homies and I left and chilled next door at some other joint that was a lot nicer. Don’t waste your time.

  13. Sam

    very few hot ladies

  14. Pete

    Rip off these girls will rip you off. Watch it. They will finish off thier drinks real fast then keep asking you to buy them more and more. The bartender-black femaile kept pushing drinks/lap dances or extras-Girls are pushy and hardcore crack and other drug users-I left-stay out. One of them ask told me she will give bj for free if I smoke crack with her in backroom.

  15. andy

    NO NUDE, JUST TOPLESS. If you want to get robbed Redroom girls will do a good job on you. After I paid for my drink immediately the bartender girl started hassling me to buy a drink for the girl who had rushed over to my side. I said I am not interested but she demanded a tip so I gave a dollar. Now in next 5 minutres 4 girls came to me one after another and started hassling me for drink($25) or lap dance($60). I had to tip them all. And the bartender kept insisting that I should buy them a drink and her voice was getting louder and threatening. So I left quickly without finishing my drink. The girls were not dancing, barely moving. There was only one more customer and they were looting him too. What a low class joint. One girl straight offered me a BJ, ofcourse I did not ask the price and declined. I had better time at the Pussycat.

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