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433 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70112


29.9568939, -90.0673501




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Babe’s Cabaret & Nightclub

  1. zz


  2. rhonda

    this club was nasty and the girls were dead ugly and read the only one that could dance was the fat chick.

  3. Donald L.

    Really just dropped in because we were expecting a Moulin Rouge type affair but this is a straight up strip club and wow what a delightful experience. I’ll preface by saying that both myself and my girlfriend happened inside on a night of bar hopping fun in the quarter. The girls were a treat and the shows were a short sequence of pole dances to three song sets. We had a few drinks and watched a few performances and then moved on. It was a pleasant distraction for a short time in a night of music, bars and palm reading.

  4. candy


  5. Keith

    I love this place. It’s the best gentelman’s club on

    Bourbon Street.

  6. gary

    great club, great girls some are excellent some are good, always a great variety, not all the same.definitely an entertainer for everyone here. they just opened their 2nd floor lounge called heaven, it is the nicest room on bourbon street. once everyone finds out about this place and they get a few more dancers on a regular basis this will be the club to beat

  7. larry1

    The girls had talent on the pole, but when it comes to private dances they suck pretty bad. $40 for like 4 minutes? She sucked and she made it clear she deserved a tip. Clearly it was a bad night for the girls because customers werent shelling out money on the stage, they were in a bad mood. Don’t act entitled and go right to business when a nice guy approaches you, especially if your looks are subpar. We are paying for a good time, being pleasant costs nothing to you!

  8. :-p


  9. russell

    been here a few times. sometimes great girls and alot of them, other times not as many but always a variety of the private booth dance area, and had a great vip with melody.staff is friendly and the management gave me a vip card after he saw me there a few times

  10. ....


  11. Dreamer

    Very few girls, but very few customers, so I guess it doesn’t matter. The girls are nice, but these are the ones who couldn’t get hired at the better clubs. Drink prices are average for this type of club, waitress was aggressive about making sure you met the 1 drink minimum. Overall, not much fun.

  12. dee

    every night variety of girls changes, great pool table vip room. girls are always friendly and dont hustle you like the other clubs. i’ll be back often

  13. z


  14. nickstrip

    I always talk my friends visiting New Orlenas into hitting up Babe’s if they plan on club crawling. I know i have a blast here everytime. They have, hands down, the most beautiful girls on Bourbon st. That’s probably the first thing I look at for “quality purposes” at any club and these girls are top notch. Besides that the club is clean and all the staff is friendly and attractive. The atmosphere is comfy and laid back, has the right vibe, forsure.Only downside would have to be the drink prices, but if you go anywhere else seeking cheaper drinks the show you’re getting also dramatically depreciates.Spending the extra few bucks on drinks for a better show experience just seems customary. Definitely my favorite strip joint on Bourbon.

  15. celene

    i have worked here for 3 months now, every month the clientele and money gets better. its a new club so sometimes not as many customers as the national chain here on bourbon. management is great and always works with us, and the house fees and credit card fees are the lowest and we always get our money right away. i have tried a few of the other clubs but i stay here because i know the owner has our back and most of us here want to see this club, which is an independant, become the best.

  16. Pandora

    This is in response to Williams review…You sir are retarded. I don’t know why you would say that but there are certainly NOT any trannies working there. All I can say is that maybe you went on a night when they had the second floor open for a male dance review or something, which I think they do from time to time. Lay off the hand grenades next time you go to NO and you’ll find it easier to distinquish between penis and vagina. 😉

  17. Johnnyboy123

    Great place to go as I had a fun time last (Saturday) night. Even got in without a cover charge which started things off nicely. Cost of the mandatory drinks are reasonably priced. Very friendly staff and the girls there at least when I were very attractive. Definitely recommend talking with Siren, Penny, and Scarlet. Oh and these girls give great dances. Would head back again whenever in New Orleans.

  18. jack meoff

    this is the best club i’ve been to in a while. i really like this place. it’s the friendly relaxed atmosphere that makes it so enjoyable. professional staff, and they know how to keep things moving, so it’s never boring.

  19. steven

    great club. not always crowded but always a variety of dancers , and a few seriously smoking girls. best club on bourbon strett

  20. AssnTits5

    A decent strip club in terms of the beauty of the women, prices, etc. What sets Babe’s apart from other places in the French Quarter are the stage dancers. They either are masters of the pole with truly brilliant sexy and acrobatic maneuvers or they give you the best for your buck. The stage dancers here often do more for a dollar or two than you’ll get for a pricey private dance elsewhere.

  21. Bob

    Just came back from Mardi Gras and it was fantastic. I went into Babes Cabaret formerly Bewitched and I was greeted by the most beautiful waitress. Her name was Hope. She got me seated quickly and was back with our drinks before I could say show me your tits. I didn’t have to wait very long for that as the girls just kept coming and coming to the stage. I took advantage to the VIP room with a hottie called Angle. They even included a bottle of champagne. I will definetely go back there again.

  22. William


    I can say that this is NOT a “gentlemen’s club” like they advertise. They have male/female dancers and here’s the kicker: Half of the female dancers are MEN!

  23. .


  24. david

    great houston style club, girls and staff were freindly and didnt try to hustle you.good variety of girls and each night ive been there it was different, sometimes not enough girls(seems to be as problem in N.O. nowadays)


    this is the best club on burbon!!!! the most relex and friendly club,and the staff and the dancers are very HOT!!

  26. fritter17

    So I like strip clubs. They’re like less classy burlesques. I’ve bartended at a strip club and am familiar with the etiquette andddd the process. It’s not rocket science but man, are there some shitty titty bars across the US (I’m looking at you, DC!!). Anyway, my boyfriend and I stumbled in to Babe’s on our last trip to New Orleans. I don’t really remember what the cover was, but it wasn’t terrible. Now mind you, after the other 3 clubs we had visited in New Orleans, I was expected some mildly entertaining toothless chicks from the Bayou. I couldn’t be more excited with how great the girls at Babe’s were. It’s been a while since I walked into a strip club and thought I walked into a runway show. These ladies were gorgeous!! And what’s better, is that they actually knew how to perform! Each show was very impressive!! I also loved that the girls weren’t put off by us coming in as a couple, and rather embraced it by interacting with us, and the other couples in the room. My boythanggg owed me a lap dance so I decided to get one from beautiful Ava. $40 for a 4 minute lap dance is a little steep. But the dance was really good, and the reasonable drink prices evened it out. All in all, I’d rate this not only the best strip club in the French Quarter but it definitely had some of the most attractive dancers I’ve seen.

  27. XXXbeast

    SKIP IT. Highway robbery. $10 beer, $14 cheap tequila, $21 if you buy one for the waitress (which she will ask for one right off the bat!). They tell you no cover, no drink specials. Yeah, that’s true, but the drinks are ridiculous and for a fancy, clean setting, the girls (though clean looking & friendly) seemed bored and nothing special if you tip (not even a hi or a wave). I’m a chick, I’m no threat, lol. SKIP IT.

  28. chester

    great looking club, alot of girls who are friendly and great pole dancing.i came in to see football at the dome and after came here. they also have all the sports on their tvs and great looking bartemders

  29. yanard12

    Go here if you’re looking to waste inordinate amounts of money on lackluster girls. They’ll rip you off knowingly and pretend that you got the deal of your life. Avoid at all costs, particularly if you see a manager with a busted ponytail and cheap suit- you know then you’re prepared to get screwed.

  30. richard95

    The draft beer will cost you $11 (gratuity is included) but the girls are friendly and professional. We noticed people coming in with drinks so I guess they don’t mind if you do that. There was also no cover but we stopped in at 3pm on a Thursday so that might not be the case on a Friday night. ..

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