5021 Southeast Powell Boulevard, Portland, OR 97206


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Dv8

  1. Randy D.

    how can you not love a dive-bar strip club? cheap pints of pbr. check. cute young strippers. check. friendly bartenders. check. this place is like a second home to me. not all pretentious and high falooting like some other joints. just real down home, relaxed, affordable entertainment….

  2. AssnTits5

    Well, it’s a strip club, so what can I say? Went while on vacation on the last night in town and just needed to relax.Not being from Oregon it was surprising to see that kind of club. There are slot machines, keno, full bar, full nude, and lap dances happen “behind the curtain”. So it was a little different. And it was very well lit! Not used to that in a strip club. The girls were okay, definitely seen worse. I would go back on a busier night. We went on a Tuesday at like 6pm so it was dead but still had fun.

  3. larry1

    Absolutely terrible service. The bartender, Casey, took our order, knowing I wanted one of the orders packed as a to-go order. Went to the bathroom after the food arrived, Casey followed my friends and I, we let her go first since there were 3 of us and we were going to wait for each other. After leaving the bathroom, she had cleared our table and threw away the to-go order. Dismayed, I went to the bar and asked her where our food was, and she said she thought we were done. After calling her out, saying she was in the bathroom with us, she started speaking to me very aggressively. The manager came up, and I told him she threw away my food, the girl FREAKED OUT. She started screaming and getting up in my face telling me to get out. The manager, instead of comping me my food, or even offering a drink, tells me I have to leave. At this point, I have been silent, and mildly teary eyed from some crazy bitch yelling in my face. Needless to say, this place has terrible management, and should really test their employees for amphetamines.

  4. Harrison69

    Girls were sweet, 2 out of 10 knew how to use the pole. Very calm environment though.

  5. Kimberlee

    The girls were hot and gave excellent shows not only to the men, but also to us women!

  6. goldenticket

    Typical portland neighborhood strip club. Gotta love Portland. Mostly average attractive dancers but a couple hot ones. Great value compared to most US strip clubs. Easy to get drunk in a place like this. lol

  7. felixnada

    Worst customer service I have ever had. The bar tender filled my cup full of ice and barely any drink and when I asked her if it was normal for them to fill a cup of ice and add a tiny bit of drink for $7 was normal she replied in a really rude tone that it was, o walked away…and then another guy came over and kicked me and my friends out…saying I was being rude to the girl who made the drink..i know how to keep my composure and don’t give a shit about a 7 dollar drink…getting kicked out over some minimum wage bitch that lied about everything I said did piss me off though…good luck to the scummy bar tender and the way they treat their customers.

  8. DexterRexter

    As far as strip clubs go this one is okay. Its isn’t anything special but the girls are decent and so is the food. The environment is classier than devils point but more aged than lucky devil. It is much cleaner than Shimmers. You park behind another building wich is good if you want to have a little privacy. Smoking is allowed out front in a smoking shed and sometimes the ladies will join you.

  9. maxxy1

    When a buddy’s wife invites you to see her strip……I guess it is impolite to say no, especially when the husband encourages you?So I’ve been here a few times, with and without the wife in question. Like the pool tables. Not bad for drinks. They had all right prices and good looking girls as I recall. The space around the pool tables was tight last time I was there.Pretty good seating available overall, but the place is relatively small.Never had any food here, so no clue on that score.

  10. Lea M.

    Pretty blah for a saturday night. The dancers we fatter(for lack of better words) and less good looking than what I’m used to, which would be fine if they were more enthusiastic. No smiles, heel clapping, ass slapping or fun tricks.Granted I was only there for 20 minutes, so i may have caught a lame bunch.The bathrooms, however, were the cleanest I’ve ever seen in a strip club with really cool tilework. Plus I got to see a girl come out, dragging a 3ft piece of toilet paper on her wedge halfway through the bar. This would have been the highlight if not for 2 words: Monopoly Pinball! Oh yes.They also have like 4 pool tables and 2 stages, not raised.Overall- Meh…maybe I will give it another shot next time I have another 30 minute bus wait.

  11. richard95

    So I now classify strip clubs into two categories.Category 1- lap dance focused and designed for guys.Category 2- stage show focused and designed for all types. As a married guy who was never a real lap dance guy (goo-phobic) I really tend to prefer type 2. They let me see what I want, drink what I want, and generally offer less constant ‘want a dance?’ stuff. This place falls mostly into the first type of club in that their dancers seem to be more lap dance and less pole dance focused. That said there was not the usual obsession with asking if I wanted a dance. And the food smelled great, although I didn’t eat any. I guess I am saying that if you prefer category 1 clubs then I think that this is a really nice one, but I prefer the other category.

  12. bdub

    Had the best couch dance ever!! Girls are very friendly and HOT!!! Great time and will be going back ASAP!

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