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2006 Ernest Avenue, Missoula, MT 59801


46.8418393, -114.0294638




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “FoxClub Cabaret

  1. Some Dude

    Good atmosphere, nice girls, good music. Very clean place.

  2. amazed

    the girls are all amazing!!! every girl has a completely different style, looks, and performance wise. each show on stage is always different than the last. variety in stripclubs is kinda hard to come by in most places.and the fox has it down. i highly recommend this club!!!

  3. Mike B.
  4. fatboy

    i always have a good time

  5. Mikoto

    Summary: Great place for couples! This was my first time to a strip club.

    Recommend/Repeat: Yes Definitely!

    Breakdown: Something my guy and I wanted to do for a while and I was afraid of going into a strip club as a female.

    The dark environment with the neon and black lights was fun but was hoping for more black light fun (body paint that glowed on the girls would have been interesting). There is pool table for more fun just in case. Plenty of seating spaced apart to keep some of the privacy.

    Girls usually dance to 3 songs before leaving the dance floor. Remains clothed until tipped (removal varies on each girl). Looks wise I didn’t see much that I liked but I am rather picky. This idea comes from a standpoint as a “whole package”. Women are like an art piece to me in the sense that they use their body as a canvas to display to the clients. Each person has their own likes/dislikes as some people like Picasso and others prefer Michelangelo. I noticed a lot of the women seemed uncomfortable performing in front of me. There was a lack of eye contact and smiling (to me at least). Noticed some of the girls were more focused on something behind me (perhaps the booth?) or more intent on dancing to the mirror than the tippers. There were a few brunettes, a lot of blonds, and no red heads that I noticed.

    One girl did finally come out and make eye contact, smile, and made me feel welcome as a female and her name is Susan (sorry if I spelled that wrong). She is a brunette with a soft curvy look to her. She is very pleasing to most of the senses and very kind. Because of her I will most likely be returning soon and often (I hope she is in state)! Pricing was ok with me at $5 at the door per person (or 2 for 1 as it was when I went). The soda was a bit pricey at $3 each (bad for Designated Drivers). I hope to visit their Champagne Room sometime. If anything else I recommend going just to meet Susan she was super kind, very pleasant to be around, and she definitely made it worth my time! We both enjoyed meeting her!

  6. curtis17

    Was not that great. Girls weren’t all that pretty except one of the waitresses. Lots of customers in the place but very few girls. Need to recruit some college girls considering this is a college town. Think I saw 2 girls dance in 1 hour I was there….very slow.

  7. cody

    pandora and bella make the fox club fun. best two for one lap dance ever!

  8. too hot to handle

    I really enjoy the Fox and the atmosphere is really great!!! The employees are really nice, and there are a variety of dancers.

  9. just some guy

    I usually have a good time at the Fox… The girls are friendly with out being too pushy. Usually there is a wide selection of talent and styles. Best choice in the Missoula area.

  10. John H.

    As far as strip clubs go, this is one of the nicer ones I’ve been to. They’ve got nice bonuses like a poker table and 2 neon pool tables, along with a full bar (although there is no food). The girls are good looking, and put on good shows. Even with the college crowd home for the weekend, people were still packed in at 1 AM on a Saturday night and there were plenty of female customers as well. As for the private dances, there’s actually pretty good contact and I noticed their tops kept falling off despite Montana laws. Oooops. Keep your hands to yourself, though.

  11. Cheated Frat Boys

    Laurie Watkins, the manager here, is a rascist hating all natives, latinos, gays & lesbians. She trash talks the customers and even the strippers behind their backs, AND she cheated our group on our credit card tab. We won’t be back until that jerk is long gone!

  12. Traveler

    Lap dances out in the open are not cool. Could not understand the DJ cuz sound system wasn’t good. It’d be nice if there was a pause between each dance so that the patrons could applaud the dancers.

  13. stripclubman

    Very dissapointing. We went there hearing this was a good club and found out that is was lacking. The girls have very little interaction with the guests unless you fork out alot of cash. I probably will not go back.

  14. ryan123

    The Fox Club is dramatically different than what I was expecting from a strip club in Missoula, MT. It’s very large, has a great stage with a lighting and sound system better than those in many clubs in larger cities, has a great bar, is couple/woman friendly (as long as you’re friendly back) and, of course, good entertainment. There’s a nice rotation of both local dancers and traveling talent from Oregon, Washington, and beyond — I’ve talked to girls who came in from Vegas, Texas, and California — which means there’s a good variety. The bar is nonsmoking already, to get ahead of the state’s October 1st smoking ban. There’s live poker in the rear (hah) on the weekends, and let’s not forget the biggest attraction of all, Amateur Night! It’s the last Sunday of every month and draws, well, all kinds of amateurs, from U coeds to more nontraditional yet entertaining contestants.Happy hour is 9pm-10pm, which seems a little odd. Why not earlier? Cover is $5 — you’ll get it back (and cheaper drinks) if you play poker. Table dances are $20, with pricier options available in the Champagne Room, and of course, don’t forget to get your singles for stage side tipping!

  15. Mike B

    I drive through Missoula 4-5 times a year and always stop by the Fox Club (formerly Moulin Rouge). The staff has always been decent and the dancers are usually hot. They seem to have a good mix of girl next door types as well as hottie feature dancer types. Some nights are better than others, but I’ve never been dissapointed. Last time I stopped in they were having an amateur night, which was off the hook. I didn’t know they had an amateur night (maybee it was a one night deal) but if they have another one, I definitely recommend checking it our.

  16. disgusted

    the owner Sarah is strung out on pain pills and the employes play favorites, the dancers are drunk and or high on who knows what they need to make changes and stop 86ing the dancers (there gonna run out)

  17. Dan H.

    Overpriced drinks. Overpriced pool tables. I’m the first to admit that I’m not a fan of strip clubs, but this one wants to be high end and just doesn’t come close. If you want drinks, head to one of the countless other bars in the area, if you want a strip club, go to Fred’s and enjoy the cheap, sleazy atmosphere.

  18. Will

    You have to make this your next stop in Missoula

    Tigan i think is the blondes name Very Hott great looking very friendly and the dances are the best Take her to the VIP room

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