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4740 Arville Street, Las Vegas, NV 89103


36.1038196, -115.1992223



8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Seamless Club

  1. Jennifer D.

    I keep it classy, folks.But, apparently, that’s only when I’m at home in SoCal. Vegas draws another side of me. A side that is down to go to a strip club. Ok, ok.. I admit it. There may have been some excitement on my part. It was my very first strip club experience ever.Luckily, my girls are hot so we hustled our way in for free ($30 cover?! Two words: HELL and NO!), got a round of drinks on the house & free limo service to our next destination. I’m not sure if I was drunk and blind, but I barely saw any nekkid ladies. They must’ve been hiding because I only saw 3 pairs of tig ol’ bitties total and a few ladies in their lingerie. Bottom line: I was tricked because this “strip club” was not nearly as fun as the ones I’ve seen in Grand Theft Auto.

  2. McKenzie

    I am so sorry if this posting has showed up twice! I tried putting it up once, and I still don’t see it… Anyways, I am writing this in response to a very nasty comment that was posted about me on January 6th by a supposed patron. I hope you all took note of this little punk as bitch’s inability to even come up a name to add to this blatant FARCE of a posting. Clearly, this comment was left by a very bitter former coworker of mine who is so incredibly jealous that she has to come up with off the wall slanderous bullshit! Her name is Honey White and she was just fired from Seamless for quite obvious reasons… she is both ugly inside and out and is full of unnecessary drama. She calls herself a porn star, yet has the audacity of accusing other women of prostituting simply due to the fact that NO ONE is willing to waste their money on her busted ass… or should I say, cancer sore infested??

    She is currently working over at Sin… I highly doubt that they will allow her to work there after they convert over to Penthouse. By all means, please stop by! I’m sure she’ll need someone to pop her ass boils!! Make sure that you tell her that McKenzie sent you!!

  3. vetclubber

    The club looks great, most of the girls look great, I am an afternoon guy adn the girls don’t look like they want to make money, never come aroudn except the first one who “latches” on to you so I don’t have a choice, I am not used to that kind of treatment. I want to make the choice not the girls. They need ot move around and be more friendly

  4. Mimi

    It Rocks

  5. looselips
  6. Customer

    This place is overrated the girls are not up to par for all the hype.

  7. wheels80
  8. Barry Dingle

    I like the concept more then the club. Sure it’s a fun, hip place- But it needs some improvements… This club could be the best club in Vegas… But it’s not yet…

    It is my second facorite club though!

  9. JK

    I agree with Dave, outstanding fucking club.

  10. Brice

    Amazing club great music hot girls

  11. Billy

    Great club, my wife and I enjoyed this club like no other in vegas.

  12. George
  13. Christine N.

    Everyone raves about strip clubs in Vegas, but honestly, I was bored. It’s not like I’m a topless bar connoisseur, but I’m pretty sure that my reaction wasn’t supposed to involve boredom. A stripper here told me that what she really wanted to do was be a teacher. I hope she got her teaching credentials!

  14. Dave

    Great club and had a blast…

  15. Tiffany K.

    After clubbing at Tao at the Venetian, friends and I were still pretty drunk, so we wanted to hit up one of the afterhours spots… We had heard about Drai’s, but one of my girlfriends wanted to go to a strip club, so the taxi driver took us here.Okay, I would have given this place 4 stars if they didn’t charge so damn much. I mean, come on, $30 cover charge for girls?! That’s ridiculous I think… the night clubs don’t even charge girls that much. and on top of that, yeah, strippers are hott to look at, but i paid $30 to watch another girl dance. oh well… anywho, we still wanted to go, so we went on in.. And also, just like everyone else mentioned, $9.00 for Voss water. And it isn’t even the glass bottle, they give you the plastic ones… I would usually never pay this much for water, but shit, after dancing for 5 hours, I was dehydrated.Overall, this place is fun. At first when we were in here, it was just the usual strip club with everyone sitting around watching the strippers dance. However, at 4AM, Seamless turns into a club.. They have a DJ set up on the main stage, and all the strippers start dancing, and a bunch of gogo dancers get up on stage and dance too. The whole place turns into a club with everyone dancing. Also, the night that we were here, the music was really good. The hip hop was okay, but the DJ spun house for awhile, which was awesome, since that’s the type of music I love.Last but not least, the strippers here weren’t actually that cute.. I would think a strip club in Vegas would have some sort of screening, but I guess not. The gogo girls here were much cuter than the actual strippers.So, 3 stars for Seamless. Definitely a fun place, but the prices are ridiculous. I usually don’t mind Vegas prices, but this place charges a bit too much.

  16. Jake

    Had an amazing time and was very impressed with the club decor…first class club with excellent vip service and beautiful girls! I will definitely be back!

  17. Mr. Vegas

    the best club i have ever been tooooooo!!!!!

  18. hittin it
  19. godless
  20. xxx

    the best club ever

  21. BO

    Had 9 friends in from out of town. Took them to Seamless where we had a great time. We sat in the vip section on the main floor. First class from the moment we hit the parking lot. Thank you Jeff for taking great care of my group and for making me look like a big shot.

  22. S.C. Hoppin'

    Stepped in here for the first time, pretty late on a Thur night and saw a mixture of 6-8.5 rated girls. A major problem with this place was the lack of seats so one could only imagine the busier situation on Fri/Sat nights. Foolishly/ignorantly went for a VIP dance, and since the 6.5-7 rated, latina-lookin’, persian/armenian girl had to ask for a tip, I decided to let her know she wasn’t getting one because she failed to inform me about regular lap dances, after the fact.

  23. cool place
  24. Steve O.

    This club BLOWS major ass! Ugly girls, crappy service, shitty djs and if you want get setted you have to grease some roid head palm just for a seat! What a let down! Back to the Rhino I go when I am in town!

  25. Kelly M.

    I saw Mike Tyson when I was there last night.

  26. Dirk D. Again

    This club does truely SUCK! Was of money and UGLY girls! I typed nude when I should have typed topless! Easy mistake and I stand corrected!

  27. helping

    Ahhh Dirk, I can see how you would think this club sucks as a nude club. the reason, it’s not a nude club. way to go genius…..

  28. mikey
  29. c


  30. Good day

    Great atmosphere and staff.

  31. Violet Katherine
  32. Josh

    very fun club

  33. Bobby

    the guy who posted last must have gone during the day. This club must have had 300 people inside on the Friday night I went. Also the drinks are expensive at every club in Vegas. The only complaint I have is they don’t have food. for strip club guys, Great club

  34. local

    this club is way inferior to other vegas clubs…

  35. Eugenia C.

    girls swimming in jumbo cocktail glasses 🙂

  36. J. B.

    I had a great time here with a total hottie. We got a nice private spot in the big VIP room at the back of the club. I had a great time and was not a bad price either!

  37. ryan123

    The club itself is like most strip joints (except this runs 24hr) and like less reputable ones, you need to watch out the place doesn’t fleece you. Private dances cost $100, but you need to buy drinks on top, which depending who you talk to could cost anywhere from $35 to $75 extra. Caveat emptor!The go-go girls don’t do dances, drinks are averagely priced but overall I wouldn’t reccommend this as value for money (considering the steep cover charge). Music changes at 4am supposedly to a dance / techno theme.

  38. Vi N.

    this place is perfect for those of us socal visitors who decide to drive out after work.. arriving at 1am in vegas (leaving san diego around 8pm, making the long drive across the mojave). it’s a little too late to hit the clubs (we dont like bottom of the barrel, drunkard men) and you’re not drunk enough to enjoy the naked women at spearmint. so there’s seamless, a little of both. the club itself is small, but it’s nice. the bathrooms are similar to tao’s with the opaque glass doors. the stage has two poles, with a smaller stage opposite of it with two poles, so potentially there are up to four ladies dancing at a time. the dancers are decent, not the best i’ve seen in vegas, but decent. at four am, the stage is replaced with a dj set, and chairs are cleared to allow space to dance. however, there are still plenty of ladies “working” in the vip areas and apparently there is a bit of ambiguity on who is a “working” lady and who is not (as if the four-inch clear stilettos did not give them away..) drinks are poured generously and the vibe is fun. it’s sexy but non-threatening. i wonder if this is going to be vegas’ next big phenomenon– nightclubs with topless women? hey, seems to work for them!

  39. jimmyc
  40. bob

    one word great

  41. playful
  42. JT

    Great, outstanding, amazing club!!!!!!!

  43. Victor B.

    gotta love a place that will hold any alcohol you bring there in a cooler out front for you to roll out of at any point to sip on. god i love that.the place is nice on the inside with some cute gets even nicer and the girls get cuter when you get drunker..

  44. me

    fucking love this place

  45. Mike G.

    There are so many things that bother me about this strip club:You can tell some rich mafiaso dropped a huge chunk of cash to build it. But next to the Orleans? Isn’t that where Engelbert Humperdinck plays when he’s in town? Why not next to a casino that’s hip, like Mandalay Bay or the Palms – why next to the Vegas AARP waiting room? And so far from the strip?Also, there’s really no parking except valet, and there’s always a group of comic book villain doormen waiting out front to shake you down before you get in. Very intimidating entryway, sort of makes you just want to keep driving. Really – can’t you just drive over to the Spearmint Rhino, which is closer, and get in easier as well? And they’ve got more, better looking strippers? And the drinks are the same or cheaper? Why are they making it so hard for us to commit Sins here? It’s time to be naughty dammit – it’s supposed to be disturbingly easy, not painfully hard… Finally the strippers froth like hungry pirannha as soon as you enter – apparently they’re starved of fresh fish. The ones who are there are not tens, or eights even? Again, poor location and execution.My best guess for the continued existence of this club is that it has the best drugs – but the management must be keeping them all to themselves.

  46. Eugene N.

    I liked this spot. I never give 5 stars unless I see everything a place has to offer, so 4 from me is pretty good.The decor and atmosphere of the place is very different from what you’d expect at a “gentleman’s club” I was expecting dark maroon. You know your standard stereotypical atmosphere with places of this nature. However it was a nice purplish hue, didn’t make you feel bad for being at such a place. The entire place felt roomy and open. Plenty of seating and the seating was comfortable. The entrance has a girl just chillin in a huge cocktail glass. Bar service was fast and prices were average. No complaints here. Plenty of girls just walking around. Give them “a look” and they will come to you. Not overly aggressive unless you want them to be, compared with other establishments. Plenty of cute girls, a handful that surpass that and on to the “hot” category. I believe the place turns into a club at 4AM, but did not stay long enough to see how that was.Overall, a place I would recommend and wouldn’t mind going back to.*note: this is a topless gentleman’s club, that serves alcohol. Not full nude, perhaps unless you pay for VIP service to go to the back.

  47. singsing
  48. Wendell

    This Place sucks really, really bad! Dont waste your time or money here!

  49. Kenny

    This place sucks!!! Ugly girls for the most part!!

  50. lou
  51. DJ Dan

    Terrible club. Little talent, and layout sucks. Left very disappointed with plenty of money to spare. Will not return. I suspect “glowing” reveiws are club shills.

  52. Jimbo

    Sucks ass! From cover, service to quality of dancers! I swear this club resembles that comercial on TV were those monkeys are running the company for

  53. LONNIE


  54. you suck

    Great club!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Grover

    Great club, had a great time and the dancers are hot hot hot.

  56. To good day

    Because great atmosphere and staff makes the club, right? Not.

  57. partyprince

    Terrible club! Unattractive dancers and horrible atmosphere. What a waste of time and money!!!

  58. Never again

    Just as expensive as all the other clubs in Vegas but less quality of everything from dancers to food.

    Not enough girls and no 10s in that place!

    Big hustle in there! Like going to stripclubs so I don’t have a problem of being hustled by the dancers- that’s the game but from the bartenders/ VIP hostesses?!?

    In the end they talked me in to a 500 Dollar bottle in the VIP lounge and the poor dancer only ended up getting $200 since that’s all my credit card was good for that night.

    My advice to the dancers- go to cheatahs, better management and no drink minimum in the VIP areas so the money of the costumers will end up in the dancers pocket not the clubs 😉

    My advice to the costumers: if you like little quality for lots of money you should definetly stop by that place

  59. Strip Club List

    In Strip Club List’s opinion this club at a 5.7 rating is over rated. it deserves a 2 at best.

    Better strip clbs in las vegas.

  60. Jerry

    worth checking out. very hot dancers.

  61. cya
  62. Cjay

    Don’t go to MINXX. Awful smelly place. Buffoons and buffalos work there.

  63. The Q.

    After Gambling at the CasinoAfter you drink at the barsAfter you Party at the ClubCome to this place for the After Hours. Its nothing special, but its a good spot to cap off a late weekend night. The club charge $30 but i wouldn’t pay more than $20(see the website for info. If you’re with girls it should be Free. I guess the price just depends on what time you go and how you or in my case the girls with you look. I recommend drinking before you come in and just getting a couple of drinks here, its not the best bar. The crowd is mostly guys-shocker-of all walks of life. The Strippers and Employees are good about not harrassing you to buy drinks and dances like some places which adds a star, Theres plenty of Butter Face strippers here-you know- everything looks good but her face.Overall I like Seamless club

  64. dae m.

    place is no different from your average peeler bar…only difference is that the strippers seem genuinely nicer here. least my wallet is getting killed by kindness, ehh?

  65. MP


  66. Jerry B.

    I like this clubs style. They waste no time getting you in the mood. They hit you with a hot girl with a great rack in a glass right when you enter the club. now thats class. Then once you get past the front the rest of the club is jaw dropping. Must check this club out. one of a kind of the strip club enthusiast.

  67. Jerry L.

    great club, didn’t see any problem customers or gang members like the previous person said. in fact my buddies and I were commenting on how white the crowd was. you can count on my buddies and I returning to this club because of the great crowd.

  68. joe
  69. Jim

    Sucks!!!!! To much Hip Hop, Rap & R&B. Horrible service, Had to pay Bouncer just to get a table and waited over 1/2 hour before I got my second and by then my last drink there. The dj’s really suck, during both topless and afterhours! You ever see that commercial with the Chimps running the office on T.V. Well, I bet that they have the same crew of monkeys running this joint! Don’t waste your money here!

  70. NOTintoCAMELTOEhos

    What the fuck don’t be all posting shit like that for us dumb asses to check out. I almost puked when i saw that cameltoehoe site. it was fuckign disgusting. that bitch is fucking nasty. guys do not check out that site. shame on you, mackenzie.

  71. Eujenio F.

    Stripclub with expensive drinks, rude bouncers, unfriendly hostesses and bartenders. The hostess didn’t allow one of us to use a pen, and that is after the $30 cover and $100 of lap dances and drinks per each of us.

  72. joseph1k

    If you’re not a smoker, be prepared to get smoked. I don’t smoke but don’t mind it too much, but for some reason, there was a lot of smoke the night I came.But that’s Vegas right? So let’s get down to business. Seamless is a nightclub but it’s also a strip joint. How many strip joints are nightclubs and how many nightclubs are strip joints? I think there’s only one and that’s Seamless.If that’s not what you’re into, then stop bitchin’. If you got dragged into this place, get the hell out. If you think the strippers are ugly, ask for a refund. Cheap bastards like me hate paying cover for strip joints because you always feel like you’re getting ripped off – especially when you’re getting a lousy lap dance.But on the other hand, why are you in the strip joint in the first place? You got there somehow, so you might as well suck it up and try to have fun. Otherwise, you’re just bitchin’.

  73. ron
  74. Happy Guy

    Guys you gotta come go and check it out! This club is Awesome!! Hot Girls!! GREAT variety of not only girls but also good music!! Great Atmosphere! They even serve food (12 noon until 4 pm), fresh made to order, prepared, by a Gourmet Chef. Your choice of Philly ChesseSteak, Cheeseburger, Hamburger, Italian Sausage or Hot dog with a side choice of Macoroni, Cole Slaw or Potato Salad only $4.00 per plate.

    Open 24/7! NEVER CLOSES! Go join the FUN!! Don’t miss out!!

  75. David

    Outstanding club, very hot dancers, will be back next time i am in vegas..

  76. Roy

    This place sucks ass! I wasted my time and my money here! The girls are ugly for the majority of them, poor service from staff/waitresses & bartenders & shitty music!

  77. andre

    this club changed since last time i came was great! there are a lot of hot girls and the place stays open all nite .switches to a after hour club at 4 really packed

  78. Larry

    This place is the WORST topless club in Vegas! Stay away! There are much better places to spend your money in this town!

  79. Frank

    This place does have the wow factor. “Wow, what a shithole!”

  80. pete


  81. Local833

    I love this place!

  82. john
  83. shut up

    Hey Steve, you must have been fired or worse yet you suck so bad you can’t get a job at this club. The fact is the DJ i saw on stage also works at PURE. I guess the #1 night club in the world also sucks. also why dont you try and get a table at pure without giving a tip. in fact why dont you try getting a table at the rhino without a tip on a sat night. one last thing, the dancers you see at scores, the rhino or seamless for that matter all move around to each club. they are not hired by the club. they are independent and you may see them even on the same night at two clubs. what a first class fucking idiot you are steve. the fact is this club probably wouldnt hire your fucking dumb ass.

  84. Hal

    we had a great friken time at this club. will be back.

  85. Eilers

    Great club, great service from the guys seating us, and most important, great talent. My god does this club have some hot dancers. My group was getting dances and the next thing we know there is a live DJ on the stage. Staff said it turns into an after hours club with strippers at 4am. We couldn’t believe the vibe this club had at that time. Will for sure be back our next time in vegas. Thanks Carmela for a great time.

  86. Brad

    I had a great time here! This place is packed on the weekends!

  87. Joolie T.

    it’s 3 am and you want to keep partying. it’s 3 am and you can’t decide if you want a lap dance or 2 tequila’s 3 am and you’ve lost your cellphone. it’s 3 am and 5 of your girlfriends got into a fight. it’s 3 am and you feel like watching some topless dancers. it’s 3 am and you don’t want to go to a strip club or a bar. it’s 3 am…. in VEGAS. oh! the possibilities! okay, all in all, i would give this place 4 stars- but i got into a huge fight with the bouncers/security of this place. my friend decided to park her car in front of the entrance (blocking oncoming traffic) of the valet/ velvet ropes… all the attendants were screaming at us (drunk b*tches) to move the car. my friend started a ruckus and asked to speak to the owner (which she was friends with). well, the bouncers started kicking her car… i didn’t object to it because she WAS blocking the entrance to the VIP parking lot. however, one of the bouncers took a jig (knife) and punctured her tires. okay…. so how the hell are were supposed to move the damned car NOW?!?! whatevs… i need to see some boobies. screw this. you walk in- there’s lights flashing everywhere, poles ascending from the high ceilings, cute (but not drop dead gorgeous) girls sitting in giant martini glasses and horny dudes staring at all the pretty girls. you’d think it was just a good ol’ strip joint- nope. at 4am, this place is PACKED and the music starts pumpin’. it’s a dance club… but w/ hornier and prettier go-go (TOPLESS) dancers. yum. haha. the decor is colorful. they did a great job on the modern/sleek furnishings.

  88. Paolo P.

    I’m not a big fan of strip clubs although I’ve been to a few. I was here for my cousin’s bachelor’s party and as soon as you get a glimpse of the women, you know you’re staying put. It’s like the Ms.Universe pageant but with really slutty lingerie instead of gowns. I have never seen a collection of beautiful women of different ethnicity gathered in one place before going to Seamless. I think Ms.Australia took the chunk of my strip club allowance that night. If you come here as a group you’re gonna have to get table service and order bottles, because how do you get lap dances if you’re not seated?If you go to strip clubs, please don’t come back whining about how much you spent, They were designed to suck every dollar you have on you or tucked away in the bank (yes atms inside). You silently sign the I’m giving you all my money clause the moment you decide to go there.The other half of our party wanted to go clubbing at Rain (back then it was the shiznit), I asked them in Rain if they hand a hot girl $20 would she take her top off and start rubbing her body all over yours? I’m sure they still don’t know what Rain looks like to this day.disclaimer: I went here 2 years ago, idk if the collection of ladies have declined or improved since then.

  89. Seattle

    This club stands out because it looks more like a night club than a strip club. I like the Rhino better but if your looking for a change this club is worth the time.

  90. Joke

    This place sucks & is a joke of stripclub!

  91. Ray

    Had a great time at this club Friday night. I did spend some money due to this hot asian named Brenda. my god guys if you like asians then she is it.

  92. Leo

    BLOWS ASS! It must be employees posting positive comments here because anyone else would tell you< this clib BLOWS ASS!

  93. HA

    Over priced drinks, ugly dancers, shit club.

  94. Greg

    one of the best clubs in Las Vegas!!!!

  95. jerome
  96. ben
  97. HI

    Hey Joke, I know penthouse had a horrible first month. I can understand how you have the time to rip other clubs. How are the layoffs going with your staff. Look out before you become the mensclub.

  98. Anthony

    Great club, hot chicks working at this place

  99. bigben
  100. TippDT67

    Club is AWESOME! Good looking girls, decent drink prices, good dances, low hustle factor, great atmosphere! And on a side note, the coolest cleanest bathroom I have ever seen in a strip club. PLUS, it turns into an afterhours, and you can get a seat for free! Staff there was friendly and courteous, it is a GREAT experience. One of if not the best strip club in Vegas.

  101. Las Vegas Local

    I swear I saw the same review from 1/11 in Craigslist. I guess Seamless can only afford free advertising now. So was this review from a customer or employee? I guess when you have no customers then the only ones that can leave comments is the hired help.

  102. none ya'

    great time, and good fun.

  103. Guest

    club was dead, just few good looking girls, drinks very expensive

    …there are better clubs in town!

  104. Edward

    Awesome club and great atmosphere. Had fun in the VIP with a 10.

  105. mark
  106. Dirk D.

    This club SUCKS ass! Worst nude club in town! Girls rip you off, servers take for ever to get you a drink and the dj suck and so does his choice of music!

  107. regular guy

    walked into a great vibe friday night. after hours is awsome at this club. thanks for the great time.

  108. schilling

    this place has the wow factor. as soon as you enter it is like no other strip club I have seen. great place!!!

  109. Kristin Y.

    i’m giving one star to each thing i thought was cool about seamless…star #1: pretty girl sitting in large cocktail glass filled with water when you walk instar #2: very very very cool bathroom doors. i was actually afraid at first; but felt a little giggly when i shut the door and POOF! it’s pink! i almost wanted to keep opening and shutting the door just for fun. :pstar #3: the beyond shit ton of stuff on the bathroom counter! why get ready at home when you could get ready at seamless?!beyond that…. i don’t remember much.. hahaha

  110. JoeDirt

    club sucks! AVOID and save your money

  111. Jay

    Very few dancers there for a Sat afternoon, but the ones that were there were absolutely fantastic. Probably the nicest strip club I’ve ever been to. Highly recommend this place

  112. alleyKat
  113. sillysal
  114. Clint

    Girls are ugly, old and fat Wo-hoo!

  115. jon
  116. McKenzie (again)

    just a follow up on my last comment! I made several references to Honey White’s ass sores, and I wanted to make sure that you all could verify this!! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to put a link to her website from here, but I guess that’s not a possibility! Basically, for all of you interested—and I warn you, you MUST NOT have a weak stomach, google “cameltoe ho honey white” (keep it all in quotations…) if that doesn’t work, you can just try going to the site directly. it’s I want you too all pay close attention to the scene description where they feel it’s necessary to justify putting a “not so hot chick” on their site!!! how funny. or gross. you tell me! check out the site!!!

  117. chic


  118. Vegas247

    Awesome experience! One of the best clubs in Vegas! Nice, gorgeous ladies, fair prices, great bathroom! After hours club at 4am, mostly techno/hip-hop.. you can still get couch dances once the club opens! Free for locals.. get a VIP pass for visiting friends.. they’re everywhere.. save $20. Do yourself a favor and check it out, you won’t regret it!

  119. d

    i agree, this club rocks!!

  120. james

    the best!!!!!!

  121. bill
  122. Anita C.

    The girl in the cocktail glass was awesome. It was quite amusing overall.

  123. minxx sucks

    Don’t go to Minxx because they just filed bankruptcy so they won’t have to pay for the bills the owe including all the bounced checks at the District Attorneys office.

  124. x
  125. jd

    not good, waitress was better looking than the dancers.

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