The Lumberyard 2



5910 4th Street Southwest, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404


41.9206113, -91.673414




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Lumberyard 2

  1. uwackers
  2. Halloween Contest

    Latest and Hotest Halloween Contest in Cedar Rapids this Sat $400 in cash prizes!!

  3. Peter

    I stopped by when I was passing thru town and I had the pleasure of meeting Vivica and OH MY GOD!! This girl is a must see. I highly recommend stopping by to see her. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!

  4. YOU NEED!!

    Wheres DJ JAY!!!!

  5. Guss

    I love this club b/c I work here

  6. Ronnie

    Woodys is the better club in Cedar rapids with the best girls and the staff there

    is really nice. I like it better out of the two BYOB clubs. The lumberyard had very

    rude pushy girls who wouldn’t take no for a private dance….and the girls were

    just bitchy in general needless to say i would rather go to the original fully nude

    club of cedar rapids WOODYS!

  7. neil salmon

    this club sucked.

  8. f u must be jealous

    ha ha ha f u must be jealous i believe many of the girls that worked for you in the past chose to leave your club because its dead! you did it yourself so dont blame anybody else but yourself. im sorry you are still butt hurt so post all the stupid things you want.

  9. Cory
  10. tex

    i seen chloe at the chorusline and now ive seen her at the lumber yard 2 and shes still sexy

  11. happi

    I went there on a monday night and met Adalira this tall exotic looking girl. She has an amazing personality and gives the best private dances. she is a little expensive but definently worth the money. Vivica, gia, marissa, chloe all amazing girls you wont be disapointed

  12. Smitty
  13. Ken

    if You hate This Club You Must B Workin For The comp. So Keep Your Weak Ass payin Jobs And We’ll See Who Last Bitches

  14. cedarrapidssexpot

    This club is totally hot! The dancers are gorgeous and the private dances are awesome – If you’re here on a weekend make sure to check out Laci and Nicole! Their Thursday night union/college night is one of the best around and they are having one of their awesome amateur nights again tomorrow! Great staff, great atmosphere, HOT women!

  15. Hard Cock

    I have nothing good to say about this club but it is very very dirty…..

  16. george v

    great club beats any in the midwest! what up vixen fox your so hot!

  17. MorningWood

    Nice atmosphere, girls look good, you’ll need to ask them out for a dance. I went late on a Wednesday not much patrons. Had a weirdo look at me when I was in a private. Bouncer took care of the situation.

  18. Jim
  19. Had Fun

    Average at best. Ok for Iowa I spose.

  20. John

    I think this place is awesome. The dj’s keep you happy and entertained. The Managers are very professional. I will return here every chance I get.

  21. Super DAD

    My favorite club in CR, can’t compare to the other’s as I stopped going to other clubs when this one opened so the other’s may be different now than when I was last there.

  22. Mike

    Nasty…your girls have went way down! Thanks Gus…

  23. jd baca
  24. Greg S

    This place is like a little kids playground on the weekends. The average age of the customers here is under 21.

  25. Chris

    Gus is a bitch and better watch his ass, he fired his asst. manager because when his contract was going to be up he new he would be replaced!

  26. Jon

    This is the Best Club in Cedar Rapids.

    The show is consistently Excellent.

    others are below par most nites.

  27. LY FAN

    Came to the club with high expectations after hearing all great things, and left VERY DISAPPOINTED!! Sat there for four hours and had no girls approach me. Management seemed more interested in fondling the ladies than taking care of their responsabilities.

    Will not be back

  28. Larry S.

    WOW!!! Natalia and Vivica and Lacy and Gia and Chloe all of the girls here are the bomb! I had a blast

  29. jerbear

    it was ok

  30. hmmm
  31. sweetie

    this is a great club. there are a few dancers that stand off a bit and others that are very friendly and make you feel at home. very beautiful women four stages on weekends when busy. great private dances.

  32. C MONEY


  33. so over it

    This club is crap. They don’t have any customers in there and they treat their girls like shit. They fine us for everything and anything. They take way too much money from us and have no business. The place is filthy and the managers suck dick. They are running this club into the ground. It won’t last long at this rate! And the manager Rob is lucky that he didn’t put his hands on me cause I would have sued the dog shit out of the place. You guys better get your shit together and watch how you act and what you do. A little anger management might help or if you can’t handle the job maybe you should quit!

  34. lucky guy
  35. long time customer

    who the hell let the meth head be manager long haired freek does not no how to run this club

  36. jay

    great place

  37. Bill
  38. someone who knows

    this is a really nice club




  40. lonny

    great place

  41. Doris
  42. Jerry

    Great Club. Girls were nice and attractive. I like how they have 2 4 1 specials a lot. Will be going back soon.

  43. William

    I showed up in a horrible mood and I walked into the lobby and met the amazing door girl. Her name is Rachel and she was nice, professional and hot. I totally recommend that each and everyone one of you should go see her. You won’t regret it.

  44. passin by

    great club lots of pretty ladies ill be back

  45. Nick

    The one stage that was open with dancers had poor lighting and was difficult to see dancers. Dancers were friendly with customers at the tip rail. Few of the available dancers were interacting with the customers.

  46. happy customer

    was in cedar rapids this past week and stopped out. it was a great time everyone was so nice to me. thanks see you all soon

  47. the big dog

    my first strip club i’ve ever went too same for my buddy and this is the best strip club i’ve heard about will be up there again

  48. monkey
  49. Lapompa

    These guys are greedy money hungry crooks.

  50. Robert

    I agree, Too many kids.

  51. tuesday guy

    i couldnt believe all the hot hot ladies working this past tuesday afternoon and the 2 for 1 special im coming back for sure!!!!

  52. nice
  53. Joe


  54. Bobby

    The girls are pretty, but the manegement sucks!!!

  55. jeff

    #1 club in CR

  56. crbrianb
  57. Wesley
  58. F U

    This place is a disgrace. Nothing but girls that neither Woodys or Dancers would hire. I saw the other night no less than 4 girls that have been fired from those other clubs.

    There are so many kids walking around with their first beer and first hard on that I thought I was in a high school prom party.

    Hey girls, if you dont look good keeping your bottoms on, you look even worse when you take them off. Your stomache flab does not count as panties.

  59. paul

    thanks for having our party last weekend it was great! Gia Nova is a freak with fire!!! awesome shows

  60. lumberyard two

    Happy holidays from all of us here at the lumberyard two

  61. passing by

    big club plenty of attractive girls thanks ill be back

  62. Scott
  63. Minny Apple

    Nicest club I have ever been to.

  64. lemon drop

    hey hard cock the dirtier the better!! i will be in da club fo sho!!

  65. shannon

    the staff here was awesome they didn’t try to molest me like the club down the

    road, i actually felt better to be here, woodies was a shit hole with no money and

    the owner/manager wants more and offers free house fees. This club is more

    professional and don’t operate with their sexual emotions the manager had his

    winkie under control unlike woodies club down the road thanks for not

    molesting me!

  66. Would'nt you like to know

    This Club Sucks!!! The DJ is an ass and the door girls are rude bitches!!!!

  67. zipper
  68. Austin

    There may be alot of kids, but they’ll be adult’s when they leave. This club is by far the best in Iowa.

  69. cali
  70. cedar rapids customer

    i liked the club, i don’t drink much, so i liked the free soft drinks. the dancers were friendly and the private dances were really good. one thing i would wish for was more variety of dancers. there were a lot of tall dancers i prefer the dancers shorter they make the private dances more fun. overall a good club i’m going back.

  71. Ltsgoprvt

    I went in there alone last night because I was in town on business. It seemed as though the girls were hiding in the dressing room early, as very few approached me for some company. When I finally got to get a private dance, I came back and somebody had taken my beer. Advice: The place is nice, but go with a group!

  72. midget

    hey ronnie i think you got it all wrong the lumberyard 2 is the only byob in cedar rapids worth going to. If you like 16 year olds the other one in town is the place to go if you like seeing a varity the lumberyard 2 has what it takes to make your night! good luck and happy stripping!!

  73. James

    The girls at this club are great.

  74. Loverboy

    Lumberyard 11 is modeled after a typical dance club….warehouse with high ceiling…2 tiers….shower area for novelty fun….really gives a big feeling. Music is loud…lots of college kids on Sat. nite….Plenty of nice girls….the regulars were better than the feature performer they had for the nite…..the private area was decent….divided into cubbys for privacy…..touching was standardized and I’d call it liberal….no crotch or licking standard stuff….besides that, the girls gave it up quite nicely and gave the appearance of enjoying themselves. It is a loud, club enviorment geared for the college crowd….maybe not for everyone…but lots of space to ramble and I thoroughly enjoyed it.



  76. slick

    i place is not very fun to go to. gril are a little suck up

  77. casey moore

    It’s great! thats it, my friends and i always have a good time, thursdays are the best!

  78. tom
  79. zach

    Great time had my friend’s bachelor party here last weekend everyone was awesome girls were hot!

  80. never again

    unfreindly and arrogant

  81. nickstrip

    I’m not into strip clubs, but this place is decent.Went on a Friday that was not an amateur night. Full nude, byob (no glass for patrons), and above average girls for Iowa. California 6s. A 7 or two. Zero 8s and better. One girl clearly tried to work the poll, most didn’t bother. Bathroom stalls have no doors, so consider a dump public. In & out is prohibited. Plenty of respectful security. Shower shows available. Designate a driver.

  82. Kelli
  83. Dan

    The hottest club in the midwest,the d.j. kicks ass and the staff is amazing. The dancers are by far the best of the best. If you ever get a chance to vist, do so. Peace

  84. Mike Alan


    They will try to scam you into paying more for private

    dances and if you don’t the pscho bouncer will try totally

    harass you. Not only was my evening unpleasant but I believe

    this place is dangerous. I read one review where the bouncer

    actually hurt a guy trying to harass him into paying more

    than he owed. Go to cedarrapidsbeat DOT com and you will see

    the scam is a regular thing. I am sure there are hundred


  85. Big Ride 12

    Hi, can anyone tell me what nights Amanda works. I know she

    usually works Tuesday nights at least that is when I have seen


  86. No Fun

    Too many tyoung kids drinking in here like FY said. the rest I do not know about. The girls were very so so just as I would expect in IOWA

  87. fisherdex1

    The bouncer at lumberyard was a complete and utter asshole that came out and told us that a bunch of my friends and I werent allowed in because we supposedly peed by their garbage when we actually were througjong away are emptu beer cans when we tried to tell hik we didnt he wpuldnt give us the tike of day!!

  88. Trey

    Still A Fresh Club, But If You Konw Me, I’ll Make Sure It Pops!!!

  89. charlie

    awesome club open til 5am on the weekends!!!

  90. chambers

    you know i read all the shit talken on this rating but know what i see you guys here every weekend and pack the house so stop talking shit about our club

  91. First time customer

    From when I first entered the club until I left it was first class all the way. Friendly staff. White girls with loads of tatoos were a little much. Looked like trailer trash. Two black girls, Kayla and Spice made the night worthwhile. Very good personalities and both gave great private dances. This club really stands out when it comes to strip clubs. I liked it much better than Woodys

  92. Dave

    This club was fucking awesome! Best club in Iowa by far Girls were great, staff was friendly and helpful – definitely will be back soon. Thanks for a great time guys

  93. hippy
  94. summer

    average dancers

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