Deja Vu Showgirls



31 North Washington Street, Ypsilanti, MI 48197


42.2420956, -83.6147241




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. New guy

    Awesome club can’t go wrong

  2. kevin

    my fav place!clean, comfortable and sexy young women mmmmm

  3. Leo Stokes

    The chicks at the club range from ok looking to beautiful. Mostly white women with an occasional black woman. The main problem is that most of the women don’t know how to give a decent lap dance. They’re actually pretty bad at it. Plus, it’s policy to not touch the women during the dance. You have to keep your hands tucked away to each side of the plush chair that you’re sitting in. I’ve gone a few times b/c its much closer to me than Detroit or Dearborn both of which have much better clubs. But if I had a choice I would definitely pass on this particular one. Most of the times that I’ve attended this club, I left feeling robbed. And they (the girls) can sometimes be very rude. There’s no liquor and no snacks.

  4. AssnTits5

    HORRIBLE club first time I’ve been there. No pretty dancers and NO ALCOHOL!!!! what a horrible experiance.

  5. Loved Cassidy!!
  6. bruce and adam

    those girls made me cum better than the best porn 🙂

  7. mathewater12

    The dancers were just fine, the waitresses were on top of the service and kept the drinks coming. The lights on stage were poor and we joked that you could get seizures after staring at it too long. My guess is that they need to slow the flash rate down, but im not sure how to fix it. The lounge seemed clean, it might have had one or two too many tables in there, it looked like seating could get tight. Staff was kind to us, even though we had a couple of moments where we proved we were immature. They let us enjoy our stay there.

  8. wiley

    i went there for my 18 b day and i had a blast the girls there are real nice and i no that it is there job but i still like to think that i really got to no them in the lapdance room so thankyou girls for a great time

  9. rogerrab2

    Hey Déjà vu,I am incredibly disappointed in you. I feel you should fire your tall dancer, River. She is the laziest adult entertainment specialist I have ever had the displeasure of a private dance from. I have been to strip clubs in 29 states and she was by far the worst private dance I have ever encountered. I should have asked for a refund because she just laid there….for 30 minutes. I should have mushroom stamped her. Don’t give them a dollar of your money.Sincerely,An extremely disappointed patron.

  10. hvj]
  11. Jim

    Payton is awesome….why isn’t she promoted more??

  12. Yoch

    yo this club totally sucks taint, i mean i’d rather shit thumbtacks then ever go back to this place again. i’ve seen better looking girls in the bottom of a gas station toilet, sorry but these fuckin skanks are loaded with std’s and god knows what else, i could see the fuckin mushroom stamp on this one girl oh and its pretty sad when you have more fingers than teeth!

  13. ..


  14. ButtMan

    This place is so garbage, there are so many strip clubs that are better where you can have a really good time. This is the worst strip club I have been too. The girls are alright but the dances suck. The only good thing about this club is that it is open till 3 and 4am on the fri and sat.

  15. Harrison69

    Very ugly cellulite girls, by the way who charges a hot female to go into a strip club? Déjà vu does

  16. nickstrip

    Sitting for 30 minutes with a 6 inch stack of dollar bills no f ing dancers really!!!! Never again will I come here and I had such high hopes.

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