Boutique Erotica – Washington Park



5420 Bunkum Road, Washington Park, IL 62204


38.6224703, -90.0909029




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Boutique Erotica – Washington Park

  1. He who knows

    Death trap club! A place where nobody escapes alive and

    unharmed! Shootings, vicious armed robberies that often end

    in homicide, cop killers and even wanted fugitives are

    everywhere in the entire immediate area. NEVER go here at


  2. Col. Fagin

    Totally unsafe, in a World War I Battlefield of a bad


  3. XhXeXy

    Great looking women and unbelievable service. Love this place. Highly recommended for out of town clients. If you can’t close a deal the girls really help out.

  4. Dangerous?

    This club is hardly dangerous. The parking lot is very well lit along with at least two security guards every evening.

  5. Jennifer M.

    Came on a Sunday night only 1 girl dancing after paying 20 dollars. Dropped 100 dollars for nothing. Hollywood also sucks balls.

  6. Harry Balls
  7. tonycluber

    Ok- any strip club with a $2 drink special Tuesday is worth a visit on Tuesday.Yes, there is a cover charge. However, cheap drinks with a view.The place has been remodeled and more upscale than I remember. This contrast with the willingness of the entertainers to drop threads fast & allow more interaction than I remember.I am not sure how soon I will return, but it was fun to visit.

  8. fuckery12

    Sorry Mr Wolf, to my visual knowledge kissing ass won’t help! You seem to be a part of this issue, being that you were already aware of these problems. (Sending me a standard facebook message fixes nothing upon the way guest & employees are treated @ this establishment.) Compared to any of the other Hustler Club’s in America, You’re lucky to get one Star… SINCERELY: THE STRIP CLUB VETERAN

  9. StripClub431

    Wow I haven’t bn to Hustler in awhile and I must say best time ever the bar staff was awesome and friendly the door guy was very polite and welcoming the girls are beautiful and the managers bend over backwards to show you a great time. I also would like to add that club looks amazing new carpet new couch in vip rooms looks like the refinished everything . Their attention to small details made my experience amazing definitely recommend this club really recommend on Tuesday when drinks are 2$ and Fridays and Saturdays are off the hook

  10. Mystery

    Enjoyed the time I was there.

  11. maxxy1

    While in St Louis to see a show @ The Pageant this past Tuesday night, I met a group of people intending upon going to this club for cheap tues night drinks. My friend & I ended up going out there around 2 am. The place was crowded, but mostly with inconsiderate, obnoxious patrons… probably there mostly for the cheap drinks. Oh yeah… and the fully nude women. Only problem is, when the customers are drinking excessively & cheaply, they’re not tipping the dancers as well, and everyone just seems in a sour mood. The wait staff was very friendly & responsive to our needs, and one of the managers, also named Josh. approached us and talked for a few, seemed like a cool dude. Except for liking LSU. Roll Tide!Bottom line: you can find classier Hustler Clubs. Try Bourbon St, Nola.Of course… if everyone could remember to tip the girls well & be chill, everyone would have a better friggin time! So, the place certainly has potential.

  12. lisa
  13. harryharry

    I had a real nice time the service is great definitely give it A5 star and a manager Dean Ebert was also awesome I recommend that you go there and you have a nice time people are really awesome .

  14. Mike D.

    I used to go to Hustler a lot (2 or 3 times per month) in 2015. I always enjoyed the place, much more so than the local competition. It was just a fun place to be with an awesome energy. Unfortunately, in January of this year, I got transferred to the west coast for work and hadn’t been back until last week. Wow, has this place gone down hill.It is depressingly boring in the club now. So many of the old employees are gone and what was always a packed club is now rather empty. The life is totally gone inside. I only stayed for about 30 minutes because it was so miserable. I was incredibly confused about how the place could change so much in just half a year.Fortunately, I got some answers a few nights later when I went to Penthouse. I ran into a dancer that I used to see a lot at Hustler (Madison, brunette, bow tattoo on her lower back). I was excited to see her, but surprised to see her at Penthouse. I asked her when she left Hustler and she said she was actually working both right now. I asked what the hell happened at Hustler and she unloaded on the place. The old manager (Sulli) left for another club in the company and they brought in this new guy that goes by Wolf. Apparently he ran off a ton of former employees and has completely killed the vibe. She told me the dancers are panicking because money has dried up big time. The place is basically being run into the ground. She said she is working both just to cover her bases, but is hoping this Wolf character is run off soon. Everything Madison said confirmed what I saw when I was in. It is a shame because back when Sulli was running the show, Hustler was an absolute AWESOME time. Hopefully things change because the other clubs in the area aren’t very good.

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