600 West 5th Avenue, McKeesport, PA 15132


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Beemer’s

  1. kingMOB

    Nice neighborhood place. Nice variety of dancers. But a little too relaxed–you need to go after the girls for a private dance, they wont readily come talk to you. I wasnt crazy about having to arrange VIP dancers with the bartender but thats what it is. VIP room is very nice. Single dances arent much but you can book 30 min or hour which are in nice private areas and are nude. YMYM.

  2. Beemers kicks

    Beemers is a great club…

  3. Tom
  4. Leah

    Leah blew me in the back for a line of coke… Her snaggle tooth scraped my dick though

  5. bob

    Andi Sue Irwin is one hot chick….

  6. Andy
  7. smalltitluvr

    Good club. Clean, bright and friendly dancers. I was the only “suit” in the place. Scarlett was an extremely attractive woman.

  8. Cheech

    Nice club. Clean. Good drink specials. Some dancers nice. Some did not

    talk at all. Could use more entertainment.

  9. Mike

    Nice girls

  10. Ben

    Stopped down for my bachelor party and had a great time.

  11. Brad

    I wasn’t expecting it to be this nice. Some really nice looking girls and good private dances (didnt get a room yet). My only complaint was the bartender she was standing around talking and doing something on her phone while every body was trying to get drinks and dances which sucked.

  12. Linda

    Beautiful club, lovely girls, nice atmosphere.

  13. Yeah Well

    Enjoy it while you can because that’s as close to heaven as YOU are ever gonna get.

  14. Summer & Diamond Fan

    I am in love with Summer and Diamond.

  15. Ray
  16. Dick

    I enjoyed my visit to Beemers Thursday night. I spent some time talking to Cashmere and Arienna, they were very friendly. The club could use a few more dancers, but all in all I had a good time.

  17. John
  18. Miles

    This place is the best! The midget was awesome!

  19. bobby
  20. James

    Absolutely Amazing!

  21. rick

    It was as close to heaven as I’ll ever get!!

  22. Paul

    The girls are great. The bartender was very nice, and she can make some really good shots, and the place is in a league of its own. I will definetely be back!

  23. washed up

    Beemer’s is pathetic. All the old washed up girls work here. Everytime they get hot girls, they chase them away

  24. Ronnie

    Not too much going on at this club.

  25. k
  26. Missy

    Me and my husband loved the relax atmosphere and all the gorgeous girls were so friendly to us! They are definately couple friendly and bisexual lady friendly 😉

  27. Ed

    sexy women, very friendly, fun atmosphere. bartender sucks however, she needs to pay more attention to the customers rather than her phone. if the drinks were cheaper then maybe i wouldn’t mind waiting for so long. but 20 min. for a drink is horrible.

  28. Pete

    1 of a kind club

  29. Ashley B.

    It’s hard being a female going to a strip club, but I enjoy it and I think Beemers is the only place I’ve been where even the clientele didn’t treat me like some kind of weirdo.

  30. Joey

    Great dancers! Great place to be!


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  32. Tiger Town

    This Dump is the Pa.Version of Rumorz. Druggies and poor service. Clubs in the Downtown Pittsburgh area much better.

  33. Mark

    All the girls here are old hags. They are not pretty. What a location. Why is CJ Belle so important? She needs to retire.

  34. bob smith

    I love Beemers…

  35. Jacob

    This club is great! The girls are very pretty and friendly. The bartender is a little slow, I must admit, but otherwise, the place is amazing! Nowhere else can you find a $5 cover to see such beautiful women!

  36. Ron

    Its a nice club! Very Laid back, friendly staff and dancers, also ive noticed its very clean!

    Very Professional, but fun at the same time!

    Great looking girls everywhere!

  37. Larry
  38. KD

    Beemers has good parking(well lit, The club is inviting and very clean. Cj is fantastic.

  39. NO NAME

    Great service & beautiful girls. What more can you ask for?

  40. Butch

    Stopped in after being away awhile. Dancers not too bad. Bartender the worst in Pittsburgh area. Dudes that handle the Cover Charge and Music need a personality. I’ll check out some other Clubs.

  41. Candice!!

    I miss the hell out of this place!Great girls!

  42. Jimmy
  43. Big Tex

    The best thing about this Club is that it is rather clean. The dancers are terrible and so is the service. That bartender needs to find another line of work.

  44. joe

    awesome, just totally awesome

  45. Bud Light

    Stopped in this past week and was disappointed in the overall qualty and talent of the dancers. 1, maybe 2 were somewhat attractive, none were very friendly. The lady working as a Bartender was really bad, service was terrible. This Club appears to be the Pa. version of the shut-down West Virginia Rumorz Club.

  46. Fred
  47. Bubba

    It may be cold outside, but its hot in here!!

  48. Bill

    Bartender was to busy reading her book. Poor service. The girls would come over and talk. However the second sentence out of their mouth. Is to try to get you to purchase a private dance. Try talking more before the hustle! Not like there’s alot of guys there so you’re not waisting time.

  49. tony

    Best Long Island Iced Tea’s that I ever had. Great atmosphere, good music, and nice people! I will be back!

  50. Will

    Nice place. Good drinks. Beautiful girls.

  51. Red

    most fun ive had in a club for a long time and not too expensive. very hot accommodating ladies. loved it. only complaints were dj too loud and mumbled and bartender way too slow couldnt get drinks

  52. unsatisfied

    most dancers were great few were very stuck up and acted like i owed them for buying a room w/ them and the bartender is horrible for service also for supposedly having an ameteur contest tonight i saw the same girls as last week this place needs a serious management overhaul

  53. Sam Buca

    Stopped in this weekend and was disappointed with this Club in many ways. Dancers not friendly, not attractive at all, cant dance and the service was pretty bad. We wont be back here again.

  54. Michael

    Everything about this club is amazing.Most of the girls are nice, extremely good looking, and can dance.I had a great time here.I reccomend it to anyone!

  55. jim

    Beemers is awesome

  56. Business 101

    Every time that I have been here, they have had customers in the club, but there came a time when the same DJ refused to put dancers on the stage. He was constantly berating the customers over the microphone, warning them that if they don’t tip enough, he is going to take the dancers off the stage. Most of the time, he stops putting dancers up on stage. That is something that you don’t want to do! NEVER punish your customers. If they are staying away from the dancer on the stage, then YOU have put a dancer up there that they are not interested in. Do not blame the customers! It is never the customer’s fault! It is up to YOU to put a dancer up on that stage that the customers want to come up, and see. The world does not revolve around your fat dancer buddies, and whether they get tipped. If customers don’t want to come up to the stage and tip them, then YOU are not presenting a product that the customers want to buy into. That is just one of the reasons why this place place is nearly empty every fucking night!

  57. anonymous

    Beemers is the place to be!!!

  58. dc

    only there 1 time,,not bad…? if any extra..not worth the cover charge

  59. Chris
  60. t
  61. Dave k

    Great layout, this place was made to be a strip club. Love the new stage.

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