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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Fantasy’s

  1. Final Lap

    Great club for a small town. Built as a club. Nice facilities. Great girls. Had a fantastic time w/ Mariah. Recommended!

  2. Mark
  3. Diver

    Nicest place North of lower Michigan.

  4. Tim Russell

    I’ve only been there once. But loved the exspeience.

  5. Jimbo

    Nice in Northern Michigan by far!

  6. JC

    The place sucks…the owner is a dickhead. We went in

    with six of us and were spending a lot of money on drinks

    and 1 of the girls the rest were nasty ass. One of the.girls

    had to weighted 250 lbs…me in a thong WTF…. waste of

    time in every way. VIP room had patio chairs for the VIP


  7. Jeff Good
  8. Cole

    overall good place just not my kind of atmoshere.

  9. Heather
  10. Soldier

    Most the ladies where awsome. Maranda I think the blondes name was hot the the private dances where awsome.

  11. junkyard

    i love this place, i’ve been there probably a dozen times in the last six months. most of the girls there will bend over backward to make sure you have a good time. it would be nice if it was a little cheaper like some other places, then you could afford to tip the ladies a little better, but all i have to say is i love this place and i go anytime i get the chance.

  12. Vincent J.

    This place is awesome! The girls are very pretty, cute, friendly and fun. The couch dances are a little on the lame/tame side, but still fun. I highly recommend this place.

  13. Wolfman

    Visited here while on Business. This is an excellent club. It is newly built, tastefully decorated, and clean. Chairs are also very comfortable.

    Dancers rated 7+ on average with positive attitudes. The age range was good (19 to late thirties). The two older dancers were very sexy ladies and fit my type perfectly. I was approached at least once by each dancer and they were very good when turned down for a private dance. They asked a lot, but I felt no pressure. They appeared to be local ladies and I did not notice one dancer that had been surgically augmented (this is a plus for me).

    Staff was great. Waitress nice, doorman nice, and security was not oppressive in the least.

    Nice stage and good stage dances although stageside was not real “wild”. There were 5, or so, couples in the club and the dancers did pay some attention to the females, but not as much as some other clubs I have frequented.

    Private dance area is nice. Several booths along one wall and each had decent privacy. There is also one bed in the corner where you can purchase bed dances for $30 per song. Did not try it, but certainly looked fun.

    I did purchase private dances from two (Nina and Savannah). Both were 30 something ladies and very sexy. There was good two way contact (only the privates were off limits) and the dances were sensual as well as grinding.

    I will definitely visit again if in the area. I would encourage anyone to stop in and check it out.

  14. roadie

    the girls wont leave you alone, they are all hustlers,

    i wouldnt recommend this place at all!

  15. LovinIt98

    Awesome place! Very nice club, friendly girls. Not just your “hole in the wall” club, much better!

  16. Big Dog

    First Time to this place and id have to say this is a very nice place it is very well up kept i came here with my wife and instead of $30 it only cost the couples $20 the girls made us feel really comfortable when we were here and the whole staff was very nice would recommend to anyone come in and try this place out and i recommend a bed dance!

  17. Joe N

    Nice place!

  18. Scotty D

    It was fun and entertaining…

  19. ksu

    the managers need to stay in their office

  20. Brandon

    This one fat chick was annoying and ugly. Also a really pale chick was not good looking.

  21. drjdubb

    are you kidding me? this place is a joke. the owner is always around, stumbling, falling all over, drunk off his mind. him and his friends are always drinking and being a disruption and make it uncomfortable for us to be in there. hows that for promoting and running a club? theres zero talent or class in this place. dont waste your time. i wont spend any time or money there.

  22. NATE


  23. Jason

    This place is a piece of shit, i’ve been to the ghetto and have had better lap dances for 1/3 of the price. The girls aren’t very attractive either!!!

  24. jake the snake

    awesome club. don’t know why anyone would go to any other club in the area. these girls know how to make a man happy! me and my friends will definitely be back again. thanks chloe and autumn for a fantastic night!

  25. Frank

    Great atmosphere and sound. All of the girls are great. The $15 cover charge was my only complaint but you don’t pay for any drinks, no alcohol but totally nude:) I talked with Jade and she does not look like she is on crack (like previous comments) and she was great on the bed dance.

  26. poor excuse

    Been there twice and will NEVER go back!

  27. Italia

    miss you guys! love it here in colorado. im finally done travelling but wish i was there!

  28. Louie

    I have been out to this club a number of times and have always had a blast. The girls, especially the ones native to Traverse City, are very friendly…and GORGEOUS! The VIP lounge visits are outstanding!!!

  29. mike

    had great time. penny lane greatest dancer that night

  30. LC Crew

    Overall, the experience was very good. There was a wide variety of girls and the music being played was enjoyable. A couple girls did seem to have an attitude though. One demanded money up front from my friend and then slapped him twice (half-playing i think). Private dances were kind of pricy but worth it for the most part. Most of the girls really got into them, as i was even bit on the lip and blood was drawn (It didn’t hurt at the time.) I would recommend this club to anyone looking for a good time, just make sure you have enough cash to enjoy it!

  31. fanofjade16

    does this mean jade is coming back? she used to give me the best hand jobs. ill be coming in more often!

  32. captain B

    first off to the stripper sexystripper21 soliciting herself online, thats illegal you are an idiot. you are going to end up raped, dead, or in jail. keep the entertainment inside the club. and second to so called PR aka Pretty Ricky, why dont you take you and your dumbass friend out of the one and two slots on the clubs myspace page and put up the girls first. no one cares to see you two idiots up there anyway. they really put you in charge of running this place?

  33. mj

    great club

  34. richie

    this club rocks! dancers have a really great attitude and are sexy as hell. the music is upbeat and fun, and the djs have a good time with everyone. this is one of the best places to go if you’re in the traverse city area.

  35. mdm

    this place is great we go often

  36. CourtneyLynn
  37. Sled

    Good times!!!

  38. matteau

    was great first time!

  39. Paris

    As a former dancer at Fantasy’s I feel I have a right to my own review. Working there was an experience I will never foget. The D.J. was great with the girls and had a wide variety of music for all demographics. The girls were great, beautful, great conversationalists, and talented dancers. Private dances, held in the back, were monnitored by a bouncer who made me feel safe but not violated. The stage was the best stage I have danced on at any club I have ever been to. Thanks to management, they have started to really class the club up. I recommend this club no matter what age you are, or how shy you may feel about it, I promise you will have a great time!

  40. Catprowler & Sexymama

    Last night was mine and the wifes first time to this club and first ever to this type of club. It was our 17 yr. anniversary and was the best yet. We were well taken care of. We were very impressed by all staff and dancers and will be regulars from now on. Must say angela the waitress was awesome and very sexy too, Trinity was great to talk to and gave a great bed dance, and Cherish OMG she was friggin AWESOME!!!!!!!! She took exelent care of us and we look forward to more time with her in the private booths. All of the dancers did an awesome job. Thank you to everyone for the best first experience every!!! YOU GUYS AND GALS ARE AWESOME KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!

  41. Durty_Boi

    Really good club, smokin chics, dances are very tame but the girls are really nice and cool (most of them). Good atmosphere, just needs more dancers.

  42. Buck greenback

    overall it sucks dont waste your time

  43. Cliff

    Nice facility and overall a very nice experience. I will go back next time I am in Traverse City.

  44. Clubdude69

    This club has been headed downhill for the last few months. Lot less customers and where did all of the hot girls go? Nothin left except drunk or druged out girls who sell themselves for 20$. Used to be a regular and now I barely stop in.

  45. scotty to hotty

    it is nice go see sunny she knows how to treat you on the couch

  46. sexystrip21er

    i am a private dancer in traverse. way better then these girls and cheaper. would love to dance fully nude for you in private email for pics at sexystrip21er at yahoo

  47. bitch
  48. Visitor

    Wow this place is awesome. Visited while in town this past Saturday and

    had an awesome time. Autumn is a goddess, and knows how to grind

    when giving dances Jade is unreal on stage. The last girl that impressed

    me the most, I can’t even remember her name, but it started with an a,

    brown curly hair, country girl from the area. Holy shit, she was crazy on

    stage, absolutely the best in the back. I am really glad that I came across

    this place!

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