Spearmint Rhino



5539 Athens Boonesboro Road, Lexington, KY 40509


37.9618854, -84.3856701




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Spearmint Rhino

  1. Just me too

    Had a great time last night it was packed over 30 ladies dancing.. Have not seen that in awhile..

  2. Winchester
  3. jewell

    all i have to say is i moved out of state just to work here.. ive been to quite a few clubs, but this one takes the cake! 🙂

  4. Norman

    Worst venue in town!

  5. Golfer Group

    We had a very good time last week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Great girls for the week nights. Really worth the money and time. Discount dances on Monday was very fun. We got to try a lot of different dancers.

  6. Kete

    Best club in lex..

  7. Happy Camper

    Was passing through town last night and pulled off the interstate to get gas and rest and in doing so found this wonderful place. Got some great dances from a really really hot blonde. Apparently made it in for the great deal of twenty dollar dances. If I ever make it back through again I will stop in again and I hope that hot blonde is still there!

  8. papa d
  9. Matt
  10. Ron Mexico
  11. Kyle

    Great club will def be back

  12. SCooby

    This club is the hottest thing going in Lex! Keep up the good work!

  13. Mike
  14. playa

    loved it, had a great time

  15. Chase

    Good club My friends and I go offen. Spend to much money but we always have a lot of fun.

  16. jim

    awesome club

  17. Feedguy123

    Was at the club about a week go on Tuesday night. Spent about 3 hours and had an excellent time. Doorman was very good explained the layout to me and the wait staff was on the spot quick with my drinks.

    Sat with a dancer named Maddie(sp?) I think that was her name just an excellent time at the our table and in the VIP room.

    Will be back on my next trip to Lexington.


  18. eric

    U guys rOCK!! i love the Rhino. I had the best time this weekend. Thanks..

  19. jsmooth52000

    My friends and I had a blast here last saturday. We stopped at a couple of places before we got there and Rhinos was by far the classiest of them all. The girls here are beautiful and the 2 for 1 dances are a steal!

  20. G4th4

    This club doesnt know how to treat there paying customers. I was asked to leave awile ago becouse a dancer said I didnt pay her for a lap dance when I did. I understand the strippers make there money but off who? customers right? What the hell! I’ll never go back to a place where i’m treated like a lier over 40 bucks then asked to leave

  21. jason

    had a fantastic time… I want that trip to LA…. will be back in for my trip friday night. Thanks, Jason

  22. Jimmy

    Very nice atmosphere and pretty girls !

  23. patron
  24. rb

    Was in on Tuesday and had a great time. A blonde bombshell danced for me and gave the best dances I have ever had. Cannot wait to return!!!!!!!!!

  25. Jt
  26. E-de

    This is the third time I’ve been to Rhino in the last month or so. Food is as good as any chain restaurant. Waitresses are cute and always helpful. This was Keeneland opening weekend. Plenty of girls for everyone.

    This time was just me and the wife. There were lots of couples there actually. Rhino is the only club in town that is truly couple friendly. We had a blast once we found a girl we could both agree on.

    And agree we did. Sway and Bobbie really made our night. Well, I guess our night was made once we got home.

  27. Back and Forth

    We started out at Platinum on Saturday and was pretty good in the early part of the night. A bunch of girls there around 8pm. Went to Rhino and the bouncer was an idiot to us. Why be this way if we are trying to spend money at your place. But we stayed a minute because it was way out in the sticks. We bought drinks for the group. Prices were not bad. Entertainers were OK. We got so bored and not a lot of girls compared to Platinum. We decided to go back to Platinum. Got back to Platinum and stayed the rest of the night. About 11pm it was hopping and tons of pretty girls. Platinum Wins!We will be back to Platinum.

  28. Just me again

    The rhino is HOT!!! Thanks..

  29. Joey

    Great club but it’s not nude they show their pussies but leave

    their thongs on.

  30. Anonymous
  31. rico

    gotta love the rhino they know how to get the girls and

  32. Tim

    Angelina is Hot, club was fun and food was suprisigly good and inexspensive

  33. you
  34. oops i said it again

    surely the mighty spearmint rhino can do better than putting that idiot sam in charge. he’s got the grammer of a 8 year old and the hygiene of a hog.

  35. Cable Guy

    Best venue in town.

  36. Rhino All the Way!

    Wow! I love the VIP dances! They could have the heat work better in that area but I just let my girl warm me up! Mmmhhh! She did it well! Fight Night is also Awesome!

  37. It's lame

    don’t waste your gas going there it sux

  38. us
  39. butthutt

    amandas a rude ugly ass hoe

  40. Shadow

    Worst place in town

  41. lizardman
  42. Joe

    The girls were the hottest in Lexington an had a great variety to choice from had a great time will be back soon.

  43. Steve

    Love the rhino, they know how to do it RIGHT!!!

  44. Derrick

    I love the atmosphere and most of the girls! Nicest club in town for sure and the biggest!

  45. Nina

    never really made alot of money at this club so now i’m working in nashville

  46. Rhino is the best in town!

    This club is wonderful! Well worth a trip to go and find out!

  47. Pitt

    Man, this place is the bomb.

    It’s the best place I’ve seen while travelling in Kentucky.

    Beautiful women. Lots of drink specials. “Enthusiastic” private dances.

    A great club.

  48. Jay

    I am really impressed with this club overall although there is some room for improvement. The men’s bathroom and the vip dance room are freezing. In, I can see my own breath cold. Waitresses are slow unless you get the only two that seem to know how to multi-task. Dancers are overall great and the club is overall great. Drinks are fair and so is the food. Thanks I will be back

  49. Harley


  50. Smoky

    Nice place to go after i get off work

  51. to the haters

    you all are funny, this club rocks stop being a hater and mind your own business….

  52. Tuff

    GREAT!! Had a blast at this club I think I have found my new fav. The girls make the club worth the price.

  53. Scott


  54. Hans

    Very Classy, beautiful beautiful women. Alex is wow!!!!

  55. Kawika

    nice to see a high class club like this come to ky

  56. stacy

    I went to this club with my boyfriend and was blown awat how much it has changed, we had the best time. Thge dancers were so nice to us, we had double dances a few times and it was the best. The food was good too. see u soon Rhino

  57. bigbill

    very friendly and goodlooking girls service is good drinks are a bit high so is food.2 couch dances and a shot glass for $35.cover charge $5 one of the best strip joints in lex.

  58. FM

    First time at this Rhino. Not a large rotation on the stage but fair deals can be had. Dances slightly expensive compared to other Rhino’s. Recommend Trinity. Some girls nice and social – some seem like they might need a longer nap, but crowd was very light. VIP seems too expensive. Although one girl that would have been nice to dance with spent her whole night just talking to one guy.

  59. Mike H

    This club was one of the best.. I don’t know what has happened it is now the worst…

  60. JS

    Wow all the girls fight over you i feel like some meat…

  61. Charmane Starr

    Come on out and see us tonight, I am featuring and will be doing 3 shows tonight..

  62. customer

    good food and a pretty good club all around

  63. Linda

    Me and my friend have worked at this club before. The money was ok, not great, just ok.

  64. Jack

    The girls that were at the club on Monday nite were of a wide range of sizes and beauty. I have heard that southern men like their women with a little extra meat on them and there were a few of those. There were also several well proportioned ones, both natural and enhanced. I went for the drink specials ($4 top shelf liquor) because it beat the local watering hole’s price. Also, I got a free pass texted to me, so there was no admission charge. Several girls approached me for dances, but no one sat to talk until Crystal showed up. Crystal is well built (not southern style) and was good company. She drank what I offered her and showed me a good time. I spent about two hours socializing with her. One word of warning.I am not sure if it was just last night, but when I got on the highway to drive back to Lexington, a local LEO pulled out of another parking lot and follwoed me for several miles. He also had back up pull out of a side street and do a drive by on the driver’s side of my vehicle to give it the once over. Once I hit Lexington city limits, they peeled off and went back towards the club.

  65. Groundhawk

    Nice atmosphere. I go most often during the day when the number of girls is down. When I’ve been there at night there are lots of girls. Drink service is always a bit slow.

  66. me
  67. greg

    Newest hot spot in all of KY

  68. Henry

    I think the rhino is fantastic.. never have had one complaint… best club in town

  69. Joe Dirt'e
  70. g

    amandas a nasty fat digusting slut

  71. Bret

    What a waste of time! This place is horrible! Waitresses are slow, bartenders are rude, dancers are hot messes and management needs to have more experience cause it shows in how this club is ran

  72. Luthor

    I love this place!

  73. Mark

    Overall very good the club is only as good as there staff. The door girl(Christy)was very friendly and was easy to talk to and awnsered any ?tions I had. the Waitress I had (Lakeisha) Was Pretty sweet Not too pushy as some waitresses can be,always had a smile on her face any time she waited on me.Then there is Stacia the dancer One of the Best dancers anyone could ask for I would travel a good distance Just to see her. for me Quite simply the best. witch to me makes this club very good. Thankyou Ladies

  74. Vic

    I was in the rhino last night they had 22 ladies on a tuesday night… unherad of wow. I had a dance with STAR!! she is HOT HOT HOT!!!!! dancers , staff, music and food were perfect. I will be out again this weekend. Vic

  75. Ron

    Came in on Tuesday night had an ok time didnt care for the music selection.

    Came back weds kinda light on customers but the Dj was much better. Got a

    dance from niko wow!! Nice place

  76. Chubby
  77. LOL
  78. Rick

    Was very pleased with this club and is by far the best in Lexington. Will be back.

  79. FRankie

    I had a great time at the rhino

  80. Marcus

    Tamest of all Rhino clubs….by far. However, the atmosphere here is classy and refined and the girls were the hottest in Lexington. Problem was there just wasn’t enough of them. Club is dark and service can be a bear here, probably due to the sheer size of the club. Food service was slow, but very good and worth the price.

  81. kris
  82. Bill

    Great to see class coming back to this place, and area

  83. manager hater

    Quitting this club to go dance at Platnum Plus where the staff takes better care of there dancers. Sams a cocksusker and he better remember theres a such thing as carma and he is going to get his

  84. Bill R

    Had a great time on the UFC fights sat night… definatley will be back

  85. sam

    great club best in KY

  86. pete

    had a great time last night the cajun buffet was good,

  87. Lt. Col.

    Since the change over from pure gold to Spearmint rhino, this is a very upscale club. The waitresses are great, the girls are very awesome and laid back. They dont just look at you as the car payment for that month. They stop for everybody from the chubby guy in the corner to the suit and tie guy. The overall quality of the drinks is great. The bartenders make great blow job shots, and liquid cocaines. Im glad to see a club like this here in Lexington, Ky.Even The house security staff guys are great. I hope the staff and management keep up the great work that they doing with this club.

  88. reb

    it was ok service was not the best

  89. Loui

    Drove all the way from louisville to check this place out.. well worth the drive.

  90. Charlie

    Have been going to strip clubs for years, in several different states. This has got to be the best club. I use to go to Camalot East a lot and have been to Camalot West Platium and the Maverick Club. Rino is the best. I live 150 miles away in Ohio. Use to drive down only once a year. I first went to Rino last month and have been twice since. Now that gas is down, I may take the drive down there again this weekend. It is worth the drive.

  91. Alan


  92. Billy

    Yah I like this club too, very classy.. something lex never had before

  93. wes
  94. Anonymous06
  95. Tom

    I feel the same way I have had a great time in this club, girls are friebdly, staff is couretous, food is great.. and I really get my monies worth… thanks

  96. Tony

    I went last night monday night and had good time, staff, service and entertainment was good. I enjoyed myself. Thank you. T

  97. John

    This place is great….. i feel like im in a Flordia strip club… By far best club in lex…..

  98. someone
  99. Ted

    Best club in town…

  100. jj
  101. High end

    Well done, Rhino. Lexington needed this and you delivered. Only problem I had was the service was slow and not very friendly. Other than that, an excellent club.

  102. Dude

    Enjoyable, but not the best in the world.

  103. blackness

    The waitress and dancers are all f ugly bit ches golden aka amanda and the others

  104. Frank

    Great club, a bit like the vegas location. had a fun time.

  105. Old School

    Missing Pure Gold. Spearmint Rhino is boring. Music too loud when no one is there. Very few girls. Many don’t even dance on stage. Don’t waste your time and money.

  106. James

    I had an excellent time, I spent quite a bit of time with Jade and must say that she is georgeous, intellegent, sexy, and funny. From the waitresses, to the girl at the door, to the security staff they run a top notch place.

  107. G Q

    Girls are getting a lot better, got a great dance with a dancer that goes by Dina

  108. george

    love the rhino, greatest club in ky

  109. nutt

    great looking club. girls are fun and good looking. dances are better than great. will return soon.

  110. VolFan

    Really enjoyed visiting for several nights. Late shift (starts around 9 pm) was very good for weeknights. Spent most of my time with Chloe and was very happy with her!! Lots of other good looking and friendly girls.

  111. Traveler

    Good place, girls looking to please. More girls than guys the night I was there (Monday).

  112. Jim S.

    Read my entire review under commenmts

    I have traveled now to every Spearmint Rhino club in the USA, except 1, and in my opinion, this club ranks in my top 3 clubs in the country and in my top 5 worldwide. Not just in the spearmint chain, but of all clubs I have been to, and that is quite a few. Jim S.

  113. Underground

    me and a bunch of coal industry guys were there last wk. Ha a super good time. Great food dancers and then some. We will be back H. Asher

  114. Neil

    Diamond is a terrific dancer and also beautifull. Had great time will be back soon

  115. unhappy

    was not impressed with the leval of service that this club had to offer when we came in.

  116. Over rated

    Dont believe the hype. Unlike all the other rhinos lexington has alot more improvements to be made. The lineup is average at best and there seems to be a shortage of customers on certain days.

  117. Jhon

    great priced drinks full nude girls amazing waitstaff

  118. Earl

    Love this place! Except for the short cocky floormen Nate. Hes rude and belongs at East or somewhere like that.

  119. Anthony
  120. maypo

    looks great since remodeling done, great atmosphere. Super DJ Diamond. Nice club

  121. !!!

    love it!

  122. Bubby

    Friday was the first time I went to the Spearmint Rhino. The club I went to was in Lexington,Ky. It was a very nice place. It was the nicest club I had every been in. The girls looked good, and danced good. And most of them were vary friendly. Overall I think it’s a good club and I can’t wait to go back. Thanks

  123. Bobby
  124. Bob

    Very nice its about time someone puts class back in Lex.

  125. Brad
  126. PK

    Awesome club, it is the best Lex has ever had

  127. WoW

    This place has changed… I feel like i need to get gold teeth to go in hear now……

  128. The barkeep
  129. rotorooter

    me and some of my guys fron the plumbing industry are going next week. hope it as you say.

  130. Casey

    I cant believe this is the old pure gold… OMG what a transformation. Best club I have ever been too.

  131. panther

    wow. great club. girls are great, security are cool, management is doing a super job. all the girls who have given me a dance or two or three are better than the next. can’t wait to get back.

  132. Kevin

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