Jen’s Den



1335 Brittain Road, Akron, OH 44310


41.0990915, -81.4659297



8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Jen’s Den

  1. nate

    omg what the fuck did I just do with myself the past hour? i felt like i was in a

    truck stop bathroom with naked washed up skanks. will NEVER be back, what a

    fucking joke.

  2. Critic

    Maybe the place wouldn’t get raided if the girls weren’t will to prostitute themselves.

  3. New Guy

    Was in there Tuesday night and met Chelle. She was amazing good converstion,great dances! I will definately be back!!

  4. babe
  5. satisfied customer

    hot girls!!!

  6. You remeber me bitch?

    I was in there a couple of days ago and I met this one chick named Chear Bear or the Bear. She is so full of herself and it is so funny to here her talk about herself like she thinks everyone in there hates on her and that she is all that…Get a life scank! She will fuckin use you bad! If she cant get a drink out of you she will be on the phone callin one of her dudes to come in and buy for her. This bitch is a total alcky! She thinks that she is all that but she ain’t nothin but a broke down WHORE! Saggy titties and a loose twat! To you Bear ya fuckin looser! Get a life bitch!

  7. who cares

    Was there the other night with some friends and not one girl came over and asked to dance for us. Won’t be back.

  8. For the Bear!

    I have been in there many times and yes I have dealt with the Bear many times. She is like everyone says,a total skank! She does talk about how high and mighty she is but when she takes that top off you get nothing but pancake tittys! All saggin and floppy nasty thangs! Keep one hand on your wallet with this one or you will loose it. Yes she will beat you up for drink after drink and with the high prices in there you will be broke before you leave! There is some decent girls in there but the Bear is a low life trash talking skank like the others have said. Hey Bear,pop some zits and use some make up!

  9. Bobby

    One word…awful

  10. Confused

    OK I’m not sure where some of you are going, but this place was a piss hole.

    Damn, are you serious is all that we could say about this place. The girls looks as if they’re crackheads.

    They must give a lot of BJ’s!!!

  11. jerry

    Too many ugly girls and too much trouble in there..

  12. CASH
  13. Pierce

    VIP bj’s

  14. moldavian news

    Etbq74 Thanks a lot for the blog article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

  15. Erin

    Why isn’t there a stage here?

  16. fritter17

    What a joke this place is. Nasty, dirty, and unbelievable. Go in this place and there’s usually one chick who directs the rookie strippers or the ugly ones to approach new guys. I noTiced this last time I went. I sat at the bar for probably a half hour as chicks walked right by me. Then an ugly girl approached me. Curious, I stared down a decent looking stripper and she looked at the girl at the bar and then walked right past me. A minute later the same ugly girl came back and asked for a dance and I turned her down. So clearly the dancers are usually given instruction by the head whore who they can and can’t dance for. They usually Won’t allow a decent chick to dance for a non regular unless they first allow an ugly chick to dance for them. It’s a hustle. I turned the ugly girl down every time and guys looked in amazement. Then on top of it there was Akron vice in there and I knew it. Even worse is the girls are usually high and the ugly girl was definitely stoned. This place is full of drugs and prostitutes and about due to get raided again.

  17. Dave

    This bar will rip you off on the number of dances you had. Total scam, I suggest you pay at the end of each dance to keep the crackhead counting the dances from ripping you off to buy more crack!

  18. What a joke

    If u like track marks visit this bar

  19. Draught

    Really had a great time there for OSU vs Michigan. Will definitly be back

  20. Chris

    I have only been in Jen’s a couple times, but I have to say it’s a great enviornment. I like the diffrerent girls and there are many beautiful ones! They are definately friendly and the bar itself is put together well. The only down fall is the drinks are a tad expensive, but that may be to keep a certain crowd out. Overall I have to say it’s a great place!

  21. Jack
  22. BobXXX
  23. GUEST


  24. S

    This place is a drughouse that smells like urine

  25. Not JM anymore

    I don’t comment as JM or JimmyJaye anymore. I haven’t done so in 2 years on any sites. I have never been to Jen’s or Rumors or anywhere lately but my old hangout. I say this in response to all the imposter JM comments over the past year saying mean and racist remarks about girls I never even met in most cases. I have no comment on this place, as I may never need to come here or all the other places that imposter JM has me going to.

  26. BEN


  27. Worst bar ever

    If you like ugly girls with bad attitudes this is the place for you!

  28. BU BU

    This place stinks. Crack dealers hitting you up when you walk out the door. Girls smoking crack on the pattio! Wondering also if Jen is a guy?? Drunk bitches dancing in your face. Brush your rotten teeth! I do not recomend. Cops need to pay a visit to this palce. Nasty bitch offerd to blow me in the back after she justy blew someone else. GROSE! SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN!!

  29. The One

    This is a great place! I would highly recommend it. I come in once a week with some golfing buddies and we’ve never left unsatisfied. The girls are very sweet with good attitudes and there are some really smokin girls in this place! I recommend the vip, I never leave without a trip back.

  30. Chris T

    Wonderful place. I had a great time this weekend. The girls were friggin awesome!

  31. Dissapointed

    If you want to see some hot girls you better find another establishment.

  32. Yes

    Ilove Jen’s Den, and the ladies make it worth while! Thanks girls!

  33. Ranoff

    The money ran off the best,now ya were left with a whore named crystal and a bunch of skanks

  34. hal
  35. Fred

    With all the other clubs in the area they better get some girls here fast or people won’t be coming back in for a second trip.

  36. Sue

    These nasty bitches can go to hell

  37. Off to war!!!

    I don’t know where to start…Skanky girls!! I saw one hot girl out of 15. There is an old asian chick that is in here late 40s that will blow you in the back. There is a chick called Destiny that is volgare and nasty and will do the same…There is a girl called Bair that is a total volgare drunk that sucks the money rite out of anyone that will buy her a drink( total lush)…but I seen alot of that going on. Not a good time at all for my 100 bucks! To many zit faced zit assed skanks. Isn’t there supposed to be a no contact law in Ohio now?? There is way to much contact…You mite catch something in here! Drink prices are out of site! 9.00 for a shot??? come on…and 4 dollars for a beer! Take some of that money and clean your bathrooms.I will never go back.

  38. -j

    $4 a beer. 5 a dance. $15 vip dances. If this place wasn’t right by me i would not make the trip.

  39. AL

    you have to go in the later parts of the day, it realy is hit or miss with this club. Drink prices way to high.

  40. RICH


  41. Jim

    Drinks are way too high. ugly girls. Look like they have vd. Will not be back. This place sucks

  42. SE

    What happened to this place?

  43. Joe Shmo

    Great place! Always a great time when I visit! Fun girls = Great time!

  44. j-

    Ok been to this club twice now. First time the girls weren’t very good looking and had bad attitudes. Then last time i was there, the ladies were smoking hot and very friendly. Hit-or-miss!

  45. jens men

    jens men should be the name of this place. New to the whole strip club scene, but i went to jens den and was all but satisfied. I got a dance from what i thought was the hottest girl in the place and the whole time was half expecting a set of balls to pop out. I new i should have been weary when i saw the adams apple. The drinks were actually strong but way over priced. do not recommend

  46. kt
  47. Wtf?

    Damn all these complaints but Jens is still the best busiest club in Akron and beyond….LT does his job very well. Elenore is the greatest and there are many many more beautiful sexxxy ladies. Sadly Mandy passed away. She was a beautiful light in a dark world. Dancer named Courtney used to work days stopped dancing but is managing Petticoat Junction in Mentor. QUIT the bullshit whining. JENS ROCKS!!!

  48. Stan

    Best place in town!!! Worth it!

  49. Walt

    Let’s rate the VIP extras a 9.5

  50. always a client

    i like this club alot but they have to many dancers on the floor at one time they play to much rap music for the type of clients they have they cater to the wrong crowds but they will learn soon when they lose money and clientell but overall i like this club alot the atmosphere is great i like it better than dreamers across the street or XTC

    they treat there girls better i have noticed they have alot of fresh meat girls that havent danced before and are really young and sexy i like that the only thing i cant stand is the rap and rnb music please spare us great tippers so we can stay longer ps jen i hope you see this and make changes your bar has great potential and sexy little hotties

  51. Jen'sDenAddict
  52. True

    track marks aren,t sexy

  53. clint

    What a FUCKIN DUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. girl
  55. To Canton Guy

    Just want to respond to the bathrooms being gross. We try to keep them clean, but some find it amusing to purposely clog up the toilets on a regular basis. Come on guys, do you act like this at your own home? Grow up!!!!

  56. out of towner
  57. Bad Club

    Plenty of hustle, stay away

  58. KEN


  59. me

    lots of girls, none good looking

  60. Ralph

    Jen’s Den of thieves and crack heads and dope dealers! This place sux!

  61. To Remember Me Bitch

    Funny dude. You sound like a pathetic loser. Obviously, you were so f***ing stupid and the girl used you and wouldn’t put out. What do you expect? Be nice to her and she’ll suck you dick and screw you! These girls are smart and know how to manipulate jackasses like you. Get over it! If you are mad and want to cry in your beer, stay home and screw your ugly wife.

  62. sexy
  63. Tim

    Bartender acted too good to talk. Won’t be back

  64. Rick
  65. girly
  66. BIG JEFF




  68. FYI OHIO...

    CHEERLEADERS GENTLEMEN’S CLUB will be opening January 28, 2009!!! This 16 thousand sq ft Adult Entertainment Complex offers state-of-the-art light, sound and we have hand-selected hundresd of the area’s Hottest Ladies!!! Come down and Play With Us!! We’re at 3100 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh and open daily noon till 2AM BEAUTIFUL ENTERTAINERS: WE WILL BE OPEN JANUARY 28TH 2009!!! Tons of you have already applied at Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club, but in case you’re still on the fence, come down & see what a spectacular establishment you could be working for!!! We are taking applications M-F 10 am till 6pm. Give us a call & come down today!!CHEERLEADERS GENTLEMEN’S CLUB 3100 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh 412-281-3110

  69. Jason

    i love candy!!!

  70. Andrew

    I have an awesome time at this club! I do recommend it. They werent up tight here and most the ladies were worth it.The drink prices are a little pricey but to me its worth it to keep the trash out. Had a good time thankfully I live close by so youll see me in there often. Just look for the guy with the satisfied grin.

  71. Bob

    It was great at first but she lost some good girls!

  72. Jeff

    Lower the drink prices just a bit and I’ll visit more often

  73. Ted

    Theese girls r the definition of trailor trash.

  74. Val

    Had a nice time in the VIP

  75. L

    Track marks and hillbillies.

  76. steve

    great club, great girls! check it out!

  77. Todd

    Worst club I’ve ever been to. Total waste of time!

  78. 5.482


  80. 5.465
  81. Wishin'

    Wishin’ Jen still worked here and Sid had a feather up his ass

  82. the man

    Girls are dirty. The only good thing about this club is that if YOU get drunk enough, you can probably take one of the skeezers home. But it costs to much to drink anyway

  83. Det. Jameson

    Horrible place to get a drink let alone a dance, But if your looking to score some dope this is the place!

  84. Great Place

    Was in the other night, had the best time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. john

    track marks, meth heads and crack heads are not sexy. will not be back.

  86. stripclub addict

    You never can tell. Sometimes lots of hot girls, sometimes maybe only one. Afternoons seem good, and after 10 p.m. Jen needs to loosen up.

  87. Happy Customer

    Had a great time. Enjoyed my self here in the afternoon and early evening.

  88. Bob Johnson

    Last time I went here I got molluscum contagiosum and Hepatitis C. Be careful boys. The BBFS was not worth it!!!!

  89. T-REX
  90. Canton guy

    just like most clubs there are about 5 or 6 hotties (mandy, sierra come to mind)and the rest are average to skanky. The restrooms are gross and you can smell them if your on the far side of the bar. They have been shut down a few times so becareful.

  91. butch

    jen is a tranny. prove she aint.

  92. James

    Good extras in the VIP

  93. R.G.

    I was in there yesterday and met the most beautiful woman with stunning blue eyes named Mandy after meeting must say this is the best place in akron.

  94. Keith
  95. Mouse

    Very “colorful” place. It’ll get shot up soon.

  96. sexy girl


  97. bite me

    it sucks

  98. b

    Hairy legs and crackheads

  99. Det Pierre Irvine

    Been here, looking for a good girl to go see at home, like to see them at home. I am a cop, I get what I want, specially me, I have things that these white girls want. And I will look for stolen property while I am there.

  100. scottie

    very nice club! well taken care of here. nice atmosphere and great ladies! check out for yourself! worth the trip.

  101. Josh
  102. Bad Karma
  103. PJ

    I will be back.Hot women and awsome dances

  104. Crispy G.

    This place is where dreams go to die. If a dancer has been fired from every other club, this is where she goes to do god knows what for god knows how little. Hairy pits track marks missing teeth and drug dealers. If this is all thou can afford or you like 20 dollar bjs then by all means you’ll love it. If you have any class or self worth for the love of god go to mars men’s club or christies in canton.

  105. Gordon

    Check this place out. Great dances! Some of the girls are a little rough, but overall very impressed.

  106. BS

    Same BS hear as every other tittie bar. Sob stories and long lines of shit.

  107. Julio

    get a stage, a DJ (not some gang banger on a bullhorn) and lower your drink prices and you might be able to compete. Right now this is not a club of any sort. right now its just a dive bar with dancers. But it has potential. Though I see a sail on the horizon flying the flag of a true stipclub that may spell your untimely doom.

  108. Chris J.

    I love Jens. I enjoy myself every time I come in here. Girls are plenty, they are sweet and gorgeous. I get good service and the v.i.p.s are the best I’ve had. Want a good time, I recommend this place!

  109. baby
  110. Larry G

    My first visit to this club. I was greeted immediately by the bartender and advised that I might find a seat more to my liking, which it was. The bartenders and entertainers were superb. Overall atmosphere was quite good with exception of the room for private dances. The entertainers were courteous and extemely sensual. Prices were set to market level. I definitely will be returning to this fine establishment.

  111. To smells like piss

    Hey, the club wouldn’t smell like piss if you pigs didn’t piss all over the bathroom and who knows where else. Only so much piss cleaning before the smell takes over. You guys are gross filthy pigs!!!

  112. Marine

    This club sucked. It is a filthy place with nothing but toothless trailer trash working there. I actually saw Jen. I actually thought that she was a bouncer at first with her nasty burly ass. i rate this club a 0.5 out of 10. Would not recommend it to anyone. I would rather give my money to that place stripped down the road. Now that place was a good time.

  113. AP

    Yes, the bathrooms are terrible, and the drink service can take a while. But this is still the best place in Akron overall. Good bar dances, and generally EXCELLENT VIP dances.

  114. don

    firdt there was holly. wow those eyes stop you dead in your tracks. second was heather,what a body and uno shes got a brain too match. third came mandy,the total package. sweet, very smart, and super duper sexy.ive been around the world a little bit.these three ladies are some of the most beautiful on the planet.

  115. Bill

    This place does have a few hotties

  116. Kenny

    Talk about a train wreck………

  117. moldova news

    jmncc4 I loved your article post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

  118. Louisville Dude

    1st time on Thursday andwent back on Friday. I have traveled and lived in many places. Only one place tops this and that is the Hip Hugger in Kokomo, Ind. I will make it a point to come back to town more often now.

  119. just john

    I was in this club in March .. it smelled like piss.

    I was in again last night , 10 months later and it still smells like piss. The drinks cost wayyyy 2 much.

    Most of the girls are dirty ( not all of them )

  120. Matt
  121. Joe Blow

    This place blows. Girls are mostly fat and ugly. Rejects from the better clubs

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