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2130 Industrial Court, Vista, CA 92081


33.1688263, -117.2184291




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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Sex Toys, Lingerie, DVDs
And Sexual Enhancers
All within one of the most comfortable
shopping environments for men and women!


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Love Boutique Vista

  1. moneyman2

    One of the cleanest, most comfortable adult stores I’ve ever been in! The staff was super helpful & professional. The store was well lit, well stocked & laid out perfectly. I can not say enough good things about this location! It was easy to find, not creepy & not dungeon-like at all unlike many other adult stores. The selection was extremely extensive-every toy, video, & fun product you could want! The staff had great recommendations & made all of their customers feel comfortable & free to ask for help & suggestions. Prices were pretty normal for adult stores & you could usually find something for a smaller price tag if you did a little searching through the section. Didn’t take a huge look at the lingerie but from what I could tell everything was super cute! I will definitely go back to Deja Vu again soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love Boutique

    An upscale boutique offering adult toys, DVDs, dancewear, and sexy lingerie. Offering top brands from Oh La La Cheri, Ed Hardy, Topco, Doc Johnson, and Cal Exotics.

  3. eddyL

    I don’t know what I expected of my first ever trip to a shop of this caliber, I’ve never so much as touched let alone seen half of the things in the store (excuse my being so terribly sheltered in that aspect) so it was definitely an experience all its own.The husband and I weren’t exactly in the mood, we were simply in the area with childless time to kill. This place is interesting to find. You can certainly spot it from the freeway without a problem, but it’s tucked away real good. WOW, the selection. Adorable negligees, lotions, oils, gadgets, toys, helpful furniture, naughty coupon books, movies, heels bigger than my head…if you want it (or need it) Dรฉjร  Vu probably has it in stock for you.Staff welcomed us briefly but left us alone the duration of our visit. Maybe since we were a couple and would have a general sense of what we wanted without needing the assistance of an employee? Let’s go with that, I’m awkward enough as it is.Somehow I envisioned the store having leopard print carpet and, of course, it did not disappoint nor skimp out on the use of leopard print carpet!Great place to collect the special items you need to add some extra zest to your life. This girl definitely needed some serious educating in what’s what; Just browsing around was a lesson enough ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. curtis17

    I love this place!!! It has a wide variety of selections and their staff are so helpful.

  5. Sacita D.

    They have EVERYTHING!Any type of style that you are looking for, you will find it @ Deja Vu. The girls who work here are absolutely lovely and helpful. The owner is chill and everything is very clean. You can walk in and feel comfortable, then you can walk out with nice and naughty things, wink.This place is viewable off the freeway but you need to go around an industrial street to get there. It might look like you are going to a deserted area but just keep driving – it’s there!Advice: Sign up for their events. They provide extra discounts, fashion shows, FOOD, drinks and sometimes Porn Stars show up for signing. Fun!

  6. felixnada

    I love coming here. They have the best selection, the layout of the store is great and easy to navigate. The staff is always super friendly and answers any and all of my questions, and they never make you feel uncomfortable in the process. I have only had one issue there, and it was a manufacturer error, they put the wrong charging cord in the box. Ben the manager took care of it and got the correct cord shipped to them asap, and he let me know the day it was in so I could come grab it.

  7. April R.

    I am sure that you have driven by this place a million times and never stopped. Well you probably should stop and check it out sometime. They have any type of adult product you could ever ask for. Don’t think it is a dirty perverted place because it is not. If you are looking for some cute or sexy underwear or lingerie this is a great place. You can also find fun gifts and items for parties. And yes, they do have adult toys and sexual products for whatever your taste might be. The service is good and they make you feel very comfortable.

  8. XhXeXy

    Great place. Visible from the freeway and is very large and CLEAN. I judge a place by the bathroom and the bathroom here (for customers only–you’ll need a key) is so clean it’s like you’re the first one using it.Well-stocked: everything from lingerie, “furniture”, toys, DVDs and other products, including natural and paraben-free choices.Other places can make you feel somewhat dirty and shameful entering, but this store is very welcoming. There is no adult video arcade that I am aware of, which is probably why it doesn’t feel as sleezy. The ladies at the cash register are always very nice and greet you with a smile.

  9. Johnnyboy123

    I love this place. The selection is large, the staff is incredibly knowledgable and the store is organized really well. The best part is the lack of awkwardness when interacting with the employees. Regardless of what you need help with or what you decide to buy there is NO judgment there. Everyone is friendly and helpful. My favorite person is the guy with the long fingernails, he’s a sweetheart. Whether you’re looking for a large selection of novelty gifts for a bachelorette party or a little something for yourself, I highly recommend this shop!

  10. nickstrip

    Good selection of a many things. Knowledgeable of the products. One employee stood out running around helping me, got other employees to help me out with what she didn’t know.

  11. james1412

    This WAS our go to spot…unfortunately at our last visit on Monday April 21tst between 2 and 3 in the afternoon there were a TON of children IN THE FREAKING STORE. 2 couples had toddlers casually walking around both (xxx area and the lingerie area) areas of the store…While I don’t like that I am not sure of the law. Another woman was playing with her baby at the entrance where the chairs are. 2 YOUNG girls were loudly talking about going to prom with their boyfriends and said multiple times they were juniors…ayfkm? I get that you cannot check ID on the way in…but when you hear that can you freaking stop them from playing with vibrators and dildos? Then when paying for our items there was a couple with 2 children….another baby and a child about 6 throwing a fit. At what point did shopping for adult items become an after school errand? The last thing I want to deal with when shopping for bedroom items for me and my husband is children…that’s why I leave my FOUR kids at home when I go here. I am sure I cannot be the only one. Hell, even a passion party consultant doesn’t allow children to be home during the “girls night out” parties. (Good ones anyways) I hope Deja Vu raises the bar and goes back to being the store my husband and I both enjoyed going to together. Nothing kills that type of shopping experience like a couple high school girls in the XXX room talking about “is that an old school vibrator”?

  12. fritter17

    I think the store is big a beautiful, but some of the toys are just overpriced and of poor quality. I bought a toy from the sale rack for $50 and it stopped working after one day. And also another toy that stopped working after about a month. They won’t back their product at all, either. I was a little sad about the one after just a day, so i called to see if there’s anything they could help me with. No refunds or store credit at all, ever. I think I’ll buy my toys from a company who believes in their product. I do however really like you’re awesome collection of sexy clothing and leathers. All the staff is sweet, it’s pretty inside, great selection,odd fun things, but be careful of buying something that may not work later.

  13. Clay J.

    Although I will give this place props for a pretty decent selection and wide variety of sexual products, overall I was disappointed. I shopped with my girlfriend for her first vibrator. This place literally sold a couple of hundred different kinds. Being a researcher, I enlisted an associate for help. Unfortunately, she gave us nothing more than an “Oh, they’re all fine.” At the register, she asked if we wanted to purchase a cleaning solution for the toy. Skeptical of the need for it, I asked her if we couldn’t simply wash it with warm, soapy water. She responded by saying that soap would dry out the material and irritate a woman’s intimate regions. My girlfriend, being on the more impulsive side, added it to the order. Finally, the associate asked if we needed batteries, since the toy was sold without the required 2 AAs. Again, my girlfriend said yes. Unfortunately for us, this place has an “all sales final” policy. When we got to the car, I checked out the receipt and learned that the 4 batteries cost us $5 and the cleaning solution $7. Calling the store, I was told that, no, not even the overpriced, unopened batteries could be returned. The next night, as I read the included instructions for the toy, I learned that the manufacturer recommends a quick wash in warm, soapy water.So, although I could have saved some headache by checking the price of the batteries and by completing a quick Google search for “how to clean a sex toy” prior to checkout, I am put off by the deceptive practices of the store. I would only recommend visiting the place to get a hands-on look at the products before visiting for the purchase.

  14. adamrod

    Amazing customer service ๐Ÿ™‚ by far better than the shop I visited in San Francisco!!

  15. name


  16. Shalina G.

    I can stay in this place for hours…. ‘Nuff said ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. T H.

    Love it! I recommend this place to everyone! They have every kind of toy you can think of. Cute outfits and great selection of movies! They have something for everyone! The last time we were there, they were serving champagne and wouldn’t stop filling out glasses up. I also went there with intentions of only purchasing one item. Ended up buying two, but leaving with 8 different items. They just kept giving free stuff. They have many different options for men and women. From clothes to enhancers, to gag gifts to pillows to chains and whips! I have sent many people over there, and have gotten great responses. Make sure you bring your I.D. because they card everyone…………….CHECK IT OUT!

  18. larry1

    This sex shop is MUCH better than Susie’s. They’re clean, have a nice selection, and are really very helpful.If there’s an adult store that I would recommend on the island, this is the only one I would validate as worthwhile.Parking is a breeze, just park behind the strip of stores. It’s free!

  19. Franklyn

    My first and only trip to Vista was to visit this fine establishment. Google maps is kind of tricky– it thinks that it’s ON the highway, which it’s not, obviously, but you can see it from the highway, so it was no issue.TONS of choices of well.. everything. Quite a wide selection compared to other places I have been, and competitive pricing.Of course you feel super awkward while the super comfortable sales associates tell you about whatever it is you’re looking at. “I”m just here for the scented candles!”

  20. rogerrab2

    Sierra was very helpful and knowledgeable. Never an awkward feeling here. The staff is very professional. 15% military discount

  21. Harrison69

    IN LOVE WITH DEJA! Best sex shop in north county. Its a huge place & you can’t miss it on the 78 freeway. They have everything here so much selection that it blows your mind! haha They have a huge selection from pipeline which I personally appreciate cuz it’s one of the top-notch bands! Also I can’t forget about the employees, their very knowledgeable in there craft & always asking if you need help finding anything.

  22. E T.

    Thank you Deja Vu. I have had so many good nights with the ladies thanks to this place. Huge selection to satisfy the Scorpio in me.

  23. williamr

    Big selection of vibrators, lube, lingerie, toys and fetish gear. Prices range from very reasonable to expensive. High end vibrators are on display and many, though not all, are charged or plugged in so that you can assess the intensity and vibration pattern choices. Inside the store, the atmosphere is very clean and comfortable, and the sales staff is almost always very helpful, especially in the toy and movie section. Their friendly, unashamed attitude(s) help customers feel at ease. The location of the store is slightly awkward (a bit hard to find), but I have never felt the least bit unsafe here. Keep in mind, there are no returns allowed — not even for clothing and shoes with tags still on– so be sure you want an item, want to keep before you buy it.

  24. XXXbeast

    I kind of wanted to also write a review for their old closed location by TriCity, but oh well this location is actually much bigger, much nicer, but sadly also creepier.Coming here at night is sketch with the lack of lighting and the confusing layout of where I kind of wanted to also write a review for their old closed location by TriCity, but oh well this location is actually much bigger, much nicer, but sadly also creepier.Coming here at night is sketch with the lack of lighting and the confusing layout of where exactly the front door is. Not to say the it’s not safe, but if you are a woman I would not come here by yourself or at least park as close to the front door as possible.It may look like it’s 2 stories, but it’s really just a huge main floor sectioned off and catered mostly to women. I get it, men don’t want to go to a brick and mortar shop, they prefer to do their thing online for purchases and for other stuff……I’m pretty sure the section of upstairs labelled “employees only” may be more of the “private” kind of restriction versus an establishments policy, but that’s speculation. The staff is super nice and helpful and their prices are pretty reasonable considering they stock a ridiculous amount of items. Anything your looking for that’s not illegal they probably have it. Don’t fool yourself into coming here for “gag” gifts, just own it and you’ll be much better off. I haven’t ordered anything they didn’t carry in store yet, but they will hold items you call ahead for.Military discount people, use it if you have it.Late hours for those unexpected moments where you have to run out and get something. It’s also convenient if your coming from many of the breweries as you head back to the 78, or the Mexican food nearby, or the 24 hour fitness.

  25. winston12

    This is the superstore of sex shops. It’s like going to Costco…if Costco sold Crotchless Underwear and Ben Wa Balls. LOL.So, I hate places like this that have employees that are too friendly. It’s creepy! And this place has apparently instructed their people to be less aggressive, thankfully. I am never ever ever ever ever ever ever going to want someone’s help picking out anything that would be sold in a sex shop. Ever. So, I was approached about 5 times by a different person each time, and when I averted my eyes in shame and said I didn’t need help, not one of them bugged me again. A different person would ask a while later, just doing their job…some people probably do want to get help. So anyways, I appreciate that I didn’t have to keep running away from employees. One guy even gave me a bag so I could carry all my freaky selections around and not advertise to my fellow shoppers what’s up with my sex life. There is a huge selection, of everything. The store is huge. It’s kind of hard to find, although you can see it from the freeway. You have to wind around the back and it’s in a business park. And it’s right next door to a Church. LOL.

  26. Andy C.

    There are times where when you enter a porn store, and like, you get the creepy feeling that you are walking in and like all the eyes are on you because you are with your friend and whatever….well, this isn’t that place!!!I came here today because I had my friend with me in the car. (I know, sad I made her go with me, but she was up for going in with me!!) anyways, we came in and it was cool because this place isn’t all made out to be creepy looking or anything like that. We walked in and we were greeted by a really nice lady in ass-less chaps. She was really hot and smoking, by the way. Anyways, she was cool and we went straight to the costumes. They had a nice variety of costumes for males and females. They have an upper level where they also teach stripper pole classes, I thought this was pretty cool. Maybe I will sign up for one!! hahaha. They had lovely candles, books, games, and clothing. it’s pretty awesome. They have everything really clean and really spacious. They have a bunch of nice clean items and pretty cool that they have tester items here. My friend and I went into the adult area, and the lady wouldn’t let us in unless we weren’t with ID. my friend couldn’t find her ID, but the lady was nice and turned us away, but still, she was really nice about the whole thing. After hanging out in the car for a bit, she finally found her id, and we went back in. The had a nice selection of DVDs and toys! they had lovely gag gifts and such. I am totally coming back here and getting something for my friends birthday!!!

  27. timmykilla

    I can’t say enough good things about this place!My husband and I have gone here a handful of times and everytime is a fun little trip. I’m very sexually open but regardless, the staff makes you feel very comfortable. They are very relaxed and personable. This place doesn’t feel like some kind of sex shop, it really does feel like a classy boutique. I think even old, timid teenage me would have felt okay asking some questions! They are very knowledgeable about all of their products. Great overall costumer service from everyone I’ve met.They also sometimes give out free samples of products which I LOVE. I like this place a lot for it’s variety of items. It can be so hard to find COOLING lubricant, I hate warming lube, and they actually have it here! Along with different varieties of everything you can imagine. I highly reccomend the pheromone cholones and perfumes as well, they really work!They have everything from lingerie to throat numbing spray to sex dolls. Its a great place!

  28. Julia K.

    If you’re looking to spice up your love life, being male or female, this is the place for you! Not only does Deja Vu have awesome prices but the quality measures up to their deals. I have been here twice now, and the customer service is spot on. I don’t feel awkward browsing, and also don’t feel like the sales associates are creeps. Sometimes I get that eerie feeling when in other shops like this. Everybody is laid back and helpful. All of their merchandise is organized and kept extremely organized, making finding what size or color you want a breeze. The dressing rooms are clean and well attended to. The bathroom is kept squeaky clean and spotless. I have yet to go to an event hosted by Deja Vu, but I do know they have rad events for certain holidays. Booze is usually involved, so you can’t really go wrong with that. I only took 1 star off because even though the prices are better then Victoria’s Secret, they are still up there and I am one for bargain shopping.

  29. White R.

    Umm, awesome! This place isn’t seedy like most adult stores. It’s clean, spacious, and the staff is very friendly. They have a wide array of items split in two sections in the store, and you should find what you are looking for here. It’s great to come here and look around, but the prices are a bit high when compares to amazon.

  30. maxxy1

    Heather helped us and she was very knowledgeable and friendly and made me feel socomfortable my husband and I will have fun!

  31. Heather C.

    Great selection and one of the best stores in the area. Just about everything you can imagine under one roof. The staff is extra friendly – and not in that creepy way.

  32. ryan123

    This is how wild I am: I go to Deja Vu Love Boutique and only leave with knee-high socks. Decorated with pink hearts!I was expecting a cavernous two-story, adult wonderland like the Hustler store in the Gaslamp, but the goodies for grownups at Deja Vu take up just one floor (the second floor is roped off with a sign that says “Employees Only”).No matter, because a girl’s gotta get her fix somehow, right? If she’s in North County and needs to get her rocks off (or her socks on), Deja Vu Love Boutique fits the bill.While the Hustler store in downtown San Diego leaves me wonderstruck with its vast selection of gizmos, gadgets, liquid aids, special movies and foxy clothing, Deja Vu still holds its own with a little bit of everything.Although I didn’t find any outfits I wanted to buy this time, I might be back if I want to get my hands on some new pole dancing shoes. They had a pretty good selection of Pleaser and Ellie shoes and plenty in my shoe size (6)!It’s a love shop that will tide me over… until my next visit to North Park or the Gaslamp Quarter, where my favorite spots await! Namely: The Crypt and Hustler.

  33. Big S.

    Nice place with lots of nice lingerie for that special sexy someone. Very nice and helpful non intrusive staff. A larger selection than most stores I have seen. I found what I was looking for plus other items that I will try and use in the future. I will definitely visit again when I am back in Cali.

  34. Patrick S.

    Pretty decent place. The staff is pretty helpful if you have questions.

  35. harryharry

    Every time I have a bachelorette party to go to, this is the go to place for me. The customer service is amazing. I have been to quite a few this year from the wild girl to the conservative girl. I can always find exactly what I am looking for.

  36. Jennifer K.

    Nothing like going to a brewery or two and then hitting up Deja Vu!!! YEA!!!! This place is HUGE. They have literally anything you’d ever want!I did feel like it was so huge and there was really no one there to help out, but I guess I also wasn’t really asking for help.ANyway, this is like a wearhouse in heaven or something. Too bad it’s SO FAR AWAY. I think I will probably never be in Vista again, but this is really a superstore for anyone who is interesting in anything for themselves or their significant other. Or both of you. Way too much fun.

  37. karina r.

    Love this place.They have it all!!

  38. Fernando O.

    Honestly, one if the best adult stores I’ve been to. Clean store and the staff is nice, really easy to talk to AND they know their product. No creepers work here which is nice.

  39. richard95

    I came here with my boyfriend last night and the reviews did not let me down. The cleanest adult store i have ever been to. The staff was attentive and had good knowledge on all the products. They had a vast variety of products as well.Little pricey but well worth the money. We will deff be back to Deja Vu when we need some extra spice :)Oh yes and the cute associate with the dimple piercings was AWESOME! Wish I would have gotten her name!

  40. Vicki V.

    The first time I walked into this place, I was in awe. I consider myself pretty progressive for an old broad, but I was amazed at all the fun stuff I didn’t even know existed….and how far the stuff I did know existed had improved over the past few years. I started filling my arms with all sorts of goodies. Then I saw my daughter-in-law, so I set down all of my stuff and took military maneuvers to get out the door without being seen….unfortunately, when I got home, I found pictures of my duck and cover on my Facebook page with the heading….”My mother didn’t think I saw her at the sex store”. A few weeks later I went back to continue my shopping and I ran into my dental hygienist. So now I have to find a new dentist and a new daughter in law. Anyhow, the place looked awesome and was very clean and certainly had a huge selection. As for me however, I am back to shopping on the internet.

  41. Johnson12

    I get a lot of my Pole Wear from here and they have a good selection of Pleasers. Me and my boyfriend come here every once in a while but I usually just find myself shopping here for new shoes or clothing. Love the BDSM section too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. billtheguy12

    Best adult store in San Diego this is the only store my girlfriend and I shop at!!!! Great prices good variety!!!

  43. David H.

    I got a response from their ridiculous management. First off a product is not considered a working product or not defective if it only works for a short time frame. Does not matter the circumstance of use as sexual or non from a “sex shop”. That is the nature of use period. Product was not submerged in water or left on for long periods of time and first off this product does not touch the inside of the body at all. So you keep doing your job at a substandard level and performing horrible customer service because that is what you will do. Just a little info for customers looking into this store and what their “manager” will do….I purchased a external plug in massager that is used for female masturbation, It does not go inside the body as it’s the size of a back massager. It stopped working after 2 weeks. I paid $53.95 plus tax for it. Called the manufacturer and they want me to pay shipping of this product which came out to $15. So try to understand this…I bought something I paid close to $60 for and for me to get it returned and get a working product I have to pay $75 now. This is the fact and if you can trust that what you purchase from this establishment and them to tell you too bad so sad. This is exactly what this app and website is for. To report bad practices and check out their BBB page. More complaints have been filed. You have been warned. Trust me go shop elsewhere. Because they bank on you only going to them because they are nearly the only like business in town. Trust your purchases online and use Amazon even because your purchases are guaranteed. I’m going to do a chargeback on this purchase through my card company and still get my money back. So they lost one good customer and lost that much more.

  44. Kassy M.

    Best sex store I’ve ever been to, and probably will in my entire life.1. This place is HUGE. It has high ceilings, very spacious. I like that all the racks and products aren’t cluttered. They are very nicely spread out. This place could definitely accommodate like 150 people EASILY.2. Their selection is impressive. They don’t just sell toys. They have swimwear, lingerie, fetish stuff, books, DVDs, cards, lubes, gag gifts (no pun intended), and something I have never seen in a sex store: a padded object that helps you get into crazy positions during sex. 3. The employees are insanely friendly! They are very mature and will comfortably talk to you in detail about a product. I chatted up with Alejandra for about 15 minutes, she was a sweetheart.

  45. Weedman420

    I don’t think I have ever been to a friendlier place. Service is great! Selection and space is amazingly abundant! You will always pay a fair price for what you are buying. The place feels so clean and kinda fun!One of the issues I have with some sex shops out there is that they feel nasty or sticky. Some of them even reek of shame. A lot of them will over charge, and have a generally bad vibe! I have none of these issues with Deja vu, the place is great!Best of all the shop has just about anything you can think of, or want!!! XD

  46. Jasmine M.

    The boyfriend & I make a stop here every paycheck to pick up something new & fun– and let me tell you… The little magical things you will find in this store will make the spark in your bedroom flame on. This shop makes you feel comfortable about looking for the kinky things you desire.HUGE selection (from different brands and versions of items), and extremely reasonable prices. We have a drawer in our closet filled to the brim with our goodies from here… And everything is durable and WORTH it. The staff is also friendly and awesome. They only ask you once if you need help, and don’t make things awkward at all… and sometimes someone asks if they want to hold your selected items for you at the registers. If you’re looking for something fun & sexy- this is the place to go. We always find something new!

  47. Amanda G.

    I always see these guys from the freeway whenever I drive down to see my boyfriend. I read some reviews on them and everyone raved about the place. So, when I decided I wanted to get a new g-spot vibrator, I figured these guys were a good place to stop.Getting there is a bit tricky. It’s right off the freeway but you have to turn down what looks like a poorly lit, serial-killer-is-waiting-for-you-at-the-end driveway to get to them. Fortunately, no serial killer. Instead, there’s a handful of small office buildings and Deja Vu. When you walk inside, it’s ginormous. They have about 2/3 of the store dedicated to lingerie and clothing-like stuff. To the left of the door is their toy section, which takes up the remaining 1/3 of the place. You need to be 18 to go in there and they’re really on top of carding you.When I walked in, I had a few minutes to myself before someone came to help me. And boy was she helpful! I explained what I was looking for and how much I looking to spend and she gave me 4 options, all different price points and with different strengths and weaknesses.When I left, I ended up spending a little bit more than what I had hoped for. But I was–and still am–very happy with my purchase and will definitely come back here again.

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