Wild J’s Gentleman’s Club



716 Seaboard Street, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


33.7079671, -78.904649




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Wild J’s Gentleman’s Club

  1. marc
  2. dumb
  3. CJ

    Made great money here. The staff was very friendly and I had a fun time with all the guys.

  4. Bob
  5. Slow

    Some friendly girls but not enough.

  6. benny
  7. Din
  8. happy customer

    really nice, clean, upscale club.. you have to check out Sara on the pole by far the best exotic dancer ive ever seen and absolutely beautiful

  9. Robert
  10. Sexy Bartenders

    Some of the hottest bartenders around!

  11. jerry

    most classy club at the beach!

  12. Alex
  13. Dave
  14. gregory

    Very classy club for Myrtle Beach

  15. MASTER B

    Great fetish party Saturday nite, what more can you ask for in MB.Love the show, music and all the doms with their whips what fun.you guys have done a great job on the club.lets throw more party’s soon.keep up the good work!If you haven been to this club lately go check it out! Its alot better than it was when it open.

  16. Sydney
  17. Vin
  18. Wilburn
  19. kim
  20. mh
  21. amber lynn
  22. Size matters

    Who is the brunette with the big ……. um ……. lungs?

  23. MassGolfer

    The remodelling of this club was fantastic. The set-up looks gorgeous. We were there on a Friday night and it was dead…DEAD. We went down the street and the place was hopping.

  24. Graig
  25. Billy
  26. greg
  27. Zack
  28. charles

    Best club in myrtle beach,sc.

  29. Edward
  30. Cal
  31. Josh
  32. RD

    This club is back open, welcome golfers. Great variety in music. If your looking for a club that doesn’t play hip-hop on night long, this is the club for you.

  33. NoClass
  34. Norm
  35. Dump
  36. Dan
  37. Larry

    Club was amazing. Girls are out of this world. Overall great expeience. Will visit next year when we come back

  38. KJ
  39. Mick
  40. Bo
  41. Nada

    Damn thing going on here. try another club. I’m guessing this place is a locals only type place.

  42. Will
  43. Kevin
  44. TW
  45. Not Bad

    Had a good time. Some really fun girls and reasonable.

  46. NY Golfer

    $1 drinks are the shit !!!

  47. way cool

    Much better than dirty airs. Friendly staff and awesome girls.

  48. Parish
  49. Yanna
  50. paul
  51. Jack
  52. gina

    Great,Great,Great! Very high class. What more can you say!

  53. Mike

    Great Club. Excellent girls. Great service. Fun time

  54. Mark
  55. Loyd

    Lots of centerfolds here. Great club!

  56. Stubaby

    Low girl to guy ratio. Great bartenders.

  57. brian
  58. Johnny

    Beautiful club and women,must see! Reminds me of a big city club like back home. I was able to relax unlike other clubs in the area. This is where a real gentlemen would visit.

  59. Ed
  60. mj

    the girls were great, i was quite impressed how the girls would talk to you instead of just asking if you want a dance.

  61. Ray
  62. Dick
  63. jason

    wow. what a change this club has done great things. $1 drinks and the staff and dancers are hot!!!

  64. Chris

    Nice club and some of the friendliest women you’ll ever want to meet.

  65. Donnie

    Excellent decor. Overall vibe is top notch. Woman are exceptional in their dancing, conversation and friendliness. Very intelligent and culturally diverse. High class without high cost. Highly recommend.

  66. Timmy
  67. HAD FUN

    Dollar drinks rock fun times were had

  68. dino

    Great club for the upper class gentleman! Will come again.

  69. Re: Where?

    I’m with you. There was NOTHING to write home about. There’s a club a couple doors down you might want to try. Starts with a D.

  70. Joe

    This club has really improved.I was down in Myrtle Beach in August and the quality of the girls were not great. Nobody was friendly. Now all the girls are hott and friendly from the girl sitting at the door to the waitstaff and bartenders to the dancers. They are all quality. The service was excellent. A door man greets you at the door to make you feel welcome and again inside to seat you. The waitresses are fast and efficient. I cant wait to visit the club next time I am down.

  71. Tyler
  72. Allen
  73. PA Man

    I was in there recently. The girls were good-looking and staff friendly. There were several nice-looking blonde’s, which is what i like.I was very impressed, and cant wait to get back.

  74. TC
  75. Frank
  76. sam
  77. Mickey
  78. AJ
  79. Al

    Well I checked out most of the Strip Clubs in Myrtle and some girls suggested checking out this one, so we did. Not please from the vibe. Definately lacking energy. Girls were too busy for us. Well may try in the fall. Good luck

  80. Mac
  81. jimmy

    this club blows

  82. beach bum

    love the club!!! best drink prices at the beach!!!

  83. Bill

    Don’t go here if it’s going to rain. Your car will be ankle deep in water.

  84. Stu
  85. Sean
  86. Donna
  87. been twice

    I must have gone on an off night. Some of the homliest looking girls I’ve ever seen.

  88. NOPE
  89. Kenneth
  90. Kathy

    Very upscaled club! Haven’t seen one of these in Myrtle Beach. Great for couples to relax and you want be hounded by whores. Love this place! Me and my husband will be returning soon. Thank you so much!:}

  91. Brad

    Real Gentleman’s Club! Real Ladies that Entertain! Great for the Upscaled clients.

  92. Krap

    Nice layout, nice bartenders and downhill from there.

  93. Jay
  94. Hoyt
  95. TJ
  96. ted
  97. David
  98. Carl
  99. Tim
  100. Zealth
  101. Allan
  102. Stephen
  103. good times

    my name says it all

  104. Bobby
  105. don
  106. guy

    excellent service, “friendly” dances, great stage work

  107. Ty
  109. jeremy

    Great place to have a good time. A lot of really cute girls, which includes the bartenders. The staff was very friendly and did there best to make sure i had a good time. Loved it!

  110. Nate

    HAd a great time here and I did not leave broke

  111. Steve

    Good bartender. That’s about it.

  112. par4

    this place is perfect

  113. Ben
  114. Great time

    Had an awesome time the last time I was there.

  115. Michael Hunt

    Nice group of people. managers are polite and bartenders are the best.

  116. Neal
  117. ken
  118. Mark123

    I love this club. It beats all the clubs in the surrounding areas..The girls are hotter…the management is awesome and

  119. Little rascals

    Our gang had a blast here.

  120. local

    Wow, Myrtle Beach has a executive club! cold beer and hot women. Music was great,not to loud or being thuggish or hiphop. I was treated very friendly by the staff. Will tell all locals and vacationers about this club. Thanks guys for coming to Myrtle Beach.

  121. CL
  122. Tony
  123. Jp
  124. frankie

    Very nice relaxing club. Had a great time.

  125. Where?

    Well there sure weren’t any centerfolds in here. Should change the name to staple. Well maybe “Creases”.

  126. jamie
  127. Master B.

    Excellent fetish party Friday night with the Purgatory group. Hope to see more parties in the future. Thanks guys! Love your beautiful club.

  128. Tom

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