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727 Iberville Street, New Orleans, LA 70130


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Penthouse Club

  1. yanard12

    A BUNCH OF CROOKS…AND VERY LITTLE “TALENT”!! Three points should sum it up (and hopefully make you think twice about visiting this dump):1. Mediocre talent (and saying this is a stretch, disgusting might be more fitting). Most girls were thin on top, many were heavy on the bottom half; no classic Penthouse pinup figures in this place if that’s what you’re looking for. Most of the guys in the place probably had bigger breasts that all but one of the girls we saw dance. Pole dancing — forget it, no talent when we were there (Barely Legal had some excellent pole dancers, however).2. Priicccceeeeeyyyyyyy. Cover charge $12/person (and wouldn’t wave it for my lady). Three drinks came out to be $49.75 (with tax and tip). Whew! At least they had a bit of alcohol in them.3. CROOKED, DISHONEST MERCHANT. We were there for about an hour, had 3 drinks, no dances, then left. Got a phone call from Capitol One’s fraud dept the next day. SOBs at Penthouse charged us for an additional $150!! Capital One caught it and flagged it as fraud immediately. Of course, my card was compromised so couldn’t use it the rest of the trip (good thing I had a second card!). Conclusion: There’s absolutely no reason to go to the Penthouse club unless you want to bore yourself watching not-so-attractive women, pay for expensive drinks, and have to possibly deal with fraudulent charges and these RIPOFFS!STAY AWAY!! P.S. I learned my lesson in NOLA as this was one of two fraudulent transactions in 3 days — go to an ATM, pay in cash. The character of most of these merchants stinks worse than Bourbon Street!

  2. fritter17

    The club has great dancers and they are attractive, but the majority of them seemed more interested in being on their phones than paying attention to customers. The front desk girls were very curt and unwelcoming. I would suggest the staff take a class on southern charm….or any charm for that matter.

  3. nickstrip

    Love love love love this gentlemen’s club. Pretty ladies, awesome hospitality, etc. this is definitely 5 stars!!

  4. fuckery12

    one of my favorite stops during mardi gras was the penthouse. if you’re gonna do NOLA, do it right. and classy, of complaints… mostly because i got in for free, got free drinkies, and was fawned over by one of the girls. pretty sure she was serious about coming home with us….yup, great night.

  5. kelly

    Glad my friends and i stumbled in here over the weekend the women here were the hottest we saw in new orleans and super friendly too..hope to visit again soon

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  7. mathewater12

    This was our one and only attempt at going to a Gentlemen’s club during Mardis Gras during a bachelor party and the treatment by the front of house staff turned us off the experience entirely. After hours of good patronage at a sister restaurant, where we spent a pretty penny, the manager offered us some VIP entrance cards for The Penthouse Club, he had ventured to the club himself on our behalf and gotten no-cover cards signed by the manager himself for us.We were all very grateful but when we arrived at the door of the club the front of house staff not only told us these were no longer accepted, but told us basically “too bad so sad”. It’s interesting, this same place is BEGGING for patrons by day but by night they’re rude to a group of 9 guys willing to throw down cash.It’s ok, out money was wayyyy better spent on booze elsewhere

  8. Zachary A.

    One of the better strip joints in the French Quarter. A few steps off Bourbon. For big spenders there are private niches upstairs. Ahem. You can forgo the cover if you get a coupon, available on the street from random bums.

  9. igor34

    My posse’s on bourbon. For all you sir mix a lot fans out there. Most of the gentleman club’s have their dancers out front to coax you in. Penthouse does not. You can walk into a swanky bar lobby area but the dance area is hidden. Charging a cover I was a little hesitant going in without knowing what I was in for. I must admit I wasn’t enticed by the other clubs at all but my reservations were quickly nullified after taking a seat. The women here are much higher caliber than anything I witnessed on the strip. Drink prices are high priced and I wouldn’t use the ATM there. GO for the ladies!

  10. billtheguy12

    Meh.Got some free pass from the Marriott on Canal.Decided to go and check it out since it was free.The ratio of men to dancers in here is probably 4:1 or more.Couldn’t get any attention from the dancers or the waitstaff.Walked out within three minutes.Two stars because it was free.

  11. XXXbeast

    Security are a bunch of dicks, accuse me of doing something in the bathroom I was obviously not doing and kicked me out. Other than that my experience was great. Security sucks a big dick!

  12. curtis17

    This is THE place for a bachelor party. No shortage of beautiful women and the VIP service is exceptional. We stayed until 4am with a great smile on our faces. Enjoy.

  13. fritter17

    All of us got in for $1 each so it was a no-brainer to stop in for a drink.The girls were all attractive and friendly/flirty. None of them were pianful on the eye and since the club was not full we got very good attention near the main stage.The cocktail waitress we had was a bit of a dip shit as she did not know what single malt scotch was or what bourbons they had available.All in all, it was a fun stop on our Bourbon Street bacchanalia.

  14. Johnnyboy123

    One of my favorite places for ass and tits. Vibe is nice and there’s always pretty girls! It’s one of the nicer strip clubs compared to the others. Place is always clean. Great place to hang out with great eye candy.

  15. tonycluber

    We both had to pay to get in as a couple. Lap dance was 40 bucks for one song and she didn’t even let me be in the same room. Didn’t have any fun there for my boyfriends Bday. Even though it’s somewhat nice inside. Pick another place.

  16. Patrick B.

    This club is pretty shady. We received fliers for a free drink with paid admission on Bourbon St. We all held these coupons in our hand when we paid the $12 admission to enter. Upon entry, we asked the bartender for our drink. We were informed to go to the bar on the street back outside the club to redeem it. So, we left and asked the bartender there. She rudly told us that it’s only redeemable when you pay the admission, and she has no idea if we just found them on the floor. I said we just entered, we clearly had them in hand and asked if we could please just get our drink. Instead of letting us have our cheap drink and going back inside to have fun, she banned us from going in again. Waist of time and money, there are plenty of other clubs nearby. Go to one of them instead and save yourself the trouble.

  17. XhXeXy

    My husband and I thought we would visit on our last night in NOLA since it wasn’t a far walk from our hotel. It was $12 each to get in and you can get stamped on your arm to go in and out as your please-just don’t wash it off! It’s a small quaint place but beautiful inside, our Penthouse is much bigger in St Louis. The drinks were not cheap, but a good amount of alcohol in them. The girls were very pretty, but it was all the nice bootie team. I don’t think one girl had boobs bigger than a small C (if that), so if you’re a boob guy, it’s not your place. A private lap dance was $40 but the beautiful girl I chose made it too quick and you could tell she didn’t care. Otherwise it was a good time. Good people watching and the waitresses were very attentive.

  18. eddyL

    Went here for my friends Bach party. Really great. Beautiful, (mostly) nice women, clean facility. Avoid their stupid $7 ATM fees! They have a really dumb token-based system that just sucks. Bring a bunch of cash and have fun. Find a table and let the servers bring you a drink. Good times.

  19. james1412

    I would give this a lower rating, but my friends did have a decent time. The first night, they turned away 10 of us for not having sleeves… really bro? strict dress code? We got our passes and went back the next night armed with sleeves, much to my dismay.I decided to look out for our table. I made sure we had the required amount of entertainers. After a friend paid for bottle service, we expected some kind of service… but received very little. The night went on, and we had a good time. But all of this was nearly ruined when the waiter or whatever he was decided to mouth off to me and my friends. I immediately called over the manager to resolve the situation… He offered no resolution and protected the awful behavior of his employee.I will not be returning to this location… ever

  20. joseph1k

    I think that Penthouse Club is the nicest of the NOLA strip clubs that I’ve been too as far as the quality of the interior and the caliber of girls that they have dancing. It’s also the most expensive. It lacks some of the personality that other places in the area have, but if you are looking for less rowdy, more upscale strip-club experience, this is where I’d tell you to go.

  21. adamrod

    My group of friends and I visited two of these kind of establishments while in New Orleans and this was definitely the funner, classier of the bunch. We came on a slow Sunday, following the Saints vs. Bears game and expected to have to pay cover. Luckily our hotel valet hooked us up with passes so we were able to save money for drinks and, well, other things.On a Sunday where the French Quarter and Bourbon Street were eerily quiet, Penthouse Club was the place to be. Packed with football fans, tourists, locals, etc. And, it seemed that there were girls everywhere – offering shooters in test tubes, taking drink orders, dancing on either the main stage, side stage or the stage next to the main bar and girls spending personal one-on-one time with patrons.Of course, as a group of girls, we giggle and heehaw and embarrass the birthday girl and squeal while she is motorboated and while someone else motorboats her. Sure, we aren’t the target demographic but I like to think that the performers look at us as a nice break from the drunkards and the douchebags that oftentimes frequent these establishments.My girlfriends and I parked ourselves at the side stage which is smaller than the main one. This stage is more intimate and the girls pay more attention to the customers. We escaped to sit at the main stage when the patrons at the club started to bother us. And then when more guys started to bother us at the main stage, we just left.

  22. BT

    Cindy was great and the service was awesome

  23. DexterRexter

    Pretty good talent here, if you know what I mean 😉 nice looking venue inside, good amount of tables to sit at. We really just came here on a whim. Cover charge is pretty cheap than most places like this that I’ve been to.

  24. ryan123

    this is a “gentlemen’s club”. y’know, ’cause civilized, well-mannered menfolk like to ogle topless dancers as much as chest-beating knuckle-draggers. so, it’s pricey and the women are conventionally pretty – no tattoos and not much diversity, but all very attractive and the club itself is the swankiest of all the Quarter strip clubs. all in all, a classy place to get your grind on. there’s a very nice bar that can be accessed from the street, which i think is a nice touch. join their mailing list – Jeremy Shockey did a meet and greet there after the Saints’ Superbowl win.

  25. Marcus K.

    Its now the penthouse club. Very mellow and clean compared to some of the other clubs around. A cover gets you in to see some gorgeous women.

  26. maxxy1

    Had a great time at the naked sushi party as always. Beautiful girls and professional staff in a classy atmosphere = happy!

  27. timmykilla

    This is the best club in New Orleans! Right off bourbon street they have the hottest girls !!No rift raft, higher end clientele and top of the line entertainers. Staff is great, music is awesome. Head over for the best strip club experience in the Quarter!

  28. larry1

    Sketchy, Sketchy, Sketchy…This place will try to soak you for everything you got and then some. This place sucks and they don’t honor their free drink coupons. They will then charge you $40 for 2 beers. At all cost stay away…You will be lucky to get out of this place with your wallet. Such a scam…I could go on for days

  29. Jessica M.

    Its a strip club, judging based on the other one I went to on bourbon this one is far better. $11 cover, but you can go in and outI didn’t have a drink but it was $7 a budlight. this place gets packed on sat night.

  30. J P.

    Skip this place. Nasty women. And a service staff that is clueless about the menu and have horrible attitudes. Just plain rude!!!!

  31. StripClub431

    Penthouse is truly the best strip club in NOLA. The girls as a whole are much more attractive here than anywhere else in the city. Plus there are so many more girls here. There is a cover ($12) that is always charged even during slow times but what does $12 matter if you are going to a strip club. The drinks are decent and the cocktail servers are purty. Not much else I can comment on about this club. Everything else that happens at Penthouse is TMI.

  32. justinlk

    Lots of hot girls all over the place, that is the 1 star… the rest gets nothing. I paid for a “20 minute private dance”. I had my buddy time, for dexterity sake, and the bouncer removed me at the 9 minute mark. And when I questioned the time, the guy laughed and told me to “f&$k off and prove it”! I will never step foot in there again. If you do, enjoy yourself. They will fuck you over!

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