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Just Enuff Lounge is not your typical strip club. With a showcase of the most beautiful girls in Philadelphia that has no equal, Just Enuff symbolizes the new standard in Adult entertainment. Our focus is to create a one of a kind atmosphere that can’t be duplicated in other gentlemen’s clubs. You won’t find stuck up entertainers, or a pushy staff at Just Enuff as you will at other local strip clubs. We offer a classy, comfortable, no pressure environment where you can unwind in the company of the hottest women in Philadelphia!

Located in King of Prussia, PA, Just Enuff Lounge is open 7 days a week. Our skilled, exotic dancers perform continuously on two levels, so the entertainment never stops. Our friendly, highly skilled bartenders will greet you with a smile and are waiting to mix your favorite drink. Whether you are looking to mellow out after a long day, entertaining your best clients, celebrating a bachelor or bachelorette party or simply enjoying a night out with friends, our goal is to make sure you that your visit is memorable so that you will choose Just Enuff Lounge time and time again!


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51 reviews for “Just Enuff Lounge

  1. Jake from State Farm

    Lighten up Anthony. This place ain’t so bad. I went in to use the head and the smell was so bad that I almost lost my chicken salad. But, you know what, I lit a candle and before long that little restroom smelled so good that I was able to take full long piss. Don’t sweat the little things bra…

  2. Anthony

    This places sucks.

  3. BlakeBe

    I was recently at this bar. I was a regular customer until recently when a dancer named Venus approached and offered me drug randomly but told me that I had to buy a lap to partake. Because I was already under the influence I considered but once we were back there the story changed and she demanded over $100. When I refused, she told a bouncer who, without asking any questions asked me to leave. I am a professional and gentleman I left without incident however this is clearly a reflection of the character of this bar and if you are on the fence I stay away.

    The owner of the bar regular login on and insults of people that review his bar but I would ignore that and stay away = at least to the dancer named Venus who clearly has some kind of business with the bouncers and maybe others to generate funds for exploiting drink customers.

  4. HEF

    this place should not be charging a cover. most of the girls are not attractive… like C-list strippers. i have been in there prob 10 to 12 times, and there are really only 2 girls worth a damn. one is Brazilian and her name is Maria. the other’s name i cannot remember. i think it is Frankie. she looks like jessican simpson. i have had about 5, 20 dollar lap dances and you can put your hands anywhere except anyplace that is clothed, i.e. her panty area. never got the champagne room but i have heard mixed statements from my friends about what goes on in there. i won’t comment on that because i haven’t experienced it personally. just never had the desire to spend 90 bucks at one time in there.

  5. Weedman420

    Just Enuff Lounge149 Boro Line Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406(610) 337-7700justenuffgogo.comHours: Daily 3:00pm to 2:00amThe Low DownSandwiched between the businesses and mall traffic of King of Prussia and the Montgomery County seat of Norristown, Just Enuff is a smaller club that caters to a local crowd. I arrived at 7:00pm on a Wednesday night and was pleasantly surprised to find a good mix of dancers.Location & Facilities – 3 StarsThe most important part about visiting Just Enuff is to use your GPS or follow the website’s directions… the club is NOT located directly off of Route 202 as many maps would have you suggest, but on another street called Boro Line Road. The club looks like an old house precisely because it IS a converted house… the first floor is the main entertainment area and the upstairs bedrooms are the champagne court rooms. The main club area has one pole behind the bar and four flat screen televisions. The patrons are mostly a mix of King of Prussia business people and older regulars. Due to the size constraints, this club isn’t the best place for a large group or bachelor party but is one that suits individuals and locals well.Staff – 4 StarsWhile I didn’t have much of a chance to chat with the staff, I did have great service from the friendly bartender Tamara.Food & Drink – 3 StarsJust Enuff doesn’t serve food but provides menus so you can order from the local restaurants that deliver. I ordered a buffalo ranch boneless wings and a smoke turkey wrap from Dino’s Pizza and Pasta and wasn’t disappointed. The bar serves Sam Adams, Shock Top & Stella Artois on draft along with the typical domestics & imports in bottles.Dancers – 3 StarsJust Enuff is a topless establishment with some attractive dancers although I wasn’t overly impressed with the talent that evening. I did have a fabulous time with the Aurora, a cute young dancer and spent some quality time in the champagne court with the incredibly sexy Jezebel.Value – 4 StarsA couch dance at Just Enuff will set you back $20.00. A more private VIP couch dance on the 2nd floor will cost $30.00. The champagne court, featuring a split bottle of Korbel champagne, goes for 15 minutes for $90.00, 30 minutes for $180.00 and an hour for $360.00.Website & Social Media – 3 StarsJust Enuff’s website features basic club information, information on upcoming events as well as pictures of some of the dancers along with links to their Facebook and Twitter pages.In Brief…If you’re in the King of Prussia area and are looking for a drink and a dance, Just Enuff is the place to go.

  6. brandonresh

    Incredible nipples. Made me moist. Guac was fresh. Smelled good, like tits. Hot climate. I will return.

  7. jeff

    This place sucks !


    This place is pretty busted. Once the new ownership came in, the place is just not the same. Almost all the hot dancers are gone, and the ones that are not, are never dancing, they are always upstairs giving dances. I will say one thing, if you can nail down an attractive dancer, you get a decent dance. It’s hands-on for the most part. There are cameras, but I think they must be there for show. Some girls let you put hands on, and others say “I can’t because of the cameras.” So the ones who say you can let your hands roam a bit either don’t care about the cameras, or know they aren’t real-deal. So this should be your plan: get there before 7 to avoid the cover, find the one hot girl there if you are lucky, and take her upstairs for 4 or 5 dances, then leave!

  9. Steve

    Its the best and the only club around with girls that have personality and brains!!!! And are beautiful!!!

  10. Chaz U.

    Neat-O little out of the way nook in Bridgeport. A small joint. Dancers a very enthusiastic. Must get back there again

  11. Jahempsta
  12. yy

    stopped in last week (first time) ……pretty bad!! i was there 47 seconds and short blonde haired, tatooed, eastern european girl was like buy me a drink??? i dont mind buying someone a drink but i prefer you know my name…or at least have seen me before…when i declined she got an attitude and wanted a tip…well i hadnt even gotten a drink yet and all i had was a twenty ..i was like ‘well you want this ?? and she cupped her tits like i was actually gonna put it in there…i told her to get the fuck away from me…other girls came around a wanted 3 bucks for nothing…no grinding,massage,conversation …no nothing..bartender joked around with her friends for ten minutes before gettin my beer…post on here when things are better maybe ill stop back…but doubt it!!!!!

  13. Disgusted

    I been there 2 times now. its a dive. expensive drinks, lowzy dj. ugly girls with no talent. i was in a nicer hor house in tiajana

  14. patrick

    dancers quality has changed 10 fold since new owners took over about 2 yrs ago.good prices on drinks and has great atmosphere.doesn’t have that gigantic cold atmosphere that the big clubs have.

  15. Dennis

    Good mix of neighborhood pub and quality female company. Usually 3-4 dancers that circulate but are willing to spend some time with you.

  16. J.T.

    As soon as people find out about this little place they are going to have lines around the building to see beautiful girls and have a great fun atmosphere.

  17. Joe

    I have been to many of gentlemen clubs across the US and out of the country and even though the place is small its clean, and beautiful. Very nice people working there and going in also. Also, I met a gorgeous woman, very classy, but a fantastic dancer! I believe her name was simply Bella, or maybe Izabella? At any rate and watching her graceful and natural sexy dancing that consumed all eyes was stunning! I hope to be back very soon, to enjoy the clean atmosphere and the nice and beautiful girls u have working. Thanks so much.

  18. SCOTT

    This place has some different girls then the last time I was there. Nice. I love the way every one of them is originally pretty!

  19. Kevin

    Not a good selection of girls and the drinks are overpriced.

  20. PJ

    This place blows.

  21. joey d

    nothing good about this place except for the woodwork and bathroom cleanliness

  22. Keith

    Not a good place. Design of bar and stage was not thought out well. Girls are ok but not that upscale. Dances are average at best.

  23. Matt Shields

    OK, Let’s just be honest here. Haters are gonna hate, no matter what the truth is! And I see many haters posting bullshit reviews about this little gem of a club. So I’m going to try to give it to you as straight as I possibly can. I’ve been coming to Just Enuff for about 4 years now off and on, and I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. So here we go: As far as the dancers go, there is literally something for everyone. There are girls of every age, shape, and color

  24. none
  25. Jonathan

    Good establishment

  26. MDR

    Small place, so even though there were only about 15 customers there, it seemed crowded. I went on a Monday night. I thought this was a good size crowd for a weeknight at a small place like this. There were about 10 girls there so ratio of girls to customers was great. Girls were of all shapes and sizes, even some that were the largest I have ever seen performing at a strip club. If you like that, fine, but I had a few private topless dances with Jessie who had small natural breasts, a cute face and beautiful long legs, just my type. She was friendly and accommodating during the dances. Dances were $30 each and each lasted about 5 minutes. Note: rating for food was low because they do not serve any food here.

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  28. John


  29. Frank

    Pretty girls and good music!

  30. mike g.

    this place is a zoo. bartenders are clueless, dancers don’t give a crap about talking to customers, zero atmosphere. drinks overpriced and no food.

  31. David

    This place is a shit hole. The few dancers they have on are miserable. The prices are way too high. I went on a few different occasions and the one thing that is consistent is that it is a waste of time and money. DUMP!!!!

  32. Horrible

    Impossible to-get-to location, poor talent, slow service, just plain depressing. Only upside is that, although listed as a bikini club, I definatly saw some tits.

  33. big daddy pete

    I came here when it first opened 5 days a week and it was fun. Things have changed here and not for the better. All of my favorite dancers are gone. The new ones are not as good or friendly. They also got rid of all of the really social and friendly barmaids and door men. What the hell happened here? This place is going downhill quick. I guess it was just a flash in the pan afterall.

  34. Pigpen_lives

    Place is too small & too loud & run by immature people but that said there

    ain’t much else in the area & some of the girls are pretty decent especially

    if they have seen you before they can be fun and most are reasonably

    attractive. So bottom line is it is worth checking out, if it is a bad night just

    get out and try another time. The good girls arrive at 8. Some are even

    ok for dialogue.

  35. Brian

    This club only has 3 to 4 girls on a night. On weekends it’s maybe 5. It sucks not enough money! Plus the lie to you.

  36. XhXeXy

    The Basics:$5 cover the Monday night that I visited$5 Yuengling$20-30 DancesLocated on an odd little dead-end street off US-202/Dekalb St, Just Enuff is in what seems to be a converted house. What once was a basement is now truly a man-cave. A roughly U-shaped bar separates the patrons from the small, 6″ high single pole stage. Normal height ceilings prevent the girls from getting too elaborate on the pole but this isn’t that kind of place anyway. It’s small enough that you don’t need a huge crowd for it to seem lively, the music isn’t too loud and, even with a few bikers flying their colors, the clientele seemed friendly and well behaved. Up a spiral staircase is the dance area. Directly up the spiral staircase. As in one step off the stairs and one more to the chairs. I could see it getting cramped real fast if more than two people went for dances at the same time. I didn’t check out the $30 private room.Now to the girls. There were maybe 7 girls working at about 10pm. An interesting variety. Black and white. Some were thin, others were toned, a couple were very thick. I don’t think any of them could be queen bee in a Philly club but they pass muster in KOP. They seemed pretty friendly and enthusiastic without being overly pushy. Come to think of it, my opinion of this place has improved having written this review.

  37. heeby jeeby's

    Yikes…do these women look at


  38. Karlos

    Loves it! will be back soon!

  39. AJ


  40. Steven

    Went in on Friday night after some snow fell. The crowd was heavy at first, but started to clear out around 10 PM. All the dancers and bar staff were excellent. Very friendly and pretty. Ladies of every type, so something for everyone. I do not understand the negative feedback and reviews. The club is small, but the service and staff are excellent

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  42. MILANIA luver

    She just started working there love her great body great smile spent all nite with her can’t wait to see you again!!!!!!!

  43. Nick

    Great girls & great service!

  44. nickstrip

    Yep, an update to the update. A beer now costs $6, which is a complete ripoff as far as I’m concerned. And I must add, the place wasn’t very crowded…gee, I wonder why?One other note…if you go to the website, the girls posted there do NOT work at this place, so don’t be disappointed when you get there.

  45. mike

    no colors wtf thats wha the sign says and this place is in a house

  46. bob

    not worth the trip

  47. Philly

    Overall, this club Rocks! Most of the Girls are hot!!!

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  49. meat

    Great place. small. nice bar. girls r great.

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  51. Joe

    Where the fuck is lilly? Best girl in the club is gone??? I have been waiting for her to pop up but sadly noone has seen her. Anyone have the scoop on where i can find her?

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