The Penthouse Club



20771 8 Mile Road, Detroit, MI 48219


42.4322553, -83.1022932




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Penthouse Club

  1. Seth

    Don’t bother with this ghetto location. Rip off, Cops laying in wait. Managers caught up with playing with dancers. Shootings, raids, and a BAD 8 Mile vibe. The TRUTH!

  2. Shawn

    I got a ticket when I pulled out on Wednesday. There was another car pulled over who also exited Penthouse. I can’t afford to have problems related to visiting strip clubs, so I’m going to clubs outside of Detroit from now on. They must have it in for this club.

  3. alexander supertramp

    awesome place

    nice girls

    u will have fun

  4. mathewater12

    This is by far the worst strip club in Detroit. The bouncers are awful and rude. I would never return!

  5. Nikki

    Awesome time last night ; ) Expensive but a great time!!

  6. Joker

    A number of pretty girls, my favorites are Michelle, Rose, Bella, and JJ.

  7. custo

    love it!

  8. The Breather

    They got all the Roaches to stand still after the remodel, now how are they going to get the crotch crickets off all their dancers.

  9. Albert
  10. Albert

    The dancer’s are great. The bartenders

  11. marco

    Fantastic Club!

  12. Jake

    This club BLOWS..I WON”T be back! COPS OUTSIDE! RIPOFFS inside!

  13. Rich

    Beautiful Club!

  14. Julius

    This club is DEAD! Was busy for a minute. I hear they don’t treat the brothers very well. Maybe thats why the place isn’t making it.

  15. AssnTits5

    I visited this place over the holidays while visiting family. $7 valet, I don’t there is a place for free parking unless you park on the street in front of the building. I went on a Friday night and it was $15 cover and $8.75 Heinekens. There is one main level and a second smaller upstairs level for smokers and the rooms are up here. Overall the dancers here are pretty good compared to other places. $25 per song unless you negotiate something else with the dancer. Weekends are crowded.

  16. Donald

    Yes, cops ARE outside…and undercover inside…it’s only a matter of time before the Penthouse is raided and I don’t want to be part of that! TRUTH! Ladies beware!

  17. al

    come to the strip. we need u

  18. Extascy


  19. Holmes

    I was there. They hit me with parking, even when I parked on the street! They hit me with the door charge. They hit me with cover charge-when it was dead! The girls asked me for $200 to go upstairs!! I left and won’t be back. What a JOKE!!! Ha Ha Ha- the joke is on pent house

  20. matt b

    great experience, new brother in law bachelor party was a blast, thanks again penthouse, may fond memories

  21. TRUTH

    Be told…vice cops are cracking down on both patrons and employees leaving..Nights are particularly dangerous, and there are instances in the daytime, as well..I’ll find my entertainment elsewhere, not in the City of D

  22. lmao

    hey G or Gary or Gdog or whatever you like calling yourself,are you really as big an ass as you sound on here?Just wondering.



  24. susa

    amazing club…. will chk it out again…

    expensive drinks, expensive dances……

  25. michael p
  26. not abdul

    this club is great all around!!! hot dancers, good service..btw there aren’t any cops waiting outside to pull people over. that is a bold face lie! what an ass abdul is…also a liar!!

  27. GoldManSachs75

    There isn’t cops for miles of this fucken place… shut up STUPID… Fucken HATERS.. YA!

  28. SAL

    I’ve had several good experiences here, but lately it’s been

    lacking. I notice that the dancers from here are now moving

    around and checking out other clubs, and many are making

    themselves a new business at these other clubs. Won’t

    mention names out of respect…something that is lacking in

    many clubs.

  29. Snakey
  30. business man
  31. great club!

    The Penthouse Club has got to be the best club in the area. I’ve been there a few times and have always been treated great by the staff and the entertainers.

  32. Tommie

    ver upscale, lil pricey but very very nice

  33. John

    Girls here the same as other bars, but has an attitude that they are worth something that could screw you with high charge doing nothing. Girls want you to give them a few hundred dollars up front and then find something to screw you after one or two songs and of course, keep the money. If you still want to come here after reading this, PAY AFTER THE SERVICE, NOT BEFORE. DO NOT LET THE GIRLS SCREW YOU WITH EVERYTHING IN YOUR POCKET AND YOU GET NOTHING IN RETURN,

  34. Freddy

    It’s all over except the crying!!! BOO HOO HOO! Everyone is going to work in the burbs when the new law takes effect

  35. kudos

    hot ass waitresses, the waitress named daniell on day shift waited on us was fantastic, beautiful club beautiful girls nice job

  36. Warren

    I’m gay..I got caught outside of the club “doing things.” I should have known the police were around.

  37. Natalya

    Best place!

  38. Friend

    When the new law goes into effect, we dancers at the Playhouse in Romulus will welcome you. Let’s Party!

  39. V

    Bro all the top girls from all the clubs are here. HOT!! Drinks are too much though.

  40. haa

    “i was hustled in this club” ha ha are you fucking dumb? thats the whole point of dancing. no matter where you go your gonna get hustled. thats how dancers make money you dumb fuck. your probably just pissed bc your broke ass couldnt afford it here

  41. Gelrome

    Penthouse stinks..slimy women,sleazy management, and Cops hanging outside waiting to pull over unsuspecting customers.


  42. ABDUL

    The club looks good,but the service sucks. Girls pick you pocket and it’s dangerous on 8 Mile. The Police come in all the time and wait outside for people leaving. They must be pissed at the owner. I’m staying away to be safe from being pulled over and from having my pockets “picked”.

  43. Fred

    Looks like the writings on the wall for this club. I know I sure don’t want to be there when they get busted.

  44. Lee

    Great club, doesnt listen to the haters, go see Tina on days, fantastic bartender

  45. Sherry

    I tried working here, but didn’t like the atmosphere. Snooty dancers, and half ass business. The only good thing I saw was the place was clean and new. Otherwise, I don’t like the 8 mile problems. And I’m happy to be gone!

  46. Spectacular

    very nice club!!

  47. G

    Pay attention to my last comment!

  48. Jack

    Disappointing,and thats an understatement. This club blows! Way too much for 8 mile

  49. john

    awesome, try it, you wont go anywhere else!

  50. T

    I generally like this club. I got banned from posting in the comments section although I’m not sure why. Anyway, the last time I was there, I got a dance from Shana and she was awesome. She’s a thin blonde with large breasts and she does a great job.

  51. Franklyn

    My wife and I checked out their website which stated couples were free on Saturday. So we opted to head to the club. Hostess tells us $15 each for admission. I let her know about the website advertisement. She gets a doorman who tells us, “that’s an old ad, we meant to take that down”. Still $15 to get in. I ask if they can adhere to the ad….they say no. No degree of an attempt to satisfy the customer here!! So we opt to leave. On the way out, I see a sign in the window also advertising couples free on Saturday. I let the doorman know…still $15 each. He tells us they meant to take that one down too…lol. Club looks nice, but with no attempt at customer satisfaction, they get 1 star

  52. Brandon

    Very upscale club!

  53. Sam

    A RIP OFF! TOO EXPENSIVE! They keep losing customers because of this…Bye bye

  54. ahem

    Very upscale basement to small to be a club! I wonder how many more people are going to get shot at this place..

  55. joe
  56. Barron

    The Bike show is SICK!! Awesome place



  58. tim

    great time, nice looking waitstaff


    NICEBAR UGLY entertainer!!!!

  60. Freeman

    I was hustled in this place and will never return! Don’t bother blowing your$ here. I’ll be spending my hard earned dollars elsewhere, and steer clear of all the problems around this place. How long can it last?

  61. Desire

    Just started here, awesome $$ 1st 2 nights.

  62. mick

    i come into see tina on day shift, awesome bartender, beautiful selection of girls

  63. Fiaz

    had a great Time!

  64. justvisiting

    The club has been open for a year. Depending when you go there could be alot of hot dancers other times only 1 or 2. The place is clean because it’s new. VIP dances are are worth the money if you get the right dancer. Most (90%) girls will do extra special dances. Just becareful of the typical stripper stories. If you go for VIP dances have one of your buddy’s watch for cops the owner used to pay off the cops but now looks like he has missed a few payments so they have been in a few times and given tickets.

  65. Alvin

    Looks good but sucks. Bad attitudes and thick with thieves.

  66. rob

    hot ass girls and lots of em had an awesome time there will definately be back

  67. Dick

    Over rated and sliding down fast. Everyone know that when the new law takes effect, this club will have tumble weeds rolling through it.

  68. YUMMY
  69. Robert

    lamb chops are out of this world!

  70. Harold


  71. Dan

    rip off and low rent girls to match the neighborhood…go elsewhere

  72. Horace

    Rip off…unfriendly club..they hustle people here

  73. P

    Good place, better than most in the area. Drinks are too expensive though.

  74. Suday Visit

    I was in there last night and bumped into this egotist dancer named Aleze? I am not good with names but I think that was it, I had to laugh at her for using a black girls name and she is white. Then she told me she is the best looking girl at The Penthouse Club and wouldnt shut the fuck up about all the other dancers flaws and bullshit I could care less about. Her dances sucked really bad, were lousy, then she tried to run some scam on me to get money like I m fucken stupid. So I gladly dumped her back into the trash can she came from and moved on to a different cheap slut to get some extras.

    P.S. get a life, personality, and Aleze died with 2 pac bitch.. The brotha’s are laughing at you change that name!

  75. joseph1k

    This is one of the reasons I love Detroit. It’s smaller but two levels helps and the quality of girls is second to none. Be careful, you can spend all your money in here tho. Excellent service. Love the fact u can still smoke in here. I actually ate here once too, surf n turf and it was good even if overpriced but I’ll take this kind of scenery when chowing down anyway. Stiff drinks and friendly bouncers seal the deal for the best strip club in dtown if not entire USA.

  76. OOO YA


  77. steveo

    great place!!!!!! hot women!!!!!

  78. Chris

    Home sweet Homw


    No cops, No Vice, No VD, just a fucken fun as skin joint.. Dont listen to the idiot posting that crap he has been saying the same thing for months.

  80. nick

    wonderful time

  81. Joey

    I visited recently and it was uncomfortable. This isn’t the kind of club I enjoy. Lots of city BS going on…and it’s very uncomfortable. I feel at risk from the neighborhood and lurking cops!

  82. NEWS

    LOL! They got Closed down!


    This club is offering DISEASES!…and a chance to get ripped off or to have your car stolen and your pocket picked! GOOD LUCK SUCKERZ!

  84. steve

    food was great girls were hott!



  86. Tom

    I noticed cops present outside this club on my recent visit. Since I saw them on my was in, I was careful to have only a couple of drinks. I talked to another customer who had a pocket breathalizer and it registered drunk after just 2 drinks. I can’t risk the problems this can cause me, so I’m going elsewhere.

  87. bada bing

    Mon. $2 Cover Night

    Tues. Oil Wrestling

    Wed. Foxy Boxing

    Thurs. Whip Cream Show

    Fri. Bada Bing Room Raffles

    Sat. Girl On Girl Show

    Sun. 1 Free Drink w/Cover

    Featured Performers

    Shower Shows

    Fire Swallowers

    Kat The Midget

    Travis Porter Afterparty June 12th

    (Go Shorty Go)

    Lauren Kain Porn Star June 18th & 19th

    New Porn Stars Every Month

    Daily Raffle Tickets For Dances

    Hourly 2 For $30 Dances w/Dvd Giveaways

    DVDs Of Your Favorite Dancers

    New Owners

    New Hours 6PM-6AM

    Now Hiring Dancers

    No Dance Card Needed

    Waitresses, Bar, Etc.

    Hours 6PM-6AM Everyday

    2 For $30 Dances Nightly

    Totally Nude

    18+ Adult Entertainment

    Daily Special Events

    863 Dix

    Lincoln Park, MI.

    General Manager

    Henry Ramerez 313.575.3331

    All Nude


    Now Featuring Porn Stars Every Month


  88. Wilson

    BORING CLUB>>>AVERAGE DANCERS>>>Mediocre Management

  89. Dr. Gerard

    Awesome upscale place!

  90. ferris

    Can’t speak to the food, but the girls were very good. The VIP was the best I have very experienced, not that I’m a regular or anything, but if me visit was representative of a normal visit you will not be disappointed.

  91. Regular

    Go somewhere else. Too expensive for a bad time!

  92. Louis

    Not THAT DJ! What an airhead

  93. adam

    this club is fantastic! only one on 8 mile making money

  94. kyle

    i agree the bike show is hott, and the martini show isnt ba either, nice place ill be back

  95. James

    This is by far better than any i’ve been to in Michigan. Amazing girls, good DJ, DRINKS ARE WAY TOO EXPENSIVE THOUGH.

  96. review

    Eddie is a steroid addict, thats why he lacks balls ha!. The big baboon thinks he can convince everyone hes drug free. He doesn’t have the balls to speak for himself anymore, he has to send his security guards to do his talking for him. Hey wifey, about his motorcycle rides, he and Devin are really hitting it off.

    Afterwords they roll over and over for fun/excitement at her hotel.

  97. Alex

    The place is very nice and the girls are HOT! it’s kind of pricey but again it’s a strip club so nothing new. I recommend this place to anyone.

  98. Victor

    I know all of the clubs on 8 Mile. Where is the PLAYHOUSE?

  99. Ben

    Cost us 36.00 before we even got to sit down. Dancer tried to get into my pockets. What’s that about. The drinks are not strong enough and the price, I’d rather buy gas.

  100. Fester

    This club SUCKS!I won’t ever come sex going on, and I’m sure “bugs” are crawling around. This place is GROSS! A bunch of pigs.

  101. Pete

    Who will give the best bang for your buck on nights?

  102. dave

    best club i’ve been to out of this world awesome staff and hot ass girls i’ll be back forsure

  103. XhXeXy

    Went there last Monday for stripper karaoke, which sounded very enticing to me. Found a parking spot on 8 mile, walked to the front door with my fiancee and we were greeted by a door man who told us we couldn’t enter unless we paid the valet to park our car.We are ready to over-pay for cover, drinks, coatchecks and dances yet that is apparently not enough for the penthouse club. They also want me to return to my car (which is parked in a metered public spot) and move it 20 yards to the valet so I can pay someone to park it.I call bullshit on this place for this corporate arrogance. Don’t fall for it- go to one of the other 300 strip clubs on 8 mile that are Detroit based businesses.

  104. Seanb

    Best looking dancers in Michigan

  105. in the know

    Obviously, the last personto post about Eddie, his wife and Devin dosen’t know him or her at all! Eddie got a DIVORCE! Jackass!What do you have against Devin? Unless you can name a time and place keep the BS to yourself! Your only trying to create problems where they don’t exist!

  106. WOW!!!





  107. Stanley
  108. Jim

    Awesome idea w/ that 2 for 1 drink deal. PACKED w/ hotties

  109. Very nice

    Great Club, hott girls

  110. Ed

    If you like being taken advantage of, be a guest here…otherwise steer clear. Law enforcement is crawling around this place…I don’t want to be YOU?

  111. matt

    great club

  112. Natalia

    Playhouse doesn’t fire too many girls. Amanda must have really f up. Playhouse is busier and I’m making $$$. Call info for number in Romulus, at airport

  113. Trisha

    since penthouse is closing down, I’m looking for another club to work at,not in Det. Any suggestions?

  114. Mickey

    NOBODY comes here for the FOOD! What nitwits. Girls are the draw. And for the last comments, there are dozens of clubs outside of Detroit city. You must not want to work at Flight, The pent sister club, so look around for a fit.

  115. jr

    Very hott girls!!

  116. StripKing

    This is a fine gentleman’s establishment, well decorated and they have the hottest girls in the state working here. The staff is awesome and friendly. The owners of all the rest of the clubs in the state should take notice of this club and learn how to operate a professional business where they too can be successful.

  117. Grrr

    Management sucks at this place, Eddie the daytime mg is a piece of shit,

    he keeps the club at a cool 59* the girls are running around sick and look

    as if they are dead because it’s so cold. There is a coke dealing stripper

    named jade, Nasty looking girl… Don’t know why she’s there. All the girls

    are coked out there minds 24/7. It’s pathetic. Hate this place NEvER going


  118. re: in the know

    ya sure he did…….lmao!! what were you there when he signed his divorce papers?? no, i didnt think so…..thats why he only fucks devin at work or at a hotel….so why is it that you think hes divorced? because he doesnt wear a ring…HA! why dont you drive by his house and take a look at whos coming and going. maybe hes having problems, he always has with keeping his dick in his pants….but hes NOT divorced.

  119. Big Mike

    Hot club, Hotter women, and Hotest Dances !

  120. russ

    awesome party, the place was packed and beautiful girls everywhere, good service, nice job to alan

  121. miles

    Fanastic club, great job Alan!

  122. drake

    great club! great girls!

  123. Gordon

    Cops outside waiting…be careful here

  124. Dangerous

    where people from out of town get robbed, shot at and then found on your lawn the next mornin

  125. lunch

    great afternoon lunch crowd, nice job

  126. Hef

    Bad club, unkind and some smelly women! ukk!

  127. Inspector

    Overall a very nice time. Drinks way over priced. But all of the ladies from the wait staff, shot girls to the dancers were very friednly and sweet. Experience was more than enough to want to come back.

  128. Nick F

    Very upscale club!


    Great place to go, I like it here.. A lot of hot latina blond girls too, mmmmm…

  130. re:John

    ignore what the haters say ignore them till they fade away.. THIS PLACE IS THE FUCKEN SHIT… HOLY SHIT

  131. Rodney
  132. sammy

    playhouse sucks

  133. Dayshift

    Best Day shift in all of 8 mile by far

  134. sandy

    fantastic service and dancers, wonderful experience

  135. Ahmed

    Woo hoo..southfield..across the 8 MILE line, barely. Face it, you get what you get on 8 Mile. Just like the movie…etc, etc. nuff said

  136. Mike

    nice afternoon crowd and lunch time show very very nice

  137. Richard

    Bad experiences are the norm here..too much cost for your disease…bad neighborhood and management who spend more time bothering the dancers than working

  138. Martin

    Very hott girls! nice club

  139. sharp

    service was very good, beautiful woman also helps

  140. Frank

    fantastic club!!

  141. Jesse

    This club is awesome, the best in Detroit by far

  142. AX

    AX me and I’ll tell YOU…Yes, it’s TRUE..I was pulled over leaving Penthouse and it wasn’t until the next day that could get my car back. A little too much drama for me.

  143. Greg

    Skanks who stank! Management who compete for the dancers. Doormen who extort extra $. Police who ID people in the club and lay in wait outside. Rumors of another raid. Why in the world would ANYONE want to deal with that? Well…?

  144. RE Becky

    personally me and the guys from work love this place, and if you act like a whore you get treated like a whore

  145. re:jim

    All kinds of shit lurking around this place Jim, it is fucken 8 mile you sap! They like to hide back in the neighborhood on the street between the valet lot and the buidling.. There is fucken cops everywhere, open your eye’s and maybe your ass will follow!

  146. Gary

    The Playhouse had a great Christmas Party last night…thanks for the recommendation..

  147. Re:Seth

    Soooo…We keep hearing all this BS about cops everywhere? If you didn’t leave shit-faced it wouldn’t be a problem, also, if there are cops everywhere on 8 mile, guess that means no Trummps, etc,right?

  148. Dancer

    Place is nice. Dance privacy is good. Quality of girls is excellent. The hookin has to stop. Never saw one cop coming or going. No place in Detroit will get busted by police. It’s a fact that everyone knows. They pay to play. Unless the FED’s get involved. Which they won’t unless a lot of drugs are going on in the place.

  149. DD

    Lots of girls. Good variety. Very nice atmosphere.

    Drink prices are sky high!

    Overall—enjoyed my stay…..

  150. Kwami

    Yo, listen up..Y’all got some work to do on this club.

  151. Rick

    Hott ass girls!

  152. Aron

    I don’t like the Penthouse…I tried it, but it’s in the ghetto and very uncomfortable…I’ll go to any other kind of club rather than, as past mayor Coleman Young once said, “hit 8 Mile!” Of course he was referring to Pimps, whores, thieves, muggers, and the like…I don’t like it…period!

  153. Ken C.

    Lol. Worst place ever. I came in with 9 guys for a bachelor party. They don’t have an ATM so they make you get a cash advance. The door girl kept telling me to “come back in 5 minutes”. I was trying to withdrawal $1,200. After 25 minutes I told the girl I wasn’t interested anymore and they kicked me out!! Due to the utter stupidity of the door girl the club lost out on over $2,500!! Hahaha dumb people!!!

  154. paul

    Food was out of this world

  155. Edwardo

    Police looked bad when they came to raid and the parking valets tipped the club. Cops are now a bit pissed, you might say. And say, “don’t you think that they’ll be back to set the score straight?” Uh huh, that’s what I thougt!What u gonna do when they come for YOU!

  156. Jo

    Best bar I’ve ever worked in Great owners The BEST management ever awesome job on the club Alan everytime you open a club its better than the last thumbs up to you!!!

  157. YO

    Best club by far!!

  158. eddyL

    $7 valet parking is mandatory (plus $3 tip). $10-15 cover charge at night depending on if it is the weekend or not. Very expensive with food and drink prices. Lap dances are $25/song but lots of VIP options. You are better off going across the tunnel to Windsor where you can hire an escort and it will be a sure thing instead of doing VIP here.Also this club is having legal problems because of the new laws that passed that affect the strip clubs within city limits. Better off going to Flight Club, which is similar and owned by the same guy but it is outside city limits. Penthouse is tied up in a lawsuit with the city…

  159. Becky

    A bunch of LOSERS…the managers..and staff..I’ll be working elsewhere where I get more respect!

  160. Darko

    Very nice club, very hott looking servers and dancers

  161. happy


  162. Trixie

    THIS CLUB IS A RIP OFF..Management has their heads up the dancers asses

  163. Eddies exgirlfriend

    i know this is a little late…….but to the post about devin and eddie…… you honestly think his wife doesnt know what he does on the side?? she knows him better than anyone and probably doesnt care. sex is sex……no one other than his wife matters to him…..devin may think shes special, but the truth is…he will get bored of her and when he does, he will find another favorite.

  164. Beckwith

    John’s gone? Ed’s next? Overpriced? Dangerous? Cops lurking outside? One answer fits all.Guess…

  165. re:harold

    Hey Harold..What city pulled you over and what did you get ticketed for? What were you questioned about?

  166. Techno

    i like it better than Rap

  167. KJ

    Awesome place, Best girls!

  168. Elvis

    I tried it and I didn’t like it..too many cops outside pulling people over when they leave

  169. Matt K

    Tina is the a great bartender hands down, and penthouse has a nice show

  170. Brian

    Great Club. Best in Detroit for sure.

  171. Sweet Pea

    I just started to dance & Penthouse is my 1st club. I love how Alan only lets the BEST work here. No riff raff, I’ve seen him turn girls away. Drink prices are up there.

  172. Tj

    Very upscale nice place, Great dancers!

  173. RAY

    Penthouse killed it last night!! Perfect night

  174. Katrina

    This club sucks. I think they try to exclude the brothers here

  175. Eric

    The same thing happened to me as the Harold guy. Pulled over as I left for an improper lane changed. It was clear that they were just hassleing me..I don’t need to be put through this when going out for a good time, and ending up with a Nightmare!

  176. Ken

    Major Cop Problem. Be Very Careful!

  177. RU
  178. Tony

    Not Happy..I prefer the suburban clubs for FUN! I’m uncomfortable with the 8 mile problems

  179. Matt Tech

    This club is first rate!

  180. re:harlod

    Every since one of Ed’s whores had that Cisco Exec shot and robbed a block away from this place late last summer the heat is on. Not a very good idea to piss Cisco exec’s off, they bring well paying jobs to shit hole city’s like Detroit. Design most of your telecom and broadband infrastructure, trust me this place is marked. Cisco spends more money in Detroit than Alan’s swanky little pimp ass could ever put in city officials pockets to make this thing go away.

  181. customer

    sucks. overated!

  182. LOVE IT

    Awesome Eye Candy!!

  183. Vince

    WAY OVER RATED! Nobody has mentioned that the police are also present on the north side of 8 Mile, in the burbs…you have a tough time if you’ve had more than a couple of drinks. Definitely hazardous to ones health and turns everything into a nightmare!

  184. Amanda

    I was fired from Playhouse

  185. Enzo

    Going down fast. It won’t be long until the “newness” wears off. Cops are still hanging around pulling people over as they. Cops must have quotas to flll. THE newness is fading fast. Lots of other clubs have a more comfortable atmosphere.

  186. Big AL

    Nice place, just don’t stick around to mingle with the locals. Remember your on 8 mile, see what you want to see and bail!

  187. jenna

    nice club

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