The Penthouse Club



20771 8 Mile Road, Detroit, MI 48219


42.4435201, -83.2476179




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Penthouse Club

  1. Elevated Thoughts

    I wish this site made it known who ever one was so people could stop hiding behind there PC talking shit. Its sad that most of the shit being talked is by club managers & dancers. Its over 30 clubs in Detroit which makes it enough room for every one to make $$. We know Cheetah is upscale black club, Penthouse little flight club, All Star a death trap, Trumpps a mostly white club, Booby trap a joke, Players need to close, Pantheion washed up, Crazyhorse baby Sting, Sunset Strip Fat girls, Venus next 2 motel , Bts blowjob central, Hot Tamalees needs help, Hardbody no hope . Shit the list goes on but the fact of the matter is, how many of you really think customers pay attention to this shit. Dont you know people love negetive shit. Why u think all entertainers that do dumb shit we love to hear about it? Its just sad that people in 08 feel the need to bring race into play because black guys like white girls and white guys like black girls. I have been to all the clubs that I listed and have told nothing but the truth. We should be thinking about things like whats happening in Grand Rapids, Mi where the dances has no contact with customers at all! 6 feet rule. If that comes to Detroit you wont need to be replying to this site, u will be filling out apps at Micky Ds! Think about it, all people are diffrent and so are the clubs. All you guys and girls should stick together and learn new laws so can fight them when they come uo instead of fighting one another. I know we will have many silly comments but for the ones that care lets stay aware and B prepared…

  2. employee

    funny i work there and have yet to see a cop when i leave girls are great and friendly best management ever love the bar alan you always outdo yourself

  3. Alicia

    This place STINKS!. Bunch of bigots. I wouldn’t work here EVER! LAMO!



  5. freddy g.

    getto getto getto



  7. JO

    This is the best club by far Hot girls great owners as well as management I love this place Best place I’ve ever worked!!!

  8. Jose

    No good

  9. Stan

    Get ready to work outside of Detroit. It will be good!

  10. AssnTits5

    Lol. Worst place ever. I came in with 9 guys for a bachelor party. They don’t have an ATM so they make you get a cash advance. The door girl kept telling me to “come back in 5 minutes”. I was trying to withdrawal $1,200. After 25 minutes I told the girl I wasn’t interested anymore and they kicked me out!! Due to the utter stupidity of the door girl the club lost out on over $2,500!! Hahaha dumb people!!!

  11. Johnnyboy123

    I visited this place over the holidays while visiting family. $7 valet, I don’t there is a place for free parking unless you park on the street in front of the building. I went on a Friday night and it was $15 cover and $8.75 Heinekens. There is one main level and a second smaller upstairs level for smokers and the rooms are up here. Overall the dancers here are pretty good compared to other places. $25 per song unless you negotiate something else with the dancer. Weekends are crowded.

  12. harryharry

    For a second I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this review – it was a tough battle between my honesty and dignity. Then I remembered my profile picture is me biting into a fried cricket head. My dignity went out the window long ago, might as well be honest.So I went to this fine establishment for a charity gala, the theme being supporting single mothers and putting poor students through “med school.” It really is amazing how many strippers are actually doctors. I can only imagine how raunchy those hospital Christmas parties get… Anyway, for the most part the club was perfect. Beautiful women, great service (albeit slightly expensive for drinks), but overall it was everything you’d expect from a top notch club in Vegas. It’s only flaw was somehow had accidentally put it in Michigan. But despite that, we were still having a great night.And then I met her – THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS! “Foxy,” the beautiful and elegant dancer, moving as gracefully as any future nurse, slowly and calmly sucking on a blue piece of plastic shaped like a cigarette, and… wait, did I say girl of my dreams? I meant nightmares, she was a complete &*#%! She somehow managed to convince me in my inebriated state, despite a complete lack of charm, that her “PREMIUM DANCE” for $25 was a great investment. She then proceeded to take me upstairs, text away until the song was almost over, then sway sadly while staring at herself in the mirror. After yelling “NO TOUCHING.” It was like the kind of dance you’d get at a county jail, but with less affection. I assumed she was trying to make up for the lackluster performance when she kept on dancing through the next song silently, but turns out her complete lack of dancing skills could only be rivaled by her complete inability to use numbers. She somehow decided that after 2 1/4 very sad songs, I owed her $125. To which I replied with as much calm and politeness as i could muster, “you’re out of your mind!” The muscleheads outside were running low on creatine and backed her up, saying I owed $75 because “you’re a grown man. You could have yelled stop and walked out at any time.” Now that’s service! She then capped it off by coming by our table and swearing at everyone for 10 minutes, with class. Well, least my friend had a great night!In short, it’s a great place, ruined by a dancer that’s obviously in the wrong profession. She should be out running a carnival game, where you’re encouraged to swindle people, or doing something more befitting of her personality, like clubbing baby seals. If you see a girl there with glasses, smoking an electronic cigarette, “going to med school,” and referring to herself as ‘foxy,’ avoid like tuberculosis. Otherwise enjoy your night at the charity gala.

  13. John ellis

    I’m on the door at the strip

  14. Mark

    Over rated..Over priced…too much drama..too many cops waiting outside!

  15. Big Al

    I took my morbidly obease HENRY ass up there on a Sunday and was surprised I wasn’t only person sitting in there plus I actually stayed for more than one beer. What I find amazing about this place is it is actually part of a publicly traded company Nasdaq(VCGH). I m a washed up strip club vet and loved to see a place that had hot women in it these days and a added bonus they left me alone. Did I feel uncomfortable or unsafe not at all, I was very pleased with the service and like I said they left me a lone. I don’t care to stick around and get to know people or establish long term relationships,, lmao. I learned a long time ago you swim in the Sea long enough you are going to run into sharks so only take these places for face value. The layout is very similar to the Flight Club with the two levels and everything down to the illuminated mirrors. The sound system is EAW Avalon kept at low volume so the volchers can talk you out of your money, fiber optic curtains. I bought two dances upstairs but wasnt to pleased with the fact the bouncer shut the curtain behind us, I really don’t trust these women. I got nervious because these women make things up all the time and that seemed like a nice way to get a phony count on your dances. But I guess they need them to keep the cops from taking pics with their belt buckle cams. I haited that shit that is why I only spent $50 of my planned $400 up there. There is no blow jobs going on, and lets get one thing straight Goldman was shot down the street from the place the dancer took him to a empty parking lot and had her X con or crooked cop BF plugged his ass, not in front of the place they are not that stupid! Plus I didn’t see one cop inside or out in front of the place. If I did see a cop in there I sure in the hell wouldn’t want to be upstairs behind a shut curtain with a broad in my lap. LMAO.. Being a NYME electronic trader I don’t think Markawitz would pay my ticket. People seem to think we are the anti christ since $4 a gallon gas, haha. Will I go back Heck ya this sunday, lmao not for a while.. Like I said you swim in the sea long enough you find a shark. I could go there everyday if I wanted but don’t care to, I to fat and old! For guys talking about $150 blowjobs hit up craigs list, I can afford the ones on eros and like that site more. Peace out and give this place business, because it is a good place. Just remember the number 1 rule of titty bars, you can feed the animals at the zoo just don’t take them out of the zoo or you end up like Ben Goldman, especially in this economy they are really broke. No more UAW guys to piss away their profit sharing on them

  16. Tiffany

    This place is awesome. The girls are hot and its the best.

  17. bestcusto

    i love penthouse n the dancers jenna marie is my girl , she one of the realest ones in the club love u boo c u friday

  18. Randy
  19. Tim

    out of this world club!

  20. maxxy1

    $7 valet parking is mandatory (plus $3 tip). $10-15 cover charge at night depending on if it is the weekend or not. Very expensive with food and drink prices. Lap dances are $25/song but lots of VIP options. You are better off going across the tunnel to Windsor where you can hire an escort and it will be a sure thing instead of doing VIP here.Also this club is having legal problems because of the new laws that passed that affect the strip clubs within city limits. Better off going to Flight Club, which is similar and owned by the same guy but it is outside city limits. Penthouse is tied up in a lawsuit with the city…

  21. Franklyn

    It’s not a bad strip club…but it’s definitely not worth the prices they’re charging. Hence the three stars.A group of us went during prime time (10pm – 12am) on a Saturday night. Valet would’ve been $7 if it weren’t for the limo and we each paid a $15 cover charge. Drinks are typical strip club prices…$6 a beer and up. The bouncers were nice enough to seat us up front by the stage. The area seemed safe enough and the dancers were pleasant. They weren’t, however, very attractive. You would think a place charging Vegas prices and with the franchise backing of Penthouse magazine could afford some women that didn’t look like they would be as comfortable in a Wal-Mart wheelchair as they are dancing in a thing. And no I wasn’t looking for any “action”…I was there with my GF among other people.Bottom line…it’s an ok place to go. Safe enough, roomy, well lit…but be ready to spend and don’t expect much in return.

  22. Joe

    The girls are some of the best around, the waitresses are hot, and the bartenders a quick to serve. Never have an empty glass or bottle in front of me- one of the bartenders is always right there to suggest a new drink or get me my usual!

  23. Freyto

    Food and girls are out of this world!!

  24. fuckery12

    Went there last Monday for stripper karaoke, which sounded very enticing to me. Found a parking spot on 8 mile, walked to the front door with my fiancee and we were greeted by a door man who told us we couldn’t enter unless we paid the valet to park our car.We are ready to over-pay for cover, drinks, coatchecks and dances yet that is apparently not enough for the penthouse club. They also want me to return to my car (which is parked in a metered public spot) and move it 20 yards to the valet so I can pay someone to park it.I call bullshit on this place for this corporate arrogance. Don’t fall for it- go to one of the other 300 strip clubs on 8 mile that are Detroit based businesses.

  25. harley guy

    awesome bike show beautiful girls, good job

  26. marko

    this is the 2nd best bar in michigan, flightclub is #1. Alan knows what he is doing, thats for sure. the girls are hot just like at flightclub but this is closer to my house so I will be frequenting here often. thanks again alan

  27. Al

    Some windy commenting here…I don’t believe Playhouse has drinks foe $3…but it is worth the drive to check them out. Lots of fun happenning. And they’ve hired a manager away from Flight Club..he’s laid back and the focus there is on the HOT WOMEN!

  28. Jamil

    Nothing much here..L. strip and playhouse are better

  29. News

    LOL They got closed down!

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