Mike D’s Fantasy’s Island



38 Benvenue Road, Duncannon, PA 17020


40.4027895, -77.0104428




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Mike D’s Fantasy’s Island

  1. H2O

    The club is small but it has a nice atmosphere. It seems as though there needs to better management. Customers constantly complain about the managers. How the managers treat them, and how unprofessional they are. I agree they are very unprofessional. The girls are all good looking and every guy has his preferance, we need to remember that. And as for the club being watched, if youre doing what your supposed to keep it up and if there is someone in the wrong and everyone knows about it including managment they should MANAGE it. Make that money ladies dont let it make you. Love you guys 🙂 and see you in a month.

  2. chris

    screw this club!!! It is horrible!! Plus I heard that danica is back dancing at club Babylon across the street from fantasy island!! I will be going there now that I know she is back dancing in the area!!

  3. jake
  4. long time customer
  5. bolivar

    not as dreadful as I feared, left a lot to be desired though

  6. marie

    wow! i havnt been on this site for a very long time.it really is sad that SOME dancers have ruined it for others.im not gonna sit here and talk shit about the club but i can tell ya things are gonna change hopefully very soon.no its not a big club but its a nice lil chill spot.im back working so now ya know im back.i mostley work the day shift monday tuesday thursday and fridays and im there friday till 12. danica is my girl and she has tons of haters like me hahaha but we just let them hate anyways sorry you guys had a bad time when you came in.DANICA IF U SEE THIS I MISS YA MY LOVE

  7. big man

    great club, beautiful girls, especially zoey and mariah. had fun and def worth the time. so yeah its worth the trip in. be back next time girls!!!! :p

  8. Antonio Guccione

    Are you serious bro!!??? Penthouse is not serious???? LOL!! Ok, now I know too many people come on here to act stupid!!!

  9. mr shy

    I luv this club nice atmosphere girls are great especially seduction she is very pretty and can’t wait to go back

  10. drew

    nice little club nice girls

  11. Nick

    I heard about this stripclub list site and had to come check it out. But look, lets get down to business, Fantasy Island has got to be the worst fucking club. Nothing but fat, stretch-marked, drug addict, girls there!! I was traveling through from south carolina and stopped in to check it out. Wow, what a mess!!! From poor management to ugly fat girls, this was interesting. Isnt there a criteria when hiring strippers or exotic dancers!!!!!????????

  12. john c

    amazing little club

  13. l peater
  14. Dom P.

    Seriously people, fantasy island is a dump!!! I work hard for a living and run my own businesses. And I enjoy going to all kinds of different gentlemans clubs. But this club in filled with drug addicts(and i mean plenty of them) , girls who have horrible stretch marks, and girls who were lied to when they were told they could dance.Plus they mostly are rude and ignorant. Including staff who is another total story!! But on a better note, I stopped by this Babylon that some people have been talking about(which is right across the street from the crappy fantasy island) and really liked it. And I must say, it is good to have one of my favorite girls back to the area. Welcome back Danica!! Her and marie were two of my favorite dancers ever. I actually was able to see danica dance in atlantic city and guys let me tell you, this girl should be dancing in vegas!! She can compete anywhere she goes. But anyways, it is good to see her now i would like to find out where marie is also!!

  15. john c
  16. ???
  17. Steve T.

    So fire didnt push for dances huh!!!!! Ok, well i used to be a customer there until recently and when she was there, all i would hear out of her mouth to customers was bad mouthing other girls. How sweet and professional is that?????? Anyways, I dont know danica that well. But she is one of the few girls in that club that didnt solicite sex or seem to me that she was a cunt or on drugs. So, if people are going to come on this site and bad mouth people when they probably dont even know them, they should atleast put a name up and not a bunch of ???????????????????????????????????!!!! Oh yeah, by the way, who gives a shit where fire is!!!! The club is free of big blonde girls for now!!!

  18. Dominic

    Hey new york, i totally agree with you. This club has potential but it is horrible. I am actually from linglestown and I used to go to club 22 and fantasy island to see danica also!!! She was a great dancer! She was a sexy girl with a hardcore side. Lots of tattoos but not too much where it looks bad. She has that huge tattoo on her vagina! She works at another club now that is out of the area. I go to see her there now!!

  19. meatman

    it sucks

  21. sho love
  22. rex
  23. jinhel
  24. too bad

    This is NOT a gentleman’s club. No dj, no girls, no customers.

  25. jim s.

    I am not a problem starter or gossip king, but when I heard that you could come on the internet and comment on clubs I jumped on this one right of way.A buddy of mine told me about this site. I am a traveling business man who comes through harrisburg quite often. I have been to many clubs in my time and finally stopped at fantasy island. I usually went to adult world while i was in harrisburg since club 22 was so god awful and unprofessional. Wow, fantasy island and club 22 have to be the worst clubs I have ever been to. HONESTLY!!! From horrible looking ladies to poor management, these clubs are the worst. Most of the girls are ignorant and have bodies that should be behind a desk or maybe working the streets. Anyways, atleast there is Savanahs and Babylon to go to when i am in town. And I think it is funny reading all the comments on the dancer named Danica! Especially since she is the only reason i go to club Babylon and not Savanahs. She is so beautiful and is such a graceful and beautiful dancer. I cant say I am her regular but boy would I like to be. And I must say, she was very polite and didnt offer me sex like 75 percent of the girls in harrisburg. Dont get me wrong, boy would i like that but i am getting older these days and just want to see extremely beautiful girls who can get me excited like Danica!

  26. ken green
  27. Thank you

    I am so glad to see that you brought back your daylight girls. It is so good to see them and they are so polite and generous. They sit and talk to the customers, goof around with them, and above all that take time to get to know them.

    Great job management for getting them back.

  28. rajak

    saw this danica the other week at babylon. if she’s in penthouse it is NOT bigtime in any way. that one was not even the second best dancer there that night.

  29. scott
  30. glock9
  31. No way

    I have to say that since the club has opened the way management has been running the club has changed big time. I like it a year ago when management actually talked TO the customers and not down to the customers. Has new girls in there, but lost a few good ones. The ones that were there from last year have improved and pleased with. But, and there is always a but, I feel that if this club is going to be running the next year, do something about management. Send them to a course on manners and such. Please if you can, lower door prices cause it is outrageous and the price of dances. Cant stand to listen to the dancers complain that they have to do 3 or 5 dances before they can even get 10% of their money back. Really, please do something about it or I will look for another establishment.

  32. haha


  33. scott w
  34. david
  35. larryc

    had a good time the girls are sweet .

  36. bobby

    Wow, this club is horrible!!!

  37. Dave

    This club sucks!!! Not a hot girl in there. Theyeither looklike they just had a baby or they were on drugs.

  38. Danika

    Hey Marie it’s Danika, heard about the haters on here so i decided to check it out. Thanks for havin my back girl, miss you too!!! And to whoever said I was in rehab, I have an abcessed tooth and my mouth is swollen. It’s amazing how people continue to bad mouth me but have nothing to say to my face. But anyway…. be back to work asap.

  39. ml

    it sucks

  40. leroy

    hot girls

  41. josh

    love this club the staff and girls are supper

  42. larry
  43. .
  44. big al


  45. bob guccione

    unlike the days when I owned it,Penthouse today has a damn small circulation. more people will read the Harrisburg Patriot this month than will see Penthouse. so big-time it is NOT

  46. joshua a minium

    this club is good but could used some better attuide

  47. Unkown

    I am a customer of club Babylon! And I had to come on here to make an announcement that is 100% true!!! Since I always come on this site to see what people are saying about DANIKA, I figured I would let everyone know something that is fact and not opinion or talk. Danika was approached by a representative from Penthouse magazine and they will be doing an article on her soon and she will appear in the magazine possibly within the next two issues or so! I know this because I was in the club the night the Penthouse reps were there interviewing her and setting up her photo shoot dates. I also thought it was cool to talk to the Penthouse people! I asked them how they heard about Danica and they said because one of their reps was traveling through town on business coming back from new york and stopped into club Babylon just to see what type of ladies they had and saw Danika. All i can say is that this girl is about to hit it bigtime if the article on her goes well according to the Penthouse team. Good luck Danika!! I dont know you personally but it was cool to see you dance before you hit it big and it was cool talk to penthouse people!!

  48. joe
  49. sam
  50. scott l

    nice club

  51. Steve

    WOW WOW WOW!!!! All I have to say to the mystery man who said that Fire was hot is, “are you mental”?????!!!? You cant be serious. You have to be a person who is just playing around to be smart!! Fire was blonde and that is about it. She was the size of sasquatch and danced like she had a mental disorder. Very unattractive girl!! It is because of girls like her that I stopped coming to this club as much. I miss girls that were hot as hell and could dance such as that Danica girl!!! Now that girl was exotic as hell. Not sure where she is but she is smoking!!! I also miss marie!!!

  52. Joe

    What happened to misty she was my favorite her pussy is so tite

  53. marshall k
  54. andrew

    So, I come back to the harrisburg area on business for the first time in a long time and hope to see one of my favorite dancers ever, DANICA, and what do i see, well, i see a whole bunch of fat and bad attitude girls. Wow, the last time I was at this club they had one of the hottest and sexiest dancers ever and her name was Danica!! Now they have fat and gross girls such as Fire or whatever her name was. All I know is that if she was a fire then it would take 7 tons of water to put her fire out. Wow, what a gross group of girls. Sorry, I am normally not ignorant like this, but come on, are you serious!!!!! I wanted to come on a while ago to make a comment but i ended up getting busy.

  55. New york

    Would someone tell me where DANICA is? I stopped into fantasy island while i was in town on business and she wasnt there anymore. Management, are you serious???? She was one of the hottest girls and nicest girls to ever work in the whole harrisburg area!! I have a whole hell of alot of buddies to side with me on that. We brought our bachelor party in there once and she was the best. She actually is not a whore like most of your girls but still makes it worth your time with her dancing , attitude, and conversation. I am moving to the area with my wife but will not come to this club if she is not there!

  56. glen c

    was in the club about 3 months ago back in town was in last sat night the girls are hotter than ever . and the guy behind the counter was very nice to me when i came in i will be back .

  57. jin
  58. love ruby
  59. david c
  60. walter p
  61. Where are they?

    I will put a good review but if you don’t bring back your two daylight girls, I will personally will recommend that people go to another club and I will make your rating go way down. MANAGEMENT!!!! FIND THOSE GIRLS AND GET THEM BACK!!!!

  62. yo money

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