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0 reviews for “Body Shop

  1. uknowwho

    we always love this place it’s always a blast every time we have been luv the staff nd all the girls they are real people , the owners make it real and fun so you should really give it a try , mr.and mrs. ,we miss ya’ll when we aren’t there hope to make it back real soon gotta see r2d2 lol

    ps love the clean drug free atmosphere

  2. jayson

    was there thursday night and had a blast, cant wait to come back next year when we head that way for our annual fishing trip. to bad you weren’t closer to south dakota

  3. debntrav

    This club was awesome and fun the owners was great hosts, the owners and the dancers know how to make people feel comfortable. The bouncer even knows how to make things fun and enjoyable when the tabls was turned on him, we both had the best time ever going to a gentlemans club and will go back thats for sure A++++++++++++++++++++ to all the dancers ,hosts/owners, bouncers

  4. Rich

    Very much enjoyed this club! New management has changed the atmosphere & it works well for the place!! Much better than the old management!!! A must try for everyone! Kennedy and Natalie are HOT!! Ravin, Alex and Poni have great personalities!! Will make sure we come back!!

  5. Legacy

    I absolutely LOVE workong here! Its an Amazing bar and the girls are great! NO DRAMA! We have a great atmosphere we may have lost a few girls but we have class and all of our girls are beautiful and should be respected! Naomi is very classy and does her job very well! Never had any complaints! We are all trying to meet and greet everyone that comes in! We want everyone to feel welcome at the BODY SHOP! We love to have fun and make are customers feel at home! Just dont listen to the reviews until you come in and experience it yourself! Thanks lots of love from your girls at the BODY SHOP!!


  6. Mild2Wild (Dana)

    I have to admit I have been to about every Club in the Four State area and this TOPS them all Off!! The Body Shop is so Friendly Atmosphere with Great Dancers and the Club Management!! I would Recommend this Club to all that enjoys Great Company and Friendly People!! Most Clubs don’t have that, They make you feel at home and Welcome You with Open Arms!! I met a couple there that I introduced the Club too and we all Three had a Time of Our Lives!! My hat goes out to the Club for a Very Great Outstanding job well Done!! Looking forward to many more Parties There!! Thanks Again….Mild2Wild (Dana)

  7. Dan

    I must say I was quite impressed with the Body Shop. I wasn’t sure what to expect, since it was my first time there. But, all of the women were very friendly. It is a very relaxed atmosphere with pretty girls and nice people. If you’re in the area and looking for a drink, stop in and I know that Tammie and her girls will take good care of you!

  8. Mona Lisa

    Blaze, totally agree with everything you said, what a great club–the only stick in the mud is you!! If you get a chance eat a hamburger!!

  9. Chad Sebeniecher

    I cant express enough on how much fun The Body Shop is!! The girls are FANTASTIC in every way! They are beautiful, respectful and most of all have killer talents dancing for all of us!! If you havnt had a private lap dance, you are totaly missing it! From all the other exotic night clubs I have beem to, THE BODY SHOP BEATS THEM ALL!! A+ all the way!!

  10. gyberguy

    great club

  11. Bill
  12. Me

    I stopped by the club last night on my way through the area. Very friendly staff, including the bartenders/bouncers and all of the girls. Every girl was cute/attractive and all seemed to enjoy working there. I had VIP dances from both Sunny and Sandy and enjoyed both. Sandy was fun to talk with, very nice personality and good sense of humor. She’s the kind of girl you would like to just hang out with, although after hearing some of her stories I don’t think I would let her drive:) Sunny gave a very good private dance and was nice to visit with as well. The stage dances from all of the girls were quality, so even if you don’t like paying for VIP dances it is worth going here. My only complaint is that they advertise 2 for 1 dances from 8-10, but apparently the girls don’t start until 9pm. Overall a cozy and inviting place.

  13. george
  14. H.

    Came in this weekend and it was awesome! Tammie rocked the place and got the crowd involved. Atmosphere was great!! The girls were all friendly and I will definitely be back. The girl behind the bar is really cute and has a hot bod, but sucks as a bartender!

  15. Heath wilson

    The club is excellent nothing short of excellent been there twice in two

    years don’t go much but when I do it is excellent service and excellent

    dancing as well.

  16. cindi

    No class. Disgusting.

  17. bravo
  18. intrepidorator

    I just returned to this club after a long time because a friend said the girls were hot, I agree. I went there tonight- saturday sept 27 and loved the girls all pretty and nice. It was some guys birthday and they put him on stage and all the girls were all over him. I will return when I have the spare money for a privatre dance, with Alex I think her name was. See ya soon.

  19. former dancer, Blaze

    I want to apologize for the things I’ve said about The Body Shop on here and to others in the past. I haven’t worked there in about 7 months or so but feel it is necessary to clear things up. I made very serious threats, accusations, comments that were untruthful, immature, hurtful and all together wrong. I can’t undo it but I am truly sorry to Tammie, Shane and all the girls; I let my anger get the best of me which didn’t benefit anyone at all and certainly is no excuse. After working at many different clubs I can honestly say that The Body Shop was my favorite, it was the most fun place I’ve ever worked. I think of it as Cheers, where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came. I’ve never had better management or a better group of girls to work with in such a friendly environment where I felt so comfortable. I know that my apology doesn’t make things right but I can only hope that it’s a start. I had no right to lie, trash, threaten or direct any negative energy to anyone. Tammie is the type of person who will do anything for you and the girls were happy to work together as a team and very easy to talk to. The Body Shop is a cozy, hometown bar where everyone always has a great time, the staff is amazing and the dancers are each beautiful and talented. It wasn’t until last year that I truly learned the meaning of “burning your bridges”, it’s a life lesson I will always remember and carry with me. Again I want to apologize to all of you for every single comment I’ve ever made; I hope you can forgive me in time. Thanks for the great memories and I wish for you all nothing but the absolute best!

  20. Jason

    Trust me ,,,, to any of you looking for a very very good Strip club,,, The owner of this place is AWESOME and she will deff make you have a GREAT time! We will be deff going back prob several times! Girls are Pretty women,, which you wont find that to often in these area cuz they are just small clubs,,, but Tami has chosen very well,,,, The club is Small Woul dlike i tto be a little bigger with a bigger stage so that 2 dancers could dance and more room on the ummmmm Front row! However For a Small club we had the BIGGEST fun ever! Thank you Tami!

  21. camarokidd
  22. Naomi

    I started about a month ago. Great staff and bar all around. I am still trying to get to know all the reg. customers. Tammy is a wonderful person to work for and to play with. Hello Debbie hope to see you this weekend. We have two new girls and they are beautiful. Goodbye Cherry I thought u were a good dancer.Bradley I luv u too!Alex ur one of a kind.Karmen u have so much potential,but alot to learn. I love u all.

  23. Wesley

    The Body Shop was a lot better than I expected after I finally found the place. Most of the girls were friendly and good dancers. I heard a lot of the same music, not my style. Bar staff was busy and it took too long to get another beer. I had a VIP with Naomi and WOW she knows what she’s doin! You can get a lot for less there so if you don’t have much cash, don’t sweat it. I may be back…

  24. be back
  25. Tammie

    Hey there, we are under New Ownership and growing FAST! We have changed the atmosphere and everybody the patrons us has left enjoying themselves!! Every week our admission count is climbing. We are looking to add dancers… Give me a shout if you are interested. 918-314-2026.

  26. nocomment

    what can i say didn’t feel comfortable or welcome , guess maybe you got to be in the click , seen plenty of people being treated wonderful , guess they was friends of the owners , clicky clicky clicky

  27. returning customer

    The club is great, was a customer before the new management. Just glad to see girls actually dancing now.

    The new management seems to have taken things back into the right way. The new talent that comes in is great and im sure theres more to come. It gets busier and busier each time im there. Over all its a great club now, great drink prices, the pitcher special is awesome on thursdays, just have a DD. Its a great club on the up and rising – no pun intended.

  28. Blaze

    Hey everyone, thanks for the all the great feedback! I’ve been dancing here for 3 months now and absolutely loveee it Our girls are very sweet and smokin HOT and the staff makes everyone feel right at home. If you’re lookin for a place to wind down and relax, come on out and I promise you won’t be disappointed! Keep the reviews coming and hope to see you again soon!


  29. IMOAN


  30. Miranda

    LOVED the dancers! One gave my husband a great lap dance then gave

    me an enjoyable one too! And I’m hard to please! Great atmosphere!

    Beautiful girls!

  31. w2j

    The club is great, so much better ran than along time ago. The sound system is very good and a good stage. Alot of tables also so theres always a place to sit unless there packed. Cheap prices on beer, thursdays bring a d.d. Girls are great and all are super nice and fun. It is a great party atmosphere….go out and have a great time.

  32. Jesse

    The girls are warm and friendly, lots of attention but not the pushy kind,some VERY attractive ladies and a great laid-back atmosphere, My girl and I checked it out and we will definitley be going back!

  33. new customer

    I was at the club recently. The girls are friendly and fun loving. but I didnt know about the private dances.

  34. mr. dr.pepper

    what a great club dont miss out on a good time we be there every night if we could hope to see you all (alex,naomi,sunny,bradly,tammi,shane,jeff,etc) this weekend the best staff ever thank for always making us feel at home

  35. debbie

    WOW is all i can say The owner and that sexy bald bouncer is awsome , the girls are hott as can be , had the time of my life definately count on me coming back again and again…. Everyone there is sexy and nice a very awesome staff that make you feel welcome

  36. --me--n--him--

    awesome club awesome staff luv u guys , all are great people ,luv the bouncer , the dancers, the owners, only problem i see is that i am always sooooo tired the next morning lol (not complaining tho)

  37. Gman

    The dancers are excellent. This place is very addictive in a good way.

  38. DP

    i won’t be back, it sucked.

  39. Cruiser

    Not impressed. Girls were cute, but pretty much four versions of the same girl. And it was pasties, not topless. Pretty disappointed.

  40. louie
  41. billy bob

    this club sucks

  42. Swingin' Couple

    My wife and I LOVE this club!! The Body Shop is hands down

    the best gentlemen’s club in the area! The atmosphere is

    very laid back, the girls are warm and friendly and very,

    very attractive, the entire staff really goes the extra mile

    to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience. We

    have always enjoyed ourselves and will keep coming back!!

  43. JM

    Great experience, will be sure and stop in next time i am that way. Wish u were closer. I gave it a 9.5 i still got wood. The dancers were very talanted and the bartender was out standing. Loved the place. 🙂

  44. steve

    had a heck of a good time. the people there were a blast

  45. K

    Really nice laid back place. Good variety of women and

    excellent ownership. My wife and I are hooked on this place.

    Would highly recommend.

  46. shawn

    def under the new management and dancers it is lot nicer than what it used to be.. i had a great time and with a friendly atmosphere… will be def one my favorite hangsouts…. keep up the good work….

  47. d and t

    We love this place and can’t stay away damn that r2d2 is awesome lol love the owners they are wonderful and the dancers are friendly and real

  48. Thomas

    Stopped in on my way to Tulsa, this was my first time at the Body Shop. I was very impressed with the girls, especially Naomi, she is very sweet. The staff was really on the ball, keeping everything cleaned up and everyone’s glasses full. Was really surprised to find out that Jeff was just the bouncer there, he was very professional and really seemed to know what he was doing. I will definitely be back and will tell my friends about it!

  49. aaron
  50. doc

    would be nice if they had a waiter that did his job instead of groping all the woman all night the only good dancers they got is naomi, isis, sonny, lilly, alex, and karman first time natalie has been there and wow

  51. Austin

    Very fun took a friend for there birthday and wasn’t

    disappointed good cheap beer hot ladies and a great time.

    dancers were all friendly and very talented

  52. S
  53. KrzyLo

    Awesome atmosphere…Blaze and Karmen will bring me back every time! Got a couple weak links (Naomi & Alex) need to be dropped. Not sure bout the 2 new girls (Sonny & Lilly) think they was tweakin or on somethin. I’ll still be back to see my faves real soon!

  54. Brian

    When I came to this club I thought it was just another titty bar but this sexy,yet sassy girl caught my eye.She has a glare that kills.I couldn’t get enough of Naomi yeah I’m a sucker.I went back the next night.Toby Keith had it right I love this bar.

  55. Dustin

    You can’t put in to words what the atmosphere is like is this place. You just have to come and enjoy yourself and you won’t want to leave.

  56. Jake

    This is the best club in the State


    MET THE OWNER AND SHE REALLY KNOWS HOW TO RUN very professionally run operation….will go back again..had a wonderful time…nice clientele and the girls…wow!!!

  58. Lee Pence

    Good club and fun

  59. Wild Nite

    Hey I was in this place last week and it was great. I’ve been to some of the other gentleman’s clubs and this one has the most class and by far the best atmosphere. No drink hustling or pushiness from anyone. Overall, I had a damn good time and would recommend The Body Shop to anyone in the area!

  60. silky
  61. Samantha

    This was the first time I had ever been to a strip club. The

    bartenders, management, and even the strippers had

    conversations with me and made me feel comfortable. Definitely

    helped me to relax and loosen up a bit; I plan on going back.

  62. LACEY


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