The Penthouse Club



1801 North Westshore Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33607


27.9276482, -82.5243857




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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17 reviews for “The Penthouse Club

  1. Jackson

    Me and my party of three were enjoying our meal and having good conversation when were approached and told to leave at 2:35am because “The club was closing”…when the hours online state they close at 3am. When we told the red headed manager we didn’t even pay our tab yet he left us alone. He then came back at 2:45AM saying “okay it’s time to go now”. We were shocked to say the least when we looked around and noticed many other customers enjoying there drinks before closing, yet we were the only ones being asked to leave. I’ve heard a lot about this club being discriminatory in many ways. As someone who is a part of this industry, I was very disappointed.

  2. John John

    I went here last night. The menu is too upscale for me but. The waitresses and doormen were extremely nice everybody who worked there was. The girls I guess pick and choose who they. Approach. but I had a good time. 2 girls approach me. Only but they were both cool some girls don’t even make eye contact with you. I will be going back here there is no discrimination going on here for Black people it was a chill vibe. I felt very appreciated for even coming by staff. and they take great care only hiring good looking women. This isn’t a low quality place, and prices are fair. If you like chill vibes and beautiful looking women this is the place. Because again they don’t hire okay looking women or just anybody here. And the staff do a great job serving you.

  3. eddyL

    Incredible restaurant experience, from the impeccable service from a gorgeous waitress to an amazing filet oscar cooked to perfection paired with a juicy lobster tail. The creamed spinach and au gratin potatoes were scrumptious and they have my favorite champagne. Truly a classy place to have a delicious dinner, enjoy the view and spend some time with a beautiful girl…or two… in the champagne room or a private cabana…

  4. mathewater12

    Top notch service, entertainment and girls in an upscale enviornment, not your typical gentlans club, more like a sexy bar

  5. Mike S.

    I live in tampa. This is one of the classiest clubs here. The food is killer, and anything on the lunch menu is free 11 30 till 2pm daley. I’m not kidding. This is a 5 star restaurant. Back to the girls. They are georgious and friendly. When in Tampa, stop in for food and good time. Grab a free issue of the latest Penthouse magazene when you leave.

  6. strip man

    Best club I’ve been to yet.

  7. felixnada

    The food was amazing!! The girls were beautiful and highly attractive (even for a Monday night). The wait staff was super friendly, polite and exceptionally helpful. Top shelf place that my husband and I will definitely visit again. Loved it! They also have a free lunch we were told about that is defiantly worth trying. Again.. The food was to die for and better than most steakhouses I’ve been to.

  8. AssnTits5

    This is the seediest, dirtiest, and absolute worst gentlemen’s club that I have ever been to. The Tampa area has several top strip/gentlemen’s clubs, so I am really amazed that this dump is sill in operation. The women are absolutely disgusting, rude, and dirty. I felt like I needed to bathe in Lysol after leaving. The club itself is small and has a poor layout. Do yourself a favor and visit Mons or any of the other clubs on Mabry, NOT this place.

  9. HowardEvans

    The owners ruin the WHOLE experience, taking girls off stage mid set, causing fights, and treating the girls like his slaves. The girls themselves were very personable and pretty but sadly the owners have ran off about 90% of them and now the business is becoming just as miserable to sit at, as the owners personalities. If you ever wanna see some poorly treated girls, go there. Owners will even fire them for any money you offer to them/take them of stage mid set demeaning them and calling them fat. They also aren’t allowed to work if they can’t work certain days, clearly something they do just to spite the girls. Gene, James, and Mike are the only people that keep the club alive.

  10. chris
  11. Kylee P.

    Amazing!! Love this club beyond classy. The girls walk around in dresses and the food is heaven.

  12. ryan123

    What’s better than a night out on the town. A night out with naked ladies. Seriously though, one of the classiest clubs in Tampa, and we have a lot. I’ve never eaten here, but I’ve heard only good things. Steakhouse style food. Obviously not for everyone, but if this is your thing definitely check this place out.

  13. larry1

    I’ve been looking for a nice rental apartment and stumbled on this place. Turns out it’s not a luxury apartment complex but a strip club! Imagine my surprise!!!They serve up some good looking food and it’s a nice clean place with attractive employees and friendly service. My house hunting continues however.

  14. igor34

    What can I say? I am the adventuresome type. When my husband and I first moved to Tampa, we were intrigued by the strip club that also served steak. We looked at each other and decided it was a novelty we must some day try. 3 years later, on a Friday night with nothing to do, we decided to give their steak (eh-hem) a try.Surprisingly, all of the food was amazing. The bread was soft, fresh and warm. The steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare. It was well marbled without the big globs of fat and very flavorful. The grilled asparagus was the ideal complement to the steak and did not need hollandaise sauce to choke it down. I would give the food 4.5 stars.The club is very well appointed and spacious. Much larger than Mons Venus. They do serve alcohol which means that the girls don’t go fully naked. I would say that the girls were rated above average to beautiful. I was extremely impressed with some of the athleticism I saw with the pole dancing and booty shaking. I’ve decided to steal a few of the moves for my Zumba class :DWhat I like most about this establishment is the no pressure environment. The girls were not pushy and no one approached unwarranted. The dinner service was excellent. Management was attentive but not obnoxious. I would say that this establishment was better than most of the premier clubs I have been to in Vegas. —What can I say? I am the adventuresome type 😀


    great club if management didnt suck so bad the female manager that looks like a man named MARIA is a unhappy miserable little troll that likes to take out her unhappiness of being married to a 80 yr old man out on the entertainers and staff hopefully she comes outta the closet one day and becomes happy so she isnt a mean evil cunt anymore thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Harrison69

    Okay, so strip clubs (and naked chicks) are not my thing, but when we live in the strip club capital of the world, and the night goes awry, you’ve drank too much, then there’s always the possibility that someone in the group suggests going to a strip club. My first time here, I had only been to one other such place in the past, and that experience was frightening. I was afraid I’d caught a venereal disease just from sitting in one of their chairs. Fortunately, this place was different. The cover here is $20 per person, which is kind of steep (but when you’re drunk you just don’t care) but it is a much classier place than the aforementioned location. There were 6 of us that first visit (3 couples) and we sat up near the bar and didn’t pay much attention to what was going on onstage. In the words of my dear man the next morning, “I don’t even think I saw naked ladies!” We shut the place down as the lights came glaring on and ended up taking a cab to our next destination of ill repute. Oh, believe me, I regretted that the next day. On our most recent occasion, we had a friend visiting us from out of town who’d never been to a strip club. Off we go! We walked in, paid our $20 per person cover, and then attempted to sit up where we had sat before, but a drunken 21 year old (or so he says) was monopolizing the area. We headed down near the stage. What I like about this place (not that I’m an expert of this type of place or anything) is that you don’t feel bothered. Meaning, there’s no one rubbing on you or trying to solicit lap dances. I’m sure if you wanted that, it wouldn’t be difficult. There were plenty of girls circulating, and if you wanted to be up close to the action you could go to the stage and many of the guys (and girls) were having conversations with the strippers as they tipped them. You can just sit back and watch or have a convo with your friends and it’s all in good fun. And the girls here aren’t as trashy as they could be. I didn’t see fake boobs flopping around or many tattoos, or hair roots in need of a good dying. And many of the girls were truly athletic, which has to be appreciated. As for the food here…they serve food here? WTH? Um, no thanks, didn’t see food and boobs going together so we didn’t order any. But I can comment on the bartenders and servers, which are top notch. No boobs near my drink, either, which is a bonus! I’m sure at some point (hopefully not in the too near future) we’ll end up back here, because it is one of the classier locales for adult entertainment in the area, and I think we might have a drinking problem. 😛

  17. Jay

    Visited with my wife, her first visit to a strip club, and was made to feel very special.

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