Pink Rhino Cabaret



3613 East Van Buren Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008


33.4503014, -112.0033884




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pink Rhino Cabaret

  1. Warren

    I was in Phoenix again and stopped in Christies on 32nd St. (for those of you who know me know I’m a Christies fan) I am so tired of the attitudes of the girls in this club and I mentioned this to the only dancer who was nice to me (Mandy) She suggested I try Babylon (after I got 4 VIP dances from her of course) which was literally walking distance from Christies…so I did. I will NEVER go to Christies again! This club is brand new and beautiful! VERY unique club! If you haven’t see it…do! It’s a rock format. I was there this weekend (8/21/09)

  2. fuckery12

    I can’t say it’s the worst spot, but I just moved out here from ATL and I went with my brother who just got out the military. The doorman was cool. I had to spit my gum out..weird. Once inside we just observed since we are both new to Phoenix. We liked the music and thought it was pretty cool. We went on a night where there were some Arizona Cardinal players there. One of which was really rude. We chose to stand at the bar because they charged $20 just to sit. So the football player decided to walk pass and stand in between my brother and I in an attempt to be disrespectful as he thought we were a couple. Then his “crew” came shortly after just blocking our view all for no reason. No one order a drink or anything, just disrespectful. They eventually moved as I tapped the girl to tell her she was in my personal space. That kind of ruined the vibe for us so we left. I was very irritated by that but luckily neither my brother or I are confrontational. I guess some people just have a chip on their shoulder…goes to show that $$$ isn’t equal to happiness

  3. Chris C.

    This club is very big and is always packed when I drive by, lots of girls dancing which is cool, door guy was chill cover charge was high, they even charged our girls to get in too which I thought was dumb. Hard to get a waitress attention but it’s busy so it happens. Bottles were popping all night (it was Wednesday) little while later some dudes start fighting, tables getting knocked over girls yelling then after security hauls them out its back to business lol very interesting, not my favorite place but it could be worse

  4. james1412

    Its in a nice shady part of town that’s the way I like it, cute mexican and black girls , nice layout u will see a couple of cuties just look hard enough

  5. winston12

    So we walk in and they have a rap battle on the stripper stage. The people paying more attention to the rapper than then actual strippers, that gives us opportunity with the girls and I love it 😉

  6. fritter17

    So I am a fan of good “cabarets”. I think sometimes people don’t realize they are actually fun with the right people and can be entertaining if the girls are talented. Pole work is REALLY hard, so talent should not be discounted.Anywho, visited the place and it as sheer chaos, because they had a celebrity there and so it was ridiculously PACKED. We arrived and made our way to the back.. and the majority of people were having a good time. What was interesting was that the tables were all jumbled and moved around without rhyme or reason making it hard to get to and from the stage. Music was so-so. Sometimes it was great and sometimes the “hype guys” asked the music to be stepped up. The venue is a little dated and in need of a makeover BUT if you make it over, you will probably pay for that, so it is a trade off.The girls were of variety (ethnicity, size, skill). The ones that took the stage were pretty amazing. Some of the girls worked in teams and they were pretty good with their pole work. Is it the best I’ve seen, no, but it was good for the location. I would go back with managed expectations. Had a great time with the group I was with.Beware of extra drunk folks.. it stays open till 4am.. and folks sometimes get besides themselves.

  7. billtheguy12

    Craziest story at this club. A group of friends and I were celebrating a birthday and had a table. We had spent LOTS of money this night on dancers and alcohol. Well, we are at the table messing around and I jokingly spin on the pole, when a wad of ones I had in my pocket falls out onto the floor. I pick up my money when a stripper literally yanks my money directly out of my hand and runs off into the crowd. I was so furious. My other friends also witnessed a stripper put her hands around the birthday boys throat for no apparent reason. Our group left the club at that point, with a almost full bottle of grey goose left behind. The only reason I give this club 2 stars instead of zero is the fact the management team really tried to make it right, and kept trying to assure us they don’t want us to think this is how they run they’re business. They offered us to stay with free drinks but for obvious reasons, we wanted to move on to another club. They wouldn’t refund our full bottle of grey goose. So long story short, this was definitely a night for the books. The night I got robbed by a stripper and our good friend got choked out by another stripper.

  8. WTF

    Beautiful club with VERY few girls …. in there on a Saturday

    night at midnight and the few girls they did have were garbage

    …. dont waste your time

  9. Franklyn

    Ok so I’m from LA and moved to AZ, big adjustment right. I was looking for a place to hear some good music, have some drinks, chill and see some good dancers. I kept hearing about Pink Rhino! I checked it out and to me it wasn’t that bad. I wouldn’t call it ghetto just a spot with an urban flare. Dancers were cool but the drinks were good!Music was awesome and when I went rapper Rocko was in the building!I would go back but its not like KOD in Miami but will do for an AZ spot!

  10. richard95

    Door man with dreads was a b word. I (a female) went in with two other females and we were called broke b words by him for complaining about having to pay double cover charge per person. It was my second time going to this place. The first time was great. This second and LAST time I was treated like scum of the earth. Tone it down bro, you’re just a DOOR MAN. Go to jaguars 🙂

  11. Gabor H.

    PINK RHINO HANDS DOWN THE BEST STRIP CLUB IN ARIZONA!!! Good service, polite professional staff and amazing entertainment! I’ve been going to strip clubs since 1999 and out of all the clubs I’ve ever been to PINK RHINO stands out and is superior above all. Bottle service VIP and entertainment wise the best for your buck. When it comes to strip clubs I won’t spend my money anywhere else!!!! Thank you PINK RHINO!

  12. Jennifer J.

    My friends wanted to come here so Me being the Awesome friend I agreed 🙂 I think I came on a bad night. I didn’t see any skills on the pole… Music was really good. If you like booty shakin with a hint of Ghetto.. Ok more than a hint lol this spot is for you. This place lacks variety. Different flavors for different people.. I didn’t see that here…maybe I came at a bad night. On the other hand Our waitress was very nice. I did like that they have a taco truck right outside ;). Good idea on their part.

  13. ryan123

    I just moved from LA to here and I must say I miss my hometown. So I’m finding places to hangout and have fun with my sisters. We come here on Wednesdays Latin night it’s a $10 cover charge but you have $1 drinks. Amazing!! Until 12.

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