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1000 North Congress Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33409


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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65 reviews for “Monroe’s Of Palm Beach

  1. Strip Club Junkie

    always a good time here, nice people, staff is friendly and the girls are hot, my bank account has been drained and I don’t give a dam. Thank You Monroe’s !!

  2. Gilly

    This is what u get when you go to Monroes and spend money. BTW the food was great as well !!

  3. Bad Willy

    do you guys ever do lesbian girl girl dildo shows onstage anymore for the audience too enjoy? I wanna buy the sex toys and creamy panties after they have been used, I am a perverted dido and panty sniffer and not afraid to admit it.

  4. House Mamma

    Im looking for a house mom job in the area, does anyone out there know of a club that’s hiring? I go in, in the early evening, and I’m there until the early morning the next day. This sounds kind of cheesy, but I’m kind of like a Jack of all trades. Sometimes I’m a cheerleader, sometimes I’m a psychologist, a comedian, maybe a motivational speaker at times. I’m there to help the girls out. They come up and get ready. I have to try and make sure that what they’re wearing fits our dress code. You never really know what you’re going to get because different girls come in on different nights, so you never really know what the night will bring.

  5. Sammy

    Incredible service, outstanding food ,beautiful staff can’t wait to go back .

  6. Burnie

    Was having a great time drinking and spending money at Monroe’s. I guess had a few to many and decided to have this beautiful dancer take me for a private lap dance. Like the dumbass I am, I tried to stick my tongue up her rear end when she bent over near my face and she was kinda insulted as a result. She walked out and told one of the bouncers and I was asked to pay my bill and leave. If the girl who almost sat on my face ever reads this please accept my apologies I didn’t mean to offend you. Your ass was so beautiful I just couldn’t control myself.

  7. richie rich richie rich

    Ok, let me preface this by saying I am a strip club connoisseur. I do not have high or unreasonable expectations. I just like to have have a good time, watch girls shake their money maker and stimulate the economy. Security is overwhelming. Security was easier to spot than the dancers. Take the 30-40 down south to toosies, KOD or booby trap. Well worth the drive.

  8. Gina Mathews Gina Mathews

    Went on Friday to the club at night… WOW… Totally amazing… Enjoyed every aspect of this club. Me and my two friends will be back… great drinks, great atmosphere and steaks had a tomahawk ribeye and several dances from very hot women. Loved it !!

  9. just a guy

    don’t go!! they all think they own the club. the owners fuck the dancer in the office. if you wanna fuck the dancers it will cost you $250 just ask for nick, mark or tommy

  10. richard95

    This place is a blast!!! Open til 5am, serves food until 430am and it’s actually really really good food too! steaks, steak tips, seared tuna, meatballs, wraps with truffle fries u name it! Monroe’s has really stepped their game up lately too, there’s a lot more dancers and they are actually good looking ones. Service is on point and they have good bottle specials, I love bringing people here. Music is good and the DJ is hilarious

  11. James

    Great Girls overall great staff will be back next visit in town.

  12. brattlebop18

    Amazing food! Finally had the tomahawk steak last night! It was well worth it! The staff is always incredible and hospitable. Can’t wait to go back for more. Thanks monroes

  13. Current dancer

    Just another whore house………you know it is bad when managment is upset about the whores driving down the price of their extras rather than the act of them doing the extras.

  14. greg

    great place

  15. smokyJ

    This club is really lame and needs to get some better looking entertainers

  16. the dreamgirl

    this is the best club i have ever worked at in my life! what those idiots said below about it being bad there is all lies! im sure they are from a different club just talkin shit!!! come visit us!!!

  17. golf pro

    The girls are sweet and very welcoming. Yeah you get a couple that aren’t your type but overall it’s a great place. Will def be back!

  18. Phil from Philly

    great place…better than the one next door, I think it was called cheetah or cougars..cant remember the name..just visiting

  19. hate it

    dreamgirls is a joke! julian is a joke! the girls are nasty fat sluts!

  20. winston12

    The best adult club and steakhouse in wpb. It starts with great service and a friendly staff. They have something different every day of the week, which is what sets them apart from the competition. On top of all that they have beautiful entertainers from all over the world.

  21. Brittany M.

    Is it weird to consider myself a strip club connoisseur? I’m serious guys. I totally am!Let me start off by saying this is one of the classier clubs. It reminds me of a mini Scarlett’s. The decor and lighting is beautiful and the music is mostly house.Although it was about an hour drive from me, it was totally worth it.While inside we were greeted by the manager and security who were all very polite and professional. The service was also wonderful! Our bartender Amanda was super fun and attentive! She made sure we liked our drinks and checked on us regularly. Now I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the food, but holy moly! I ordered the steak. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to taste as good as Rachel’s, but it was pretty damn close! It was so tender and full of flavor! My margarita was the perfect complement to my dish!The only thing that sort of freaked me out were the people dressed in costumes walking around wearing wings and weird makeup. I didn’t quite understand that concept.. It wasn’t sexy, it was creepy. On the bright side, the staff and dancers were beautiful!I highly recommend this club! Will definitely be back!

  22. Bear

    Went to Dreamgirls regularly… Went in Last Night had a

    great friction dance, but the NEW DJ SUCKED ASS… Where did

    The Big GUY Mark go and DJ Kevin… Those were my two

    favorite DJ’s. I have been to several clubs and the

    OWNERSHIP and upper managment sucks!!! I will now take my

    business to other clubs… If anyone knows where DJ Kevin

    and DJ MARK are please comment on here… I want to go where

    there are good quality dancers and DJ’s…

  23. ex dancer

    dreamgirls was cool when it opened then went down hill when they started hiring dirty sluts..if your not sucking and fucking you might as well go work somewhere else..

  24. gary
  25. PalmBeachDoctor

    Went to the Club on a Saturday Night… Got to the club and

    The Short Manager sort of gave me an attitude right in the

    Lobby for no reason. I came prepared to spend several

    thousands of dollars. So right there was a turnoff. Then

    came in and noticed an Older Gentleman wearing glass and a

    suit and talked like he had marbles in his mouth. He looked

    fimilar and remembered from the last club before Dreamgirls.

    HE DID nothing except sit!!!

  26. Johnson12

    Would you like to get ripped off ?? This is the Place.. Managers and Waitresses will Push you their suggestions of Girls, NOT the Best one’s or the one’s you point at them, Features are Terrible, NOT EROTIC AT ALL, MORE CIRCUS THAN EROTIC, . Better drive south to Dean’s Gold or 11Eleven, don’t waste your time. This Club is into a Free Fall. NOT what it use to be last year. Many of my frinds are talking the same thing, that this place i’ts now on a free fall. In the last four or five times I was at the club, I requested two different girls from stage and this Brunet Nancy chick who’s been working there for a while as Hostess or Manager, she is always pushing other girls, coming with bad stories about the girls I request.TO BAD !!! I USE TO LOVE THIS PLACE AND THE STEAK.

  27. big J

    great club

  28. locolobo
  29. I know its you

    Thanks for the lies Jenna!

  30. jake h.

    The food in Legends was very OK, 3-stars at best. Having a DJ in a sound proof restaurant…that is just plain silly. They should have a piano player, or something classy. The level of the women that were working there..fairly interesting. Many female guests, but most of them too overweight for an approach.

  31. dont waste ur time

    most of the girls there are nasty! i had 1 girl offer to have sex with me with out a condom witch that shocked me and turned me off i left the club after that!

  32. Craig

    I was in there on April 1st during the day… 1st off I gotta say I loved that they don’t charge addmision… That won me over right from the top.. Then there must have been over 20 woman in there because the DJ had 3 girls on there main stage and one of the dancers behind the bar on a stage there… And it was just AMAZING seeing that many woman at once. I also must say I only paid $4 a beer.. NOT BAD PRICE… And they had a Free Buffet… Italian food loved it!! I recomend this place.. I spent only about $100 and got 5 dances too… Well worth it… Ask for Jensen and Anastisia… LOVED IT!!

  33. customer
  34. mary

    dreamgirls is nothing but a nightmare..julian stop trying to get in all the girls have a nasty ass black girl icyss or icy she is fat.. or preganat

  35. Justin W.

    Ok, let me preface this by saying I am a strip club connoisseur. I do not have high or unreasonable expectations. I just like to have have a good time, watch girls shake their money maker and stimulate the economy. Security is overwhelming. Security was easier to spot than the dancers. Made me ask what was the need (bad area, not safe inside or what?). Couldn’t stay more than 30 minutes. I haven’t been to many BAD strip clubs but this place friggin sucks. Will never step foot in this place again. Take the 30-40 down south to toosies, KOD or booby trap. Well worth the drive



  37. Club Rat

    The girls are friendly and range from skanks to hotties. 5am is too late for me, but 1am was hopping. 30+ girls(some BABES from Cheetah/Rhino). The music was modern and upbeat. No classic rockfest. Spent half the night with 2 girls making fun of mgrs running around with their ear peices being all important. lol Great FREE buffet.


    Nicest club in WPB.

  38. AssnTits5

    Went there recently on a Sunday night around 9pm. It was slow with maybe 5-10 customers there. With it being slow the girsl dancing were still super hot. The bartenders were pretty and attentive. 3 stars because there was one really drunk, loud and obnoxious guy there that they should have kicked out but didnt for some reason. Maybe he was a regular or friend of someone. Also the valet were rude and not helpful at all. We did not have any food so can ot comment on that.

  39. exec

    I’m mostly a daytime, early evening patron. Best Lap Dances: Jensen. See my comments in the discussion board.

  40. maxxy1

    This is the place to go with a large group of friends. Superb food and service. The entertainment is unmatched!!!To top it off they have a guy that juggles fire!!!One of the best nights I have had in Palm beach.

  41. tim

    love the new scenery in all aspects

  42. Tom

    The music is to loud and girls did not even approach me

  43. mike from OH

    STAY OUT!!!!! Nick trys to fuck all the dancer. Tommy has got his dick in Nicks ass. the DEA is in there all the time because all the dancer from Cheetah Hallandale Beach are selling their ass and a shit load of cocaine. Dancer!!!! if you don’t give up your ass to Nick, Tommy and Mark. they will make you let you go.

  44. Mistercap12

    My boyfriend and I went to Monroes last night out of curiosity. The best part of the night as the car wash. This place should moved under auto services because it was as the BEST car wash in palm beach county. Inside, outside, his car looks 10x shinier. The strippers were mediocre but the wa staff was phenomenal.

  45. Mike

    Best club in Florida!

    Dancers are hoooooootttttt!!!!

  46. work there

    This club sucks!!!! The owners are all mobsters from YN they don’t pay their employees they all skim from the till

    and try to fuck all the dancers. don’t go !!!!

  47. worst club ever

    its horrible! just a matter of time befor it gets shut down!

    its a whore house! and a crack house!

  48. rickywho2

    Want to get ripped off – this is the place. Close your eyes and have your credit card balance disappear. Get a life guys and stay as far from this place as you can

  49. john

    hey everyone i was in dreamgirls last week i just stopped in for a beer with some guys from work..theres a black girl that has a tattoo on her hand i think her name is ice she looks pregnant or that the free food really got to her..besides the pregant stripper we had fun..

  50. cyber guy

    Had a great time at the club. very clean and the chicks are hot.

  51. dancer

    dream girls sucks!! worst club ive ever worked at..the only girls that make money are sucking and fucking..or sitting around getting drunk and eatting all the free food..come work at gold finger!! stay away from dreamgirls

  52. dannyboy7

    Best Adult Entertainment club in West Palm Beach. Beautiful dancers, and the staff is great and friendly, always a Great atmosphere when I walk in

  53. Sexy Lexi

    OMG. ALL of these negative reviews can’t be rival dancers or pissed off former employees can they? The club is clean and new but the pickins are slim with the girls. 4 out of 9 were good looking. No food. Ad says full kitchen now open. Wasn’t there long but it looked sort of disorganized. Both times I went there with my friend who’s in love with DD. Dee? Tall blonde. The managers were kind of rude and short with us.

  54. nasty club

    i used to dancethere but when the manager mike cohen came up to me and started talking about giving hime extra $ and hed let me do whatever i wanted i quit! he is trying to pimp out the girls in the club! hew asked me and i know of other girls he asked to! that club will get shut down as long as he is in charge but i dont think tommy cares!

  55. Greg from PGA

    Went to the club three weeks ago.. Must say I really enjoyed

    the club a lot, great vibe great atmosphere. Except problem

    with a Dancer I think the club or someone should know

    about… Here name was Alexia,got 2 dances then she asked if

    I wanted to fuck for $100 and Blues(Oxycodine).. Said No got

    my 2 dances and dipped.. I called CRIMESTOPPERS to report


  56. XhXeXy

    this place is awful. my girldfriend and I went with another couple to have a drink and some fun and you cannot even dance at this place with your husband or partner or whatever. what is this place for? if not to have fun. the service was horrible. we did like a girl to get a lap dance and she was not even nice. some of the dancers looked like they were force to be there. they did barely move on the stage. not to mention that to get a lap dance with your husband you have to pay more than double Than for an individual where at other clubs you don’t have to pay that much for couples. on top of everything my friends got charge as twice the amount for what they consumed that night. I would not recommend this place to anybody. we left from there and went to another club where the staff were a lot nicer and you could dance and have all the fun you like.

  57. felixnada

    Best happy hour around !!! From 2-6 pm it’s half off drinks and tapas . The Dj is amazing and keeps the energy high all the while keeping the music at the right level so you can have a conversation with the person next to you .You will not find a staff that is more friendly or beautiful They also have a 5 star steak special that runs from Sunday through Thursday.. Not to mention a different promotion every night of the weekAnd if privacy is your thing Monroes offers a members only side of the club rightfully named the legends lounge ..this place is like another club within Monroes it even comes with private parking and your own private entrance Best adult club hands down I know why they won club of the year the past 2 yearsThis place is second to none …

  58. mathewater12

    Do NOT go to this place. You’re welcome…

  59. to nick h

    nick hoddack, you are a nasty ugly old pervert drug addict with stds! you are a joke! i just thought youd like to know what girls really think of you since they cant say it to your face with out getting fired! you are a horrible manager! stop trying to hook up with the dancers and do your job befor you end up fired from ANOTHER club! also maybe rehab would be good for you! other than him its a cool club!

  60. Travis

    Went on Thursday to the club at night… WOW… Totally amazing… Enjoyed every asspect of this club. Me and my two friends will be back… We are great upscale lawyers and the best part about going to this club I spent $30 and got my SUV washed too… Can’t beat that Naked woman and a car wash while looking… Good work Dreamgirls.. Better then the shit whole it used to be..

  61. biig johnson

    this club sux! all the employees are getn fuckd by nik or arab nik n the door girl jenn is getn banged by mark and watwver you touch is bound to give u an std!! the food is sickening almost as bad as the girls. FUCK DREAMGIRLS GO TO SPEARMINT RHINOS

  62. Katrina C.

    Wow this place is one of the fun strip clubs ever. So many girls from all over the world. Happy hour specials .You come here and you’ll be taking care of for the rest of the day. As long you can afford.

  63. trixe

    Fuck julian he is the worst G.M.he is trying to sleep with the waitress renee..he lets the jacksonville girls stay with him..and he talks to people like there a piece of shit..i dont miss working at dreamgirls the club sucks..come check on the rhino!!

  64. sam

    best place in town



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