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0 reviews for “Fuego

  1. Dino

    The Decor of the club is nice however, the ladies aren’t classey enough for it. Short, big belly, wig wearing, ebonic speaking girls whom humuriously amused me and not aroused me. So fellas if you what comedy go here but if you want a good lap dance this is not the place.

  2. Shandalyn H.

    I’m a straight women, & I actually had a great time @ this spot. I just think, $20 dollars for straight women is a bit much! But o well! I still had fun. The female stripper’s their were very clean & classic looking, compared to other looking hole in the walls spots. I would go back again. They also need a merchant account so we can slide dat Visa! Lol!

  3. fritter17

    I’ve been coming to fuegos for years ! sketchy location, yes. a mixture of hot girls and ratchet girls. but a nice after party scene and 10 dollar lap dances are a deal. i do love women, came with my boyfriend for valentines day night and we had a blast. kinda disappointed only for a fact that when we were sitting together as a couple no lap dances were offered but when one or the other went to the bathroom we were offered lap dances? my past experiences girls were nice , had fun giving me lap dances , and did alot of good tricks on the pole. only thing disgusting is the bathroom , yuck. but girls are clean , sexy, and yes I do plan on coming back . what can I say , man I love them strippers.

  4. wade

    I was told bout this club by another dancer who worked at

    another strip club in Beltsville told me she worked both

    clubs,I was not impressed in fact disappointed to say the

    least no thanks I prefer dancers that are at least a low six

    and higher.I’ll stick with Showcase Theater they have HOT

    dancers worth my time and money.

  5. XXXbeast

    The cover charge is a turn off. I like that I am able to touch the chicks. That is the only plus about this place. It is not like a Atlanta place where they do tricks to really earn that money.

  6. Johnnyboy123

    Weak dancers and hostile environment. The dancers are theives even though the DJ kept announcing the dance at the floor is $5 dollars, they were telling customers who arrived late $20 dollars. Don’t expect to relax here due to not enough seats because they took the chairs by the wall. Now the floor dance is $15 dollars and $20 dollars on the VIP plus a $10 dollars to get in. I hate the fact you can’t enjoy your dance because someone is watching you at all times, the dancers have to pay the club a $6 dollars every song so your being watched like a hawk. I grantee this place will close its doors if they keep up this system in a couple of weeks. The owner is hardly there and doesn’t care what goes on there and the employees do whatever they want. As customer you’re not being valued and if you have a concern don’t expect to be resolved.

  7. Fuego

    This place literally changed my life! I can’t get enough Fuego. I now find

    excuses to end up in Hyattsville just so I can stop by Fuego! I’m a changed


  8. butterbean


  9. maxxy1

    Talent is most def getting better; all different nationalities. The inside is fairly clean and nothing in the way of view of girls. $20 to get inside (OK)No cellphones allowed (SUCKS) for customers$10 lapdances (GOOD) songs are usually longOverall a good experience!

  10. Joe
  11. mahad johnson
  12. adamrod

    Good afterparty spot…but thats about it..Ive been there once because me & my friends still wanted to hang out…after paying $20 (smdh) to get in…i walk in to this spot & i felt like i needed a Tetnus shot! i mean seriously ive been to some hole in the walls but yikes …im almost sure i saw this little mexican chic in here bathing suit bottoms Hot mess! Not all of the girls are bad but ummmmm some of them should just be waitress. If they up the bar a little bit this place could be ok! However there is like 5+ girls on the stage at one time….never seen anything like that except in ATL! While this is no MAGIC-CITY (via ATL, GA) its an ok spot to go after club hoppin all night & you just dont want to go home

  13. D'Carlo W.

    My boys and I come almost every 2-4 weeks. So once or twice a month (I always end up throwin’ too much), and we always have a good time. Cover is $22, which to me is steep being as though they don’t serve alcohol (BYOD). LEAVE YOUR IPHONE IN THE CAR. The girls are really nice and you can find a couple of dimes there (Sin and Tattoo are my favorite). As always be careful when getting a lap dance because a few girls won’t tell you when a song ends or begins. So I almost always pay for a lap dance before getting one which is only $10 (you can also buy VIP for $10 and get lap dances on the sofas for $15, or get a private dance for $30). Make sure that any time you go to the bar area that you tip the workers in the bucket, they really appreciate that and I’ve gotten free beverages because of it (Water, Red Bull, etc…). The ATM charges a $9 fee so make sure your bring money already. If you do use the ATM you don’t have to worry because a security guard will move over and stand by you while you are making your transactions. One major rule is do NOT touch the girls while they are on stage. They can touch you all they want, but leave your hands off of them. The security guards will come talk to you for touching the girls. Just tell the girl on stage you want a dance when she’s done and she’ll fine you, then you can touch all you want. The place can get a little packed on Friday’s after 3am and Saturday’s after 12am so be prepared. If you find a seat by the stage you are better off staying close by it. Move your feet, lose your seat. Personally never been to the club on the weekdays so I can’t tell you about those days. All in all it’s a good place to vibe by yourself or with your crew. Girls are great, security is great, most of the atmosphere is great. Just come looking for a great time and you’ll find it. 5 out of 5 stars

  14. eddyL

    This place is totally a waste of time. First of all the set up is wack…the stage is surrounded by a sparse number of tables and chairs, not enough seating to accommodate 100 people; the VIP area is fenced off section at the entrance of the club and most women were seated there chatting amongst themselves. Second, no alcohol…o.k, I get it, no liquor license means you can stay open to 6 a.m., but who wants to go to a strip joint sober–there was some patrons in there with alcohol filled milk jugs WTF??? Finally and worst of all, the women in this place are “busted”. The theory of a dance club is to provide customer with fantasy girls; women of Fuego all look like human traffic victims working for their freedom. Save your cash. OBTW, the Security did more interacting with the strippers than customers did NOTE to MGMT: encourage your security to do their job–security. most men don’t like to converse or negotiate table dances with some out of shape, ex-con lurking over them. $20 wasted.

  15. harryharry

    I’m gonna have to agree with Shandy and my sistah, Tara, on this one. If you are afraid to see a little vah-yee-nah DO NOT GO! These ladies will do what it takes and take whatever it is off to get a buck! And they work for it. They are very clean too. I am also straight and went with my boyfriend on his birthday. We both had a great time. There is also a mix of people there. You have your hood-rats, your day-laborers, your college students and CEOs. No one has time to really assess the crowd because there are two stages of mayhem and foolishness going on. It was packed and there was no AC, so the title “fuego” held true to its name.

  16. Rocco K.

    Hard to find, taking in alchohol is kind of a pain in the ass, but yes you can take your own booz. I had a decent time but the place is kind of hood. Lots of police presence outside, almost to the point of making you nervous to leave the club tipsy even with a D/D..on the other hand w/out the cops there the location is perfect for you to get mugged.The night I was there were pretty much all black dancers some cute, two latinas -kind of cute – and one white girl who was cute Overall not my style but the lap dances were very reasonable and all of the staff were friendly..I had a mediocre time.

  17. Franklyn

    For some reason, my straight female friend wanted to celebrate her birthday at Fuego. was asked to be her DD for the night and I obliged. Fuego is a strip club. And in my mind, this is exactly how I picture a strip club running. My visit was both disturbing and entertaining. For starters, my friend was let in the club with two knives in her purse and a digital camera. (Another story for another day). Therefore, there is no enforced security.The venue is BYOB but you cannot bring the glass bottle in, because (get this) it is considered a weapon!! Ha! If you do not have a plastic container for your alcohol, they will sell you the red cups for $1 each. Admission is $22. I asked what was so special about that extra two dollars, and she stated it was the food and alcohol tax. However, if you leave the club and return, you are charged an extra $2. 2 is the lucky number at this spot.The nude dancers on stage performed in twos. I noticed that the dancers were divided by race. I am sure this was to appeal to everyone in the crowd. While the dancers were all entertaining, there was one girl that made me want to be a better woman. Seriously. She put on a show! She climbed the pole, as if she was a monkey and then slid down into a split. Yes, I am sure this might sound basic to some, but she also stopped mid pole and stretched out horizontally and performed tricks. I was impressed. She actually was the only one worth watching. And for the cover I paid, I wanted a show!! Not just seeing naked women.And when I say naked, I mean naked. This is not the place for anyone that is even mildly considered a prude.Without getting into too much details, Make sure you let the DJ know that you there for a special occasion and I promise your night will be as entertaining as mine…if not more.

  18. Tom

    great club to see dancers fully nude up close n personal. will be back to see some off the dancers again!

  19. dannyboy7

    Lame!!! 20 to get in, not worth it at all..

  20. Stu815

    Went there on a week night in July. Arrived before 9 and stayed until 3 AM. Started slow with just 3 dancers until 10 but then a few more arrived. I think the club is too large physically. Just one stage with one girl at a time — later two girls did a duet. I was chased out of some soft sofas on the side because I did not have an arm band. Two weeks later I found Extasy on Old Branch and then Showcase in Beltsville. Both are better buys for your money. The interior design at Fuego is better than Sinsaysional in Lanham. I don’t think I will go back.

  21. Kim A.

    This strip club is ok , reason why I say it’s ok because it’s 22$ too get in ! STRIP CLUBS IN PG COUNTY charges 22$ entry fee . This strip club isn’t better than Baltimore strip clubs . I tell you that much. Baltimore entry fee is reasonable unlike pg county . I understand the people’s complaint totally ! The ladies are good looking they have Latinas ,African American girls but no Asians . Few Caucasians but not many . BYOL . If you know what that means . Parking is just the strip . However , I don’t like how you can’t bring your cell phone in there. I accidentally had Trojans In my wallet due to my previous relationship I couldn’t bring that in there ! Do you really think I’m going to nevermind . The lap dance is 10$ each song so beware they don’t tell you that after you get lap dances from them .

  22. Christine M.

    I’m a straight female over 30 that never had a desire to “switch sides” but wanted to visit a strip club at least once in my life. Asked my man if he would take me and of course he obliged. We went around 1:30AM. Parked on a side street (no charge) where police presence was visible. Walked up the strip to the club entrance, purse was searched, another security guard wanded me, I paid the entry fee of $22, received a hand stamp… and after going through 4 check points, I was allowed in. What I notice from the start was, they don’t have a bar nor serve “liquor or food.” What establishment labeled a club doesn’t serve liquor?. I walk in and immediately see a stage. With two females on it. Most of these females are inked up, stiff (fake) breast, uneven butt to body ratio (fake azz) and nasty looking weaves. Yet and still, several had pretty faces. These ladies are walking around damn near naked. Now, I knew I was coming to a strip club but I thought it would be a little more discrete. My bad. I instantly wanted to start talking to some of those girls and be like… “Why are you doing this, God loves you” but I had to snap out of my Christain mindset and realize where I was.So I’m looking around in this dark club trying to adjust my eyes and check my surroundings then I realized, they have a lot of stripers in this spot. Almost like they hire anyone looking for a job cause some of the floor chicks were definitely out of shape and nasty looking. All strippers were emotionless like they were drunk or drugged up. Guess you gotta be if you’re allowing 15+ random unknown men to touch you throughout the night.Anyway, I decided I wanted to sit so I ask my bf to purchase us seats in the open VIP section to the left of the stage which is $10/pp all night. Cool. The dancers bring dudes back there for lap dances and I realize… Some of these chicks don’t know how to dance or give lap dances. I didn’t get a lap dance nor did my man but I also didn’t look approachable. Only once did a stripper come up to us, nice young lady, and chat but didn’t ask if I or he wanted a dance and she damn sure didn’t touch/flirt with my man while sitting next to us chatting which I appreciated, she got respect for following that gp.One security guard inside was unprofessional. Every time I just glanced in his direction, his hand was on a strippers ass. Like, really dude. Do your damn job. There was only twice that I saw someone get escorted out and both times security looked to come out of no where. So there is a presence there.As for the dancers and actually being on the stage and pole, some were ok and had moves. I got bored after a while until this one girl gave me life. Idk who she was but she needs to leave this amateur spot for a more upscale stripper spot. Is there such a thing? Can you graduate, like seriously. Do strippers have career levels? Anyway, she and one other female were the only ones worth watching. All others just made me think I was looking at naked chicks without performance or entertainment skills. Maybe I expected too much. Overall it was cool. I would probably never go back but it was chill. Ohhhhh, we brought in wine using a water bottle. You can’t keep the liquor or wine in the glass or original packaging so just stop by 7-Eleven and pour it in a bottle. Also, leave your cell in the car. It’s not allowed in.

  23. Stretch G.

    Before I start this tangent let me pose this question. Has anyone ever heard of a antisocial stripper? Okay, now that I have put that out there let me go in!!! I’m”m not a big fan of strip clubs to be honest but I went to this joint for the purpose to scope out for my boys upcoming bachelor party. So there was a mission here. πŸ™‚ I should have known this place was going to be soap-opera when I read the sign of things you can’t bring in the club. Number one was a gun and number two was a condom! (Keep your condoms in the car cuz all you will need is some penicillin!) So when you walk into the spot there is a big stage in the middle with random chairs placed I guess strategically around the stage. Chairs line up the up one wall I think they are stuck there for life by the massive amount of “Ba-Dussy” juice and let over liquid kids left from some unsuspecting father’s-to-be! Oh, on the left is the couches aka the boom boom room where the big man in the security shirt takes your $10 for your all-inclusive lap dance (remember no condoms!) and of course there is like 40 chicks parading around looking for some attention. So you think and this is wherein the problems lies. I know this place is called “Fuego” but dammit I’m going to need this ladies not ignore anyone who happens not to be Spanish. How are you going to be a racist stripper? Last time I looked ‘money talks’ and if your job is to get my money then I’m going to need an hello or wave or something! If you are not wearing a dingy Cowboys jersey or have on 2 or 3 key chains on your pants them chicks ain’t checking for you! The sparse amount of black dancers in there are all about showing a brother some love. The Spanish joints looked as though me the crew were about of “Spooks” looking to rob them or unleash some Mandingo shit on them. The whole experience was a waste and letdown. I bet if I came up in that joint with a “Immigration” shirt on I would have heard hello’s, poems, thesis, dissertation and Newton’s Law of Gravity from them! Now will I go back to the spot? I doubt it. I’m going to need the ladies to tighten up on their social skills before I do that again. There are some dope women in there. All with a story of course aspiring to be this and that when they should be aspiring how to the learn the word “hello” and other common words to be cordial. πŸ™‚ So go on your own risk my brothers who are not Latin. You’ve been warned!!!

  24. XhXeXy

    I think my rating is in between a 3 and a four. This place is in the CUT FORREAL! lol It seems like its geareed toward the hispanic crowd but they are cool. I went around 10pm (I think). I hadn’t been to a strip club in about 10+ years so I felt like a virgin to the situation. The “parking lot” is nonexistent and it looks suspect, but there’s a church almost across the street…..WIERD. We parked right IN FRONT of the church while people were leaving….it was awkward to say the least. Do not take cell phones and bring your own liquor in a plastic container. We did not know this. So I was damn near fully sober in a strip club :-/ they sold sodas tho :-/ The cover charge threw me off, oh well, there goes someones lap dance. It was $10 at that time so I’m not sure about the $20 thing. You don;t feel pressure when you walk in like vagina in your face so you can camouflage with the people trying to save a couple dollars in the back and ease your way into the nastiness lol. The ATM has a $9 fee!!!!! I got chopped and screwed in the worst way!!! Thats why I took points away because I was bamboozled. Do not go to the back room unless you are fully aware of the TIME LIMIT…. I digress. πŸ™‚ I think its worth the trip though, not havini to pay for liquor (besides the cover charge) you can have a great time. I’m still trying to recoup from that night. Chopped and Screwed πŸ™ Will not happen again

  25. igor34

    Me and my husband loved to go here, however with the new guys working in the VIP area are very disappointing. While the dancers are giving lap dances they are CONSTANTLY yelling at them how many dances they have given and interrupting the dancers during their dance. This very rude and makes the Customer feel uneasy about doing a lap dance. Especially if it’s a couple trying something new. Even the dancers were complaining about the guys clocking them. Let them do their job and get your money at the end of the night. Because this process that you’re going about is Very rude to your customers. .. You’re going to lose clients like that.. I don’t think me and my husband will come back. We felt very uncomfortable with this going on in your establishment. .

  26. Lap dog

    this club is excellent on weekdays

    the finer dancers come out and give you special attention in the VIP

  27. anthony1

    If I could I would give this place no stars. First the place is filled with their very dumb staff. (Dancers, DJ, & Security guards) Went here on Sat March 26. This is not my first time coming here but it will be my last, even the last experience here was bad. (Should have learned my lesson the 1st time)Come here as usually there’s a handful of ‘dancers’ who can not actually dance. So I’m chill for a moment after denying a handful of dancers for a lap dance. I wanted one VIP before departing. Now let’s break down all the charges a ridiculous $22 entry fee (If you leave and come back same day there’s a fee of $2, even though the favoritism security gained let a woman through without paying.)Lap dances are $10To attend VIP you have to purchase there dollar tree wristbands for $10Once your in the back it’s 30 per song in which the DJ doesn’t play full songs so everything can happen quick. To what I thought I would enjoy I accepted a dance from a Spanish girl. Go to the back everything was cool. I explain to her 3 times the limit. When she finally stop. $300?! $200 for her non-speaking English self & $100 for the Spanish security who also didn’t know much English. Despite the ridiculous prices I had all my money when I enter the room with the dance was over, pockets was sudden empty. I swear to you she or her peers took my money. At this point I was livid. Because then she went full Spanish speak to her peers & acting innocent. I go through all the security guards, explained the situation of course there on these fraudulent dancers sides. Like at all cost avoid going to this scamful, con, hustle gentlemen club it’s dumb pricey, so few dancing talent, & will screw too over in the money department big time. #H*esAintLoyal

  28. AssnTits5

    By far the best gentleman’s club I have been to. Since I have not been to any in Miami, bit i have been all over the world. Lol I had a great time no one took any thing seriously. The girls did their job and entertained me to the fullest. Lol I recommend you go there if you are not looking to be entertained by the boring skinny model types that parade around and don’t work for their monry. I will definitely be returning to this establishment! If you are in to friendly atmosphere and your dancers real this is for you!!!! Support this small business!

  29. tonycluber

    Lost my e-cigarette in a dancers vagoo. Overall great time. 5 stars.

  30. Harrison69

    Went for my bestie’s 30th bday celebration and we wanted to do something different. I had never been to a female strip club before. It was a fun night. We were suprised at the fact that we had to BYOL and also astonished that there was a super long line to get in the place…we stood in line for probably 30 mins but it was 2 in the a.m. and we were drunk so we made the most of it. The talent wsa fairly decent, the chicks giving lap dances were uh blah..nothing spectacular. I would go again but not on a saturday

  31. larry1

    TUESDAY’S!!!! Awesome shows and the chicks are much more willing to come around and dance for you since there are fewer guys with money. Gotta love it!!

  32. richard95

    I ended up there a few weeks back with some friends. It was not the kind of place I would have gone alone, ever. It was not what I had anticipated when we walked in. We had to stand in line to be checked and absolutely no cell phones $20 each. (for real?) so leave your purses in the car ladies!First impression? The crowd! You would expect this place to be filled with men only, but now more than ever, women go with their partners to explore different avenues, many women were there with their men, many dancers, a variety of them, Hispanics, White and Black,I would say. all the girls looked clean. I had the chance to get real close to a few to drop a few bucks and they looked clean. On a personal note, I think a lot of these girls are very young but might be wrong. They come in a vague, dance and leave for another group to take over, they are all scattered around the place, on the podium, the floor, on the corner, rocking guys on chairs, flirting around, basically doing everything to get your money out. The fellas with the stash stay right in front and the broke ones stay far and just rinse their eyes, get big and go home. LOL!I would go there again, it is great and different setting and a bit pricey imo.The good thing about the place I guess for heavy drinkers, you may bring your own alcohol!

  33. Dex

    Club is cool, nice decor ,beautiful dancers

    dances are from $10(near stage)$15(wall vip) $30(VIP room)

    relaxing atmosphere on weekdays when its not so busy and crowded

  34. Mistercap12

    This place is a fuckin joke. Lets begin with the strip search before you get in. You cant even bring in a pack of cigs and a lighter, straight out of comptom, ghetto as can be. Let me add they dont even serve alcohol, and don’t even tell you that until you get inside. The place was dead, and whack. $22 bucks to get in, then when we walked in for 2 seconds and finally realized they don’t serve alcohol & asked for a refund because we were unaware, a big fat negative. In the middle of nowhere where in an industrial area, not the friendly neighborhood to be. The security gaurd who claimed to be a cop, pulled his gun on us while we were asking for a refund and threatened us that we would be shot if er didn’t leave. So if you want a shit up the alley time go to this place.

  35. mathewater12

    Before 10 – 12 dollar entry, after 10,22 dollars. Free parking is available but since its shabby area we paid 10 for parking but after 12 or 1 it sent up to 20 dollars. didn’t visit VIP but took lots of lap dances for 10 dollar a song. Mostly south American and black ethnicity with few white ones. For DC area this club seems to be worth it. May be if better drinks, food and better parking are available it would be a 4 star. No cell phone policy sucks.reentry costs 2 dollars.After 3 it gets a lot crowded and I even saw people standing in lines to enter at around 4. Many women drop by after 2/3 AM.

  36. joseph1k

    Please do not judge me. Please do not ask me too many questions about how I even ended up here. But I did. Here is my story:A simple evening out with the girls and some friends from high school took an interesting turn as I headed home at 2am. A good friend of mine was only in town for a bit could not make it to the venue we were all at, so instead went to a private art gallery viewing. Although it was 2am, he told me the party was still going strong and that I should swing by on the way home. Nothing like a little culture at 2am on a Saturday night?When I show up, the last sips of wine were being taken by the upscale, educated and well-dressed crowd declaring that the next stop was Fuego. “THE Fuego?”, I thought. I’ve heard tales of this place as a late night destination because it stays open until 6am. Since the friend I was with is pretty much the only person I would ever end up at a strip club with, I was game for the adventure. We arrive at Fuego which is just about 15 minutes outside of the city. This place is in the cut! I don’t know if there was anything else really around this massive, warehouse strip club. When we reached the door, we heard a foreign word – “cover” and were already taking steps back towards the car when a friend picked up the $10 cover for ladies and the $20 cover for guys.I then walk into hell. Well not Hell, hell but I couldn’t help but feel like a sinner. There were poles that extended to the high ceiling where naked women would climb, drop, swing…everything you can imagine. There were two separate stages – a main stage and a side stage all in one room. There were probably about 15 strippers dancing at all times, with a barrage of nearly butt naked women giving some pretty gritty lap dances on the side.I’m pretty sure I sat next to one dancer’s boyfriend (or pimp) because she always came back to him for the super intimate dancing and I never saw him drop a dollar. I wasn’t even sure if alcohol was being served – I did not drink any. I think I was in such shock and awe that I can barely remember what the bar in the back looked like. So I guess, I did find some culture at 2am on a Saturday night. It was just the kind of culture that I was not ready for!

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