Scores NWI



9148 Melton Rd, Gary, IN 46403


41.5949423, -87.2272254




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Scores is Northwest Indiana’s choice destination for men’s adult entertainment. There’s simply no competition when it comes to the beautiful, sexy exotic dancers and the Las Vegas-style club atmosphere of Scores.


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0 reviews for “Scores NWI

  1. guy

    I usually go in during the day time after I get off work. Its nice. Most places either have no girls or ugly girls working early. This place has hot girls, and one of the best forms of talent Ive seen hit the stage. These guys really know what they are doing here.

  2. Andy

    We had a great time for my brothers party! Lily took great care of us. Shes the best girl there. All hot women, great club. Glad we came in and happy to come back!

  3. ryan

    Club was fun, girls hung out not just hustle u , beer prices fair. Manager Joe was fun to talk with , and helped out with any girls we needed. A new regular.

  4. Fan

    This place was great!! The day and night girls were all good lookin. I think this place has potentual for success

  5. me

    you’re right. not what I expected……..

    WAY BETTER!!!!

  6. Joey's Dad

    Hopefully you will not pick one that I used an hour before. Pick your skank!

  7. Mgmnt

    opening soon….new club/ great atmosphere

  8. BoJo

    This place sucks just as bad as it did before. The people who work here are fucking assholes. The dances are fucking ugly. The only thing different is the sign out front.


  9. dancer

    MONDAY June 29th!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. JOEY

    Fuckn awsome place cant wait to sleep with 1 of them hoes

  11. pwew

    lots of smelly skanks

  12. Jake

    Took some advice, went in to see Essence and as promised i was not let down. I will be going back to get a vip with her and Nova!

    take them for a dance together you WONT be let down!

  13. what a joke

    This place is a joke bad location and nothing but rejected dancers from other clubs. if you like the hags no one else would hire come to this dump

  14. bobby

    had a blast will be back!!!

  15. Spencer

    Has potential.

  16. BILL

    If the twins are still working their you will never see my

    face around. They are rude and one of them got mad because I

    wouldn’t take their number. So I will never visit again NWI

    until they are gone.

  17. Militia

    I’m a dancer for Polekats NWI and I am very disappointed with some of the reviews here! We are an up and coming gentlemens club with 15 to 20 girls working a night (more on the weekends). Stop slandering the club and come see for yourself, we are friendly, open, playful ladies here for your entertainment.

  18. jj

    Saw nothing but ugly bitches here.

  19. ChitownPimp

    Clean up your clubl. This place sucks. The majority of the dancers have boyfriends/husbands present in the audience. I got an overall bad vibe, save your money. Gary, IN= Sketchyness and shadyness.

  20. jj3

    variety of girls , icy and others are very hot… the haters are jealous of this place

  21. Daniel

    Essence is NOT ALLTHAT! She thinks shes hot shit. No boobs, no butt, no hips. She looks like a 12 year old boy with bad teeth. Sorry sweetie, give it a rest. Posting your picture on here just makes you look like a skank…. Wait, maybe you are! However there are some REAL woman there. Hot and sexy. She is just not one of them. So insecure, she wont even go on stage alone. Maybe she is just that bad she needs someone else to try and make her look good

  22. Stevezeg

    New girl jenna is an excellent lap dancer! Cant beat 10 dollar Tuesday dances! She has great moves beautiful smile big tits and a brazillian big booty! Although itialuan descent!

  23. PK VIP

    Easily one of the classiest places around. Great service at the bar (mostly what I go there for) and the wait staff is always on time and friendly. Dancers are very personable and don’t just “hustle”. Most are very genuine but they are there to make money. Make no mistakes about it. Stop by and see for yourself. I might even buy ya a drink if you can find me

  24. opt

    This club Ive been to twice now, its packed. Some hotties some not into…really no different then any other club. Overall had fun time, club is a little more of a party then dance hustle. Cant really see how anyone knows husbands and boyfriends are all in crowd unless u know them…overall good time.

  25. expert

    Beautiful club, toatally different from the Rising Sun, nice selection dancers first day I went. girls told me club in illinois has a few hundred dancers to fill in any gaps which is good to see new faces. One issue was ATM down and their registers froze holding up me leaving but overall great time. Friendly atmosphere , clean and comfortable, ill be back soon.

  26. paul

    Love this club, Essence is by far my fav. love her lap dances and shes a very sexy girl. have also done a few vips with her. shes not the get up and go kind of girl if you say no to a dance..she still sits and chats with you a bit before having to get up and move to the next table

    go in and check her out

  27. troy

    great time….be back…

  28. Jeremy

    Buddies really talked this place up so I said “what the hell?” I had a really good time actually. These girls Nova and Julie were very impressive. And I loved the music the DJ played. It was a nice change from the constant rap most places play. All the girls were nice that I spoke with. I love how they changed the place. I wouldnt mind coming back at all. Thank you for the great time. Im glad I saw it for myself!

  29. Zodric

    Every time I have gone to this club, I have regretted it and didn’t stay for more than one hour. All the clubs in Lake Station and Gary have bad dancers. You will probably find better looking girls going to a regular bar than this strip club has working for them. Even the most attractive dancers here are only average looking.

  30. tryco

    Clean/ beautiful small club. Comfortable, nice drink prices and good selection of dancers…. something the area hasnt seen. Only thing I didnt care for was dj talking too much.

  31. Re:Daniel

    Funny I love going to see Essence she’s one of the only reasons I go, she’s a great girl and always great to talk with, she doesnt bug you to buy dances but is more than happy to dance for you if you want. insecure? hmm never seen that from her.. no she doesnt dance on stage very ofter but do you know WHY? have you ever talked with her? didnt think so.. if you ask her why you will get the reason and her DR. has told her NOT to dance on stage everynight but she does go on. and as for her dancing with other girls. ive been sittin with her when girls have asked her to come up and dance with them bc THEY dont want to dance alone.. hmm looks like you got your story a little twisted now dont you? oh well YOUR loss

    Essence, dont let ppl like this get you down. you know you are my fav girl there and alot of the reason i go! ill see you soon hun


  32. FistClass

    This is a first class club with the best looking girls in the Midwest. Most of the girls are available for OTC, but they are not cheap. If you have some big bucks this is the place for you.

  33. cal

    not what i expected

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