Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Las Vegas



6007 Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89118


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10am – 7pm


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87 reviews for “Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Las Vegas

  1. Gabriela

    I wanted to blow Larry and share my experiences I’ve had with Larry Flynnts Hustler Club…. It has been one of the most iconic moments of my life. I was picked up by Vlad, he was such a gentleman who made sure to remind me in advance about our pick up, he made all of my 12 people group special, excellent driver, fun and courteous, then our Server at the club Rupa made sure my birthday party was extra taken care of, there was no one moment we felt left out, all the girls singing happy birthday to me with signs and the club pumping with great music, a ultra clean and neat atmosphere, the dancers, everything was very very well managed, Julio the manager was absolutely amazing, he surely knows what etiquette, elegance and world class customer service is. My heart is fulfilled and I will recommend your business to all friends and clients of mine. I am so thankful for the special night you gave me.

  2. loyallocal

    I don’t even know where to begin with this club, and that is not a compliment! My first disappointment was the fact that you can’t enjoy the whole facility, even after paying a cover charge. ONE must pay a seperate charge for ACCESS to the second floor and ROOFTOP. I already paid the cover, so I decided to stay because the drinks were cheap. Unfortunately, it took over 20 minutes to get a drink in this place, and it was not busy. While I was waiting….and waiting………and waiting for my drink I had the pleasure (or lack thereof) of watching TOO MANY OVERLY SLOPPY AND DRUNK STRIPPERS slide down a dangerously WOBBLY (yet record holding???) 30 foot pole…. Did I mention the quality of said dancers was just PITIFUL compared to other Vegas clubs? LOL! It would have been better if the lighting was not so bright. I MEAN BRIGHT. I mean you can make out the unshaved hairs on the dancers asses bright…not good in a room full of 4’s! The music was far too loud, the “interactive dj” was annoying and obnoxious. If I happened to get a dance, I felt it would be far too loud/chaotic to actually enjoy it, so I did not bother. Oh shit, I almost forgot…my drink. When it arrived, 20 mins later it came in a dirty glass. There is only so much abuse one can take. I went to a gentlemans club becasue I do consider myself a gentleman, but I was not treated like one. This club is the opposite of what it claims to be, it is not luxurious. Seems like there are alot of issues going on behind the scenes. Don’t waste your time and save the $30 cover for a dance at another club.

  3. MaryAnn Connelley Miller

    Attended the Grand Opening while visiting in Vegas. I was impressed and would definitely revisit the club if ever back in Vegas.

  4. Franklyn

    This place is AMAZING. Great place for a bachlorett party! Arrow and Pittbull are great. We had a BLAST

  5. Jordanp

    This shit is awesome. The guys are sexy as fuck and nice! London Steele is the manager and he’s super chill. Come here for good laughs and times!

  6. brandonresh

    My first thought when I walked in was Holy Crap IT’S RAINING MEN! Lots of hot guys with six pack abs and gorgeous faces. The men are so kind, playful and sexy. If you want romance or seduction, they will give it to you. If you want to be picked up and thrown around, you’ll get that. My suggestions are to come with plenty of cash (atm fee is $25), take their transportation, and spend most of your money on the lap dances ($20) rather than on the stage. Buy dances for your friends and they’ll buy dances for you until you’re comfortable buying your own.

  7. Lindsey G.

    Booked hunk mansion after looking at thunder and chippendales. Everything I read said to head to hunk mansion. All the reviews are right on!!! We had the most amazing time!! From the limo pick up to the second we left it was so fun!!! All the gorgeous men were so nice and not creepy like some places. We just had the best time and will be back. I recommend this place 1000 times over! Thanks hunk mansion !!!

  8. moneyman2

    Had a blast for bachelorette party, will be coming back to see phoenix he was my favorite one ( I’m in love, lol). I really didnt want to go but I ended up loving the place. Unfortunately after seeing these sexy men, regular guys seem unattractive. I highly recommend!

  9. livinlikelarry

    Absolutely love this place! My first make strip club and it will be the only male strip club I ever go to! These guys were amazing! Chase was my fave! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

  10. Decker
  11. Star

    wow-awesome club! I made so much money i can’t wait till the Grand Opening!Love you guys!

  12. Grace M.

    Our group of 9 went in for a bachelorette party and had booked one of the bachelorette packages. While we had a GREAT time, and the men were hot, sexy, and super fun, we had an unfortunate experience with a dance ticket and getting hustled. The dancers only make money from tips or private and on-stage dances (this is what the dance ticket is for), and they are smooth talkers. Understandably so. Our party had a fun experience after a rough start, which is why I gave three stars instead of four. Would recommend with a heads up.

  13. ryan123

    I would post pictures of how my time here went, but then I would probably never be able to apply for jobs again…. Since anything goes in Vegas, we decided to come here at the very early hour of 7:30 since we had a busy night ahead of us. The call to make an appointment was easy and pleasant, and the limo arrived exactly at 7:30 to whisk us away to man paradise. Everyone there was SUPER nice and accomodating. Because the majority of people in Vegas were probably still sleeping off their hangovers at 7:30, we were the first people there and got to sit front row. Score! Not only did we get two nice, strong drinks and transportation for $25, but we also got a free shooters upon arrival! I suggest that all of you use this as the place to pregame before going anywhere else because drink prices are probably the most reasonable in all of Vegas….If you tip the driver well both ways, he will definitely also drive you back to your hotel after the show.As for the men, they were all super nice and conversational while we waited for them to get on stage. I felt like we were almost at some networking event or something, but with less clothing and more props. The show was, for lack of better words, less of a show and more of a (literally) hands-on experience, which all 7 of us thought was great. Naturally, my friends decided to surprise me with a stage show for my birthday (but let’s be real it was more of a gift of entertainment for themselves) in which the cowboy and I apparently put on quite the show for the audience. I don’t think I closed my mouth once during the performance (mind out of the gutter people!!!), it was obviously from surprise and laughter!

  14. Billy

    Why didn’t they wait til the new club opens

  15. kenston12

    Best male strip club in Vegas! Met London Steele who is the original Dallas from magic Mike!

  16. Kelly A.

    First off, our host Thomas was awesome. Kept in contact with me the day off, confirmed our pick up time etc. When I called our driver for a ride home he said he may or may not be available in 30 minutes. Thomas got us a ride straight away! So thank you! We came here with 11 girls for my sister’s bachelorette party on a Saturday night. We booked the party package that included an onstage with the bride and entry. It’s an additional 30 dollars per girl for 2 drink tickets. I think a pretty good “bang” for your buck, lol. It is a must to get on that giant golden penis and have a photo. That thing is hilarious! For some reason every host we had for different events didn’t recommend this place. They all were recommending Men of Sapphire or Chippendales. Since I went to Men of Sapphire for my bachelorette party years ago I wanted something different for my sister. This is completely a different experience and a more one of one than Men of Sapphire. Men of Sapphire have more of a stage and you sit afar and watch more of a show. Hunk Mansion the stage is super close and the men use the poles and engage more with the audience. If you want a crazier night then do Hunk Mansion. Plus, I found the men a lot sexier at Hunk Mansion than Men of Sapphire. The guys were all superhot; expect the little annoying Guido guy he was our least favorite. However, all the guys even little Guido had awesome pole skills and every guy was very engaging to all the females. If you do the package you can pick the guy you want on stage. So beware, you will be bombarded when you first get there. So just like Larry H Parker, they will all fight for you πŸ˜‰ I asked the bride to be whom she wanted. So I recommend the same to other bride to bes. Oh and seriously girls, if you want your crotch displayed than where a dress. If not, I recommend wearing jeans. The pick-up and drop off: We were picked up on time but the bus that took us was super old, air continuing sucked and the speakers were blown in the back. The ride home was a lot nicer; the party bus was awesome, working air, light show. I would definitely retire the one that picked us up, especially in Vegas heat we were all sweating in that bus.They have hookah at an additional price. I thought a pretty cool option. The only dislike of the entire night is when I just got a beer and they let the ladies dance on the stage. Some chick hit my beer with her shoe and spilled it on the ground and everyone saw even the bartender. Luckily it didn’t hit me or my friends. It’s $15 bucks for a beer since I used a drink ticket. So logically since I didn’t dump it and it was their fault they should replace it. Different story if I spilled the drink I would of just bought another and owned up to it. But it was obvious they knew the girl did it. The bartender gave me total attitude but did give me a replacement, but he definitely didn’t want to. He said, oh any other place wouldn’t do it. I was quite pissed, for a 50 cent beer I got such attitude. Not from Stixxxs but the other one. Stixxxs was super cool, lite your cigarette for you, made some pretty awesome shots. It’s the little things that girls remember and such a small gesture would of gone miles. But he decided to be a dick about it. Overall, I gave 5 stars even with the rude bartender because the show was great and everyone had a great time. Oh and seriously a must to stop by the Hustler store. They have some awesome stuff in there!

  17. Me
  18. Reva E.

    A great night of fun!!! I went a couple weeks ago with a bachelorette party and had a great time! My favorite dancer was Guido the Torpedo. He did amazing things on the bars – really made me sad that my friend and I were the only ones paying him attention and tipping him. My favorite personality has to be Maverick hands down. He was amusing and talkative and kept coming back for more. Those two for sure earned the very last of my dollars! The cowboy had hung around for a bit but as soon as one of the girls got a lap dance he didn’t come back around. I know others were thinking of a lap dance at that point so he missed out!The other guys were great as well but we didn’t spend as much time with them. We had a great time overall and would definitely go back if only to see Guido and Maverick again. Next time we will get there earlier. Didn’t know 10pm was late to arrive!

  19. curtis17

    I’ve never been to a place like this and I didn’t know what to expect. Hunk Mansion felt like a speakeasy, with a hidden room and entrance inside the much large Hustler Club. We were given directions by one of the cashiers on how to find it… “go down the long dark hallway and make a right by the 6′ Golden Boner and then make a left by beaver bucks, then walk to the end” of yet another hallway. It was one of those times I asked myself… did she say what I thought she said? At this point I had no idea what to expect but we were on a mission to have the best bachelorette party we can. The staff was friendly and the dancers were very professional. We felt safe here as it was well lit and we could see everything that was going on. It was a Saturday night and the energy was high. Our host was Thomas and he kept coming back to check on us to make sure we were having fun, and we most certainly did!

  20. Paul

    dancers are ok..there are alot of girls there cocktail waitresses are old

  21. GarryWas

    The best night of my life. Went here for my bachelorette party and had the best time. Went with a group of 9 girls and we spent the entire night laughing, by the end of the night some of us lost our voices. This was the highlight of our trip and I highly recommend other bachelorettes coming here. The guys don’t pressure you if you are shy, they will let you sit back and watch until you get into it, and trust me you will get into it. It was like magic mike, i was in heaven. My girls paid for me to go on stage and I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. The rest of the trip me and my girls would say “can we go back to hunk mansion yet?”

  22. Johnnyboy123

    THE SECRET IS TO TEXT/CALL YOUR DRIVER! If you purchase a package that’s supposed to include round trip limo, they DO NOT tell you how to get your free ride back, and then the hostess will argue with you about whether you purchased the right package… 1/2 of my party was forced to pay for a cab ride home, and the other 1/2 that stayed longer had to keep arguing with the hostess & wait at least 30min after they finally agreed to let them take the limo home! Thomas was annoyed to handle my complaint, but he did refund the prepaid money for the 1/2 of the group that paid the cab fare instead of getting the full benefit of the package we paid for.Other than that, I really enjoyed the time I spent there for my bachelorette party. The men are very good looking and encourage you to touch if you’re into that kind of thing πŸ˜‰ Very entertaining show, though I wish I remembered more of what happened after I went up on stage lol They’re pretty generous with their included drink coupons…

  23. XhXeXy

    I went with a group of 11 ladies for a bachelorette party. Besides walking through our group on the way to the stage, the guys gave us no attention at all. I actually had to get up and walk around to find a guy standing around to give my friend a dance. We all had money to spend and couldn’t get a guy to come over to us. Also, we were sitting near the guys’ dressing room and I could hear them complaining about having to go on stage for another dance. It was only 10 o’clock, so I’d hate to see them by 2! While OG isn’t as nice of a venue, the guys and the service is a thousand times better. Overall bad experience. We’re actually planning a make-up bachelorette party for my friend at OG.

  24. Elizabeth M.

    I have never been to a strip club before, and I am so glad this was my first experience! I am hooked! The guys here are SO nice and SO. FCKN. HOTTTT. It’s been a week since I went and I’m still daydreaming about that night, it was AMAZING. It is definitely entertaining and the guys put on a really good show. If you are in vegas for some fun, you definitely have to stop by at least one of your nights. It is so worth it! Trust me! The guys will not disappoint. We’re already planning our next visit. :p

  25. Lauren L.

    This place is so fun! I went with my girlfriends for a birthday party and we didn’t want to leave because we were all having a blast!! They play good music and the bartenders were really nice and friendly…and of course the guys were HOT!!!

  26. williamr

    Okay I got a package deal it said we will picked up by a limo but instead we got pick up by a suv with no air conditioner. Then we arrive to the club went us stairs the men were okay but some were drity and creepy. At the end of our night it said that our driver was suppose to take us back to our hotel but he didn’t I called him 3 times no answer. So I suggest u look other places maybe stripper King. I would give this place no stars. Very disappointed with this place and service.

  27. DAVE


  28. Jennifer C.

    My husband and I come to Vegas about once a month and for a while we’d been considering finding a “couples friendly” club that had male and female revues. After contacting Tom “very fast to respond” to make sure it was couples friendly we booked our VIP pass with round trip Limo service and waited eagerly for the weekend!We were picked up with a gold Escalade which was clean and comfortable. Driver was very amicable and kept the conversation going (return trip was prompt). The check in process at the front was quick and easy, the girl at the male review was prompt and explained the rules and prices clearly. My husband can watch the basic lap dances but he’d have to wait outside on the private dances. No big deal. We were seated about three rows back from the stage but its an intimate venue so all seats are good. At first, the guys didn’t approach and I can understand they probably don’t know how to gauge if a husband is going to flip out or not…so I decided to put the money out on the table to give the hint that we were there to have a good time and later when I wanted dances I had my husband give the guys the money and ask for me so they could know he’s cool with it. Guido was the first one to come say “Hi.” So I treated myself to a basic dance with tips. Don’t underestimate Guido he has awesome control of his body and is very friendly! Romeo was also awesome! Was waiting for his stage performance from the get go and I bought a private from him. Very sexy! Loved watching the guys on stage, the place was full of energy! Loved the up close and personal feel of the event. Guys are friendly and live for the opportunity to make you feel special for a Jackson or two or three. If you are a big girl like me don’t be intimidated the guys are there to show you a good time. They were very courteous to my husband, they acknowledged his presence and shook his hand. I had a great time, he had a great time! We cannot wait to come back!Some tips for others:1) This is not a commercial male review with cheesy dance routines where you sit 20 rows back and just stare. This is an intimate exposure with beautiful diversified men in real life. They are touchable, conversational and available for special attention in the form of lap dances, stage dances and privates. If you are not cool with that, go see the missing thunder and rainbow team of chip and dales.2) Lap dances leave you feeling a little special and little exposed. Stage dances leave you feeling very special and very exposed. Private dances leave you feeling extremely special in an intimate setting. Pick your pleasure! πŸ™‚

  29. Brad

    went there with a bunch of friends last night and we had a great time! Best club i ever went to, i will be back πŸ˜‰

  30. Lisa L.

    This place is great! And our waitress Jakki was awesome. Forget Chippendales etc. This is the place to go!

  31. Boo Club
  32. TommyG

    This place is the most classy, well put together club I’ve ever seen in my 25 years of frequenting strip clubs!! The staff, transportation, and the girls are all very professional. I would recommend this club to anyone that wants to have an experience like no other. Awsome!

  33. Angel

    LOVE this club!It’s been a little crazy but I’ve made tons of $$$ the last 2 days and can’t wait for the grand opening!

  34. Colbys

    Great venue for bachelorette party! Great variety of men so there was eye candy for everyone! We had so much fun! If your celebrating an event pay to get the lucky girl on stage! It is TOTALLY worth it! Our bride to be had a great time! Thank you to all the hunks at Hunk Mansion!

  35. Lindsay L.

    I owe this place a solid review. First time at a male strip club for my bachelorette party weekend. We came here Friday night and did a Chippendales show Saturday night. Although Chippendales was nice, the men at Hunk Mansion are what we all look back on fondly! This place is inside of Hustler Club. Decently priced drinks, nice management and beautiful men. A night for the books. Highly recommend.

  36. Weedman420

    I have been to both female and male strip clubs in Vegas. And I’ve got to say that these guys are actually great and pretty talented. Them moves are better than the girls, whaat hahaCame here awhile back with couple of friends. I loved that they picked us up with a limo. However, I didn’t like the attitude of the limo driver. He was grumpy and complained about picking up girls etc. Anyways, the place itself was well maintained and had a very friendly and helpful host as well as a bartender. A cute bartender. If you are crazy and want to dive into it, I suggest sitting in the front. If you want to just watch, I suggest sitting in the back.Overall, it was a great experience and definitely a place to try, if you are out with your girls. But keep your girlfriends away from emotionally attaching to the guys. I’ve seen it happen! Don’t do it! Only negative comment I have for this place is that the strippers seemed too desperate for money. I am not exaggerating when I say that. No means no, If I don’t want a dance from you. But the guys kept trying too hard to sell themselves and even said “I am just trying to make money here, you know. This is my job.” Well, what a turn off. It wasn’t like I was not going to buy any lap dances. I ended up buying a lap dance for a friend from a different guy. I think he was the “superman.” He didn’t pressure us into anything at all and made sure my friend was comfortable, which was nice. Please, don’t pressure the customers too much. Otherwise, it’s a #byefelicia

  37. Will James
  38. navid

    My girls and I went here for my bachelorette party night. My maid of honor called ahead and had a limo pick us up. The limo driver and party bus were clean on time and a blast. When we arrived Landon immediately greeted our group and gave us first class treatment. Giving me my light up tiara and checking on us all night. We felt special right from the start. The guys knew how to keep the party going and knew their business! Very impressed! It was an unforgettable night with top notch service, men and dancing!!! I will also add that the women of hustler were top notch as well! Thank you Landon and staff for the amazing service that is so rare in this day in age. You and the staff care about customer service and it shows in everything you offer at your club! We highly recommend this club πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  39. rickywho2

    Magic Mike, eat your heart out. These boys can dance!!! Take your bachelorettes here, ladies. They’ll hate you for a minute, but love you for the rest of their lives.

  40. Megan


  41. billtheguy12

    Keep making yourself look bad Thomas by posting that we are competitors trying to make you look bad!! Next time be more professional, try to listen to your customers and fix the problem to make your business better. Bye Felicia

  42. Candiss C.

    My girls are having a great time. The dancers are very personable. Great time.,coming all the way from VA and having,a,great time πŸ™‚

  43. Diana C.

    Very fun place! I always have a good time when I go to hunk mansion. I’m surprised to read that someone on here wrote the cowboy is aggressive … He isn’t aggressive at all!!!! Especially compared to male strippers at other places. And he is definitely the hottest guy there!

  44. XXXbeast

    I give it a 5stars for the special attention we got from the lap dancers. Very creative and fun. Bought my sister a lap dance on the stage for $60 and it was worth it also bought another dance for my other sister a $20 lap dance. It was a fun experience for our last night in Vegas. If you haven’t been to a strip club like us, this is the best place to get your strip club virginity broken. Not a lot of costumer when we went this Thursday night. So it was nice to have like a private party with a small group of other women there. Pick up limo and two free cocktail drinks were a bonus and for Vegas, it was really cheap for $30. I plan to come here again if I’m ever in Vegas again with my sisters.

  45. Johnny

    100s of HUSTLER HONEYS every night!

  46. adamrod

    Celebrated by besties bachelorette party here. I had requested a limo but was picked up in a party bus instead:/ no music, no fun. When we got to the venue our seating arrangement wasn’t the most comfortable one either. But once I bickered with the manager we got a few comfortable seats and were able to enjoy ourselves. Girls… You have to try this place. It was fun!

  47. CJ Draper

    This club is literally brand new, so they have a few things to work on, so give it another month or two to work out the bugs. I hope they keep hosting and organizing events, because when you have a club this big, you just can’t open it up and pack a 75,000 square foot building. The store is cool. They need basic food available. They must support Monday Night Football and local events. The trick is to get us locals wanting to come down. We have over 50 great strip and gentlemen’s clubs here to support. I’m a big fan of Larry Flynt, and host a local radio show. We support this club for free right now, we all love Larry Flynt, especially his staff in Los Angeles. I see clubs come and go. Let’s support this club and make it work, it has so much potential, but like I said, their management has to know how to throw parties, and not just open up day after day. Time will tell…

  48. Anita G.

    I came here for my 40th .First of they offer free limo service to and from which was really cool. When we first arrived we were greeted by the manager he walked us up to the top floor where the male review was and told us we had the choice of seats wherever we wanted. We were also given two drink coupons per person so we ordered a drink and got seated. The show started off slowly but what I really liked is the guys came out to sit and talk to you, also they were really cool about taking pictures. By the end of the night it was so crowded but it was amazing had the best time I definitely will be back. I hope soon.

  49. Rick

    Biggest rip off there is! I paid $750 and got nothing! Absolutely nothing! Do not go here! There are many other more reputable establishments with honest employees. Avoid, avoid, avoid and save yourself a boat load of money and a horrible experience!!!

  50. rodneyerm

    I had an amazing time here for my birthday with three – yes three – lap dances. The guys were wonderful – sexy, really sweet, terrific dancers and friendly. I didn’t get the lap dance from Drake that I was dreaming of but that’s okay, I may just go back tonight

  51. Lisa

    Well…I have been to several strip clubs (my favorite being Hustler San Francisco) however, I would not recommend going to Hustler Las Vegas until after they open the new building (which is supposed to be in January 2010..we were told). This building is terrible (especially inside), the girls were not that good (the whole 5-6 that we saw). My husband and I stayed about 15 minutes and then asked for them to call us a cab. There was no cover thank goodness. I am willing to try when they open new building which is going to have a pool on top.

  52. larry1

    As a first timer, I don’t think I could have had a better experience. My friend and I got this promotion on their website with the limo ride, entrance, and 2 drink passes. Good deal overall. The staff was super friendly and the dancers know how to have a good time. The only unfortunate thing was just that the place was DEAD. We went on a Thursday night and it was just us and around 2 other groups. The company just need to work on promoting themselves and get more people to go because it was a lot of fun. Additionally, I don’t think people clean the limos well. Since it was dark in the limo, I just sat down and there was water on the seat. I left the limo with sad water stain on my dress. -_-Also, ladies please bring enough money for the dancers. I know we can be cheap asses but cmon how can u go to these places and not tip???!! Overall, you need to come and experience this!! I will definitely visit again! Thank you hunk mansion for all the laughs!

  53. anthony1

    Having the best time EVER !!! Hot guys! Good service! I will definitely be coming back again!!!

  54. Johnnyboy123

    Came here with my best friend to experience a male strip club for the first time… All I can say is “TAKE ME BACK!” We had an absolute BLAST! The only thing I regret is losing the bartenders number *snaps fingers* Damn! It was such an awesome crowd and the dancers were on point!! Looking forward to our next visit!

  55. Raff

    This was the best thing I’ve done in a long time…the guys are incredible. You get treated like a queen, the dudes are beautiful and they have moves like you’ve never seen

  56. LoveMyVegas

    Was Saturday night at midnight and was a ghost town. It is so big and expansive that you arent sure where to even go. You would think with it being new and so empty the staff would be nicer. Instead they seemed as confused as us guests. In fact they were actually rude if you asked for assistance.

  57. dopeboy19

    This place is perfect for a girls night out or bachelorette party. They guys are all smoking hot and really friendly and fun. They want the girls in their club to have a good time. This place was clean and well maintained – I would absolutely go back

  58. Strahan

    Girl were decent, not what you would expect from the magazine image. Decent dances nothing very impressive compared to the Rhino.

  59. Bob

    great place, awesome specials- always stop in for $3 Drinks on Thursdays

  60. Jennifer K.

    Mixed drinks are weak and I was charged more for a shot of grey goose than a shot of patron! Shot glasses have 3 thicker walls than normal providing you much less than a full shot. The limo, admission and 2 drinks is a great deal however the limo A/C was broken and they squeezed WAY more girls in there than legal. That combo in the 110 degree Vegas weather was AWFUL!!! The guy who runs the place is rude, the lady was really cool though! Strippers were hot and we had a great time while there. If they fixed the Limo A/C and their boss man learned some people skills I’d give them a 5!

  61. marlonmoney12

    We had a great time at Hunk Mansion! The guys are amazing and very handsome! They did not disappoint at all and men were available all over the stage and floor!

  62. nobody
  63. ADAM

    Well…the first thing about the current Hustler Las Vegas is that you can’t expect a large “party” atmosphere or you will be disappointed (at least until the new Hustler arrives). If you want a small strip club with a neighborhood bar kind of feel with cheap drinks ($2 beers and well drinks) and hot women then Hustler is the place to be. It’s a laid back place but one thing I give them credit for is they don’t take any dancer that comes in off the street looking for a job (which most small clubs do in this town). So you may have to sacrifice quantity of girls here but the ones they do have are amazingly beautiful. Dance prices are only $20 a song and I have never had a complaint about any of the girls. I visit this place about 2 to 3 times a month and look forward to going. I have gotten to meet the staff on several occasions and everyone goes out of their way to make sure I am comfortable and I do feel welcome always. Both Mika and Maday are both incredibly great bartenders (and super hot).

  64. Harrison69

    Amazing time.. 19 girls for a bachelorette not a glitch organized!! All staff is great!!

  65. Gen T.

    I would like to give a huge shout out to Thomas at Hunk Mansion. He rolled out the red carpet for me and my two sisters (neither had ever been to a strip club before) last night on short notice. He had the limo pick us up..the driver was in constant contact so we knew when and where to meet. Getting in the club was a smooth process and i LOVE the new venue!! The guys were hot, there were plenty to pick from and a nice variety ..especially for a Thursday night! We had a great time and the guys were good with my sisters who were a bit “uptight” at first..haha.. The other women all appeared to be having a great time as well whether they were there for a bachelorette party, part of a couple or group of ladies. I must say..well done Thomas and Men of Hunk Mansion

  66. Gary

    Soft Opening was great can’t wait for the Grand Opening!

  67. Jason

    If this is the soft opening, I can not wait for the grand opening.

  68. Dan

    $2 Beers and Well Drinks Rule!

  69. A Local

    Club is awesome and different than other clubs.The girls were nice and not hustlers like some other clubs in town.Be careful tipping the staff and getting nothing in return.

  70. Ashley E.

    Went here for a friend’s bachelorette party. We didn’t know what to expect since it was our first time in a place like this, but overall we had a lot of fun. For only $25pp, we were piked up in an SUV, given tickets for 2 free drinks, and had access to both the male and female strip areas. The bartenders were great, the place was packed and the shows were quite entertaining. Definitely a must go place for a bridal party if you don’t want to spend tons on going to the shows like Chippendales and Thunder From Down Under.

  71. nickstrip

    One of out top 10 girl’s nights out!Thomas was funny and helpful and checked on us throughout the night. Yes drinks are pricey but the entertainment is worth it. Yes the dancers try to sell you dances, it’s their job! At no point was anyone pushy and every single one of us had a blast!We can’t wait to visit again!

  72. Solevent
  73. George B

    One more time, they did it again: Hustler Club Las Vegas and Las Vegas Entertainment mission is to provide a continuous Party atmosphere with the best Vegas VIP service and entertainment anywhere so if you Party Hard… Party here with the most beautiful girls in the world.

  74. Mickey

    went to hustler last night, I’m in love. Absolutely Stunning! The most Extravagant Gentlemens Club in Las Vegas! A MUST SEE!!

  75. George Busegeano

    Excellent choice

  76. Mimi B.

    Awesome time. Great music and fun place for a bachelorette party .20 buck lap dances!

  77. mathewater12

    The guy at the door was rude and tried to charge us for drinks even though the package said it was included, then when wetted to leave there limo drivers were talking shit about our group while we were standing there, when I said I can hear you, and it was unacceptable, he said fine you can take a cab then, and walked away. Unbelievable service here from the staff, completely ruins the experience and wasn’t cheap

  78. maxxy1

    Hunk Mansion is the ultimate night club for erotic entertainment with gorgeous hunks to fulfill your wildest fantasies. We had the most amazing night and experiences to match . We plan to make other trips back to Hunk Mansion real soon. Look out Vegas here we come !

  79. Chris

    This place is terrible. consistently slow. managers pushing girls on you. i

    waited 45 minutes to get a drink, that was made wrong, in a practically

    empty club. the service is a little better on the VIP floor. the girls are dumpy.

    cellulite everywhere. not one fantasy girl to be found. it would be considered

    a good club if it were in a small city, but this is vegas, and this club is not up

    to par. go to sapphires.

  80. fi

    Loved it, my whole party had a great time, the girls were awesome, and I’m going back!

  81. Elle B.

    So much fun! It was my friend’s birthday. She’d not been with a man in quite some time, and she was a self-described prude; I needed an environment where she could cut loose and have fun but feel safe and comfortable. I’d spoken with the manager ahead of time, and he’d been exceptionally honest in saying that he couldn’t promise me the best seats, etc. He could have just taken my money, but he didn’t, and I really appreciated his honesty. (There’s a story about a different group who were totally skeevy.) He said instead that we were most likely to get great seats if we arrived earlier in the evening, rather than later. The two of us were picked up by free limo in exchange for having to buy two drinks each. That’s fair, especially as it was only $50 total for all four drinks. We got there early, and the women around us were still too sober. We brought our own fun to counteract the grumpy grumpsters behind us. That was around 8:30 pm, I think. But the men were already dancing, and they were all just gorgeous, gorgeous men. Those fabulous dancers were immediately attentive and charming. And soon, the place was hopping. We enjoyed a number of very attentive dances without having to share until the place got packed around 12:30 AM. When we left, it was full of crazy women having an awesome and amazing time. (I guess the key is to make sure your bachelorette or birthday group isn’t full of pissy women, and come prepared with a good attitude.) As to how Hunk Mansion compares to others, my previous experience with strippers involved a couple of local shows at home, Men of X (MOX), Thunder from Down Under (TFDU), and Olympic Gardens (OG). MOX and TFDU are just male revues in which you sit amongst way way way too many women and have no real interaction with the guys. At TFDU, for example, a bride seated in the middle of our overpacked table kept walking into the aisles and *trying* so hard to have interactions with guys. While very inexpensive, those shows are so impersonal and lame as to be a waste of time. And forget getting drinks at the overpacked bars of the male revues! Hunk Mansion is SO much better than those places! The men at HM were all over us, and my friend got all of the attention she could possibly want. It was easy enough to get drinks at the bar, and the bartender was such a sweetheart and outrageous flirt. Any woman would feel honored by the attention. It was nice that not only did my friend whose birthday we were celebrating get some affection, but so did I as her buddy. As to how it compares to OG, Hunk Mansion is way better. I swear that most of the men at OG the last time that I was there were on drugs, were not very good dancers, and only one guy had seemed to actually have any interest in being sensual with women. Whereas at Hunk Mansion, the men love women. (Holy moly! Hector is insanely sensual. That guy looooooves women! Seriously, get a dance or five from Hector.) They’re also more athletic and better dancers. I felt like OG was totally lame, and I wondered why women got shafted (excuse the pun) at strip clubs. Why do the men only get high quality and beautiful dancers? Whereas at Hunk Mansion, it’s what a woman would hope to experience at a strip club. I also liked that the men at Hunk Mansion were upfront with prices and expectations, so you knew exactly what you’d get, and it was a very fair transaction. Much as in real relationships, it’s always better when there’s honesty involved.

  82. Doc W.

    Great experience! The dancers are hot hot hot! They are also friendly and they don’t seem thirsty like the men at other clubs. They give a good show and they also work the crowd. I will definitely be back!

  83. harryharry

    There’s a little something for everyone here. A guy of every type for every type of lady. Came here for a bachelorette and they did treat our party like queens. Lots to see and do. We’re having an absolute ball. Yes it’s just as risquΓ© as you think so don’t bring your prudish friend, cuz she’ll be upset. Come with a GREAT attitude and you will have a GREAT time.

  84. Carl

    Friends brought me in for my birthday and let me say first off

    Alexis knew exactly how to treat me! The place looks awesome,

    everyone was friendly and even the manager came over and shook

    our hands! This is probably the best club here in Vegas and

    since we’re locals, we’ll be coming back again and again!

  85. Cylina R.

    This place is amazing! Great place for a party! The dancers are great and fun to PLAY with! Defiantly recommend this place for a bride to be!

  86. Ana D.

    Best strip club to go for first time. Its awesome and the guys are very sweet and wonderful looking

  87. rickywho2

    my oh my! best male strip club in vegas! service ride back and forth was awesome. The guys were awesome! cant wait to go back again

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