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3001 Castor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19134


39.9857207, -75.0862131




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Penthouse Club

  1. shannon

    sorry ass place with sorry ass managers

  2. mr hung

    great club

  3. joseph1k

    This place really stands alone in the middle of (what seems like) nowhere. Apparently, it’s in Port Richimond part of the town but I felt like I was driving through Camden to get here… Totally deserted.The valet service will park your car no matter what you drive – nice touch there. There’s a glittery, shiny wall behind the hostess that makes you feel like you’re somewhere surreal… then the hostess totally checks you out, I mean that not in a good way, from top to bottom. Then she’ll ask you to pay but you can drop names of names of names and you might get in for free or pay up 20$. Once you’re in, it’s nicely air conditioned. The stage is big and there are staircases coming down to the stage. The ladies really do work it – some girls will actually really climb up really high on the pole. There are definitely diverse variety of the strippers. Something for everyone, I say.I totally enjoyed it here but I’d pregame before going here…$7 for Miller Lite, I believe. If you couldn’t pregame, take Johnny Walker Black neat – that’s $10…which isn’t bad at all and it’ll get you buzzed soon enough to make it rain for the hardworking exotic dancers.

  4. ehhhh

    $12.50 for a grape bomb…? are you nuts! and no offense but the dancers

    weren’t that special. not terrible looking but definitely not ‘the magazine

    coming to life”! and having the dancers dance on a foot wide bar is sucha

    dumb idea. most dancers needed to hold the bartenders hand to help them

    down to avoid spilling the over priced drinks. the decor was really impressive,

    indoor and out. the bathrooms reminded me of a fine hotel in AC and having

    the motorcycles coming down from the celling is a cool idea even though it

    didn’t happen during my visit. overall in my opinion, they picked an awful

    location. great ideas but maybe in a better spot with more mouth dropping

    talent. sorry but i can see mediocre dancers at many clubs that have no cover

    charge and can save some $$$ on drinks.



  6. first-timer

    Hands down best club in the city (state for that matter). Will definitely be back!!!!!

  7. phillydave

    sorry to say but there’s NO CHANCE this club makes it…

  8. stknglvr

    Checked this place out Wednesday happy hour. I know it’s new, but I can honestly say that with one exception, every single waitress or bartender was better looking than every single dancer. They need to work on the talent bigtime.

  9. Joshy W

    Cant even get a BJ without having to be scared of getting arrested now… Im done wth this place.

  10. jay

    Hidden gem, regular at this place. great dancers, management & staff. Always taken care of as soon as i walk thru the red carpet. If you haven’t been here check it out you wont be disappointed

  11. jeff

    I was there a few times like 2 yrs back there was a lil girl with a flame

    tattoo on stomach and a Hawaii tattoo on stomach she lifted weights

    not sure wat her dance name was.heard she got fired for doin extras

    does anyone know where she works??

  12. sam
  13. lfmns

    too much $$$$ not worth it

  14. Second time here

    I was here about 6 months ago and although the club looked great there wasn’t alot of girls and the attitude seemed to be poor as far as everyone who works there. I decided to go back and give it another shot and WOW what an improvement! I heard they changed management and it’s made a huge difference. Girls are better (and more of them both day and night) service was great and the overall attitude of everyone seemed to be what you would expect at a high caliber club like this. Definitely found my new hang out!!!!!

  15. June

    Club fell off new people running it all they care about is money every thing is extra even to sit they charge you

  16. harryharry

    If you want to take the chance at getting brutally assaulted by their own bouncers then go visit the Penthouse. My brother was there the evening of august 11th and He was brutally assaulted Thursday late night at Penthouse club in Port Richmond by the bouncers employed there. Please spread the word to anyone you know to never go to this establishment. Their own employees brutally assault their paying patrons right out front of their door on their “red carpet” for no reason & there are witnesses to prove it. If something doesn’t get done this will keep happening. So if you want to take the chance at getting brutally beaten up then go to Penthouse club. They just about killed my brother so do not let anyone you know ever go there.

  17. curtis17

    I love this place better then all the ether dirty cramped Gentlemens clubs in phila. There is a lot of room to move not a bad set in the place. A lot of girls and extremely clean.

  18. nn
  19. Otter

    Nice layout and very friendly staff. Stopped in during happy hour and parking was gratis, no cover, and atmosphere very relaxed, but upscale. The waitress Zsa.. was very friendly and Ms. Kill was a good companion. Food was not a ridiculous price and good quality. Nice place.

  20. XhXeXy

    Do not support this place. My boyfriend & a friend of his were in the club the night of august 11th. They sat at the bar all night, did not bother any of the girls working or any patrons. After paying their tab & leaving they were brutally beaten at the front door by 6 bouncers. My boyfriend was attacked from behind by a Hispanic bouncer that cracked him in the back of the skull causing him to be …knocked unconscious. His friend was held down while these pieces of crap low-lifes that work there proceeded to kick & beat my boyfriend so badly that he was put in the hospital. He has contusions all over his body that are shaped like boots & knuckles, he needed 7 staples in his head & he also had bleeding on his brain which is very serious & potentially fatal. Thank god he’s doing ok but 2 witnesses have come forward on their own and called 911 saying they were in the club & saw 2 men that had been there for a few hours minding their own business & then were brutally beaten by all bouncers (no patrons) for absolutely no reason. After they beat him they tried to drag him to the side of the building where patrons cannot see to do god knows what else to him. Thankfully his friend was able to free himself& got him to safely. We have now learned that thus is not the 1st incident like this where someone was attacked by penthouse employees & beaten half to death for no reason. This being said. Only go here if you want to be beaten within an inch of your life for no reason at all.

  21. Franklyn

    The bouncer is a biggest douchebag ever. Came with 7 other women for my girlfriend’s bachelorette party and he didn’t let us in because we did not have any guys with us! Wtf!!! They think too much of themselves!!!!

  22. Casualgoer

    This place is absurd. First, they try to (illegally) cone off street parking, subtly forcing you into valet, which I heard runs $10. You can park a bit further down the street, which I did, but most places try to obtain parking spaces & lots, this place tries to detract from it. Second, even on weeknights, when its dead, the cover is $10. Third, it’s $7 for bottled domestics. So you’re up to $27 before you even see a dancer. Avg girls, 6s-8s

  23. Johnnyboy123

    I was here last weekend for a bachelor party and had a great time. As far as I’m concerned, there are 2 types of strip clubs, nice or dirty. This one was nice. The building is very large, and in the industrial section of Port Richmond. You enter on a red carpet into the lobby, that boasts big screen tv’s on the walls. Once you enter the doors, there is a front desk where you check in and pay the cover (sometimes it’s free). Since everyone in our group was either military, police, or a fire fighter, they let us all in for free! Inside the place they have seats at 2 bars, some tables, and booths. We didn’t have a reservation, but we tipped the host a few dollars ($20 between all of us) and he hooked us up in large booth. This worked out well because it had a perfect view of the stage and of the Eagles game on the TV. Since we planned on being there for a couple hours, we purchased one of their open bar packages. I think it was like $50 per person for 2 hours of unlimited beer. This may have been the smartest move ever. I lost track of how many beers (or cases) we went through, but it was a lot. The cocktail waitresses bringing the drinks were quick with our orders, and were also pretty attractive, so that was a plus. (Tipped them a few dollars right away and took care of us all night).As for the dancers, they were hot. They had all different kinds and something for everyone. They weren’t terribly annoying, and most seemed pretty cool. There is an upstairs where they have private booths for dances–be sure to get one. Overall, everyone had a great time. If you want to go to a nice club, check this one out. Once you go there, the friendly staff and girls who work there will convince you to come back.

  24. tommy

    the girls here are so hotttt

  25. jack

    cost to much

  26. Craig N.

    LAME. These dancers and fugly Vietnamese bartenders w/ flat butts think their poop doesn’t stink. The prices are Rittenhouse, dude you’re in Port Richmond. LAME. Go to a dive-y club, you’ll have a way better time. DayDreams is a hop, skip and jump away.

  27. JD

    This club has some pretty good looking girls.nice place very eloquint.on couch dance would not even be expecting anything but that…

  28. igor34

    Very fun! Enjoyable time. The daytime bartender is very sweet. I think her name is Jen. Girls are ok. I only met two fun ones Infinity and Marissa. The others are dull. Food is great! I will be coming back! Very comfy!

  29. Courtney
  30. Niki

    The Penthouse wart club

  31. larry1

    Don’t bother leaving center city if you’re looking for an upscale club. This place is in an industrial neighborhood 20 minutes away from downtown. Very overpriced for this area and the service is not worth it. The quality of the girls is definitely not “Penthouse”. Far from it actually. Big disappointment there. Never going back. Better off going to Delilah’s.

  32. Bizzaro

    Pay to park, with some dude driving my car? no thanks. pay to get in even when it is slow? no thanks. And have some big dude greet me to make me think we’re long lost friends? no. If the hot girls can’t make money, cause of bad club policy, they will leave and this club will go the way of Ricks… maybe even quicker cause it is hard to get to.

  33. Garnet

    I’m a dancer myself and visited to get an idea of what this place is like. Many girls from where I work now left to go here but came back immediately, meaning the money-making potential is low…and I saw this for myself when I was there. Hardly any girls were taking guys back for couch dances. Most dancers did not engage the customers. One weekday I visited, there was nobody there. Saturday, the crowd was mostly couples and young guys, not the big-spending types. The stage is fantastic though, and it’s really gorgeous inside, so I can see why a girl would want to work here. Many of the girls were very sexy, especially the shot girl, and knew how to work their bodies. They aren’t supermodel types and aren’t really beautiful, but they do know how to be sexy. I would advise girls who really want to work here to get a job at another club as backup, since I don’t think this place by itself will be enough to pay the bills.

  34. Tom


  35. winston12

    Penthouse is amazing! Girls are gorgeous, good customer servicethey have the best hot wings.

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