Mystique Gentlemen’s Club



2458 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT 6606


41.1964036, -73.1998287




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Mystique Gentlemen’s Club

  1. liquidending

    Great time. I go at least 3x a week.

  2. timmy

    nice place very impressive.

  3. nice place

    I really enjoyed this club, the owners spent a LOT of dough to make it really nice inside. It’s not even like a strip club, more like just a nice night club Very nice place

  4. SAM


  5. Real deal about Mystique

    Ok, here is what’s going on… the Asian girls that work in the place are RUSSIAN, it is because the club works with 3 Russian agencies that bring the girls. Mid-May to June is when a whole lot of hotnes arrives from Russia, Latvia, etc. the place will have 15-30 gorgeous girls a night, now about 10-15 girls.

    There are quite a few beautiful girls there, Victorya, Natalie – blue eyes jet black hair both, another Victorya voluptuous, honestly the best NATURAL rack I have seen in a long time, Jazzy is just hot! There is also a feisty redhead Marina – kick ass body does amazing stuff on the pole (granted the alchohol intake), there is this columbian girl Hollywood, with little claw marks on her boobs, absolutely gorgeous, but watch out you will give her your last dollar 😉

    As far as the bartenders … Melinda (imagine what you want to make love to before you die … THAT!!!) Roberta is great, Gia and Melinda make out occasiounally, a great show to watch.

    As far as the shooting … yes some idiot, scum drug dealer tried to get into the club, 3 times he got denied, came back waving his gun around and tried to shoot through the door, the owner shot back at him through the door and now he is in a hospital. Security is great, no scumbags, no HIP HOP (that is a fact). The girls don’t do “extras” sorry. Cameras are everywhere, tvs, drinks are not expensive, clientelle is well behaved, girls are classy.

    That’s the real deal about MYSTIQUE!

    Dress nice, be polite to girls, behave and you will have a great time. The place is brand new, the owners keep it like their own house, so respect the place and you will have a great time once again!

  6. Sargent

    really not impressed.

  7. roni

    nicest club in ct by far.

  8. gary

    love this place very clean.

  9. kimba


  10. What a joke
  11. bj


  12. andrew

    i really must say this place is very nice clean and respectable

  13. Al B.


  14. frank

    It is a dump, with busted girls!

  15. Ben E Hanna

    Not the greatest girls.

  16. What a joke )-
  17. mike

    This club is too classy for Bridgeport,it is very modern, clean with a nice variety of women.I will definitely be back as i had some great lapdances and didn’t feel hustled.

  18. dr dee

    what up

  19. Jay

    Fun Club, Sexy Girls!!! Clean & Safe

  20. danny

    great atmosphere

  21. alex

    love this place strip club/ night club… very cool place.

  22. Pequan

    Yo all u bitches c’mon down n check us out

  23. Club is ghetto,nuff said )-
  24. steve

    great place had the best time last night.

  25. Amir

    Are you kidding me?This place is below average at best.Its sad when owners have to falsely plug the place.They have been caught doing so on another site.Too funny!!!

  26. ralf

    let me tell u we went ther this weekend and wow whata nice high end place even though its in b.p.t it really blew my mind.. i will always go ther , they have camras every wher inside in out by far the safest place to b in trust me..

  27. lenny

    best friday night i have had in a long time very hot club

  28. Paul

    I don’t like the layout (stage behind the bar), but the girls are way above average, the place is new and comfortable, and there is a stage away from the bar that the girls dance at sometimes. My favorite girl by far is Jersey. She is sexy, sweet, wonderful to talk to, and gives more than your money’s worth on stage and with dances.

  29. adam

    wow i went ther last nightthis place is cool they had dancers everywere 3 stages this place is nice…

  30. henry

    this is the only club that uses 14oz cups every other club uses 10 oz… food girls staff everything great. every club should be ran like this one…

  31. John

    Large club, down home feeling. Very comfortable, girls are nice.

  32. dave

    i stopped by this weeken and i loved it , me and my boy spent all the money we had and then some. lol…. very clean place

  33. keith

    i was there April 2013. it was hot club , nice ladies there

    was a tall russian girl she was good , great laptop dance,

    even though she was big , not fat just tall and sexy shape.

  34. HBO

    Place needs some help!!

  35. Joe

    you know … not bad … went there for Bridget the Midget, the place was packed, about 15-20 girls, russian mostly but all young and really hot. Def on my favorite top 10 list of strip clubs I have been too.

  36. Joey

    Stopped by last night. Strict dress code, no hats or cargo pants(I find cargo pants are the best pants to wear to strip clubs and I hate not being able to wear a hat.) The talent was AMAZING though and the atmosphere was great as well. All Russian beauties. No extras or anything. This please is pretty tame. All you’re gonna be doing here is hanging out and looking at ridiculously HOT women. Dances were good for what they are. Great grind action(hence the cargo pants) and she let me feel up her chest. Bottom line: One of the best clubs I’ve been to and I would defiantly recommend a visit as long as you’re not looking for extras.

  37. hugo
  38. anthony

    I have to say each time ive come here its been busy and there has been a decent amount of girls some are a little ghetto but others are hot..but thats with any club.I have to say my FAVORITE was a smaller petite girl tattoos of guns on her easy to talk to great personality and not pushy at all I ended up asking HER for the dance started off with 1 then 200+ later it was WELL worth it beautiful baby blues american youll know its her when you see her havent been in awhile hope to see her soon!

  39. C'mon get real dis sux
  40. ray

    love this place im in love with all the dancers and bartenders .lol….

  41. HELP!!!

    Can you PLEEEZZZZ fix the Air Conditioning!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Daniella

    Not much buisness.More of a hangout.

  43. Bad Santa

    Not a recommended club

  44. sal

    by fare the cleanest club around here.

  45. johnybones

    Nice place, really. Went for Sophie Dee (one of my favorite strokable porn hunnies). I can not tell a lie, I counted over 30 hot ass girls there. NICE!!! By far blows away anything I had seen in CT! There is this chick there, I think Aisha, can’t tell what she is, asian or some sort of mix, that girl is a super model! What the hell is she doing in Bridgeport is beyond me.

  46. tito


  47. andy

    way to nice for b.p.t lol….. had a great time ther will be back.

  48. Rob

    Went to check it out and must say I was not impressed.

  49. tommy

    hottest topless club in ct

  50. troy

    overpriced for the area

  51. BOB

    I was in Scruples and in Mystigue yesterday! I wish to tell that this club will be the most popular club!!!! Here you can touch girls for a bum directly on stage, drive hands on feet, push in genitals fingers and dollars, girls allow you all: to touch and kiss a breast. Also open genitals for eyes. In this club you can receive full physical contact to black girls too (They do it more untidily and more than Russian). Black girls directly on stage sit down to you not shoulders and concern with the vagina and a breast of yours face. Yesterday my friend has lain half an hour with one new the Russian prostitute in a back room half an hour and licked to it a breast which she to it pushed directly in a mouth in a nose and face. While He held a breast hands, and she has rubbed his dick so that he has cum directly in trousers.

  52. jr

    great club loved the atmosphere and dancers.

  53. pretty women

    worked one shift no money here

  54. Sol

    Nothing special about this place,thats for sure!

  55. Miguel

    Not a fun place.

  56. Will

    Just another ghetto hang-out

  57. Thomas P.

    Russian girls are great. Drink special during football game helped. Thanks Mystique for the 3 beers. I give them an 8 compared to the rest of the choices in Bridgeport.

  58. Bill

    This place really was dissapointing. They had about 4 girls, and when my group came in (3 of us, all well dressed) we were the only ones IN the club. The dancers all just sat with each other and talked, we did not have a single one talk to us even after we tipped them on stage! HORRIBLE CLUB!

  59. lem

    Not a cool place.

  60. angalo

    this place is really cool

  61. C'mon get real dis sucks
  62. al

    nice club thumps up

  63. Nik

    There was a shooting here already.

  64. toke

    used the free pass from work how about the drink prices lower them, my man rite idea wrong state

  65. Club is ghetto,nuff said
  66. zeek

    another bpt dump

  67. louie

    let me tell u this club is so under rated its a joke.. i went ther on sunday night they hade about 15 dancers and 12 of them were very hotttttt the other 3 were ok. its by fare the nicest cleanest and def the safest place around here.. they make thes home made pizzas and wings that are so good i must of had 3…. i cant wait till the wekend cuz im going ther with all my friends.

  68. Karma

    All my friends birthdays are celebrated here best spot to party, bring the girlfriends too it’s a blast!! Hot girls and great bartenders, mixed crowd guaranteed good times!!

  69. The management!

    ok here it is … first and foremost – go to and watch the damn commercial – look at the place. Brand new, a bit over a year old place, flat screens everywhere with sports on, camera’s everywhere and yes they do work! The place is CLEAN the girls are of some variety and yes there are asian girls, black girls and of course russian girls.

    The SECURITY IS TOP NOTCH – THE GUARDIANS are the best in the business.

    As far as the talent – I am the guy who makes the dancer’s schedule, so here it is for this week.

    Tuesday 12 girls, Wednesday 15 girls, Thursday 14 girls, Friday and Saturday 18-20 girls, you get the idea.

    The girls are mostly RUSSIAN, and believe it or not there are Black RUSSIANS, Asian Russians, Middle-Eastern Russians, Blonde Russians and Dark Hair, light eyed Russians. That’s the beauty of Russian girls. All the most upscale clubs in NY, NJ and CT are doing well because they have Russian Girls!!!

    BTW the oldest dancer in the club is 26. All the girls dancing are young and beautiful from 21-26 years old.

    Definetly come by and check it out … you will not believe that you are in Bridgeport the moment you step through the door.

  70. Went in person

    Not impressed.

  71. stripperlover

    stopped by the other day … gotta say def the hottest strippers I have seen in CT like 15-20 girls working. Good time!

  72. Double Dutch

    Cool hangout for me and my boyz.

  73. Gerry R

    Place needs help 🙁

  74. sweet baby ray

    a scruples dump

  75. Club is ghetto,nuff said.
  76. Fiasco

    This place is pushin somethin they dont have,”quality entertainment”

  77. Get Real!

    place is a hang-out for the local hoods.

  78. willy

    whats with the curtain

  79. Domenick

    I went to a party here and had a great time, Bottle service, the works. This place was really done nicely and I hope it lasts.

  80. Real Deal My Ass

    Jersey will do a take-out but warning she might look sexy on stage shaking her rump doggy style but is lousy in bed ( i know ) but that’s what happen’s when you devote your whole life to using heroin ! Watch for her to nod when she first gets there , then after a couple of hours she will be awake again ! Thats the “REAL DEAL”



  82. mac

    this club is full of drugs and drug dealers-bartender so high she could hardly serve a drink-gave me more change than i was supposed to get so that was a plus-I WILL NEVER GO BACK-

  83. strip4me

    Not a bad place. Girls are definetly the hottest I have seen in CT, all that bullshit talk on the boards is probably competition trying to give the club a bad name, I was there in person with a bunch of buddies on a Tuesday, I was definetly impressed enough to review the place and give it a thumbs up! Counted 12 girls on a Tuesday all hot, weirdly all russian and I think 2 really cute black girls. Place is clean, classy, lot’s of TV’s with sports. Girls are friendly and very cute, lapdances $20 like everywhere elso, good grind though, we sampled a few girls in the place, not too shabby. There are quite a few knockouts in there, check out Lily – looks like a Brazilian supermodel with awesome lips!!! Nara, I was suprized to find out is Russian also, she is a belly dancer with this exotic look, you can’t tell if she is middle eastern or from Thailand or something like that. Definetly the best strip joint I have been too in CT!

  84. OWNER

    My club is the best

  85. Hidecki

    Place is a joke…..KFC will take over!!

  86. larry

    Usually go 2 scruples , but since they have been closed, have been going here,I like it much better, they know how to treat their customers.I have found a new place to party!!

  87. Earl

    grate club

  88. suck city

    this place sucks

  89. Dancer

    Girls,dont waste your time.

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