Savannah’s On Hanna



1000 Hanna Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104


40.2537522, -76.8696817




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Savannah’s On Hanna

  1. Matt

    This is the place to be…Can’t wait to come back!!!

  2. Starks

    enjoyed myself and they have some stunning girls here. Crowd,

    atmosphere, and employees all get a good rating from me.

  3. Nat

    First time in club last night. I was very impressed.

    Facility:Not a huge club but big enough and beautiful

    inside. Very well designed.

    Parking: I thought parking might be a problem but it is not.

    Plenty of parking along the building next door and

    the club has it’s own lot for valet parking.

    Security:Excellent. Club employees outside keeping an eye on

    things and good security inside.

    Price: Reasonable $10 cover last night but may be less

    other nights. Drinks are higher then a bar but

    reasonable for a strip club. Lap dances are

    $20/song which is higher then Adult World in

    Harrisburg but average for most clubs.

    Dancers: A good variety of dancers and all I saw were very

    pretty. Probably none below an 8 (out of 10) A

    couple were easily a 10. Were at least a dozen

    girls working while I was there. Were not pushy.

    Staff: Very friendly, professional and accomodating. I

    talked to a couple and they seemed to like working

    there. They all appeared to be doing a great job.

    Club seems to be well managed.

    Food: Free buffet last night. Not an extensive selection

    but what was there was very good. Did not try

    regular menu which consists of sandwiches/burgers.

    Crowd: Was not many there early but filled up nicely later

    in the evening. A good crowd and I felt felt very

    comfortable there.


    This is easily the best club in central PA. Would have to go to Delilah’s, Club Risque or Oasis in Phila to find the same kind of club. I have been to many strip clubs and believe me, it is not overpriced compared to most clubs. Only 2

    negatives, it is topless, not nude if that matters to you. They need to work out the tipping. I was not sure how to tip the dancers. Some came around after their dance, some didn’t. Some guys tipped at the stage, some didn’t. Suggestion-Guys sitting at the stage should tip there. Girls should not go around after their set to the guys at the stage asking for tips but can ask guys sitting at bar. Don’t bother guys sitting further away in the chairs. Just my suggestion.

  4. eddyL

    I have been here 7 nights out of the past 10, In town for business. Real classy place, especially for Harrisburg. 75% of the girls, I would rate 7 and up, a few at 9 and 10. Would recommend Persephanie, Paige, Katie, Kylie. A few of the girls are hustlers, so if they say stuff that seems too good to be true, it is. Just remember they are here to make money, not be your next girlfriend. Food is very good, bar service is great on most days. Lighting is a bit odd in Champagne rooms with a lamp in the clients face. Executive room is really nice. Do I recommend this place? I dropped over $3000 here in 7 days, so yes!

  5. michael

    wow, the events here are very creative. great dancers and friendly staff. i’ll be back

  6. They should post a schedule

    I am disappointed with this club for not posting dancers’ schedules. I have been trying to see my favorite dancer Gina for weeks now but I don’t know when she will be dancing. I am boycotting this club until they have the courtesy to start posting a schedule.

  7. Pocahontas

    I went there for an audition and the place was nice but I didn’t see any girls and I saw like 10 to 12 customers! They had me audition in the back stage area then they rejected me B/C of my Dragon tattoo and it’s just the outline they said If I were to get more work done to it they wouldn’t want me working there it was just too big!

  8. Reg

    i used to go to both 22 and adult world and feel they hired the right girls and left the wrong ones behind. all the ladies i know from both that work here now are both sweet and beautiful. every time i come in i have a good time and the staff is great

  9. Doc CL

    I had some good expecatations about this place but I was surprisingly dissapointed. I much prefered Fantasy Island and Wild Js by far over Savannah’s. Sorry guys, the club looks great, but I was really dissapointed.

  10. Bill

    Harrisburg finally got an amazing gentlemens club. Champagne rooms, semi-private lapdance room, food, alcohol, and feature acts. Oh yeah, all of this and football too. Wow… That’s all I got to say!

  11. What Happened

    Wow, what happened to this place? I come to Savannahs on the average of twice a month and man is service dropping. It seems as if each time the employees are more and more miserable. The sad thing is the managers look even worse then the rest of the staff and ladies. I dont know where the bald tattooed manager was last nite but he seemed like the only one there trying to make sure people are having a good time. I use to enjoy coming here but I dont know whats happened. Goodbye Savannahs it looks like you guys couldnt handle this monster. Atleast someone will have a nice building when you guys close. Im not usally one to complain but while im at it, who is doing the hiring of the girls? What the fuck? You guys are seriously one step up from adult world. Ok im done now, but man what a disappointment.

  12. excited

    this is going to be the best club in town

  13. Curious George

    Anyone have any details on the wrestling events at the club this weekend?

  14. Mr D

    Great party last nite.

  15. EGF

    Can these ladies get any hotter?

  16. Jim

    This is my new fav spot.

  17. Old School

    Can’t wait til this place opens. Way to promote

  18. John

    I’m in love with a stripper.

  19. BOB N ME

    Wow amazing club the entertainers are hot great staff and the executive suite is to die for

  20. Zeb Buck

    No offense, but this place is too nice for my taste. I prefer the black, cave-like walls and uncleanliness of Adult World. This place is also too expensive, and I can’t wear my sweatpants either. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going out to eat at Old Country Buffet.

  21. 2310

    The hottest dancers and bartenders in town. The drinks were great not a watered down like most places.

  22. Maddox

    This place is alright. Nice looking and spacious club. Girls were ok….no one can say they have better looking girls than adult world or club 22 because ALL of the girls (except maybe 1 or 2) CAME from adult world and club 22…so, in a nut shell….it’s adult world and club 22, but with smoking and drinking.

    Lap dances were corny. Attention from the girls sucked. The only one that came over to me to say hello was some girl I used to see at Club 22. Pantera or something?

    She made me nervous though. She looked like she was shaking and going thru withdrawals. Its was pretty creepy. I’m guessing the only reason why she approached me was for drug money. Her outfit looked like it came from wal-mart (if wal-mart sold stripper clothes at least)

    Another girl that really was very unappealing was this girl named Maci or Macy…? Very VERY ugly girl. Looked like she was in her 50’s with big fake boobs and when she danced on stage, she looked like Axel Rose.

    Overall I give this place a 4 out of 10.

  23. What a Dump

    This fuckng brrothel is a dump. Stay away if your smart.

  24. .

    The double feature fire show was awesome.

  25. Jason

    I give this club an A+. I am not a “strip club guy”. A couple of my friends wanted to go so I went with them. I couldn’t believe the experience. It was awesome! I had been in a couple before so I thought I knew what to expect but was I ever wrong. I walked in and you can smoke which is nice. The drinks were the same price as any other bar downtown. I ate, which was a surprise, and the food was great. The girls were HOT and clean. Savannahs has changed my mind about what a strip club should be.

  26. Sammy

    Smoken hot chicks

  27. Dana

    I LOVE IT, and I love all the girls. everybody was so nice

  28. Tin Man

    Super sexy ladies.

  29. TED

    Great Club!!!

  30. happy customer

    very nice

  31. Frank D

    Nude Twister??? I’ll be there for sure. Can I play too?

  32. Evan

    Best Strip club in Pa.

  33. Todd


  34. Toni

    Best club in PA.

  35. magills

    Great atmosphere, quality music, pretty girls, and good food. I recomend this club.

  36. epson

    fantastic, harrisburg needed this.

  37. Shane

    Outstanding Club! The girl’s are hot and friendly. The

    management is on point. Food is awesome and I can smoke!! This

    is the best club I’ve ever been in!

  38. Congrats!

    Congratulations to Savannah’s on Hanna for now having a lower club rating than Adult World! It was only a matter of time before everyone realized this place was a shithole!

  39. Jon

    Great atmosphere. All the girls are attractive and sweet, I took a liking to Jadan in particular and got a hell of a dance. I’ll be back soon

  40. LL

    The Girls are hot as hell.

  41. dubsy

    great club, place isn’t too expensive, girls are cute and some are really amazing. definitley some “10’s” in the mix

  42. Jolene N.

    Management treats the girls like shit.. enough said.

  43. bman

    Thought it was great, there weren’t a whole lot of girls when i went in, maybe around 10 or 13. but the ones i met were worth the time. inside is quite nice as well. And for harrisburg believe me, you CAN’T top it. All in all, I had a good time

  44. Leroy

    Love the hot seats.

  45. cyberguy

    Can’t wait till this club opens!!!

  46. the catman

    very nice club, drink prices were not outrageous, i was worried about the location at first. Once I arrived they had security outside to greet you and it seems like everything outside is well protected. Half off happy hour was happening so i figured you can’t beat that. I was impressed with the quality of girls and even more surprised at the pole trick ability. Willow, bella, and natalya really stood out and I did get a chance to speak with all 3 girls, very sweet. Pleasant surprise for harrisburg.

  47. Bobby

    Was in last night, wasn’t overly crowded. Service was great had Megan. Had many dances with different girls. Picked two as my favorites. Will be back again to try the champagne room. I also think the lap dance special they have is a good idea.

  48. doug

    great place. so many beautiful girls and fantastic service.

  49. Don

    My brother is a club owner in PA and I must say that this club is over hyped!!! It is an amazing club for harrisburg but that is not saying much when you compare it to the worst in the business like Club 22 and fantasy island!! But anyways, this club is not horrible but not great either. Its average anwhere else. Good luck to you guys but the club is only average.

  50. larry1

    This place sucks and I will explain in detail. I’ve never been inside. Well how pray-tell can I review. Read on…This joint is on a side street off the 13th Street Exit off 83. After that you can probably find it. It’s right next to the building that looks like a wwii bomb hit it. Location location location. So park on the street or in the bomb shelter and walk up to the first room. The sign says no cellphones but you can check them coat check style. Nobody will steal it relax. So the first time I went I was on call with the boss so I said no thanks. This time I came back with my buddy who is about 35 years old and 6’5. So he forgets his ID and realizes he just messed up. So we talk to the bouncer who seemed nice enough. We debate coming back. We leave with no hassle and back to get the ID. So we come back and we are aces right? Errrrr! Wrong. Wrong!When we get back the same bouncer asks me to change my shorts. I said excuse me? No gym apparel. WHY didn’t you tell me that the first time I was here 45 minutes ago?!? Were you blind and miraculously cured by Dr Phill. So then they call in the suits. One gorilla, dumb, and dumber. They all 3 rub their 1 brain cell together and show us the door. The cheap suits on these goons. So anyway this is a great establishment for rich business types. In my neighborhood they all have the same name. Mark. DaveT

  51. BC

    Savannahs is the place to be on Sunday nights. Texas Hold em, cold beer and beautiful ladies.

  52. Cory

    Came in last nite for the first time not knowing what to expect. I ended up staying two hours more then I had planned because I was having so much fun. The staff was friendly and the ladies were beautiful, friendly and talented. I can’t wait to visit again soon.

  53. customer

    this is what we needed. cant wait to check out the features

  54. RB

    Came out last nite with a few guys from work and had a blast. The ladies were friendly and beautiful. Barmaids were nice and fast. We cant wait to return again. Thanks

  55. Dan-O

    Be there opening night

  56. Eric

    Awesome variety of girls. They seem to have something for everyone. I saw everything from center-fold models to the girl next door, and everything in between. My wife and i had a great time, and as i hoped the girls payed plenty of attention to my wife! I don’t know who enjoyed it more, Me or her. The staff was very courteous and eager to help and all the girls were friendly. We will be back!

  57. Security please?!

    Can we get some fucking security outside this place? On the way out to my car the other night I was accosted by a toothless homeless black dude! I’m writing a letter to my congressman!

  58. Jdub

    I love this place. Where else in H-burg can you sip on Dom and watch topless entertainers.

  59. Greg

    Top notch club, best in central Pa. no question. All the girls are way above average. Staff is professional and courteous. The naked volley and oil wrestling are great!

  60. Mistercap12

    The website blatantly lies, this is not a full nude gentlemen’s club and the women are more like pre-pubescent teens. If that is your thing by all means go, otherwise find another venue.

  61. Nigga please!

    You thing the girls are beautiful in this club? For real? Nigga please!

  62. Kev

    very nice

  63. Frank

    Come out and get front row sets to full nude oil wrestling tonight and tomorrow. Shows start at 10 and 12.

  64. mathewater12

    Upon checking the low average rating of Savannah’s, I was slightly discouraged to check out this place. However, I never fully trust everything I read so I decided to check it out myself and even inviting my friend on his birthday to Savannah’s on a Saturday night.I am very happy to report that I had an above average experience. Not sure why the low rating haters have so much hate to give (3) 1-star reviews—but I guess you get a few in every crowd. First, if you dress like a bum, you get treated like a bum. Second, if you can’t get time of day in a strip club–well, you might need to work on your game (or wallet)… A LOT. Third, strip clubs are traditionally hush-hush turn your head type places which are/were located in undesirable real estate, where the objection is less. If you think Savannah’s is in a scary area, I laugh—you haven’t seen the world yet. Let me take you a couple places where the hairs of the back of your neck isn’t the only thing standing straight up.Now back to what you want to know. The outside is extremely well lit in this outskirt semi-industrial type, interstate underpass area. There are plenty of shadows though–and while I’m ignorant to the crime rate of Harrisburg…I’m not taking anything for granted–stay on the main path and in the light. At the door, they check your ID (which is strict), frisk you after passing a metal detector (bad sign?) by multiple bouncers, and take your cover charge. Once inside, the atmosphere, decor, and aura plus clientele make the heavy handed entry procedure seem unwarranted. I’ve never seen such an unescorted non-prostitute women ratio in a strip club before–lots of women (maybe looking for guys to meet? good strategy!). There were a few boyfriend/girlfriend pairs, and LGBT groups. Overall, I couldn’t figure out the vibe. Chatted with a few other fellow customers, and people seemed friendly and middle class–no thugs or pimp daddys.There are two rooms—one with a DJ, the side room with a live band. The live band we watched was very good. The personable waitress came around every once-in-a-while to see if refills were needed. Drinks are inexpensive for this type of place, in my experience, running about $5-7 each. The bartender seemed a little cold–probably something on her mind or she was busy.The dancers that night were all girl next door types, average to pretty but none that would cause huge traffic jams or auto accidents. True, none came by to hustle lappies (lapdances) except one on stage asked me when the night got late (probably she didn’t make her goal).The biggest minus for me is, that I am used to non-smoking indoors. Apparently, the health kick hasn’t made it here yet and you can smoke inside. I know this is hypocrisy but I’m going to bring cigars next time I come.Conclusion…A nice classy place to see titties but probably not talk to them. An enjoyable time and place to hang out with your buddies. It was a 90 minute drive from where I am, and I would return.

  65. Brad

    My boy brought me in after the fight last weekend and, damn, is all i can say. It was packed, everybody was having a good time and ALL the ladies were drop dead gorgeous.

  66. boner

    the alcohol will be the only improvement

  67. More women of color please!

    This place needs more beautiful and sexy women of color! Too many skinny-ass white women for my taste.

  68. a fan

    i love this club! the girls are all beautiful and very friendly! the food is great and all around its one of the best clubs i have been to. i think i found my regular spot!

  69. James

    WOW I cant wait to come back.

  70. Seen all these dancers

    Thought I’d give this place a try and was shocked to discover that I had already seen almost all the dancers before at either Adult World or Club 22! This place will need to get some better quality dancers if it wants to be the classy strip club of Harrisburg that it pretends to be.

  71. undercover

    its awesome i recomend everyone to go there

  72. JD

    Smoken hot girls!!!!!

  73. D

    Best lap dance I ever had

  74. Not so great

    Was in a few days ago during happy hour. Observed a bunch of young Harrisburg businessmen clad in flashy suits just throwing crumpled up dollar bills one after the other at the dancers. You could tell they had money and were ripe and willing to spend money. Yet these young and inexperienced dancers wouldn’t go near them as if they were intimidated by the group. Hello? These young skinny dancers need to go to strip club school and learn what it’s all about. There was money to be had in that crowd and yet they avoided them like the plague. Oh and the manager running the floor that night was a total tool. His hospitality was about as fake as his steroid muscles popping out of his shirt.

  75. Richie

    Super hot ladies and great lap dances.

  76. This place sucks man!

    I’ve got something to say: “This place sucks man!”

  77. First Time Customer

    Was in the club Friday Night for Jenna Haze. Had a great time. Met all three Managers, Mike, Patrick and Ray (I Think). All were great. As busy as the place was they all took the time to talk to me. BTW It was slammin. Jenna was incredible. You guys have got to have her back. This place is the nicest club I have been into in a long time. Much different then the other so called clubs in this area. One downfall is there is not enough seating. Got like 5 shots from the shot girl, Def. worth it. Didn’t get a chance for the Champagne room, but did get a couple lap dances, all the girls were beautiful, and dances were great. Will Def. be back again and again. You have made a long time Savannah’s Patron. Love it !!!

  78. Brian

    Awesome place.

  79. Thank u Scarlet

    Thank u Scarlet for posting your schedule. At least one of your dancers gets it. I am only coming when she dances and only getting dances from her until this place finally gets their act together and posts the dancers’ schedules. This place could do so much better business if they did.

  80. Review Board

    This club really needs to look into their management staff. They have a former valet attendant running this place. What a JOKE!!! Authority is ability, not power of ownership. You should really rethink your chain of command and look to have someone run this place that is more interested in the oppportunity presented in front of them and not the power in which they receive. This club has potential, very much potentiial, just not with this bunch of circus acts in the mix.

  81. travelsalot

    the girls here are for the most part much better than expected. a bunch of 8 and 9’s. but there was one or two duds. Dances were not good though. you cant touch them unless you go VIp, and then it is only legs and hips.

  82. Lee

    Had the bast lapdance at Savannah’s last nice.

  83. Russ

    Its getting better every weekend. I love this place. I cant wait till the bikini beach party.

  84. joe
  85. kmw121
  86. JR

    This is a nice great looking club however, all the new dancers they have brought in are pathetic. I.E making out with patrons right out on the floor, shady shit going on in the upstairs nude lounge. You can obviously tell which ones are more experienced dancers and are doing this as a career and job. They are the ones who are giving the best dances and bringing in alot of money for the club. The management literally fucking sucks. They are rude, very unapprouchable and work by having double standards. And do nothing to take care of their best working dancers. That have worked and busted ass since the day they opened their doors. I will be taking my business partners including NASCAR buddies & Drivers to a different club from now on. However my thanks and hats off to Trinity, Lindsey, and Gina for the wonderful times and dances that myself and all my business partners and friends have been given and treated. GUYS THESE LADIES ARE TRULY ONE OF A KIND!!!! Don’t pass them up!!!!

  87. Geo

    Very nice place, good variety of girls

  88. Lapdances here suck!

    I got a few lapdances at this place, and I have to say that these girls are a bunch of amateurs who don’t know what they’re doing. One of them even got her snatch up in my face, and it smelled like rancid fish! I vomited in my mouth. Management needs to show these girls how to take care of themselves!

  89. Not friendly to the retarded

    This place was just alright. I expected more. It’s not as good as AW. It’s also not friendly to the mentally retarded, which I am. It was just okay, I guess.

  90. Brad and crew

    We love Savannah’s. Great brew, babes and the 150inch TV does not hurt either.

  91. D. Harrison


  92. jman67

    I was there recently and had the pleasure of a few private dances from Gina, Jaimie, and Ariel.

    Took the big trip and had an awesome private dance experience in the Champagne Room with Ariel.

    Thanks for the nice time and some fond memories.

  93. lol dancers

    Come off that “dancers” bullshit.

    You are not dancers….you’re strippers. Quit trying to make it sound classy, because its not. You take your clothes off for money.

    Save yourself the last shred of dignity you have left and at least be honest about what you do.

    It’s not glamorous. It’s nothing to brag about. You girls don’t even make enough bread to soak up all your liquor. You pay someone else….no, actually…several people for the “privilege” to degrade yourselves. ALL of you have more issues than Time magazine and all of you are slaves to the couple bucks you make. IF you make some decent money, you don’t do anything wise with it like further your education or invest (and no…community college doesnt count). You blow your little money on drugs, alcohol, ugly looking mall bought clothes and supporting your deadbeat boyfriends.

  94. Carl

    Average club. Nothing Stands out here.

  95. york guy

    I must say I was pleasantly surpised. I was greeted outside by a bouncer who was very outgoing and accomadating, he answered some questions I had and I paid a $10 cover, was a thursday night around 10pm. Walking in I was greeted and shown different places I could sit, drink prices were fair and so where the pours (not too strong, not too weak) I was approached by a few dancers and eventually got a dance, although I forgot her name, she was actually sweet and funny. I hung out for a few hours and a buddy of mine met me there. We hung out with some girls and had some drinks, very comfortable environment. Pretty cool club, I will stop by again for one of their theme parties, which I’ve heard through word of m outh are pretty entertaining and creative.

  96. Justin

    I was kept company all night by two beautiful exotic ladies, the drinks were great and reasonable. i’ll be back around next time i’m in town. good job guys

  97. Mike

    Great club!!! Held a party there last Sat. It was fun and we great service. Plenty of hot chicks. However Next time I think we will go on a Sun nite,same hotties without the crazy crowd.

  98. Avoid this place

    This place sucks donkey dick! Ur better off going to Al’s or Philly.

  99. Ben

    at first i felt like all the girls looked the same but now there is something for everyone. all beautiful. i really enjoy this club, thanks and keep up the good work

  100. Jeff

    I love this club!!!! Hot ladies, great drink specials.

  101. williamr

    This place has a great lunch special. $10 will get you admission, a lunch entree, and a drink. I love the boneless wings with hot sauce. They are probably the best boneless wings I’ve ever had! Their seasoned fries are ridiculously good too. Very crunchy, flavorful, and hot. They have an impressive drink selection, however a more basic choice (i.e. a bottle of Bud Light or Yuengling) comes with the lunch special. The bartender that is usually there at lunch is very friendly and attentive. The bathrooms are very clean. The decor is very classy. Oh yeah, and the dancers are quality-beautiful and talented 🙂 It may get a bit too cigarette smokey in there at times for some folks.

  102. joseph1k

    The only reason this club gets two stars is for the food. Sad to say about a gentlemen’s club but without the food it would get one star. I had to practically beg to give my money away. The management needs to seriously revamp their policies on how the girls work the floor. I offered two ladies to go to the champagne room at $150 a half hour to be told ” I’ll be right back” and they never showed up. This was a Saturday night. There should have been plenty of girls to collect money but many disappeared into the dressing room never to return. One time I was on my way with a girl to get a lap dance, $20 a song and they start as soon as you get back there even if it is already half way into a song, and the manager grabbed her and told her to get up on stage now. She told me to wait. I went to have another drink and I never saw her again. Terrible experience. I like women that want to work for my money as hard as I have worked for it. Sit down have a drink, be professional. This place is just a high class hole in the wall. They could learn a lot from real gentlemen’s clubs on how to train their ladies. Long story short, I had $1000 in my pocket and I left with $870 and a terrible experience. Don’t waste your money on a trip to this club.Women 4.5/5Lap dance 2/5Friendliness 4/5Professionalism 0/5Entertainment factor 1/5It’s the only club in the area so there is no competition to raise the bar. I Will NOT return.

  103. Santa's Helper

    Join us tonite for our XXX-Mas party. We have a special show 10pm.

  104. deters

    club is beautiful and the staff is very friendly and accomadating. Can’t believe this is in harrisburg, well done.

  105. abraxus

    First of all remember this is Pennsylvania. Dancers are not allowed nude where alcohol is served. Yes it makes no sense but it is PA. Secondly this is a nice, clean club with a bunch of hot dancers. And no I don’t work for them but if one of you girls wants to give me a free lap dance I will say more nice things. I was treated like a gentleman and I treated the dancers like ladies. Had a great time.

  106. TL

    Great selection of ladies.

  107. Buddy the Elf

    Merry Christmas to all the management team and girls of Savannah’s!

  108. robbie

    I will have to rate this club very well, i was not only impressed with the club’s employees, but also the quality and personalities of the dancers. I enjoyed myself, was treated well, and did not have to “break the bank” to have a good time. I would suggest this club to anyone reading this post and I will most certainly go back.

  109. Jake

    Was in last nite for a friends 21st birthday party. We had no idea it was going to be such a nice place. To top it off they had two nude oil wrestling shows and afterwards the girls washed eachother with soapy sponges. Super hot!!!

  110. J
  111. jerdon

    checked it out, place is awesome.

  112. rogerrab2

    Have been going to this club a few times a month for a few years. Girls well dressed friendly and cute.At times girls don’t work floor but mingle by themselves or stay in dressing room. Oddest thing is even when talking to you rarely ask if you want a dance. Highly recommend Ginger, Chloe, Eden and Claudia.Go for the lunch special. $10 drink lunch and admission.Only peeve too many guys don’t tip girls on stage. If you can’t afford a few bucks stay home

  113. UPS Driver

    Get rid of all of the heathens from Adult World and Club 22. Send those junkies back to where they came from and bring in some attractive dancers….please.

    It sucks that a club that had so much potential and promise would allow these drug addicts in. All the money you guys had to throw at this club and this is the best you could do?

    A nice looking club with a bunch of gross girls…? No wonder you serve alcohol. I had to drink until these skanks looked pretty.

  114. Linda Thompson

    This place is a shit hole the owners are fags and the dancers are all whores. Ill definitely b back its my kind of place!

  115. Name

    This place is overpriced and it sucks.

  116. TJ

    Great music, sexy ladies and exciting lap dances. Will return soon.

  117. K.

    Alexes Texas was amazing.

  118. Manny

    If you weren’t there tonight, you missed out

  119. k

    Can’t wait to see the next sexy feature.

  120. Ken

    Wall to wall hot girls.

  121. J. Ross

    nina was great

  122. Rj

    Nude Volleyball Fri and Sat nite. Need I say more!!!

  123. Me

    Hey Sam…or should I say Sammie G? Its okay, your just bitter because you guys at 22 don’t know how to treat your girls…and all the good ones are leaving for Savannah’s and your gonna be left with nothing but a bunch of low budget hood rat skanks…I was in the other day and 22 is going the rest of the way under, and fast

  124. Jared C

    love the variety of girls. nice set up too

  125. sammie


  126. Tim R

    Back to college weekend coming up, the 13th and 14th. Naughty school girls and cheerleaders oh my….

  127. Brandon

    went in for the costume party last night. all tha girls were sexy as hell. and i loved all the ladys in uniform

  128. Allen

    No Girls. Waste of time and cover

  129. JJ

    The hottest ladies in town.

  130. DP

    drinks were cheap, girls were nice, had fun

  131. Homeless Paul

    I was making my rounds and stumbled upon this place in the middle of the ghetto. Management wouldn’t let a homeless brother come in and have a warm bowl of soup and get a look at all the beautiful ladies. Bottom line: this place needs to be nicer to all the homeless people that walk past it every day. I’m writing a letter!

  132. sase520

    i love this place <3

  133. Steve

    Great lap dances.

  134. lady

    great club

  135. AL

    The best parties are upstairs in the full nude lounge.

  136. Sal

    I thought this was supposed to be a strip club????

  137. Will

    Can’t wait till slumber party weekend. God I love nthis place.

  138. Skip ur meds today?

    Savannah’s is great, and the girls that work there are good girls. Many are in school currently, by the way. I’d imagine that you’re understandably upset that your husband can’t get a hard on without hitting up the strip club first…

  139. Zach Gusler

    This place is bullshit! Don’t even bother wasting your time going here.

  140. Sweet

    I Know that girls are not aloud to do a tip walk after there show so please tip on stage. It puts customers in odd situations when a girl comes around to ask for a tip and if u dont tip her your an asshole. This is a very classy club and i like it very very much.

  141. dave

    I love this place for my lunch break and Scarlett and Midnight are AWESOME!!!!

  142. impressed

    I was im opening night and this is by far the nicest club I have seen around.

  143. Dan C.

    Stopped at this club because I was in Harrisburg on business and must say that this place was TERRIBLE! Only about 2 dancers were 8+ in my opinion, and I’m not overly picky. The rest were 5s or 6s. Their attentiveness to customers and quality of lapdances leaves a lot to be desired. Oh, and don’t believe what management is posting about 50some dancers working here. I was here on two separate nights and counted about 10 maybe 15 dancers tops. Needless to say, I won’t go out of my way to plan any business trips to this area for a while.

  144. #1 Fan

    Was in both last night and the night before, for the nude oil wrestling. Had a great time both nights. Friday’s show was a little better than Saturday’s. Ordered food, soup and a wrap. Both were surprisingly good. Will definately be back here again. Beautiful girls, beautiful bartenders and just had a great time. Good job guys.

  145. benji

    great dancers, hot and friendly. staff was really accomadating, really liked it, I’ll be back man!

  146. Not nice place...don't like

    I don’t like the atmosphere of this place. The bright lights blind me and give me a headache. Don’t like!

  147. Butch

    Best Club I’ve been to in PA outside of Pitt & Philly areas.

  148. Tianna

    I was in last night and loved loved loved it. All the girls are beautiful and super friendly and the drinks were fantastic!! I will absolutely be a return customer:)

  149. Donovan


  150. Will I Am

    Boom boom pow this place sucks!

  151. You are still a stripper



    1. a person who strips.

    2. Also called ecdysiast, exotic dancer, stripteaser. a person who performs a striptease.

    3. One that strips, as one that strips photographic negatives or positives

    Any way you look at it you are either a ‘exotic dancer’ or ‘stripper’. It is all the same. Both take their clothes off for money. Don’t go around trying to glorify yourself cause you can’t!

  152. jonny tadow

    great spot, had a blast

  153. wills

    sexy ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Jay

    Had a blast, thanks guys!!

  155. nunya

    Sucks Ass…what else can i say

  156. Kenny

    What do you have to do to get a lap dance in this place? I’m a decent looking guy- I’m well dressed and bathe regularly. I had my pockets stuffed with 20s that were there for the taking, was friendly, tipped the dancers on stage as well as the bartenders. For two hours the dancers sat around and stared into space like they were at an 8th grade dance. The bartender even threw away my nearly full bottle of beer when I went to go to the bathroom! A word of advice to the mob bosses who run this place: it’s time to give these girls a beating and teach them how to treat the customers.

  157. Mr

    i very much enjoyed my time there. the girls are sweet and very sexy

  158. OMG

    We love this place!!!!!

  159. Joe Mahorney

    This place was just alright. I was disappointed that the dancers and service were not as impressive as this place looks inside. You’re better off going to cheaper Adult World where they have about the same quality dancers who are nicer and give better lapdances.

  160. B
  161. lady lovr

    simply awesome

  162. Bobby D.


  163. gauge

    if only you knew

  164. Nick

    Best club in the area.

  165. :)

    Full Nude Oil Wrestling this Fri and Sat.

  166. Intheknow

    This club is overpriced for what is offered. Topless unless you want to go to a private area where they will take it all of…after you shell out a couple of hundred bucks to do so. Are you serious? Get real this club will not last unless they change the way they do buisness. Shame to because it is a very nice club

  167. SASSIE


  168. Mr. Big

    This is not what Harrisburg wants or needs. Did they really think that transplanting a Philly stripclub in the heart of Harrisburg would be successful? Sounds like a waste of a million dollars to me. Who would go to this club to get ripped off and ignored by the dancers when you could go to Adult World and pay less money and get better attention from dancers who are just as hot?!

  169. Doc

    I love the place, it’s beautiful inside the club. Was a little upset tonight

    though. My favorite girl, Gina, was not on stage all night. I waited around

    for hours, but by the time she got out of the VIP room it was closing time.

    Not mad, just wish I could have had a few minutes with her. She’s always

    really busy! I think I’ll just stop in during the week, when it’s not so busy;-)

  170. INtense Guy

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