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710 East Commercial Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls Afterhours

  1. Ana C.

    First time I came here for my bday! Beautiful girls, the waitresses are so so friendly. They have some lap dance deals as well. I loved the music and how entertaining these girls make your time while you’re there.

  2. larry1

    F**k this place!!! They charge the same price for women as men. I should have listened to the reviews! Everyone said it was weak. From what I seen everyone was leaving as I walked up. The security was rude, Do not waste your time!

  3. richard95

    Boring as fuck, sometimes you’ll be waiting to see somebody dance for 20 minutes. Occasionally a girl walks through the lobby, but other than that, it’s just a bunch of dudes sitting around an empty stage.The dancers are what I refer to as “floaters”. The don’t make much physical contact, lap dances are more like personal dance shows.

  4. Franklyn

    My boyfriend and I printed out the “Free” passes from their web site. But when we got there they said it actually only got us half off. We had to $10 to get in which is still pretty cheap. They shouldn’t advertise the free passes if you still have to pay. Girls, Girls, Girls! This place definitely has a selection of girls to look at. A few of them were good looking. I actually thought the girls in the maid costumes that cleaned the poles/ stage were more attractive than the actual strippers. I’ve never gone to a full nude strip club, so you can say it was a new experience. We weren’t there for very long but still had fun watching the girls. Some of the girls are talented! They could reach all the way to the top and work themselves down! Definitely got me excited watching them, I can’t wait to go back.

  5. fuckery12

    One of the worst strip club ever, $10 for entrance fee and says entertainment fee ( which she say includes a drink, which it did not ) and required upsell another $10, reception girl in front then tries to sell you the VIP whatever thing for another $5, so total $20 I didn’t buy the VIP.Got in the club waive a waitress for a drink, she tells me to go to the bar, and ask for tip? What is this? Girls are so so, will not come back, don’t waste your money, bad management.

  6. Sarah C.

    New 2 story gentlemen’s club, nice venue, girls range from hot to ugly, full nude, they are planning on getting a liquor license soon, st. parking and parking lot

  7. XhXeXy

    This place is horrible!!! The bouncers think They’re cops sick over weight clowns! The dancers were either super super fat or ugly as fuck. Actually they’re all out of shape. Like the owner just went to downtown and picked up tore up prostitutes! The girls have big fake boobs but a flabby stomach! Do a few sit ups geeze! I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! Stay as far away as you can!!! You’ll thank me later.

  8. maxxy1

    The girls here are disgusting and the cover charge is ridiculous. Don’t waste your time coming here. Go to Jumbo’s where they have no cover or Sam’s down the street. The girls aren’t better there but at least they have a full bar!

  9. real
  10. curtis17

    There once was a girl named DanyellRace so mixed I couldn’t tellBut you know whatShe had quite the nice buttAnd you can hardly notice the smell

  11. billtheguy12

    Best part was the girls cleaning the poles and they weren’t even nude, other girls were alright, I’ve seen better. Girls will have an attitude with you if you are a girl and you go in there. Very slow there.

  12. james1412

    There are only a few times in life when a man gives a woman $160 and is still disrespected by saying he has to pay more to get a nude dance. So she said really you need to talk to the DJ…. SO WE GO TOGETHER TO TALK TO THE DJ AND HE SAID I DON’T KNOW WHO THAT GIRL IS. DJ SAID that the manager of the club is “Eddie”. I waited at least 45 minutes now and they KICK ME OUT OF THE CLUB FOR WAITING FOR EDDIE!! AT LEAST 25 PEOPLE CLAIMED TO BE EDDIE ALL AT THE SAME TIME… SO I’M WAITING OUTSIDE AND I STILL CAN’T TALK TO “EDDIE”. Suddenly I like Chello. At least he had the balls to talk to me personally and not hide behind some18yr old stripper who said “Eddie will talk to you if you wait outside”

  13. nickstrip

    Came here late at night around 3:30a for my birthday weekend and this place definitely did not disappoint. The girls are beautiful and were very attentive to me and my girls. Next time I come to LA I would definitely come back

  14. GarryWas

    I love this club but I do work here so my opinion is from a dancers prospective. This is not a luxurious strip club by no means. Nor do we have the best line up every night. However it is packed only on the weekends and open late til 6am nightly we are open every night. We have a selection of girls of all shapes, sizes, and races. Not all of them are cute or nice like me just kidn. It’s the cheapest club in the area for lap dances that start at 20$ and you can actually see what the girls really look like. Staff is at the door to help with your party or special request. We have valet parking and even a taco stand out side for your convenience. We are a fully nude club so get your drink on before you come in elsewhere. Service is usually good and the dancers are pretty friendly. However if you were ever treated rudely and no one apologized for it that is NOT ok and I apologize for the bad service. Not all of us are bad though once you speak to some of the ladies they are a lot nicer than they look so don’t be shy cuz we aren’t . 🙂 The Dj is always playing the best hip hop and the girls are always shaking their asses on stage some put on a better and wilder show than others. You may even see the waitresses joining in on the pole dancing and ass shaking on stage and yes some of them are cuter than the dancers. So if you like that type a thing come show us some love we have dance specials every night and can accommodate large parties. If that isn’t your thing well I guess you can grab a taco on the way out and go to another spot. But I doubt you will find a place that’s open til 6 with more action than this place especially on the weekend. Please bring a good attitude and some cash and we will treat you kindly. Xxo Tammy.

  15. winston12

    A benign night featuring a few drinks at The Parish quickly turned into a an alcohol+adrenaline-fueled adventure. Basically, we went from Light Bar Banter to MORE MORE MORE to PARTY PARTY PARTY to TITS TITS TITS within the span of an hour. It seemed like such a good idea, at the time, to hit up a strip club! Little did we know…. I don’t know if it’s because:1. it was close to 5 AM when we got here2. we had just been rejected from Spearmint Rhino 10 minutes premature of closing time3. we were still drunk and buzzing from the all-night warehouse party4. we were making very poor decisions and spending a lot of money on cab rides to nowhere … but this place was awful. The door guy was a prick, the charge for admission was ridiculous (especially in relation to the kind of girls they have here), there is no alcohol (California, BOO), and most of the girls are butterfaces and are completely bored out of their minds. I mean, corn on a grill is more exciting than watching these girls dance on the stage/poles. Mmmmmm… grilled asparagus.

  16. adamrod

    I came here for my best friends bachelor party this past Saturday and everyone that came had an awesome time. Now, I know there’s a lot of bad reviews on this place, but I honestly had an amazing time, the girls were beautiful, the service was great. I will definitely be returning to check out some more beautiful ladies.

  17. John A.

    So I went there last nite, venue was nice and spacious. The girls were ok nothing to brag about, I really like the waitress with their french maid outfit. Bad part was the valet service, so there are girls that take care of ur car it’s time for me to leave and my keys were no where to be found after half n hour searching my keys were found in the trash can Smh and the manager was standing around and he did not offer to help and just walked away. Don’t waste ur time going there.

  18. ryan123

    Seeing as LA closes at 2am if you’re out at the mainstream clubs you may be wanting to keep your night going. I mean who wouldn’t that works a 9-5 m-f right? So you already are at King Taco and you’ve already had your carne burrito and you’re still ready for something more. Well this little gem doesn’t close till 6 am so you’re in luck. You can pretty much find a 10$ entry pass almost anywhere in the area that they think clientele would go to pre attending this lovely place. In our case it was King Taco, there was a stack of passes at the register so we pretty much took most of them, ya never know when you’re gonna need more. Once inside you will be granted almost immediately by a lovely young or old lady that may grab your crotch area and ask you if you want to have some fun, seeing as you may want to start your trip to the strip club off with some hardcore grinding. I would say most opt out of this as you wanna grab a seat and enjoy the show first. And boy will you see a show. If you’re here on the right night you will see some amazing things, like the girl that puts the dollar bill on her private area and then blows it up in the air. I know I cheered. You may see a girl that has much more core fitness than you have who can easily float down the pole holding it with 1 or 2 appendages doing tricks and dancing all the way down. If it’s your birthday be prepared to be on the stage with all the girls, your shirt off tied to the top of the pole, and then you will get one hell of a lap dance that should create a bulge within your pants. The best part is after this bulge has been created you will be asked to climb the pole and get your shirt, the few I’ve seen attempt this have failed miserably making their male pride extremely low as the fitness of these entertainers is putting them to shame. I watched one poor lad try even jumping of the chair and still failing, he was rather fluffy though in his demeanor. If you do decide to get yourself a dance from one of these lovely gals, I suggest you wait for the 3 for 20$ deal, 3 songs for 20$ and I gotta say, they don’t rip you off on the songs, they’re legit songs, just not snip its. As far as being satisfied from what I’ve heard, they were some really swell dances. If you’re looking to stay out at all hours of the night and enjoy some exotic female dancing entertainment, then this would be the place for you.

  19. williamr

    Very good place to visit the one on Hacienda in the city of industry free drinksAnd all the girls are very very nice and young

  20. harryharry

    this place is ghetto and it’s clientele are mostly gang bangers in their 20’s n 30’s. this place has no class, should check people at the door for guns and 2 of the girls are average at best. some of girls mentioned to me directly how grossed out they were to find a rubber on the floor ‘with nut and all’ said one of the dancers who went on to mention that they offer ‘more’ than just lap dances at this location. enjoy at your own risk

  21. rogerrab2

    Double charged my card. First charge was $200. Then a $40 dollar charge, and this was just too get in. My entrance was $40 for 2 people and my bank statement tells me they chafed me for $48. I’m still working with my bank on getting a refund for the $200 charge which the girl at the entrance said was a mistake and told me she voided it. but the girls were good. No alcohol, don’t buy champagne or moscato, it’s non alcoholic.

  22. Weedman420

    Fun place! Cute girls and great vibe. My friend and I got there around 1am and their were still a lot of girls in there. They had this $1 lap dance that they do every couple hours that the girls go around that’ll dance for you for a $1 and whatever tips you want to give for that short time. And let me tell you that was amazing! $20 lap dances and hey you can’t beat that!

  23. Johnnyboy123

    Bottom line- the ugliest strippers I’ve ever seen in my life. I understand different strokes for different folks and some like them a little thick, some like them skinny, some like them whatever. I enjoy variety myself but this is just a variety of ugly. To be fair let me say a few positives. They charge $20 but give you free and unlimited sodas for the night. That may not sound like a big deal but I can’t stand other clubs that charge $15 for cover and then have a two drink minimum of five dollar or six dollar Coca-Cola’s. Also the DJ sounds like an auctioneer more then a strip club DJ. He talks so fast you can’t even hear make out what he’s saying when they talk about specials or three for ones etc.There are some very sad titties in this place. Very sad… :(Oh wait one more thing. Most clubs you pay for the dance after. Here you pay first. That’s not such a bad thing except for instead of paying the girl or a manager, you give the girl the money then she has to put the bill into a little feeder just like on a vending feeding machine at the actual booth. The $20 I gave her was rejected by the machine literally 10 times and my lap dance started off very annoying because of this stupid thing. Bad idea management. But the worst part with a very very sad titties…..

  24. AssnTits5

    The DJ was horrible, played the same songs multiple times. he said whatever he wanted to the girls and to the audience. The girls did not approach anyone and the waitresses were more personable than the girls. The dance prices are fair, but you have to get the girls attention because she won’t come to you. I won’t be going back to this place if im back in LA I will certainly be going to Games and Games.

  25. Daniel M.

    My first time here and I had a blast!! After SAMs closed I decided to keep my party goin,they mentioned for me to head over here,payed my $10,but got. Free drink,got a water to try and detox myself a bit lol,and sat back and relaxed on their super comfy seats,had a white girl with a big butt in a maid outfit sit next to me,so chill and down to earth,got a few dances,got showed major love,and I left one big happy customer 🙂 Will be back here again on my next adventure

  26. Kimberly B.

    I can’t remember much except that it was dead. Not much of a diverse, or we just went on a wrong night.They had flyers on each table advertising different night for different type of girls and different promotions. Our cover charge was $20 per person. We stayed for about 45 mins. Nothing exciting so we called it a night.

  27. joseph1k

    had a great time over here at this deja vu after my second time to this location. really pretty waitresses, would make me come back here again real soon!

  28. eddyL

    perhaps on my one visit i just came when it all clicked. i really had a good time…saw the sexiest dance ever..(by cassandra)..and.most the dancers looked really good and danced very well, the waitresses looked great and it was simply a great night! be sure to tip well.

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