Toppers International Showbar



100 North Jackson Street, Athens, GA 30601


33.9579211, -83.3742682




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Toppers International Showbar

  1. Dothadamthang

    Ya no this aint no thang but this club be some dumb shit you herd me? It’s like this playaz, I done been in this here club tonite! And foreal, they ain’t no foreal shit inn this town!! Ya done herd me on that shit foreal! just a dumb mutherfucker screming get drunk on the mic! I dune gone n epaid tha muther a g ya herd n he done no no lil wayne but what? and all that bullshits. them sum dum mutherfuckers ya herd!

  2. j

    the owner donny tried to rape me after we closed. he locked me in the office when everyone was leaving. he was very drunk so maybe he isn’t like this all the time.

  3. Duncan
  4. Daniel

    All they play is rap and all the dancers are ghetto or white trash and very drunk. They all seemed desperate. Sad really.

  5. yomom
  6. brandonresh

    This was my strip club my cousin and I went it was definitely worth the drive for my first time its an experience I’ll never forget I highly recommend it and I’ll definitely be back soon

  7. Phillip

    Not a fan of this club, I only go because I don’t want to drive to Atlanta. The entire place is disgusting and I always feel like I need a shower when I leave. Do they ever clean this club? Not to mention the whole club looks like it cost $10 to build. It’s all plywood and spray paint!! I’ve seen trailer parks with more class.

    I’m rarely there after 11 so the night shift may be better, but most of the girls look strung out or like they have ten kids. It’s more fun to laugh AT the girls than get dances. That’s if there are any girls there at all. Most days they only have one or two black girls there and they hide most of the time. I don’t think I have ever seen a girl on stage before 5:30. If you want a good laugh go to toppers, but I have never found a reason to spend more than $30.

  8. GABoy

    Not too shabby. Most of the girls are college students working through, they’re

    usually very eager to please. Bouncers are very protective and very no-nonsense

    – I’ve seen more than one over-eager frat boy tossed out on his ear. If you

    intend to cause trouble, don’t bother. Otherwise, a good time at a fairly

    reasonable price.

  9. porkchop75

    Good old titty bar

  10. Jacob

    I went to Toppers last week for the first time ever. When I ran out of cash I was told I could use the ATM at the front. That’s when I find out that their ATM isn’t really an ATM… It just gives bullshit fake money that you have to spend in the club. The girl at the door told me I could use the fake money for everything in the club, so, against my better judgement, I pulled out a lot of money. I buy a few drinks, then decide to buy some dances for my buddy and me. We start chatting up the girls, but after awhile we still haven’t gotten a single dance. None of the girls would accept the fake money. We kept asking and kept getting turned down. They said they would dance for cash, but not club bucks. They all told us they never get paid for the fake money and something about the club ripping them off, therefore they wouldn’t dance for it!!! SO now I am stuck with all this bullshit fake money and we still never got a dance. We’ll never go back.

  11. Jamie Fields

    I had the same problem with the girls not taking the funny money. One girl told me she couldn’t pay her law school tuition because the owner owes her $15,000. Really crazy. I ended up spending it all on drinks. Oh well.

  12. Yo-Yo

    It is alright if you live in Athens, Ga

  13. DF

    Overall a good place. Most of the women are great. Good party atmoshere. Expensive drinks though you’d come out better drinking beer, but this place is jammin. go see for youself



  15. charles

    Awesome Club…Dj was off the chain..There is a girl for everyone..If you like hot or perhaps not, they will all be happy to have fun with you…the staff is really nice and as long as you don’t act like an idiot you will have the time of your life!!!!

  16. JJ

    it sucks, get some good lookin chics plz. Theyr’e ugly and have attitude.

  17. Strippers

    I love them

  18. joseph1k

    First, let me just start off by saying that I am reviewing this place mainly to say I had a first review on a place.Secondly I have only been to this place once and I have never been to another strip club in my life-so my frame of reference is very limited.I would guess this is what a lot of other strip clubs, or “gentleman’s club” as most advertise as, would be like-dark, loud, and crowded. The girls were decent and the beer was overpriced.All I really know is that this is the favored topless bar over the sketchy one on Baxter Rd. which I cannot even remember the name now. All-in-all, fun times for a first timer like me, but come on guys…just go out and find yourself a girlfriend.

  19. DOUG S.
  20. Jezabel

    What the hell…Dj sucked…Girls were ugly..Terrible!!!

  21. tony

    great place to go with beautiful girls….

  22. ThatGuy

    Fuck Toppers in the mouth. I went a few times and the staff were total dicks. I was asked to leave because I was making out with a girl in the back. The girls should have to take the “Toppers Bucks” if they are distributed from the ATM, no questions asked. I would rather stab my eyes out with bubblegum then go back to this club.

  23. Injun

    went there for the first time this past saturday, there were probably about 12 girls when i got there at 8pm. the majority of them were girls from the college and quite beautiful with very nice bodies. After talking with one of the dancers i decided to get a vip lap dance in the back ($30) . All i can say is if you want a full contact lap dance then this is your place, it really was awesome, and as i said a good majority of the girls are gorgeous and in the 18-22 age range, i’ll definitely be back.

  24. Travelopsession

    Stop here while in town a while back. Girls are friendly and the lap dances are worth the coin. I may have to go back for another dance from my favorite little blonde.

  25. Dancer

    For all of the customers that have a problems with Toppers dollars received at Toppers. It is not true that none of the girls will accept them. You just asked the wrong ones…

  26. Brandon

    I love the dancers. All of them had great personlity.

  27. Sam
  28. Ben

    Just two words: Fucking Awesome!

  29. Gardner Dominick
  30. Sean McClendon

    One word describes this sh*t hole best: ‘GHETTO’

    Is Toppers a strip club or Ghetto Trash Hip Hop club????

  31. Stanford
  32. Carl

    too loud too ghetto/trashy. the place looks unfinished but i know it isnt new. very low class. but five dollar dances and pussy flashes. athens needs a half way decent club.

  33. shankwa

    These club chang’d my life!!! I never find so much beautiful bouncers who keep from me the girls. Yay!

  34. D
  35. uga

    Do not go. Do not even think about going

  36. Johhny B

    Kicks Ass

  37. rp

    This is a nice club. The girls are friendly, the dances are good. The bouncers didn’t bother with me. I liked the prices.

  38. jason
  39. big papa

    This club was awful!! I saw maybe two girls that were attractive and the rest I wouldnt give a dollar to. The drinks sucked. I waited forever to get a drink. The ownership is just as bad definatly does not know how to run a club. Not to mention its winter time outside and its even colder in there its like a freezer! Most of the girls walk around drunk! one was so intoxicated when she swung around the pool she slipped and fell! What a joke. I would not waste my money on the lap dances they keep their back to you the whole time and just rub! NO TALENT. Half of them didnt have on makeup and they look sick! Thear was no in between they were either really fat or really skinny. Dont expect to find a good time here if you are in athens. The bars are better atleast the girls are cuter in regular bars….PEACE OUT

  40. yanard12

    Decent titty bar, I was in the area on business and decided to stop in with my business partners. Dark, loud and cold beer. Some of the strippers shouldn’t be working but overall nice mix of girls. I would return if in the area again. Never been to Atlanta’s strip clubs but aight strip club if you don’t want to take the drive all the way to the ATL.

  41. Anonymous

    I went to this club and had a great time! I talked to a few of the girls and they were really friendly. Most of the girls are beautiful and there is a nice range a talent, especially a difference noted when you go back to the VIP. I went back to the VIP and got some awesome dances. Definitely worth it. Well money spent. I will definitely be going back.

  42. Former Customer

    I used to come over to Toppers to see Candy, but last I heard Candy is now dead. Does anybody know how Candy died? I heard that Candy is now dead but I don’t know any details about her death. Last time I went over there one of the girls told me that Candy is dead, but I don’t know any details of her death. I know that she died about a year ago but I don’t know how she died. If anybody can tell me I would appreciate it.

  43. Craig
  44. Blake
  45. Tracy
  46. anna
  47. HNW
  48. JT

    Great stages decent DJs and the the girls are hot

  49. stephanie
  50. anon
  51. fritter17

    This place is cool I didn’t know the men of Athens had it in em I love to be proved wrong, lol. The girls here are a mix like every other club in the friggin world. Some of them are major haters, whatevs. This a reoccurring theme for me, I guess it’s just what happens when you a bitch from Cali…#properMouthpiecewillgetyoumorebreadthenAsseverwil­l(; Anyways, come here, it’s fun, message me if you want to know who the most fun girls are (: lol

  52. Courtney

    Damn, long story short. Walked in the club with little to no expectations, was actually surprised by a shoe model or two. One young “shoe model” decided to become my lady in the spot. We talked, she danced, I left. This young “shoe model” was actually a walking can of Tuna! Not to mention the VIP room smells like an Orgy took place a few minutes prior to my arrival. This club stinks!

  53. ryan123

    This is my first time ever going to a strip club. I came here with a bunch of my guy friends. There is definitely a variety of girls here. This place does not compare to the Atlanta strip clubs from what I have heard. This place is dark, loud, & kinda of smelly. Prices are pretty cheap. Lisa was best of the night. All of my guy friends left super happy, if you know what I mean (;Overall, I had a good time. Probably won’t return anytime soon.

  54. Jack

    Amazing. Great place to go and great private dances

  55. Greg
  56. Bill
  57. micheal
  58. Ken Jackson
  59. donald
  60. ginchblaster

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