Club Risque’ Northeast



5921 Tacony Street, Philadelphia, PA 19135


40.0133145, -75.0563103




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Risque’ Northeast

  1. Roger

    Few good looking girls. Bella gave a good lap dance, sensual dances and cater to her clients need, within a limit. She is pretty and soft spoken and hot. Nice body. Dances well.

  2. dangerous

    Under the radar club, lots of potential. Girls could use an upgrade but there are a few gems.

  3. winston12

    Horrible experience at the northeast location. I get it, you’re a strip club. However, you tried to charge me for drinks I didn’t order. When I received the check, I questioned the bartender, who gave me attitude. This is the point I asked to see the manager. The manager can out asked what was wrong. I explained the situation, he bluntly asked me how much was the difference. When I told him, 9 dollars, he scoffed and proceeded to pull out cash out of his pocket. He also said that the bartenders were to be fired. Essentially, the manager was being a weasel. After he gave me the cash, he told my brother and I we had to leave (which we were already leaving). As we went outside, he followed us out with the bouncers behind him calling us dead beats. I don’t know how we could be called dead beats considering we paid the bill. Essentially, this was a terrible experience and from now on, if debauchery is on the list, we’ll be going to the penthouse. Hopefully the owner(s) of risqué realize the incompetence that is represented by the manager and resulting loss of money.

  4. Tim

    Lots of fine looking dancers.

  5. nate

    Stopped in the first time last friday. There was anw awesome selection of girls. I was loving all of them. Wish I had enough money to sample them all

  6. richard95

    Basics: Free admission Sunday thru Thursday. Fri and Sat $5 after 8. $20 couch dances which seems to be the standard rate around Philly. Anyway, smaller and a bit less well appointed than the Risque on Delaware Ave/ Columbus Blvd. This club does, however, have a couple pool tables if you are inclined to play pool at a strip club. Lower ceilings and a smaller stage that at the Philly Risque. The night I was there there were a couple guys balling up dollar bills and tossing them at the ladies which I find a bit trashy, well, at least trashier than is necessary at a strip club. The obligatory old lady who really shouldn’t be dancing was present and attempting to make eye contact (and later conversation with the goal of a couch dance) with me. A few good looking girls, though that evening there were many vying for their attention.Below the main floor(aka in the basement) is the “champagne court”. For $200/ half hour you can go down there with the lady of your choosing to a smaller couch dance room (there are still two booths, so it’s not necessarily completely private) and enjoy their company (possibly w/ full nudity) as well as a couple drinks.

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