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0 reviews for “Starlet

  1. StripClub431

    Came here last night for my sisters birthday and we had an amazing time , everyone was so nice and friendly . The dancers were super friendly and not pushy at all and since we were both girls and guys they paid way more attention to us females and we loved every minute of it ! This place is big booty heaven , big bootys everywhere lol .. We did get bottle service so I can’t mention anything about how strong the drinks were and prices were not bad at all for bottle service , you can have a good time here whether u are a huge group or even if u come w your significant other !! The pat down is REAL though , they take your cigs , pens , lighters etc BUT you do get it back when you are leaving and compared to other clubs security was very nice and accommodating . I can’t wait to come back here again and get some more big booty lap dances !!! Starlets is my new favorite place , if I was rich I would be here everyday making it rain rain rain …

  2. ryan123

    this place is very awesome. 3 strippers dancing at once and then they hit the floor for private showings. they have athletic, toned, and thick girls. white, black, and hispanic. its an excellent variety of women and there is someone for everyone there. highly recommended.

  3. moneyman2

    By far the worst strip club I’ve been to….to take money out the atm it cost $20, they do not have a card reader at the bar, every drink my cousin asked for they had to go check with another bartender and ask and then come back and say no we don’t have that and how do you not have ginger ale? Drinks cost way to much and taste like juice(if you mix it with juice) and when you say that their response is just wait it’ll sneak up on you, waited all night for it to sneak up on me. Cost $300 for a $40 bottle of henney just to get a rinky dink table with 2 rinky dink chairs, so I’m suppose to stand all night or pay for an overpriced bottle to sit in vip and get a real lap dance. How do you get a proper “lap dance” standing mine as well be a leg dance. I don’t see myself going back any time soon. I won’t even put the price that they quoted me for 5 bottles for 15 guest and my guest still would’ve had to pay to get in.

  4. DexterRexter

    Bartenders look better than the strippers. The strippers are dancing on a stage located behind the bar so you cant touch them till/if they come on the floor. The drinks are poured to exact measure so they’re kind of weak. The cover is $20/$25 girls or guys. The place is pretty small. Parking can be annoying. Music is good. If you’re going to go get a table. I’ve gone twice, and refuse to go again. It’s a waste of money and travel. I LOVE strip clubs but this isn’t it.

  5. Hopper

    New owners turned it around.Nice!

  6. larry1

    So if your looking for something upscale this isn’t it. However the dances are really good. If your not going to tip then don’t go. We went kind of early around 10pm for my birthday. We were there until 1, all my money was gone. There was a group of guys watching and not tipping, losers. My girlfriends and I were defiantly tipping and taking care of the girls. Some were actually very nice. I think at least two would jiggle their booty on me. I didn’t want a lap dance, So I kindly tipped by putting singles in their thong & said thank you. Not sure if that’s weird, but yeah! One let me slap her booty. It was a lot of fun. If your a judge mental person or uptight, then don’t go to any strip club. I do have to say all the guys in their were very weird. The bartenders were ALL on their phones, taking selfies and texting. I didn’t care, but if that was my business best believe that wouldn’t go down. There was one bar tender who had platinum blonde short hair. She took care of us the whole night. Kept asking if we wanted more drinks. Kept giving us singles when we paid (sneaky sneaky). Of course we spent them! I might come back. It was a $10 cover charge. Cost check was mandatory, but I refused. There was hot food, which I would never eat- but I mean it is an option. Overall girls were great, dances had talent.

  7. adamrod

    I’m rating this place based on service. After ordering two drinks and having the waitress bring us one but charging for two, I asked her for it again. The girl at first had no memory that I ordered it and then told me it would be $9 (overpriced to begin with). When I told her I already ordered it and it was put on my tab, she said I didn’t have a tab. It took 2 hours to find my credit card and ID that she had previously taken for my tab. I still had no drink but a charge for two drinks. When I asked for the drink I never got, they wouldn’t bring it to me and the waitress changed her mind and told me she delivered it. I then went through two waitresses and two managers to repeatedly explain my story, all of whom were not at all helpful. Just over one glass of wine! I’ve never been treated with such lack of respect for the customer or put off so much to, in the end, just end up leaving so that I could get a glass of water somewhere out of the establishment. They incorrectly charged me without fixing the situation in an acceptable manner and frankly, that is fraud.

  8. harryharry

    Great place the only thing was that I expected the strippers to be more attractive

  9. joseph1k

    Minus the mandatory coat check and the double pat down security search this strip club was very nice. The girls are a mix bag of spanish, black, white girls, they’re all thick, soft booties, smooth skin all the girls felt the same when I danced with them. Ha ha.The strippers were good looking, hot and sexy lol. The place has 3 dance poles and 3 dancers on stage at the same time, nice touch.You can get private dances, you can also dance with them and hold them close and give them a good spank and slide cash down their G’ string and bra while you dance with them which is a ++++. I’d definitely go back again with loads more bread, it was dope.

  10. fuckery12

    Save your money the girls barely show skin, and security is WEAK!!!

  11. AssnTits5

    I like this place, the talent is always very appealing. When you come here you have the option to go here or perfection. I will always choose Starlets. Better women, and just a better atmosphere, this place knows it’s identity the other place wants to be a nightclub..Only reason the don’t get 5 stars is because sues rendezvous is the standard to me

  12. me!

    Had a great time there especialy when jessie jane was there oww! yeah baby!! ONLY AT STARLETS!! come find out and see!!

  13. Weedman420

    Went there yesterday night and it was a 30$ dollar to get in. First time and the last time going to this place as they had more bartenders than strippers. The girls didn’t really want to work so with the beers and the entrance fee I only spent $80 bucks. If your looking for a good strip club I recommend riviera or show palace.

  14. Terry

    Had a great time.

  15. eddyL

    I went on a Thurs to come check this place out since a friend of mine works here. The layout is nice. I didn’t pay to get in for personal But they were charging @ the door and for the amt of ppl that were there all nite admission should have been on the house. A total of 8 girls were there all night. How can you run a strip club w/just 8 girls??? A mixed variety of girls. Nothing bad to say abt the girls @ all. Fyi:If you’re a guy and you want to just drink @ a bar and not be bothered by strippers, let me suggest you go to a local bar and I promise no one will look you way. You have to respect these girls working and most of the patrons wouldn’t even tip. Maybe it was “Homosexual Nite”,ijs. Girls are there to make $ and the patrons are there to give it REALLY! Back to the club……I ordered a vodka & pinapple and it came to $15. I’m lost when did little strip clubs in queens get the green light to overcharge for liquor?? A real turnoff. I saw a guy order a remi and he was really displeased @ the amt of liq he rec’d for $16,he paid for his drink and left. FYi starlets if you’re customers feel like they are being robbed your establishment will forever look like a ghost town. I stayed til abt 3am and maybe a total of 12 patrons were in the building. For a thursday this was truly bad. But when you’re selling $8 drinks for just abt double guess this is what happens. No drink specials or anything. I wonder how this place has been able to stay open???ijs.

  16. Waltaya C.

    I wish I could give them ZERO STARZ!!!!! Don’t come here. Go to Sin city this place should burn to the ground with the staff in it!!!!!!!! I NEVER BEEN TREATED SO POORLY!!!!! DO NOT COME HERE!!!

  17. Mistercap12

    The club looks great!, staff is great!, girls are great! and I do mean great! But the management is trying to get your money at every turn. So the ATM is like $25 if you want 1’s they charge a fee to get 1’s, and the drinks are over priced and poured to exact measurements. And you can’t use your card to get drinks.

  18. igor34

    I’m only giving two stars because of Bernice I went to @starletsofny last night and I wanted to puke! Out of my friends It was my pathetic idea I wanted to see what the “big fuss” was about! I was appalled by the watered down liquor In this hole in the wall! But what made this experience so much worse was the models performing! I swear the women looked like walking fix a flat! Their Butts looked like a bag full of rocks! I can say it was a handful of women who had decent work done but the majority was terrible! Beautiful faces but I’m not here for strippers that looked as if they starred in the movie ANTZ. I came for the drinks hookah and that fine ass Dominican bartender who was humpin drake! no showers in the locker rooms I saw “entertainers” freshening up in the bathroom same attire all night! would I go back? FHUCK NO! I rather sit up with my feet up at an upscale joint like #cheetahclub or #stadiumdc eating a lobster tail while sipping on a cocktail (in a glass) not a plastic cup with a personal waiter not a Wack bartender that’s upset that I’m in the establishment! This is not an upscale titt bar! All this plastic surgery to dance and bartend in the hood! I don’t get it!

  19. fritter17

    Went here for the first time. Security outside is very intimidating. Got there around d 12:20 free before 12:30. When approached the door they wanted us to pay $30 per person. We told the girl we were here before 12:30 and that she was taking long with ppl ahead of us. She was very rude and dismissive and kept on saying $30. So we paid got inside. Bartenders are better looking than strippers, and they r on the phone not paying attention to customers. We ordered a bottle specific size, girl comes back says they only have a bigger bottle and we got to pay another $100 if we wanted. This place just sucks i will never go back. I been to sugar daddys always been satisfied and well as sin city.

  20. Lou

    Was in the area on Friday.Had a few girls.Nothing special.Will try another club.

  21. richard95

    I went to the grand opening of Starlets and it was absolutely the nicest strip club in Queens, and nicer than most anywhere. The newly renovated club was very crowded due to the grand opening, but there is plenty of room . Nice big bar, with a stage behind it in the middle, the bar is rectangular and you watch the dancers while sitting at the bar, great concept, you get to talk to the hot bartenders while watching the show. good parking available, in the lot or on the street, friendly staff and super hot girls. great big private lap dance area, also some seperate private rooms available. Everyone with me loved the place , cant wait to go back!!

  22. stripforme123

    I went on a Friday night ( truly Saturday morning) before closing. It was packed but then this girl caught my eye and I got an amazing lap dance. It was well worth the trip. The eye candy is nice but the space is small it seems to have more girls than perfections. There only 3 girls on stage at a time so I guess that’s the illusion given. But I’m sure to go back. I didn’t drink so can’t tell you about that cost but the entrance was $20 and the parking was nearing by but go see for ya self.

  23. mathewater12

    Want to pay $15 for a watered down drink that’s not even filled up to the top? Come here. The admission fee is $20, understandable and reasonable but drinks are $15??! And the girls were not very pretty. There were definitely thin and thick woman but majority were on the thick side with huge asses. So if you’re an ass person, come here ! They will not disappoint. The main reason for the 2 stars are for the outrageous price of drinks that were weak!

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