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6300 Powers Ferry Road Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30339


33.905124, -84.4275112




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Mardi Gras

  1. Thomas

    One of the best!

  2. John

    Two thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mathewater12

    It started many years ago and has finally happened! We are very close to a2-class country–the haves and the have nots! Vote the Republicans out of power or Say goodbye to your Middle Class

  4. sexybiatch

    its cool

  5. JP

    Attractive and friendly dancers. A variety of dancers for all tastes. Drinks are expensive, especially mixed drinks, but thats to be expected.

  6. Franklyn

    The girls are pretty cute. No ugos or fat chicks. There wasn’t a black girl in the bunch, so if you like the sistas this probably isn’t the place for you. Also, they don’t play any hip hop or black people music. Aside from ethnic or racial, there is a nice diversity of girls. They’ve got some thicker girls (not fat) with big asses and some really skinny girls. The best looking girl I saw all night was a brunette with fake tits named Arianna.I went there for Monday Night Football and the place was basically a ghost town. It makes the strippers kinda annoyed and mouthy. If the girls don’t get a certain amount of money, they don’t actually strip, they just dance around and look pissed.The worst part of the experience is the dances. There are no lapdances during the week. You can either buy a table dance – where the girl doesn’t ever really touch you – for $10 or you can go to VIP for $150 for 15 minutes. Fortunately, that’s only during the week as far as I know. On Monday nights they do have $4 shots of Jager and other stuff and $4 Bud Light and Miller Light. It’s also imperative that you know they don’t accept the free admission coupon unless you print it out. If you don’t know about the free admission coupon, go to their website and print it out. Make sure you print it out or you cannot get in free. They are real assholes about it.The girls were generally nice. I ended up having a conversation with one whose name I don’t remember anymore for about half an hour. It’s always weird when you have a somewhat meaningful conversation with someone and then they go on stage and get naked and then sit on some other guys lap.

  7. batman

    Most of the dancers are great and will sit and talk if you tip a little extra. Sit near the stages (3) for the most fun. $5 will get top off on stage. Another $5 gets the bottom. Sets are 3 songs. If dancer stilll has clothes after first song then it’s customer’s fault! Call for directions. It looks like it is in Wendy’s parking lot.

  8. rekeesssa

    Great club atmosphere. Stacey is the hottest chick there!

  9. Fred

    Typically, these girls are not too friendly in the evening hours as compared to the ones during the day seem to be more ‘willing’ to dance closer and give more; espicially Saturday during the dsy!!

  10. Ryan

    I enjoyed my time there. It is the best ive been to. Id love to come back when i have the time.

  11. Jason B.

    The music is the only thing that I really don’t like about this place. You can pretty much get anything you want here for the right price. Good looking girls, decently priced drinks, and a melting pot of people. Upstairs VIP has a pool table and the private rooms. They also do 2 for one lap dances usually. Make sure to ask for the twins or the Russian, my 3 favorites! Park in the Publix parking lot and walk down the stairs to save money on valet.

  12. baddger
  13. travelingguy

    The club itself is really nice and spacious. I was in there for over an hour and the only girl that came up to me to ask me for anything was the waitress. I thought the girls where there to make money? They seemed more interested in hanging out with the regulars.

  14. Impressed

    It is a great place to go for any occasion that might call for a strip club. All the people there are nice, and it is a hidden gem.

  15. jimjama

    the better lookin girl couldnt dance

  16. Jonathan

    Worst management I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with in this town. My strong advice is: Get receipts for every single transaction, right down to your last drink. Do not expect any of the managers there to treat you with any respect whatsoever, much less even look you in the eyes when talking with them. For the big spenders, do not expect any better treatment than the freeloader sitting in the corner watching the show for free.

    I imagine the trickle down effects of that management style are the reason for the overall somber, and very poor attitude of all the employees and dancers we experienced.

    Not recommended! There are far too many other clubs in Atlanta that treat customers like humans and not receipts.

  17. harryharry

    Went here with my male friend on a Friday night. It was bumpin’, but there seemed to be ALOT of strippers working compared to the customers. Good for the customers, bad for the strippers. But they seemed to be doing ok anyway, because not once did one of them walk up to us or even look our way. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl? I got hit on by a customer who told me that I should work there and blah blah blah and I had to make excuses to get away from him. The girls are decent-looking with moderate pole skills and some definite booty bouncin’ action, with minimal contact. Drinks were insanely expensive, but that’s to be expected. I might go back sometime, if I happen to be in the area.

  18. Katie H.

    Very clean and professional! Beautiful ladies and awesome skills. I definately reccommend this place. And entry wasnt too badd expensive. Cheaper than i had expected.

  19. AssnTits5

    Cheap drinks with a great view! Talent and staff is friendly and will make small talk instead of just hustling for scrilla like in Las Vegas or Cali. Just wish there wasn’t so much second hand smoke.

  20. Dr J Rogers

    I would save your money and try out a different club. I was very unimpressed and will not go back.

  21. Chad

    Sexy sexy women. I love this club. It’s my home away from home.

  22. Billy

    I had a great time at the club. They have really nice and pretty girls

  23. steve

    Caution: Do not goto the private rooms…its too much of the not pay by credit card…they can charge you anything and you may end up in having financial disputes later on with your credit card agency …

  24. Paul
  25. AtlClubHopper

    An upper scale club with tons of hot girls, but some greedy dancers and waitress ruin this place. Some would ask for VIP soon as they greet you, some would keep urging you to buy dances and expensive shots, some would run in and out so you could never keep up conversation with them. Expect to tip at least 15% off what you order if you don’t want to see a immediate shitty face. In this case, run! Go somewhere else!

  26. Mike

    Honey is sweet!

  27. lisa

    had an awesome time

  28. eric

    hot hot hot

  29. Brittany

    One of a kind. Definitely the club to go to in Atlanta. Nice, beautiful, smart girls who are the top of the line when it comes to looks. Wonderful experience!

  30. curtis17

    Ask for Bre, she is a Cocktail waitress there… you are guaranteed to have a great time she’ll take good care of youDancers are beautiful and there is a wide variety of types..blondes, red tatts, lots of tatts. I enjoy the drink specialsOnly thing i would change would be the loud, somtimes excessive, DJ sounds system…its loud but hey us old people cant take it like we did back in the day

  31. Tom

    Went here on a business trip. LOVED IT. 3 stages, tv’s, decent food and drinks we had 3 or 4 girls sitting at our table at any given time chearing for whichever girl was onstage, etc….yes, we were spending a lot of cash, but had a blast. great party atmosphere.

  32. Justin

    This club is very relaxed! The girls do not hound you for a dance. It’s very comfortable and have corners to hide in. The dancers for the most part are very beautiful. The VIP is the way to go! Even in the day time there are great dancers! You can get it all from mid age to the booty shakers! The girls are very nice. And they remember your name when you come back in.

  33. Rob

    Beautiful girls, great atmosphere.

  34. hunker down

    this club is great

  35. Steve Ronjonavich

    Unfortunately this bar was overrated by the people using this site.

  36. moog

    over tatted girls are not sexy at all.

  37. sherry

    Great entertainment.. girls are friendly and outgoing!

  38. Allen D.

    Very clean establishment. The girls looked great and there was a girl for every type. We got there early so there was no cover and finding a parking spot was easy. The music selection was good and had several different generes! The girls are friendly and will sit and talk with you. There were 3 or 4 girls at our table most of the night. Lap dances are only $10 and the girls do a great job. There are several satellite stages, but the set up makes them kind of hard to see, so youll need to walk around some to see them all. They have 3 full bars, sports on the tvs which was nice. It is a great establishment and is worth a visit or 2. I will be returning just to see a few of the girls that hung out with us most of the night. I highly recommend Bee, Liz, Gypsy, Charlie and Panda!

  39. N. Whitecomb

    Bad experience. Do not recommend.

  40. Britt


  41. maxxy1

    The girls were OK.. Some really pretty but the attitudes were bad!! Dancers try to take you up stairs for the up charge of $20 a song and didn’t want to stay down stairs for a $10 dance!

  42. Jay

    This is my go-to place. Dancers are friendly and will spend time talking to you unlike the girls at The Cheetah. Waitress Sherry is a sweetheart. Rain and Chloe are great. VIP rooms are reasonable. Drinks are good. Wish they had a kitchen.

  43. Stephen

    Extremely loud redneck on the microphone. When will djs learn that I am visiting the club for the girls, not for painfully loud music and his obnoxious voice. My visit there last Thursday evening: Rude dancers, high prices. Take my business elsewhere. Pink Pony or Oasis.

  44. vanessa ingram

    it’s a great club and i loved working there. i love all the girls and i exspecialy like Jennifer hott and sweet has a girl personalty and she is brunnett now i like you very much will be back to see her . she is from warner robins

  45. Ted
  46. Weedman420

    Came here with some guys after work. Not really my type of strip club, but I had fun. I came on a Wednesday night and there wasnt really a crowd. The girls are so so, but still entertaining, and not as pushy as some other clubs I been to. They did have a deal for a bucket of beers for $15 which is hard to beat…especially at a club. I will probably be back again.

  47. Jeff

    I went there twice this past weekend and had an excellent time I thought they treated you great and all the dancers I meet were very friendly I would love to know the name of the girl that worked Saturday Night she was there until closing and she was from Russia.

  48. Tee

    Amazing club. Like the Cheetah, but without all the hassle nor as $$$

  49. Jerry

    THIS is the club to be at!

  50. Antonio

    Who compared that place to Cheetah??? Buy yourself some glasses

  51. S. Rosando

    Not worth the price of admission

  52. Kevin

    I walked in and was pleasantly surprised by the setup. Everything about the club was excellent even though there was several flat chested girls. Their hospitality more than made up for it. It is best to go on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday and after 10pm. The better girls come in later. Overall a great time!

  53. Tim

    cool club.

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