2319 North Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa, FL 33607


27.9618466, -82.5056296




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Scores Tampa – Gentlemen’s Club


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18 reviews for “Scores

  1. LezzyLuv

    If you’re a woman… stay away from scores. I enjoy going out and appreciating the female form… however it’s apparent that this establishment is only interested I. Chauvinistic view points. As a female patron i experienced the worst of male/female stereotypes and I felt so uncomfortable. If you are not male… expect a terrible time. This is not a business that appreciates women at all.

    The fact that their whole business model relies on women however they neglect to appreciate the women that visit their establishment is ridiculous.

  2. maxxy1

    Speaking as a customer not a dancer. Everyone here is rude and ghetto . Even the managers . I was trying to order food to go and the door girl was extremely rude and sighed deeply because I wanted to pay in cash . Then asked for a manager and the manager (ROB)didn’t have any respect at all . 20 dollars for some crab cakes . It wasn’t even an expensive order. I would highly advise any man with class to avoid this club.

  3. don

    hottest tampa area women there are. good variety, was surprised of the fantastic hospitality. 5 star gentlemens club!

  4. ken
  5. XXXbeast

    Is Howard Stern here?

  6. fuckery12

    So apparently in Tampa you have a choice – full nude with no alcohol OR panties and pasties with alcohol.Since I don’t really drink I didn’t care, but the work boys I was with wanted to drink and so we chose here. I walked up to pay admission for myself and the girl at the door said I could not come in – until security informed her I had three guys with me. Seriously Florida? A woman cannot go into a strip club without an escort? WOW.Whatever, not their fault, head on in. These girls not only used flesh colored band-aids instead of pasties, some of them gave me some of the dirtiest looks I have ever received. Look honey – I’m the one that is holding all the cash and respect for you – you might want to be a bit nicer. Thanks to that I shoved drinks down the boys throats and ran them across the highway to full nude no alcohol club, where they were nice – and we made it rain.

  7. StripClub431

    Horrible service. First time there after living here 3 years. Was overlooked to order a drink by 4 other people and the drink was weak and she never came back to ask if I wanted another. Waste of money and time. Go to the Dollhouse instead

  8. Dee

    TOO small and bad parking

  9. Ian M.

    I was extremely disappointed last night. The crew was definitely not the A crew. I get it, it was Xmas eve. Really, there were four dancers working period. My sever was the best looking girl in the place. Despite her good looks the service lacked big time because she was the only girl serving the entire place. I seriously doubt that I will be returning.

  10. Hector S.

    This scores sucks. I am born and raised in Brooklyn and I been to Scores in the city were I seen dudes drop Thousands of dollars here. This place was not upscale at all compared to the great state of NY. This place is not that good at all.

  11. larry1

    Has gone WAY downhill since it opened. Once had 3 of the hottest girls I’ve seen on a stage. No more. Bandaids on the nipples. Endless rap on the soundtrack. Iffy on the food service. I hadn’t gone in 11 months, but decided to give them another try last night (3-2-16). Whoah! I am rather rudely informed that the old policy of no cover charge for diners was eliminated in September. $10 for diners now, $10 for non-diners. You’d think the girl taking the money would give me a pass for one night as a returning customer? Nope! Paying to dine? No thank you. I’m not going there anymore!!!! Score ZERO for Scores.



  13. james1412

    I just had the Chicken Caesar Salad and Chicken Marsala. Both are my favorites along with French Onion soup. The Executive Chef at Scores is as good as other Chefs in many of the fine dining restaurants in the Tampa Bay area. His name is Evan Cole. Evan is a certified chef. When you come to Scores ask for Evan and tell him what you want and he may be able to fix it up for you.

  14. Nice

    They serve alcohol so it’s a topless bar. Club variety 4.5 For the simple fact that I didn’t see not one black girl working(maybe none was working that night) other then that Everything else was good.

  15. Franklyn

    I plead the 5th on this one…I will say the one in NYC is worlds away better, from what I hear…

  16. igor34

    I’m the owner of a local limo company. Scores has the best food and entertainment in town. Great spot for bachelor parties.

  17. Chris

    Upscale club that was closest thing to a real club with half naked women. Drinks were $6-$9 Yes it is a club with alcohol so girls wear pasties. Girls were definitely the hottest of the Tampa clubs. Didn’t eat but the girls said food is excellent.

  18. richard95

    No review here? this place is underrated then . I live in NY and know all about scores. This isnt exactly like the scores we are used to but it tries. The owner here is AWESOME. incredibly nice and incredibly friendly. We bought a bottle of grey goose and chilled in the booths. The first thing i noticed is THE GIRLS ARE NOT NAKED HERE!! WHATTTT?!?! STRIP CLUB AND NO NAKED GIRLS???? BUT dont fret guys. These girls are fun and still party. It was impossible to get our group to leave. i guess thats the law in tampa… they have undies on and pasties on top. Nude color pasties though. In the dark you have no idea they arent naked. Brooke Haven was here that night. I talked to her on Twitter and let her know that i had a bachelor party coming to see her. She was kind enough to invite us backstage and take a picture with her. Thanks Brooke!Scores was able to accommodate a bachelor party of 17 drunken dudes. NICE JOB!

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