Lookers Gentleman’s Bar



W5164 U.S. 63, Trego, WI 54888


45.9061087, -91.8115702




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Lookers Gentleman’s Bar

  1. Mike T

    There is a hot sexy mexican dancer her name is Lexi i think? Awesome

    lap dances !!! I go there just to see her shes worth it she fun and a very

    sweet girl!!!

  2. upnorthguy

    Been going here quite a bit since the new owner took over a year and a half ago. DON’T believe the bad reviews. This is the best place around. Always a different mix of dancers, some very good looking, sexy, fun to be around. Not to many fake boobed dancers or average looking ones here. They don’t nag you for dances either, but they are well worth it. The new owner Mike is a very nice guy. He usually is just shooting pool or something and if you walk up to talk to him you will see for yourself.

  3. Jim

    Was in on Friday and had a blast! drinks were worth the prices and the dances were to! The girls were amazing; especially the redhead, but I forget her name. Megan, I think? Anyways, love her and her booty! I’ll definately be back again cuz shes smokin. Does anyone know when she is working next? I think she said this coming Friday, the 30th, but I am unsure.

  4. A random patron
  5. John

    Great Club!!!

  6. Brett

    Was up here on Sep 17th and have never had such a GREAT time. Morgan is gorgeous and can’t wait to see her again! Pebbles and Andie too! Mostly all of the girls were very sexy and classy, which was nice. Have to say, you made some AWESOME changes! Had a great time with the staff too. They were very friendly. The boys and I will definately be making this place a regular stop! It’s alot better than it used to be, thats for DAMN sure! Keep up the good work guys!

  7. Northern dude

    This is an amazing destination girls are hottt. Awesome variety. Friendly

    and attentive staff. Happy hour specials are unheard of in the business.

    Everyone seems to have a great time. Always leave with a smile

  8. bigtime

    bar had 6 dynamite dancers: Dez, Ama, Ruby, Starr, Honey, and Andi. Place was clean and the staff of surprisingly friendly. its been awhile being in this bar, but Lookers seems to be a better doing a good job with it. it will be awhile before being up the Hayward area, but I will sure try to drop by the bar and have another good time.

  9. James

    been to this club couple of times and been entertained and enjoyed the place. the dancers are pretty good considering the prior club lacked greatly. this club has much better selection of dancers for sure.

  10. Ted

    Sucks they dont have a DJ but its liveable. That loon that used to DJ needs to stay gone haha Wonderin when Morgans workin again? Havent seen her in a while and shes my favorite. Other than her and a couple girls, the others are slim pickins. What happened? Let the ladies have some fun, dont be so uptight! And weed out the druggie girls. I miss the Captain! Shes always so fun and such a ray of sunshine! You guys need to bring her back!

  11. pud stick

    no good, little korean owner is a prick…the girls are at each others throats and will do anything for a buck……anything. crack whores

  12. stan
  13. mike R

    Pretty skanky girls. He must get whoever he can get to dance there. Little short guy owner spends more time hitting on the girls. Stay away.

  14. Nebin

    This club absolutely sucks. The new ownership (previously jack of

    diamonds) knows nothing about customer service or how to run a

    business let alone a strip club. Overpriced, bad service, shitty girls,

    and the place is a dump. The new owner sits behind the bar

    sneering at everyone watching to make sure every nickle is

    accounted for. Everyone is on edge in this place. No fun!

  15. JustinP

    Stopped out for the first time ever. Few girls looked like they were stoned the whole time. Carolina was very rude to me and kept harassing me while I sat and waited for other girls. Did not enjoy myself at all. Won’t be coming back.

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