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1097 Harwell Road Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30318


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Blue Flame Lounge

  1. Gary S.

    i went here and i think and sure you would find this club to be the best, best night is amerture night . Trust me you will love it (but that does start at 12. Trust me , and u find more women in there to see the show then men . You must give it a shot.

  2. stripforme123

    the strippers and not passionate about providing a good show unless your showing them some cash!

  3. harryharry

    Pretty good place, good/pretty dancers, not bad price. But, no yo little touching, worth visiting, but the east side has them beat.

  4. Kelli B.

    Amazing women! They were all beautiful, great dancers, amazing bodies even the waitresses were FIRE! My boyfriend and I lost count of time and ended up being there til closing with only a few dollars left to our names lol! We went on a Friday night around 11. The line wasn’t too long and cover was $20 parking $10. The place is small, dark, and club-like. Crowd is mixed but chill vibe everyone doing their own thing in good spirits. Some other girls even complimented my outfit which is nice to see it’s drama free. Drinks were $10 though and that was a problem because they were about 2 oz of the worst alcohol in a tiny plastic cup. We enjoyed the service though and every girl was phenomenal. Was this the club that inspired T Pain? Lol Cause I fell in love with a few girls in there!

  5. Roc

    The Flame is a cool spot to go and just relax and see some fine ass females.

  6. timmykilla

    I went here for my birthday last year and had a amazing time. I had never been to a strip club so I decided to visit the ladies at Blue Flame. 80% of the women are beautiful (there are a few that look a little hard in the face) and they have amazing skills. My friends bought me a dance, from 3 strippers which was $5 each time. I was not quite a fan of the dance (which could be attributed to me being heterosexual). However, I imagine that anybody that is appreciative of a woman’s body and curves would love it. One of the girls that gave me a dance, name was Jasmine. She was cute and had a nice shape, she also was a very good dancer. I am not sure if she is still there but if she is, I definitely recommend you ask for her.The club is very small and they have VIP sections towards the left. If you are not in VIP, there a limited seats by the stage in which you can seat. However, they fill up quick so you may have to stand. I am not of fan of the drinks, I am a vodka drinker and my drink seemed to be filled with more ice and less vodka and a tad bit watered down. I could also tell that the vodka was not top shelf, and I absolutely HATE cheap liquor. Parking is $20 outside the establishment, the parking lot is very small so once it gets full I am uncertain of where you could park. However, the bouncers outside probably could re-direct you. Overall my experience was not a bad one, if you are a strip club lover check out this spot.

  7. Tony
  8. Mario

    This club is off da chain. I’ve been twice and plan on going back real soon.

  9. Jackie W.

    Best adult entertainment club in the ATL and the Dancers are low mo fine! With Free admission most of the time, good prices on the drinks and beautiful women, you can’t go wrong. Women are welcome also. Don’t forget to try the hot wings or the turkey burgers or the grilled fish and shrimps. Thursday night is Amatuer night, who knows you may win the cash prize, if not, you will definitely leave with a smile on your face!

  10. rambo

    I plan to go there. I hear there is no contact policy here for lap dances. Is it the same with the VIP rooms ? Any first hand experience ?

  11. eddyL

    BLUE FLAME TOOK ALLLLL MY MONEY ON FRIDAY NIGHT LOL. My sister was in town visiting me for the weekend and it was her first time coming to Atlanta. Being that strip clubs are what it’s known for, we decided to head over to Blue Flame after it was highly recommended by one of the girls at my regular nail salon (hey girl).It was only 11pm when we strolled up in there. And there were a lotttt of people at 11pm. And when I mean girls were birthday suited up in there, they were not playing. These beautiful ladies work hard for the money, honeyyyy. The bartenders were so nice, the drinks were strong, and my hard earned dollars went to some of these talented ladies. Expect more than just your usual booty clapping. These girls flip upside down if they have to, and they were giving me liiiiife. And such sweethearts! Every girl I tipped thanked me and gave me a hug/kiss on the cheek; us girls gotta stick together and support each other, you know? Make it rain for a good cause! My experience was definitely one for the books. Not only did I enjoy myself, but I made a couple friends in the spot too. Of course I will be back! Two tips: 1) make sure you hit up the bank/ATM before you go. The club’s ATM charges a 10% fee, ex: taking out $80, be prepared to pay an $8 fee. And 2) beware, expect to get hit on/pushed up on FOR REAL if you’re a cute straight girl in this club. The men in this place are straight up savages lol. Go go go!

  12. anthony1

    I went on a Tuesday. I’ve been told that is the night to go. Some of my friends and I decided to try it out and we were highly satified with this place. The dancers were great. The drinks were strong and the Dj played great music.

  13. Whitney T.

    So I promise I am not into strip clubs…even though I’ve written a few reviews for them. And I know I probably said Onyx was my favorite if I had to chose…but that has been changed. Onyx has fallen off and Blue Flame has taken the crown. If you’re looking for a black strip club with cute girls, look no further! They have a wide variety; dark skinned, brown skinned, light skinned, skinny, medium built and big boned. There are a few whose bodies are just not up to par at ALL, however, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have gotten in here for free before but paid $20 on Friday night… but I did park for free inside of the gate the sits right next to the highway.I’ve been here more than any other strip club and highly recommend it.

  14. AssnTits5

    Stay FAR FAR away if you don’t feel like gambling with your life to see a fattie dance…..(if you do go–drink outta a straw TRUST ME)

  15. LAKERS 24


  16. Yeme T.

    I love the laid back atmosphere. The dj plays the latest hip hop songs. Amatuer nights, (Thursday) always draw a huge crowd. Blue Flame has THE BEST amatuer night in the city hands down! I have a great time whenever I go. There is a $20 cover charge and parking is not free. Thankfully the dances are only $5 so it kinda balances out allthe other charges. The girls are what you would expect of a a typical black strip club. All shapes/sizes, nobody gets too technical, just your basic lap dance.

  17. J Mega

    This is one of the better clubs in GA. Most of the dancers here are attractive and friendly. One skinny dark flat chested girl gave me an attitude while giving me a table dance, but other than that it was a good experience. *WARNING: some desperate dancers will try and trick you into getting numerous table dances WITHOUT your request. *WARNING: The BULLSH*T ownership at this club will charge you $10 (AND MORE) for parking on the weekends!!

  18. dannyboy7

    Best strip club in Atlanta hands down you cant beat $5 dances from these beautiful women. They dont really do tricks on the pole thats more Magic City. You need to watch out though cause the girls will rob you if you arent paying attention. If youre new then the security wont like you and you may have a hard time getting a dance at first. The dancers go to the ones they know first. A buddy and me got kicked out one slow Wednesday because we were spending all of our money on two girls. But I still love this spot more than anywhere else I just wish they had different races.

  19. clap

    a ghetto club. i walked out within 10 minutes. the music was too loud and dj was annoying. girls were not very impressive



  21. XXXbeast

    Not for a person seeking dayshift entertainment…. 3 hrs since open and still no dancers… smh..

  22. rogerrab2

    These beautiful babes strip all the way to their birthday suits. Guess being that Atlanta is the strip mega, it’s customary. But quite a few of them are still going through puberty. There was a lot of flat chestedness going on.The bartender made me her special with Apple Ciroc it was so good, I ordered another. There’s a full menu with good food. There are three stages and a VIP section. The whole experience was just that!!!! My favorite stripper did some mind blowing pole tricks and we couldn’t resist making it rain for her!!!!

  23. JonathanReid

    OMG What a great establishment

  24. Keith K.

    Table dances are still $5.00. So no complaints from me.

  25. CareBear

    The spot to hang out and have a good time….Go Ebony with your bad ass!

  26. DocErotica

    On my last free night in Atlanta, I visited the Blue Flame Lounge, which is located on the west side of Atlanta, near exit 12 on I-285, which is Atlanta’s perimeter highway. Although the listing here on the Strip Club List describes this club as “topless,” it is every bit as much a nude club as the four others that I visited in Atlanta. Either that or I don’t know a pussy from a G-string. The Blue Flame Lounge is not as large or up-scale as The Cheetah, but nevertheless has a very pleasing layout. There is just one central stage, with a pole, but there are a variety of well laid-out spaces for private dances. This club makes excellent use of lights and mirrors to create an entertaining atmosphere. The mens room was not only clean but actually spectacular in its use of multiple mirrors, resulting in a virtually countless number of reflections of one’s self while peeing! The Blue Flame Lounge is a “black club,” primarily, though not quite as much so as Strokers, since there were about 3-4 white folks on the premises while I was there, either as patrons or workers. All of the dancers who performed while I was present were black. I felt quite comfortable and welcome but was surprised to be “patted down,” for weapons presumably, as I was entering. There were perhaps ten dancers present during at least part of the two hours that I spent at the club. They ranged in attractiveness, in my opinion, from about 5-8.5. There were two small dancers of the kind I prefer as well as a couple of athletic types and a few larger framed gals. Several were appealing enough to me to ask for dances. The table dances at this club cost only $5 — just half the price charged at the other four clubs I visited in Atlanta. I went through about $60 in no time at all but got good value for money spent. Once it was evident that I was buying dances, the ladies were assertive (but not aggressive) about approaching me, but most first engaged me in conversation before asking if I’d like a dance. The club had ample free parking, at least for the Wednesday night when I attended. Like the other Atlanta clubs, this is a no-touch club, but the dancers employ pretty much the same style as the dancers at Strokers — lots of undulating movement, wide spreads on the bend-overs, and occasional peeks at the pink. Compared to Strokers, this club has a nicer physical layout, a similar black emphasis, and a comparable overall quality of dancers, but a smaller number of dancers from whom to choose. Neither The Blue Flame Lounge nor Strokers is on a par with The Cheetah, but either one is a good deal more entertaining than Club 24K or the Doll House.

  27. Johnson12

    This is the best club!!! Been to the others but I have so many good memories at this one! Attitudes,yes,but most are very friendly. Start the weekend off at the Flame and guaranteed to have a good time!

  28. james1412

    I had a good time. Always do. No issues no problems at all. The ladies are friendly and very beautiful I might add. But if you stay longer you’ll find yourself at the atm more than you’d know it. Lol

  29. Deja J.

    I’m from NY , don’t know much about the age limits to get into strip clubs is for the A…. trying to bring my sister ! What’s the age to get in?

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