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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Flashers

  1. impactu1911


  2. tommy408

    The VIP rooms are way to much. The waitress are hurting this place. They ask for bigger tips and get nasty if they don’t get a big tip. One wanted 40 bucks for a vip room tip. People are staying away because of the waitresses. Stop watering down the vodka.

  3. james1412

    I recently visited here during the day waiting on traffic….I think this is where the low rent prostitutes are put out to pasture! OMG! Way better quality girls elsewhere. Sitting in traffic would have been better!

  4. weezy

    Phoneix and tasty are the best

  5. Jorge'

    Anything you want you can get it.

  6. XV

    Been there on a Monday night. Very few dancers and few customers. Dancers were below average. Most of them try to get you into VIP room.

  7. dog

    way to expensive for a vip room, pain in the but old blond waitress asks for bigger tips. foreign girls give it all in the over priced vip rooms.

  8. nothappy

    Charged friends and I $20 cover. The club was small and dirty and the girls were not attractive. Onle saw 2 girls worth watching.

  9. Dasandmn

    I have been going to this club for some time now and I have had nothing but a good time everytime I go. Yes it’s a dark club, why would you want alot of light anyway. When I go in, im greeted. I get my drink from a very friendly waitress. I get great dances from lovely ladies…. what more can you ask for?

  10. MC Entertainment

    Yes, Flashers strip club is officially closed down. A few of the strippers in Atlanta from there can be found here: IG @AtlantaStripper or IG @MCEntertainmentandServices

  11. BillTheClubJunkie

    I visited Atlanta recently, and this place was right down the street from my hotel. I was a bit apprehensive because of some of the things I’d read about this club. But it goes to show you that you can’t believe everything read.

    I went on 3 different nights. Each night, I had a great time. There is a variety of girls – different races, different ages. There are white, black, and hispanic girls. There are girls that are 18 and ladies that are in their mid 30s. This place is a great place to go if you, like me, enjoy variety.

    Of all the dancers, I enjoyed Blake and Destiny the most. Yes, the girls will ask if you want a VIP room, but feel free to say no. They are not high-pressure. Just be polite about it. But they do offer $10 nude table-side dances. You can’t beat that!

    They have a full bar. They also have food which is pretty good. Nothing fancy, but good.

    It is a bit pricey to get in ($5 parking and $10 cover), but if you’re going to quibble over a few bucks, then you really shouldn’t be going to a strip club in the first place.

    When you go in, ask to have Amber as your waitress. She is by far the best waitress there. Some of the others were a bit unattentive. Not Amber, though. She was always ready to offer me another drink when I needed it.

    So, bottom line, check out this club. Yes, it’s a bit small and could use a bit of sprucing up. But, it might just surprise you. I had a great time which should be obvious since I went 3 times in the week I was there.

  12. D-Glee

    I went there recently. Opened a tab with my Amex. Signed a

    receipt for $120. When my bill came, imagine my surprise to

    see over $1700 in charges.

  13. John

    I couldn’t believe that they wanted to charge for parking and a cover. Park next door and walk over it’s stupid. The place is a bit run down and the girls weren’t that hot.

  14. Regular

    The BEST DIVE CLUB in Atlanta.

    Definitely NOT The Cheetah (which is a GOOD THING!).

    No Holier than Thou attitudes from the girls here.

    Not a single girl in the place you’d write home about, but not so bad that you’d walk out after one beer either.

    A good mix of Dancers, either younger girls newer to business or Latino single moms, or Girls “too old” (by Top Shelf standards) to dance at the more prestegious clubs in Atlanta.

    If you want Top Shelf ANYTHING. This place ain’t it.

    If you want to have a Budweiser, drink a beer with another working class dude, and have a resonably attractive, relatively good attitude woman spend time with you for a few $10’s, then this place is it.

    DEFINITELY get the V.I.P.—for a dive club, the V.I.P. is EXPENSIVE!,but good time none the less.

    (if you want a NICE, cheap V.I.P. go to Tiffany’s–in Atlanta).

  15. David P.

    This is not a bad strip club when you consider its location. It’s kind of cramped on the inside and you’re kind of hit or miss on the ladies. I think the young girls get their start at Flashers before moving on to the higher class joints and then the older strippers come here to retire. All in all a good experience if you’re not wanting to get too far out of the Alpharetta/Roswell area but there are much better nudie bars to go to in the Atlanta area.It is conveniently located next to an Insurrection (adult toy store) and a Long Horn Steakhouse, so you could get a good meal before the show and a toy to take home with you after you see all the boobies live and in action.

  16. Chinaboy

    Its a dump. Had a waitress set me up with a orange girl. Yes I said orange. To much fake tan. She had a nice butt but the down side was her butt ugly face and lips but the dark rooms hide that. She was very giving as long as the money was flowing. When time was up the waitress, and to my shocking surprise her MOM came in to get us. OH MY.

  17. stackked

    Way to expensive on the vip rooms. But they get it because most all the girls will offer full service in VIP for a price. Some girls are very nice and can make your visit better then other clubs. This place needs some cleaning up. Wednesday is my favorite nite.

  18. travelingguy

    The club is a dump. It is nasty. I would recommend you stay clear of this club.

    I should have known by the thugs at the front door who took me for $10 to park my own car and then another $10 just to get in. For a Monday night, there were a lot of girls and some were fairly good looking. A few should not have been dancing anywhere – I guess the club needed them and they need the ego boost…

    The only good thing I have to say about the club is about one dancer, Tara. She was one of the cutest girls there and had a nice personality. I only hope she gets out of that club and either goes to a nicer one or takes on another career like she mentioned.

  19. fuckery12

    Just had to respond to @Tom E.–1-st-Anyone who complains about spending at a strip club ($10 this/$5 than)–is suspect at best. (suspect=if he’s a cheap miser). 2nd-Flashes does not pretend to be (nor do I think desire to be) a High End club of far North Atlanta. 3rd-I’ve *NEVER* left Flashers without a nights perma-grin and kick in my step. Again, I think he was too cheap to notice. Flashers is one of Atlanta’s best clubs without any pretentiousness/”airs”-The girls are nice (yeah south of a 7.5 but north of a 5). Every girl I’ve met/spent the night hanging out at the club–dropping a handful of c-notes. Was worth it. again, I say if you want to get robbed/stiffed. Go spend time at Atlanta’s most exclusive clubs. Yep, every girl is a DIME–however, you’ll spend several thousand to get one to even give you time of day. You compete with the Asian out of towners who think nothing of dropping $10K plus. The girls at Flashers are not the type to be part of a Most Beautiful calendar, however they’ll definitely be voted most friendly and accommodating for sure.

  20. Grumbly

    The club itself is nasty. There’s no door on the bathroom due to previous drug activity and the city ordered them to take the doors off the VIP rooms because the girls were giving blowjobs. You can still get your knob polished, but the lights have to go out, which is a clear signal to everyone else in the bar what’s happening.

    The girls range from scabby to modestly attractive. Some are nice to spend some time and money on, others will walk up and ask you if you want a blowjob. Whatever floats your boat.

    After midnight on the weekend it gets a little ghetto. Payday at the construction sites mean every illegal in the county comes by for a Miller Genuine Ice and a gawk, with absolutely no tipping. Speaking of which, half the girls don’t even bother getting on stage. They work the tables and VIPs only.

    The girls WILL take advantage of you. The other night I watched some skanked out dancer drag some drunk redneck to the ATM machine. He was so plastered, she had to walk him through the process…several times. When all was said and done, she tucked the roll away and dragged him back to the table for some more “fun”.

    I’ve had a waitress demand that I tip her because some other waitress took my order when I sitting at “her” table. Not going to happen. Pay more attention to your customers and you’ll earn the tips.

    Why do I go back? It’s on the way home. No other reason. Well, there’s one dancer who’s attractive, willing to do most anything for cash and an insane alcoholic to boot. Talk about entertainment value!

  21. FatStack2012

    Is Flasher’s the same old Flashers of the early days of

    2000’s? Very nice girls, nice hospitably, not out to rip you

    off for a drink and a dance then dash. Is “Bit” still there

    Managing the place? I like this club a lot. For “convention

    goers” or out of town looking for a “Very Upscale” place

    (and waste $5000 in the process, plenty of clubs to pick

    from. To have a good time–Flasher’s is it.

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