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0 reviews for “Great Alaskan Bush Co

  1. manny

    Topless side is a good value. $1 beers and no cover during the day. Abby who works during the daytime is amazing! The cover at night seems to range from $5 -10 but is so worth it. Wed. nights everything, even private dances are 2-4-1! Two nude dances for $20, can’t beat that!

  2. AssnTits5

    I feel like a degraded form of a man for reviewing a strip club, but you know I went so I might as well share my experience.Dudes weekend away proved to be a bit more than I bargained for at times, whether that be good or bad. I fully expected to be dragged along to a place such as this and I was fully prepared with singles in hand. I will not grade this establishment based upon the women that work here, but most of them were just like any girl you’d see walking down the street in “Hometown, USA” except without clothes on. There’s a $10 entrance fee for 21+ and a $20 cover for 18+. I hate cover fees, but usually they’re much higher for “gentlemen’s clubs” than a meager $10. Standard one drink minimum and so on.In both sections (18+ & 21+) the stage is center room with tables and chairs surrounding. Drink prices are sub $3 for most beer (not much to choose from though) and $6+ for a shot or mixed drinks. Of course plenty of the ladies make their way to your table to entice you to let them help you waste your money. I believe dances were $10 a pop, a bargain in the game of booby bars. Music is at a tolerable level and surprisingly is quite varied from song to song.Parking is impossible to find and you have an immense risk of being towed if you park in the surrounding areas. A good time, but certainly one that won’t be elaborated upon any further. What happens in…Phoenix?

  3. Devion anderson

    went there for my friends 18th birthday very friendly girls, very very attractive girls, liked the atmosphere and suroundings handled situations without being hostile going back tomorrow night

  4. K
  5. Stephen B.

    My favorite in Phoenix, not too sleazy yet not too fancy either…. gives proof to the notion that pussy still is king and these gals squat and hover their snatches right nose nightly.

  6. Ok

    This is an ok place..they could be more picky with the girls they hire tho :/

  7. Bud

    My friends and I went to Bush on Saturday to the topless section. I was struck by beauty and elegance of “Gloria.” Tall. Slender. Beautiful hair, eyes, mouth, ass, legs. Friendly nature. The total package.

  8. fuckery12

    Bad service bad dancers bad customer service. I understand everyone has a preference in girls but pregnant chicks should not be strippers

  9. octoman

    this is a good time, pure and simple… the atmosphere is fun and inviting, and the girls really do have a good time while they work! that’s what will keep me coming back!

  10. Clint

    ugly girls, bad dancing, bad atmosphere.

  11. russ

    Had a great time here! Highly recommend

    VIP with Melanie!;-).

  12. Mr.redi-mix
  13. Ari

    I liked it, second time going to a strip club with a group of people (girls&boys) and had a great time drinking with my boyfriend ans wasting money.

  14. Strip Club Junkie

    As I walked in I noticed the seating area taken up by illegals talking loudly in Mexican. That should’ve been my first clue.

    Everything rates mediocre at best. Maybe I caught them on aff day. Everyone has a right to a bad day.

  15. ted

    dont like the fact that you pay these girls but you cant touch them. not a damn hand goes anywhere!!! i respect the whole ass, tits and inside the thighs but come on, not a single touch anywhere….

  16. joseph1k

    Didn’t think I would ever step foot in this place…only because I couldn’t find a group that was all willing to go. I was impressed when I was out for a friend’s bday celebration and everyone thought it would be a great idea to go to a strip club. The only strip clubs I’ve been to were in Vegas so I was a bit skeptic. I made sure that I made change at another bar and we were on our way. At first, the place looks…scary to say the least. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see some very gorgeous girls. Being a girl in a strip club definitely has its perks. Lots of attention, lots of nudity in your face (literally) and guys cheering you on. Ended up meeting a guy that looks exactly like Leonard from The Big Bang Theory. Happy night to say the least.

  17. Joe

    Mercedes gurl, you’re so hot. The rest of you miserable cunts can fuck off.

  18. Nathan

    The girl are hot and friendly… awesome man …. very easy going

  19. Steven A.

    Went here for a bachelor party on a Thursday night 3$ you call it drink specials and 10$ topless lap-dances.. had a great time, Danielle became a favorite of mine and the change girl was nice and friendly. Definitely will return for a visit.

  20. Pete

    Great club for AZ. Topless AND Nude…..and a full bar.

  21. st

    The schoolteacher and the Italian girl was pretty hot.

  22. harryharry

    My fav strip club!

  23. jeremy

    I did not enjoy my experience.

    Girls were rude and overall unattractive.

  24. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  25. previous bushco dancer
  26. Michael

    I love Lucky

  27. alysse p.

    So… i have to prefix this with the fact that my dad is a dj here… which helps the fact that i love this club!My dad has been a dj in many strip clubs, but this one is my favorite of all the ones he has worked in.It is brilliant! one half is a topless club with liquor, the other half is full nude without… so you can get drunk, then just go to the other side!the bartenders are awesome, besides being adorable, they are sweethearts and pour with a really heavy hand!tonight i took my roommate here, her first strip club ever, and she had a great time! because it is set up more like a bar, that just happens to have topless women in it… they aren’t shoved in your face everywhere you turn!i will obviously go again, but i would even if my dad didn’t work here…

  28. Jeff

    I had a really nice time and love the fact this is the only place in Arizona I can buy a drink and see total nudity.

  29. eddyL

    How am I going to review this place?Did I actually get tricked into coming here?How… ???What… ???Did I really just see THAT much nudity & debauchery in 2 hours?My life has forever changed…Wow, I’m going to TRY to write a coherent review. God help me.Who knew all it would take to snap me out of any bi-curiousness I may have had was strippers.Pros:You can get drunk on the left & then go watch full nudity on the right.Everything was 2 for 1. 2 beers? $4.50. That was awesome. Is that just Wed?The black lights turned my vodka tonic a light colored neon blue. The girls that talked to us were nice.The girl who gave my friend a dance worked hard & deserved her money.The bouncers looked very capable.The music. Heard some stuff I didn’t think I’d hear. Major plus!Cons:Could the parking lot be any more crowded? Holy hell.Kind of dingy. Sitting in those chairs freaked me out a little.The locks in the restroom on the left are broken!The bartender watered our White Russians down. It was gross. We complained & it was rectified.Now, let me say that just because I gave this place 4 stars doesn’t mean I ever want to come back. I have had my fill of strip clubs, be it this place or any other.

  30. Matthew K.

    I like to think i am a pretty classy guy who doesn’t objectify women… wait i am writing a review for a strip club… shit. Seriously tho i don’t go to titty bars often and if i do it is generally post break up for a friend.None the less, last time i was in AZ my friend decided we should have a revival of our younger days and visit the site of many debaucherous nights, good old ABC. As we paid to get in some 6’5 drunk guy who had been cut off tried to rush back in to the 21+ side and was lifted up and slammed to the ground by a 5’5 skinny bouncer, instantly swarmed by 5 other bouncer guys, beaten to a bloody pulp, and drug out by his feet to bleed on the side walk unconscious, all within 2 ft of us. AWESOME way to start the night. I have heard stories of blackjackings and pistol whippings by the security also, i mean realistically what goes better with T&A then some senseless violence!? I mean for me that says it all. That and you can drink and see naked women all in one venue, oh and bush dives. If you don’t know i’m not explaining.

  31. baseball player

    I came here for spring training in 2007. This club rocked. The under 21 side (non-drinking side) had sexier dancers than the drinking side, but that didn’t matter. Hot girls. Real boobs, fake boobs, bush, trim, shaved – it didn’t matter. I loved it. And I know my teammates did too.

  32. timmykilla

    Arrived just before 7pm on a Friday night with the boys from work. $10 cover charge for entry. If you enter the club and turn left, you go to the side with the topless bar. A right turn takes you to the fully nude cabaret, which, by law, is dry. On the bar side, there was a 2-for-1 drink special until 9pm which was good because their glasses are sized for midgets. There were plenty of girls making the rounds and of course, rotating through the main stage. For most of them, the pole was just a background accessory. Dances on this side are $10. There’s a “VIP” section near the DJ. Didn’t ask how much to get taken there, but saw mostly couples go there. A couple pool tables are near the bar.On the cabaret side, there were a lot fewer patrons, although the girls rotated through the main stage like the bar side. They took “breaks” where, like the reviewer below, the DJ booth and stage was empty, but music was playing for anyone who was paying for a private dance. Dances on this side are $20.Girls on both side were attractive. Like other clubs, some had energy and some not so much. Was a strange dichotomy to hear heavy metal while the girl wiggled slowly on-stage and my first experience watching a girl dance to Michael Buble. Not standard club fare tunage, that’s for sure.Still, it was worth the trip and I’d go back again, but we’re planning to hit all the other clubs to compare; unless there’s some featured performer here that I’m made aware of. ATM charges $8 fee and gives cash in $20 increments. Bar will let you use debit/credit card for drinks if you spend more than $20.Oh, BTW, management. The bathroom on the bar side was wretched. The worst thing I smelled since Tijuana in the 90’s.

  33. fritter17

    My wife and I will NEVER come back here. The dancers and snobby, stuck up and ignored us most likely because of my wife. Bouncers were rude, waitresses were lazy, I had to get our drinks myself from a snobby, heavier, older woman. The place is run down considering how expensive everything is. We left and went to a place called Dirty’s up the road where it was a whole lot better with no cover charge and way better dancers.Don’t waste your time or money. Rude staff.

  34. customer

    every girl hear looks anerexic i dont recommend it. All i recommend is a sandwhich for those girls

    hahahah EAT SOMETHING(if they’re not anerexic they’re on something)

  35. Amber

    If you want $1.00 bush dives from nasty girls… this is the place. The girls are too busy shoving their vaginas in peoples faces for a buck so there is rarely any dancing (usually due to all of the highschool kids on the no alcohol side). It is a little bit better on the 21+ side because the girls are actually dancing. There is only one girl there that is gorgeous. The rest are just plain gross…. Not worth it at all. I will never go back. I love the stage and setup, but they need better dancing and prettier girls.

  36. Boom Boom Room Lover

    This is probably the best club in Phoenix which is not a city that has a good club scene. The girls here look awesome. Some of them do have an attitude but you can usually find some that are nice. The privates are well worth the money especially on Wednessday nights (2 for 1 night. If you are in Phoenix this is the best club that you can stop at.

  37. Franklyn

    Its the best strip club in the valley hands down. Its freekin legendary in the valley. Its almost like going to NY and not going to Scores or going to LA and not going to Tattletails. Been around since the late 80’s,……long live the BUSH!!!

  38. Terry
  39. rickywho2

    Worst strip joint I have ever been to! My girl and I decided to go for some entertainment last night and I will never go back, I brought lots of money for lap dances, but not once were we ever approached, it’s their loss they could have made money off us. Most of the strippers were more into playing pool, checking cell phone messages, and just sitting in groups with other strippers than walking around asking customers if they wanted a dance. Even worse the other patrons looked so bored, spending more time on their cell phone than watching the less than enthusiastic strippers. Save your money and choose a better club that appreciates your business.

  40. laxtraveler

    tonight was aperantly a slow night, but if your from outtown like me this is a very nice spot. They do a bush thing at the tip rail. for a buck the dancer literally straddles your face 6-12 from the bush (im assuming thats were they get their name from) half price on dances before 6pm with half price drink incentives as well. However, for the best time make sure to go on a Wednesday. Everythings 2 for 1…on the topless side thats 5.00 a song. Very price effective, value engineered….Highly recommend.

  41. uknowwho

    My favorite. The atmosphere is relaxed and laid back, the girls are friendly. The music selection could be better, but the rest makes up for it. This is the one I take my girl with me to.She likes it too!

  42. Weedman420

    I’ve been here plenty of times to write a thorough review. The parking lot is plentiful. You shouldn’t have a hard time finding a spot, even on packed nights. The exterior looks like a saloon. Very cool. Looks clean too. I don’t like how you can catch some strippers smoking right outside. It’s a little weird.. Idk why but that’s just me.The cover for 21+ is $10. For 18+ is $15 but you get a non alcoholic beverage inside for free. The 21+ (topless) side is nice & big. It has one full stage & a full bar. plenty of seating.You won’t get as quick of service getting more drinks. It’s better to go to the bar yourself. The private lap dances are $10 & you get it in the chair you’re sitting in. The 18+ (nude) is also nice. Has one big stage & a lot of seating. The cool thing about ABCo is the $1 bush dives. You get a quick flirty dance from a nude dancer. The lap dances are $20 but the dancer will take you to a separate seating against the wall. (Away from the crowds) They don’t have very many “specials nights” but they do randomly call out specials. In the middle of your visit, the DJ could announce 2 for 1 drinks or dances until a certain time. If there are no specials, you’re looking at $5-$7/drink. The music is VERY random. You will hear hiphop, rap, pop, rock – I actually like that. The security is legit. I heard someone go shot a few years back but I know they’ve upped security since. The Dancers: a pretty good mix of girls. Young & Mature, hot & not, some can do tricks, & some cannot. All in all, Each time has been a great time. You can drink AND get a nude lap dance. The service is great, the decor and cleanliness are appreciated.

  43. Virginia G.

    i am drunk. thank you to the wonderful bartenders at the bar, i got pretty sloshed. enough to phase out the countless number of boobs i saw.this is the first strip club i ever went to. having known the daughter of the dj and a dresser of the dancers, there were some things i saw that would not have happened had i just attended this place… but all and all, i had a good time.the dancers picked good music, so the general atmosphere was nice, and sitting at the corner of the bar, i saw minimal boobage, it was a good spot. this is certainly a fun time to be had, even if you aren’t into strip clubs, because the bartenders know what they’re doing.i am drunk.

  44. aznw

    went wednesday after noon. No cover cheat drinks and $5 dances can’t complain. Abby is super sexy.

  45. richard95

    I probably visited the ‘ABC’ (as the dancers call it) a dozen times from mid to late 2012. One disclaimer is that I travel to Phoenix on business, so I never saw the club on a Friday or Saturday. That may influence my perception.The ABC is a dual club…a 21+ side which is topless and serves alcohol, and a full nude side which does not. This is a great setup because you can watch the topless dancers, have some drinks, then wander over (sans drink) to the full nude side. But I have to say that the girls at this club were mediocre at best. Mostly in the 5-6 range, I never saw anybody I would rate higher than a 7. I find the whole atmosphere of the club to be almost too open…both halves are large rooms, and it makes the place feel so empty on a weeknight. Cavernous, really.The dancers were also uninspired, and while not unfriendly, never worked very hard to get dances. I like a little company before I get a dance, and if I wasn’t shelling out as soon as a girl came over, she would move on. Except, of course, if I really wanted her to move on. ;)The two stars are for the fact that I like the dual sides of the club…one side not interesting? Walk to the other. The second star is for the fact that the service was always friendly, from the hostess to the waitresses. The rest? Meh.

  46. Rikk P.

    $10 cover nude side and top less side did not deliver. Drinks over priced dancers not shapely protruding guts and don’t know how to use the pole 🙁

  47. eskimo

    Best club to have a few drinks, see some girls, and listen to music!!!!!

  48. curtis17

    Wasn’t at all like I remembered. Only some of the girls were attractive, one had her bf in the audience which made it really awkward for anyone to get a dance from her.Wasn’t happy with this time. Maybe it was a bad night but for a Friday, it sure seemed dead and didn’t have the top girls (unless those were then there is a bigger issue).

  49. B..B..
  50. Josh

    Fucking HOT!

  51. Sirsex

    We enjoyed our Saturday night visit. Girls are friendly. Some are talented dancers and the service is exceptional.

  52. bah

    get new talent, the talent you have is good but its getting old

  53. nevah again

    hadn’t been to the bush in two years, so stopped by around 9 on a thursday. there were a few customers, but no dancers, none. wanting a little lap dance, sat through five songs staring at an empty stage thinking some girls would come off break, but no. stopped in on the nude side, there was an unattractive girl on the stage that walked to the back after the song. i don’t think anyone has cleaned the floor in the last two years either. why go to a strip club that has no dancers?

  54. mathewater12

    This place is bomb cheap beer good dancers five stars and cheap cover charge I would recommend coming here if you 18 they one side 18 nude 21+ for people drink

  55. its me biatch

    Most girls are really nice good dancers but the dj’s are dicks and if you have a problem with a customer licking you or molesting you all but two of the bouncers don’t give a crap and won’t help you if you need them to. I work too hard for strangers to think that its ok to lick my pussy and my tits. It’s not!!!! And the management and most bouncers try to fuck as many dancers as they can…it so sick. the couches are dirty and all the girls have some kinda rash all over thier bodies. gross…….I am glad I left and went to a better club.

  56. winston12

    SCAM–NO DANCERS AND NO REFUND!! I came here with my friend and my little sister at around 10:00 pm because she turned 18 this year and wanted to see a strip club. I liked that my friend and I could grab drinks on the other side and I came here years ago and it was fun. I would never come back anymore. As soon as we walked in, there was NO ONE there. No girls, no bartender, and no one in the Dj booth. The music was playing but we sat there for a few songs and went to the front for a refund. I am aware that many of these places don’t give refunds, which the girl at the front was sure to tell me, but I think when you’ve spent $40 to see dancers, there should at least be a dancer. The manager ended up returning the $10 of the $20 my sister paid to get in, but It was still a total scam to take any money. There were several girls hanging out outside, and I the back and a couple walking around eating. They just weren’t working. This is a bad way to do business and a total rip off. I would suggest staying far away from this place.

  57. XhXeXy

    I’m not sure why this place is rated so highly. As a girl I love to go to strip clubs. The interaction is what makes it exciting but all you have here is great pole work and dollar “bush dives”. No interaction whatsoever other than having a girl put her thang in your face every time you tip them. Then one of the strippers literally came off stage, made out with the guy next to me, Then she made out with the stripper on stage. This place is trash.

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