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533 Broad Street, Augusta, GA 30901


33.4737654, -81.9600916




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Discotheque Lounge

  1. robert
  2. Paladin

    I dropped by the club following a Monday practice round at the Masters. I got nicked for $20 to enter the almost empty bar but “oh well”. The setup: 1 center stage surrounded by 20 seats; several tables that seat another 50 or so; 4 tables with center poles for $20 table dances (customers are encouraged to stand to get a birds eye view); 1 bar with several seats close to the stage; 1 pool table and 1 ATM; All the dancers were cute with every race and body-type represented; They sported a few tattoos, very little flab, and no fakes; I got personal with Jada, a real sweetie. I also got a mini table dance from Marley, one hot mama, while she was on center stage. Bottom line: I’ll definitely be back next year during the Masters.

  3. g dog

    great club! gizmo,paris and trill. nuf said!!!

  4. Johnnyboy123

    Not where you want to be if you have the choice between augusta and columbia.

  5. money man

    i personally like the vegas show girls/joker better!!! its smaller but the girls are ALOT MORE friendlier!! including the bartenders.

  6. John J.

    This is the best strip club in augusta. A lot of different types of girls but there are some stand outs like Gizmo plus a few more.Now the drinks are very over priced, about 8 dollars and up starting but happy hour starts at 5pm and drinks are half off. Cover is 5 dollars plus a drink so to get in its about 13 dollars total which is high but they girls are worth.Most of the girls are very down to earth and are fun just to chill with.

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  8. You know who

    This is a great club. They are a bit short of girls as I write this review. This club is medium-sized, a nice stage in the middle. No pole, however. The bartender/manager is a beautiful blonde woman. Fully nude girls who are well groomed and in great shape. Lots of personality and the songs last pretty long. I always have a good time when I go and I don’t feel like I have to spend everything in my wallet in an hour flat.

  9. Michael M.

    If you want to enjoy yourself do not go there! The owner is a con artist and does not care in the least about hospitality or you enjoying. The place changes prices while you are there and then they are demeaning and insulting. This is not a money issue, it’s a principle problem. The last thing you want when you are trying to relax is people putting you down and insulting you to your face, not just me. The worst club I have ever been to in my life. Now obviously a business operates to earn a profit, but the manager, as well as the Owner, are terrible business operators.

  10. fred
  11. You know who I am

    Ah, Discotheque. Right now they have some the cutest, sexiest dancers right now. Ms Lacy is a beautiful Italian girl, she is pretty quite like no other girl you’ve seen, very unique kind of beautiful. Long legs, just the right amount of muscle, and one sexy midsection. She is a lady so I won’t talk about the rest but she’s perfect. Ohhhh. Also you should make a point of seeing Harley the bartender, she is wonderful and sometimes I only go just to see her, not the naked girls! Talk to her, give her a tip and remember to be a Gentleman in a Gentleman’s club, don’t be a dick. The girls will like you better.

  12. ryan123

    This is a dated strip club with no pole on the main stage. That is strip club 101. Main stage should always have a pole. They are now charging a $5 cover (worth the money) with a 1 drink min. (Beer is almost $9 per bottle). The girls are very pretty and a couple are very talented dancers. I’m sure daddy issues destroyed their futures. The bar tenders are knowledgable but total bitches. I’m guessing they are also running the daily operations along w/ bar duties. Overall good visit. Also the first time I’ve ever left any strip club with money in my pocket. Please don’t ever bring back the Snake Lady(s) or the midget stripper. Good times w/ even better friends.

  13. eddyL

    Wednesday night was dead slow but the girls still got some what naked on the main stage. $5 cover then told 1 drink minimum but failed to tell us cash only. Would have spent more if could use cc and got change to tip.Saw the girls use a juke box before stage, do they not have a dj?Might go back

  14. lila

    i enjy the tech. the girls change and it varies. its a lil old fashioned but well worth it. if u show love.

  15. harryharry

    no place rocks your world like the discotheque. easily, the best gentle-mens club in the csra.

  16. Jay

    Discothecque Lounge is not only outdated but has some of the

    grungiest looking girls I have ever witnessed at a strip

    club. They clearly don’t practice proper hygiene. Foul breath

    and it smells like they wipe their stank twats with even

    DIRTIER vaginas. How much meth do they smoke before their

    shifts? DO NOT RECOMMEND!

  17. Southbound Visitor

    This is probably the best club in town, all 3 are within walking distance of each other. With that said the towns laws make this a pretty lame club. No VIP dance’s except for a private table dance where they strip for you. There is a 1 drink minumum and the prices are expensive.Good place to go to look at SOME T&A but that is about it.

  18. SteveO


  19. !!
  20. Suni

    For my 1st time at a strip club, this club was awesome! I really enjoyed Marley, but it’s too bad, cause I don’t think she works there anymore. Marley, I miss ya and if u’re ever online, drop a line or two. lol.

  21. richard95

    hey… this place is good with me… always a good time and the girls are nice… its worth a visit and its cheap to get in

  22. Augusta

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