342 Valley Avenue, Birmingham, AL 35209


33.472253, -86.822329




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Sammy’s

  1. you know who

    Sammy’s is the shit!!!

  2. M1

    Birminghamm has some lame rules for all strip clubs. But Sammy’s is still the best option. Not the best setup. But more friendly than the others.

  3. Jody O.

    The bartenders here are rude… the drinks are ok priced.The entertainers are ok…. I would say go to the furnace…. much friendlier and more entertaining.

  4. tom big b

    Wow…this place will rock your cock. Lots of beautiful plastic boobs to see. I love it.

  5. Tbone

    The best looking girls dancing in Alabama work there.

  6. roger

    this place is the yardstick that other strip clubs in the area compare themselves to. They are the best of the best.

  7. timmykilla

    Sammy’s is the best laid back chill place to go. Beautiful girls that actually take time and get to know the customers instead of taking the money and running. The wait staff is absolutely amazing, great personalities, cute, always on top of there tables and right on time with your choice of beverages, you can tell they love their job, the bartenders know how to make a good stout drink at a decent price without a doubt. The girls at the front door are always cute and friendly so I don’t mind dropping a few dollars in their tip jar, I always feel safe with the security but warning they do enforce the rules to protect their girls as well as the customers. The managers are out of this world awesome!! I 100% recommend this gentleman’s Club over the other ones they must be doing something right to be in business 42yrs and still going strong plus have a chain of Sammy’s across the Gulf. I totally see why the Sammy’s Angel’s are and have always been legends in this line of business!!

  8. Ralph

    Not worth the cover charge The price of drinks are too high.No Lap dances. Some of the dancers are real bitches

  9. larry1

    Couldn’t be worse! Girls suck! Staff sucks!! Waste of your money. Try somewhere else. Even if you blow lots of money they still treat you like shit! Try the furnace they’re way better!!!

  10. sonny

    a friendly place with hot dancers

  11. johnny markus
  12. John Frost

    One word SKANK…

    I heard one of my favorites is going back here! Destiny?

    Well let me tell, this girl will do u GOOD if you become her customer. All you have to do is pay for her house, car, and the rest of her MEN!!! Shes a real freak,guess thats what i love about her…or maybe its that she THINKS she is hot but, lets get it out she has aged ALOT…THE SUN KILLS SKIN CELLS AND DESTINY IS EAT UP W/ MORE THAN HER BAD LOOKS AND AWFUL ATTITUDE>>>

  13. ph

    my favorite club

  14. WTF
  15. Mark A.

    Wanna party with girls that will do anything for a good high? Come on in to SAMMYS.Half are bitches and the other half cant dance, they lie on their backs with legs open, humping the floor. Come on girls, get some CLASS

  16. will b

    where do they find all those hot lil dancers? smokin!!!

  17. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  18. ljumyi


  19. Keith

    Has really gone down hill over the years.I haven’t been there in awhile. A little more about Sammy’s The dancers bartenders and waitresses are there to make money.

    It’s all part of their jobs to be nice to you. Like other other club don’t get too wasted and start buying dancer drinks and don’t fall for the old song and dance stories examples my rent is due my car note is due etc. and I don’t have the money to pay them.

  20. nate

    The day time is the best time to go. more laid back and friendly. The dancers are all hot

  21. roberta
  22. Jonathan t.

    Very goodlooking girls and friendly atmosphere. But the drink prices are too much.

  23. roland
  24. daniel loomis

    i love this place. They are cool.

  25. wow

    i went to sammys too this last weekend….i will never set foot on that property again…wow…this place sucked…ya’ll should just close down

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