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71 reviews for “club femme nu

  1. Ufakefe

    My coworker fell in love with one of the strippers and bought a house together. Now he’s trying to get away but she wong budge. He complains she’s crazy and hits him. Plus she has a kid. Dumb ass….

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  3. ryan123

    how do i end up at places like these?!?! second strip club experience of my in for free cuz coworkers knew the bouncers. it was my coworker’s birthday and each one of us who went spent waaaaaay too much money there! we asked this one girl to dance for birthday boy but he eventually got bored since she wasn’t as bold as the other chicks there. she did some fancy tricks with the dollar bills…definitely washed my hands thoroughly after leaving that place. stripper girl was pretty awesome. amazing how far a $3 tip got me but i wont get into the details ; )i had a lot of fun. once again though, i was hella jealous of some of their hott bodies.

  4. Matt

    Doesnt look like much from the outside, but dont let that fool ya. Its a pretty good place with many girls dancing at once. But, that is a downfall. Most of the girls focus on one person for sometimes hours…so there isnt much you can do if who you want is with someone else. Tried to get a private dance for myself and my wife…the management said no. Oh well, they lost about $200 on that deal…too bad for them!

  5. rogerrab2

    After a good time and few drinks on guys night we head to this place, man do I regret it. Ordered a drink for $5 and a woman asked me to buy her one. No problem, $20 to buy her a drink, or so I thought. It was actually $40 after they already hand it to her, no big deal, but when I say I want to close out the bill is $90. I asked for proof, waiter wouldn’t give me any. The waiter tells me my card is declined, not unusual in this type of establishment. What is unusual is when asking for the tab, he refuses to show me. When I go to the bar and say I’d like to see my tab the bartender turns around and yells “F*** You!” As he points his finger at me. They refused to give me my tab, my card, my ID, and then get a couple bouncers to stand near me. I just left and went back the next day. The person I talked to this time was nice, but again a different card declined, offer to pay cash, then had to wait for a manager to give the ok to pay cash. Had three different explanations on the charges and had to pay $88 cash just to get my ID and cars back. STAY AWAY! You are highly likely to get overcharged and then thrown out. I will never go to this place again.

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  7. Eva Y.

    Eh, this place was so so. Came here with friends while I was in Hawaii and didn’t see any lap dances going on. Aside from stage dances, that is about it… kinda not worth the money for $20 bucks and no lap dance…

  8. Jeff I.

    This is freakn’ awesome. There’s actually a review for Femme Nu. I love this site. This is a pretty good strip club. The girls are sexy, and they aren’t afraid to show it. You gotta go, weather it’s for bachelor parties or for fun.

  9. John K.

    Probably the best titty club in town… Come here at least twice a month. They upgraded their sound system to mega club scene. The owner owns this place plus the K-restaurant next door. Gee, I wonder how much she makes over the weekend… The girls here are better looking, plus not barely eighteen like 939. It is what it is, you get what you pay for. I gave this place three stars because it’s like a last option. The bartenders are pretty cool. If you really want to get trashed, get a double 151. Funny thing is you can see people working out right across the street at like one in the morning at 24 hour fitness. I guess it really is “Happy Hour at the Cat House”…(smack dat)

  10. XXXbeast

    I usually enjoy coming here but tonight was turned away by the parking attendant… Think like a boss and you won’t be a 40 year old lot boy! We had 20 people roll up on bicycles and was willing to pay double for 2 stalls and squeeze 10 bikes per stall…Do the math dumb shit! That’s 10 paying customers per stall vs. 2-4 people in a car.Last time we came the owner let us park in the covered parking and we threw over $2000 on the stage on top of paying entry and drinks… We may roll up on bicycles but we all make more money than lot boys and we not ashamed to make it rain!

  11. Michael S.

    Alright, this place used to be the best strip club in Hawaii. I used to take all my friends from the US mainland and Japan here for a good time. Now I use clubs for business meetings 😉 Something that started to irritate me was cover for tourists was $20. Drink specials not good for Japanese tourists. I mean they would announce $2 Budweiser and I would order for the whole table and then try to charge me $6 each. I told them about the announcement and a manager came out saying it wasn’t meant for tourists. Now even when my business clients want to go to Femme Nu, I tell them to stay away. If they want me to go to a strip club with them, I’ll tell them to go to Club 939. Girls at Femme Nu are alright.

  12. SmilesonFaces

    This is a great place to work, bring friends, cruise/jus chillaxN, always pupus (try to tip if ur not local), watch the game, meet people and have conversation companion, plenty of dancers at night, gets packed, people smile and laugh and have a good time. Actors, Executives, to local kine… Best on the Island. ALOHA!!! katana

  13. dannyboy7

    Worst club ever! Employees are rude as shit & my friends & I were extorted by a “hostess” who would not leave our table when asked to do so. Do not waste your time or money at this establishment. Would rate zero stars if possible!

  14. Keith E.

    I make it rain.. 🙂

  15. Anna D.

    this place has gone downhill. they’re either hott or definitely not. I went in christmas since it’s my buddy’s tradition to spend xmas at a strip club. I was pretty excited since i haven’t gone to a strip club in awhile but when we got there, it was like.. “where are the hotties?”. My hubby just got home from iraq and i was planning on picking up some dancing tips from the girls but really, the biggest attraction that happened all night was when the middle eastern chick was tit smacking the guy in the face. Honestly, that wasn’t even sexy at all and more along the lines of scary and obtrusively loud. Next xmas, i want to go somewhere else!

  16. Derik P.

    This place was a nice 360 degree flip from the place off of Ward…there…the whole ‘old enough to be your auntie’ thing up on stage kind threw me off. Since it was a bachelor party, we were in a mission and remembered Femme Nu. Paraphrasing the great Eddie Murphy – “damn… that girl’s good!”hahahha – did I just write this?!

  17. Justin H.

    Awesome. Definitely the best on Oahu. Four stages, each with multiple girls. The best nights to go are Friday and Saturday nights. Maybe Thursday. All other nights it may be dead-ish.The girls sit on pillows til you sit in front of them, at which point they’ll start to dance. Get up and leave whenever you want. Lap dances are $25 and some girls will ask for tips during. “Buy me drinky” girls just want to sit and talk while you pretty much buy them $20 glasses of apple juice. The Champagne Room…don’t know, but it’s a couple hundred bucks.Be sure to tip the bartender as he’s a pretty nice guy. Also, when breaking larger bills for singles, make sure to count it out when you get it.

  18. brandonresh

    A shit hole like you flew to Bangkok Thailand and landed in the lowest red light district area.I took a friend from Las Vegas who loves strip clubs we sat there and 2 mins later he says “lets get out of here”.

  19. Ikaika T.

    Yeah so… a FRIEND of mine said this place is awesome. Yep, and the service is excellent too – good beers with “born on” dates within the last month, but of course, you don’t go here for the alcohol – says my friend. My friend said that they have all types of dancers here and aside from the few idiots who get too drunk and spoil everything, it’s not all that bad.

  20. tonycluber

    I haven’t been here in ages, but my local cousins dragged me here so I said WTH. Not much has changed: Overpriced, water-downed drinks, its dark & dingy, and girls pretend to like you so you will drop your kala (dollar) on them, and buy more drinks. (Hmmm, sounds like the ratchets I meet on the mainland – LOL!).There are worse places to go in Town, but I like it here because Femme Nu is where da local boys go. I love to hear them scream at the girls on stage: Hana Hou!!! (Encore; Do It Again).Funny story: My older cousin was all buss up (drunk), and he jokingly asked a dancer if she was so-and-so’s little sister. She asked him, “Wen you grad brah?”, “Where you grad from?”. After he responded, she said, “Ho, you grad da same year, and from da same high school as my Mom!”. “You remember her?”. Her response wiped the smile right off my cousin’s face. The whole night we were teasing my cousin, “Eh brah, da dancer look an awful lot like you”. “You sure you and da Mom never do da kine back in the day?”. His response: “Ufa kefe!” (no translation necessary) – LMFAO!!!

  21. michael k.

    Not worth while. So-so girls, high cover, and very strict about the rules. This is NO patio for smokers, so expect to STAND far away outside and get hasseled about it all the time if you smoke. The owner knows she could look the other way on this issue and not get fined like Pigskins next door that allows smoking but doesn’t want to “go the extra mile” for her customers.The girls are also very quick to pull money from you with little attention in return.

  22. Jay

    Best Club In Hawaii

  23. mark

    a very nice place to go when your in town

  24. fritter17

    Oh….. Really……This is the best Hawaii has to offer??? Realistically, this is amateur at best. My wife asked if I wanted to go to Femme Nu to see what it was like, and I’m like OMG, THANK YOU, this is going to be great. I get to go to a strip club and I actually get to go home with a girl. Excellent, right? NOPE. I did get to go home with the girl, but the experience was horrible.I’ve lived all over the country and overseas, and this club doesn’t hold a candle to even the strip clubs in Utah, ya that’s right Utah, this is a state that you can’t even expose your nipple…. are you kidding me. My wife complained that the girls were lazy and uninterested, I’m prone to agree. I’ve never sat at the bar and literally had to feed the girls bills like a parking meter for her to dance. I kid you not, she actually stopped dancing when she thought she had done enough for the money paid.Maybe it’s just me, I’m over 45, work in medicine and have seen my fair share of nude woman, both dancing and not. To me, it’s not really a big deal, the titties thing I mean. I want to be entertained, exotic dancing is supposed to be an art right? The person doing it is supposed to enjoy the performance right?My resume’ of strip clubs: South Carolina (like Utah, but no pasties), Camp Lejeune (sucks), Salt Lake City (pasties), Fort Lauderdale (Pure Platinum) Toronto, Canada (there is a God!), Japan (like here but I was 19), London UK (boobs with an accent) and lastly Las Vegas (great, but I had to stop gambling). So I would say that I know what’s good or not. Don’t waste you money on half ass ( heehe I said “ass” ) titty bars here, go where they really know how to give you what you’re looking for: a fantastic performance, beautiful women, sexy bodies and an experience you’ll never forget. Vegas is a local favorite right? Take a break from the California Hotel and visit a REAL strip club.

  25. dan h.

    Seriously, it’s the Saturday night before the Pro Bowl. What are you going to do? Hint: there’s NOTHING to do in Honolulu other than Boat-drink bars with Boat-drink musicians playing Boat-drink acoustic music. So you can go to Duke’s in Waikiki or hit one of the most famous Strip Clubs in the Pacific. I told my buddy that I was going to Honolulu and he just about threatened to kill me if I didn’t come here. He kept saying “The girls are sooo beautiful and they dance RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. Five dollars to get in and they give you TWO DRINK TICKETS.” well, I can’t say that he did a great job of selling it (except for the drink tickets part, that was persuasive) but after he spelled it for me like 7 times, I decided that any place that could make that kind of impression on a guy that’s probably been to over 100 different strip clubs around the world, well, I gotta see that. The Saturday before the pro bowl is probably not the most typical night to go there. it was wall-to-wall! Happy to report that there were a large # of female patrons just kind of drinking which is consistent with my experiences at strip clubs that are not in CA or NY. They are more “bars with extra privileges” rather than places of ill-repute where women never go. the female patrons seems to be chilling with their guy-friends. Anyway, I’m sure there were several strippers that were less than amazing looking but I didn’t see many. I put myself up at one spot and I must say was pretty impressed by the talent and I’m hard to impress.The girls were damn hot. Nice bodies, pretty faces. Mid-20’s. not bad at all. there was the hottie/trashy asian with the tattoo of two pistols pointing directly at her target. And Darling: if you’re reading this, I mean “trashy” in the hottest possible way. good moves! She was one of the most naked ones there. I don’t even think I saw her ever wearing a stitch of clothes. Then there was the Persian one with nice hips and the mixed latina/asian/African hottie with the killer bod. And the skinny blondie… lots to choose. Anyway, the deal is you sit and you tip a dollar and you repeat. Quickly. If you aren’t tipping fast enough then the girl packs up and moves elsewhere. If you want to keep the girl there then you are running through 1-dollar bills like crazy. I saw this couple (boy+girl) tip this stripper maybe 80-100 bucks over the course of maybe 45 minutes. The naughtier girls seem to get the most tips (typical) and even though you can’t touch the girls, the dollars can definitely touch the girls. most of the tips were winding up rubbed against naughty places before they made it to the floor. Entrance cheap, drinks cheap, girls pretty and close. No touching that I saw. I think they have private lap dances but I can’t believe they’d be worth it.

  26. Chanel G.

    The Day DJ is resembling my ipod and I am not sure how I feel about that. This is no reflection on the dancers but makes me really ponder my own music taste…

  27. AssnTits5

    Don’t go here if you expect physical contact with the ladies. The short of it: although the reviews are mostly positive, I promise you there are better strip clubs on the island (RockZa, Hawaii by Night and 939 to name a few).The girls are okay. A few good bodies but no gorgeous faces. Most of them are pretty coherent, but one was doing drugs in the bathroom and weeks after I saw her talking to herself on Kalakaua. :/ A few bad eggs in here, but it’s alright. On a more positive note, they let me (a lady) in for free, and the security guard is super nice.

  28. Justin U.

    Haha, didn’t actually think this would be available for review. I guess if you’re a business, pay taxes and show up in the yellowpages, it should be. So since it is…here goes my review.Came here a few months ago for my buddy’s bachelor party. We get to the place and bam, 7dollar admission fee which includes a free drink. We walk in Entourage style, and the first thing I noticed was not the hot scantily clad dressed woman flocking around trying to score a buck or private dance, it was the pillows they dragged around to dance on as they moved from stage to stage. God forbid these ladies jack up their knee caps while booty shaking to T-Pains new radio hit. It reminded me of the way Linus from Snoopy dragged his blanket around. I noticed the pillow served a double purpose…Knee pad/shin guard and money piggy bank. When the woman were done performing, they’d gather their bills, unzip the pillow, the plow the stacks of ones inside. Coming from Arizona, this was a first for me to ever witness. Being a good host and an even awesomer(sp?) best friend, I get my buddy a private dance. 100 dollars, gone. The dancer takes him to the back while I chill with the other groomsman sipping on longboards. 30 minutes pass, my buddy comes back with a disappointed look and says lets go, this place is whack. In my mind, I’m LOLing thinking the dancer didn’t know how to dance. Turns out it was worse. haha. He explains as he was brought to the back, the dancer sat him in a telephone booth type chair where you’re seated, on your right and left side are walls with no wall in front of you, so your facing the dancer. As the first song started, he said the dancer then pulled down a wooden arm that came across his lap which seperated him from any contact with the dancer. Weak! haha, so apparently the entire time he sat and watched while she danced accross from him. Talk about a private dance fail. Apparently, there’s a no lap dance law in Hawaii preventing those type of moves. Unless there’s gun pointed at my head, I’ll probably never come back.

  29. ktslayer

    Nice club, beautiful grls, decent prices for Hawaii. Only problem is it’s always packed.

  30. Kelly G.

    After paying a hefty $7 charge, our group walks in to what is basically a boring club. None of the girls were dancing. The ones that were preoccupied were just chatting. Expensive drinks. Off to Rock-Za now.

  31. Drew

    Been going to the club for a couple years, left the islands in February, haven’t been back since

  32. XhXeXy

    Some of the “dancers” need to hang it up already. They just pretty much spread their legs in front of you and crawl back and forth, take money out of your mouth and rub their ass on you like a damn cat. They don’t dance, they don’t use the pole. When you pay the cover charge, you get a drink for free plus tip which is amazing. Super crowded. They need different, better looking girls i guess. You’re at a strip club if i put money on your vagina Don’t tell me its “dirty” lol, like okay. Been there multiple times, it was actually my boyfriend and I’s favorite place… but its just getting worst. If you want up close and personal then this is the go to place.. if you want more classy and they actually dance, go to 939!

  33. Mahina C.

    Titties, titties, titties, i love titties!You’ll see a lot of them here! sometimes you get the stuck up one’s who just show up there, and that’s when you gotta move on! Wish they had locks on the bathrooms for the girls!

  34. mathewater12

    Changing my review due to not only female customers, also dancers complaining about the sexist & derogatory music that is allowed in this establishment. Apparently they allow mental abuse through music. Also, it seems bouncers don’t care when the dancers are screaming at customers who crossed boundaries, iow sex assault. The dogbeds are because the dancers are on stage for a full 4-6or 10 hours and they lick locker room. Seems like abuse…a lot of it

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  36. Malia H.

    Boobies. Drinks. Tons of dudes. And vag. Somehow I have ended up here a few times with some friends on Saturday nights. There are all types of girls for you to watch. There’s girls of all shapes and sizes, ages and ethnicities. There are girls in cute panty and bra sets to strip down and shake their butt or shove their vag in your face. Then there are girls who don’t even strip but just stay naked and dance in front of you. They all dance with a small pole on these small beds that actually remind me of doggy beds. I was actually disappointed since they didn’t really dance much or do tricks on the poles like some other places. Most of the girls didn’t really interact too much and frankly looked bored. Note: sit in booths, watch the action. Sit by the stage for the action, but make sure you have dollar dollar bills yo.Ladies, be prepared if you go. There will always be some guy who will want you to sit by him by the stage and feed the girls money. Do it and you’ll see why. I must admit I was jealous of a couple of the girl’s bodies. They were in great shape and pretty hot. Damn I need to get back to the gym!

  37. eddyL

    I live close to Femme Nu and pop in every once in awhile to check out a UFC fight or a good game but last night’s encounter needed to be documented. Post Hospitality Expo a supplier takes me out to dinner and drinks at FN afterward. We sit a booth and take in the sights. We both sit at the edge of the booth so there is no space for the “buy me drink” girls to sit down. Then Psycho Stripper (PS) comes to the table. My “friend” bolts for the bathroom opening up the seat on the other side of the table. PS sits down. PS: I know you. You’re from Las Vegas Me: No I’m not PS: Yes you’re (I think she said “your” but I will give her the benefit of the doubt) from Vegas and you were my doctor. Me: No I am not from Vegas and I am not a doctor. PS: Yes you look like my doctor only fatter. Me: Why thank you, But I am not a doctor nor from Vegas. PS: You charged me $1200 for a psych exam and never gave me the results. What were (I think she said “we’re”) the results. Me: I am not…(blah blah) PS: I want the results so I can get my medicine. I paid you $1200 for my medicine. Me: I am not… PS: So where are you from then? Me: Here PS: Where do you work? Me: At a hotel PS: Which hotel? What is the address? I need a room for about a month. “Friend” returns: Me to friend: Fuck you. We bolt for the exit straight to Rockza and cleansed the psycho off of us. Thank you Lin Lee!

  38. Duy L.

    Visited on a Wednesday night, June 13, 2012 (sorry, long overdue review!)You should be able to spot the neon lights from the road. Walking in, it felt a little like a college dive-bar: younger crowd, TVs with the game on, smell of cheap cologne mixed with spilled beer.I wanted to hit up a few strip clubs in Hawaii to see what the island had to offer. Coming from LA (and frequenting Vegas), I was let down, to say the least. There are a few catwalks where girls don’t really dance on the poles, as you would typically imagine to be a regular sight at a strip club. Instead, girls carry around these large dog mats/pet beds to do basically private shows in front of the big(ger) tippers. I’m accustomed to tossing out tips for no-handed triple downward spirals, so when I saw how little these girls worked for those singles, I was let down, to say the least.If you are like me, going to strip clubs once in a blue moon to enjoy some boobies bouncing around, some friendly flirting, the occasional talented pole dance, then see some of my reviews of LA and Vegas clubs. If you’re a local and this is your only option, just invest in an HD monitor for your comp…

  39. Bryan Y.

    must have gone on a bad night. the security told me i couldn’t being my phone becuase it had a camera on it.there were 40 yr old fobs dancing and i couldn’t get more than one beer at a time. the service was slow to begin with so that didn’t help. this seemed more like a sports bar, and there just happened to be naked chicks there. most of them were sitting down talking to patrons. waste of bread.

  40. Andrew A.

    I think the system here is pretty eff’d, but the beers are cheap and cold. The chicks were cute, and there was something for everyone here. That said, the dragging their own pillow, and dropping dollars for what was more of a peep show was kinda weird. No one danced at all in here. I was determined to enjoy myself, and after leaving the Club 939 down the road, it was looking grim. Got here, and had a good time though.

  41. joseph1k

    Haha Femme Nu. I ended up coming here during the summer one night with two guy friends (one who later ended up becoming my bf, imagine that). We were just looking to drink and cruise, so we headed over to Jazz Minds, but there was some super crappy music flowing out of the front door and the cover was $5, so we were hesitant about going in.After some discussion as to where we should go to get cheap drinks close by, one of my friends kinda begrudgingly told us that at Femme Nu the $7 dollar cover included a free drink, so I was sold and we headed over.Up entering the club, I immediately felt like this was a bad idea. I had never really been to a strip club before so I was kinda uncomfortable with the whole thing, especially the politics about it, tipping girls and what not. My boys bought me drinks all night and before I knew it we were in front of a table trying to make some girl take off her clothes, but she was super lame and wasn’t doing anything, and then some strange couple called her over and stole her away, interesting, apparently we weren’t throwing enough money at her.Guys, the girls here are pretty cute for the most part. They dance on these large body pillows on the stage. We sat in the corner of the room for the majority of the night and had a good overview of most of the club, hence we saw a lot of chicks getting all freaky without having to actually pay them, which I know the guys I came with appreciated. Although one of my friends made a comment about how most of the hot girls seemed to have these horrible pissed off expressions on their faces, which is like never good, at least pretend you are having fun girl and make that $!There was one girl working that seemed to be having fun and doing all sorts of moves all over her pole and table. It was quite impressive. She had the full attention of a group of 8 guys and there were people all around her area, she was working it! It was quite entertaining and she was breaking out a lot of awesome raunchy moves which involved her private regions.I am not quite sure if I will be going back anytime soon or even in general because I don’t personally enjoy spending my cash or others cash trying to get random chicks naked but I had fun here that night, and it was definitely worth $7 cover +1 free beer. One thing that I found strange was that the serving staff was dudes, and a lot of them.

  42. xavier cameron

    Thank GOD for clubs like this. The rest of the club should be like this and club 55 in D.C.

  43. Picture perfect

    Nice place with nice girls. Nice staff with nice location.

  44. richard95

    I wasn’t on board w going, since my StripClub days have been over for quite awhile. I would’ve rather paid the prostitute a $100 for a bj behind the dumpster, rather than blowing ca$h I don’t have for absolutely no kicks. Paid $30 for a pitcher of Longboard and ended up dropping $90 in an hour without ANY female anatomy in my face whatsoever. A little something for everyone in this place and we were there early, so I’m sure the roster wasn’t full of their playmakers. If you have the cash, check it out, but otherwise it’s what you’d expect.

  45. jacob d.

    went here yesterday. girls are decent. my biggest gripe here is they tried to hustle us. Well actually they did. were sitting at a booth and chatting it up with one of the girls. we asked her if she wanted a drink and she said sure. so my buddy went the bar and got her a shot of vodka. she said she couldn’t drink that and that she would have to buy from waiter. so we flagged one down and ordered a drink. the waiter said a $20 for a regular and $40 for a premium. when he said that i was suspicious. he didn’t even ask what she wanted to drink. so we ordered a regular and i watch the waiter go get it at the bar. i noticed the bartender just picked up a juice gun and filled up a small cup with juice. when the waiter brought it back i called them out on it. he tried to deny it but i knew that i was getting hustled. he later admitted it. but still lost our money. watch out. this place will hustle you. stick to the stage.also when you get change for ones. Make sure to count your money. My friend and I were both short $2 each when we got change for $40.

  46. rockstar

    The place to go if your in Honolulu

  47. Alan N.

    There was this educational fundraiser for single mothers at this venue, so I had to go in the name of philanthropy….Anywhooo…$7 bucks gets you in with a drink. There were a lot of girls, and a good number of them were pretty. I don’t think they do lapdances since there’s alcohol. Oh bonus stars for the place being actually clean, and the girls didn’t smell of bad perfume (or made me smell of bad perfume).

  48. Johnnyboy123

    Femme nu used to make bomb drinks I dont know what happened. Last time I went I ordered the free drink that comes with the door admission, it was weak. So the second round I went to the bar, to make sure I got a decent drink. Not only was the bartender rude as all mighty, but the owners brother was even worse he cused at me and told me to go sit down and wait for a damn waiter. Femme nu can close for all I care. The girls can’t dance, there a bunch of them but nothing really going on. From one girl to the next it’s all pretty much the same. If your into Asian and white girls than this club maybe the place for you. But if you truly want to be entertained best pass this place.

  49. matthew s.

    Came here last June for my buddy’s bachelor party. Not his idea. In fact, his dad warned him to stay away from Korean strip clubs. Should have been more convincing.We paid our five bucks, left our phones and cameras at the cubbies up front, grabbed some beers and sat down at a table. Almost instantly, we were accosted by 2 women in their early 40s.”Hey doll, you’re so adorable. Want to buy me some Lagavulin 16?””Nope.”They pretended to like our schtick for a few minutes, then scampered off to find someone easier to seperate from his money.The best man found a gorgeous, amazonian woman for the groom’s first dance. She was 6’2″, maybe 170lbs. He was 5’10”, 130lbs. Perfect.She took him by the hand, and he instintively reached behind him and grabbed the seat. She peeled his hand off the seat, pulled him forward a few yards, and he swung around to grab a pole. He was no match for her.While he was otherwise occupied, I walked around looking for his next dance partner. I spied what I thought was a buxom, 20 year old blonde from across the room, only to discover that she was actually a fake-tittied, 40 year old Asian woman in a wig. Fuck it, close enough.After their private dance, the groom thanked me.”Dude…she had a pierced clit AND a caesarian scar.”5 stars.

  50. Leon H.

    First off I don’t go to this type of place much , well actually this last weekend for my friends bachelor party was the first time in like 15 yrs.. But I have to say the talent was good and bar was always attentive, didn’t have to wait for my drink. Wait staff was good also.. always came around. Because it was the weekend, the girls were all dancing. I used to hate that the girls would just sit there until someone gave them money. That is stupid. Please fix this Managers… they girls should always be dancing… thats that the guys want to see..The place needs to be renovated also, same old carpet and both still. But for why we were there it was fun.

  51. Franklyn

    hard to get a drink, girls are good but this place doesn’t hold a candle to good strip clubs.

  52. DexterRexter

    Great entertainment and many ladies to choose from. Love the Asian girls! Like I said, many to choose from. Go have yourself a great time :-).

  53. candy

    This is the best club in Hawaii to work at

  54. Harrison69

    This strip club is not normal. First they just sit around on the stage on dog beds (very degrading). Once someone sits on stage they ask for money as if it was a private dance. There was no pole dancing, the girls don’t get their spot light and go up one by one and the girls aren’t that pretty. I don’t want to sound mean but I think all the girls that couldn’t get into the nicer strip clubs. There were big girls.. Some pretty some not.. One girl was letting a guy shove dollar bills up her. That’s gross and not sanitary. That is why people say wash your hands after touching money.

  55. Adam X.

    Yes I bought the Latin stripper, and we went to the champagne room. But hey, I’m a gentleman… I gave my date the first 30 minutes.

  56. Flesh
  57. name


  58. AmusedGirl

    these bad reviews must just be haters – i’m a girl and brought my husband and we had a blast! so many girls to choose from – we had a great time – haters go somewhere else, please !

  59. a shithole

    ordered a jug of beer about 5 mins before happy hour ended. server brings the beer on the minute happy hour ends, and asks for inflated price. doing the old “pocket the difference”. nice try.

    would not recommend this place. female server came by our table, she had to be about 3 weeks from her social security pension. i seen a sharpei with less wrinkles!!!!

    even for the free entry, wasn’t worth the money spent

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  61. localboy123

    Expensive and pushy. Have seen better out there for sure.

  62. BMOSPH

    This club is an Asian girl lover’s dream! There are so many different girls here to please anyone’s taste. The one thing that is great about this club (and Club Rock-Za) is that if you want to just sit on the side and watch pretty girls, you can without being hassled for private dances. Unlike Rock-Za, they actually have private areas. The first one is where you sit in a booth, with a board separating you from the girl giving you the dance. In other words, no lap dances here! This is definitely not worth the price of admission. The other private area is a VIP room where you take the girl of your choice to a private room (video cameras monitoring the place to make sure no funny business goes on), they bring you champaigne (and a VERY hefty bill), where you and your girl can drink and get a real lap dance. The best thing to do is sit at any one of the many “stages” they have here, and throw dollars at the naked girl of your choice!

  63. igor34

    Came here when my family from cali was in town, after not being able to get a discount from 939, the limo driver reccommend this place. So there was about 10 of us,first off we had to pay cover charge no kamaaina discount, but we got a free drink with the cover charge which when we went to the bar the bartender couldn’t even make the drinks we wanted and when we asked what he could make he said a margarita. So all of us got Margaritas which was disgusting I couldn’t even drink it. So we found a spot in the corner but since this was a last minute idea to go to the strip club we needed 1’s. We wanted to exchange our money for 1’s BUT they charge you just to change your 1’s. Annoyed we just used all the 1’s we had which wasn’t alot. So after 15mins here we went into the bathroom which was right next to the bar where sleezy old men were tryna touch us, but anyway we go to the bathroom and there was a stripper sitting on the floor crying and the owner an older Asian lady yelling at her telling her she’s fired. Yes a stripper got fired right in front of us in the bathroom and being that there were only 2 stalls and 5 of us girls. We were actually comforting here like don’t worry you can find another club to work at and etc etc. Which was awkward as hell I actually held my pee in just to get the hell out the bathroom. We get back to our seats and the older man waiting on our table was on it, even though he made a few mistakes on our drinks he was super quick and really sweet. The reason I’m only giving this place 2 stars, please excuse me if I offend anyone this is just my opinion being a newbie to strip clubs. I didn’t really care for the strippers, they don’t really have a pole here and they don’t dance. They just immediately take off their clothes and started shoving their womanhood in people’s faces. I’m all for loving your body but that night I was just offended as a woman. I’m pretty sure these girls make way more money than I do, but I’m just saying that it was really weird to see a guys face almost burrowed into womanhood. I would not reccommend this place due to the crappy drinks, the stripper being fired in front of us, how management charges you to make change, and the fact that they don’t dance and just get naked immediately.

  64. Cameron B.

    Good music, strong drinks, girls get naked, guys get rowdy. Pretty much sums up the place.

  65. james1412

    I can only give this three stars because I went in on a Saturday night and it was so busy that I couldn’t even get a drink. In about two hours i managed to get three drinks. Not enough to get me drunk and wanna spend my money. The girls were nice looking. Had some local ones and some imports. So they had a nice selection. Eve was probably the baddest one of them all. Really, I went there to see her. She probably has the most perfect body I’ve ever seen. She was so good she had her while stage surrounded and there must have been around $300 in ones already at her feet. She didn’t stop. She was good. I wanted to get a closer look but all the seats were taken. I definitely would go see her again and maybe even asked for a private dance. I’m sure she’s well worth it. I’d have to go back on a less busy night. Maybe I’d get more attention, cuz isn’t that why guys go to places like these.

  66. adamrod

    This place is pretty big for a strip club and drink prices are reasonable and let’s not forget that there are a few good looking girls here but what’s up with guy cocktail waiters? Definitely kills the mood. When you ask anyone in there that works there for change, make sure you count it because they always stiff you a dollar or two. The must think every guest that walks in there automatically has Down syndrome or is completely intoxicated. Every time one of my friends or my self asked for change they always tried to stiff us. This place could use more seating as well.

  67. Clayton L.

    Not worth another penny or another second of my time. Extra mean to customers who smoke, even harrassing them in the parking lot.

  68. maxxy1

    In terms of the quality and quantity of dancers, decor, and overall experience, it is consistently the best strip bar in Hawaii. Open 7 days / week from 1400 to 0200, and they start charging a $7 (which includes 1 drink) at 1800. At least 60% of the dancers are Asian / Hawaiian, 30% White, and 10% other. There are at least 4 stages and even when it is slow, there are at least 4 dancers ready to dance. No annoying DJ making announcements, but there is a good variety of music. In the 20+ years I have been a customer, the dancers have never tried to push drinks, ask for a private dance, or any other high pressure tactics common on the US mainland.

  69. Jacob

    Veery Pleasant experience, my wife even had a great time.

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