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1770 Kapiolani Boulevard, Honolulu, HI 96814


21.2907853, -157.8363845




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Rock-Za

  1. headweather

    nice clean looking ladies up close and personal

  2. Weedman420

    Note- This establishment was reviewed by my sister:if I could give this place zero stars, I would! first, lets start by saying don’t go here. girls are gross. it’s a strip joint, what do I expect right? .. but really? half the girls here need to keep their clothes on. I had the misfortune of meeting one of the strippers named Dyamin T, yeauh heard one of the guys say her name….. PLEASE stop wearing so much damn foundation!!! makes you look like an old lady. I felt like my skin couldn’t breathe just staring at your face. *Gag*. don’t come here if you’re looking to be entertained! It’s disgusting. they don’t even do tricks or nothing, just stand around and seriously look bored out of their minds. their dances are so routined. my guy friends were grossed out too. we didn’t even stay long enough because it was THAT horrible! I’m sure Dyamin and all these other ladies will read this, if you do, my advice – “With all that money you make, get a gym membership!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! also, stop acting like you have untouchable swag, it’s not sexy at all. lot of my guy friends said you remind them of a guy with a wig on trying too damn hard.”

  3. richard95

    Lame and expensive. šŸ™

  4. StripClub431

    So I come here often and it’s an enjoyable place. There are days where it’s very slow and days where you can barely get pass the front door to grab a seat. Most of the dancers usually like to show up around 9 – 10pm. There are only a few that come earlier than that. The DJs play good music but you can request songs if you’d like. Food is available but the choices are limited. They actually only serve fried chicken with french fries but they do fill the whole lunch plate container up for $20. The girls are fun and very open but it’s a hustle so they’re always on the move. The bouncers are friendly too as long as you try to behave inside the club. Pictures, video recording and touching the dancers are prohibited and will get you kicked out, yelled at or heeled. There’s a good sized parking lot but very limited when weekends come around and it only costs $2. There’s also a partner club right across the parking lot called Ballerina’s that’s managed by Rockza’s very own “Sachi”, or what most people know her as on IG or Snapchat, “Dyms”. They’re open from 9pm-4am so it’s a perfect place to go to next when Rockza closes. It’s also 18+, BYOB, provide large private party rooms for rent and have private booths for dances. They usually have a live DJ spinning in front of the main stage or use the jukebox to play their music.

  5. harryharry

    too expensive, if you see girls in daylight , scary and quality iffy

  6. XXXbeast

    CccccccccccchhhhhhhiiiiiiicccckkkkeeeeennnnnnnnnnnĀ­nn wwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggsssssssssss aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddddd ffffffffrrrrrrrreeeeeennnnnnnnncccccccchhhhhhhhhhhĀ­hh ffffffffffffrrrrrrrrrrrrriies.

  7. curtis17

    Nice bodies !

  8. Mike Hunt


  9. james1412

    One of my spots. Strip club is cool, bathroom is small as hell & valet pretty ghetto. I like how they serve alcohol unlike other clubs. Variety of drinks to choose from. It only sucks that it closes at 2pm.

  10. larry1

    Drama-rama! SEESH. No need to pull the patrons in! Got blacklisted just because I got too close and someone got jealous? I’ve done worse during other visits…Still a great valued club, but we’ll see how long it’ll take until I come back.

  11. AssnTits5

    I haven’t been here in a very long time. A couple of friends and I decide to hit this place up on Saturday night. It was around 11 or so and we were expecting it to be pumping like back in the day. I remember the girls were hot but the place was run down. I was surprised to see the interior spiffed up. The dancing tables looked nice and the black leatherish seating was great. I knew it was slow when the asian guy (there were many serving drinks) sat us at a nice table. The girls were just meh. There were 2 local looking girls that were getting most of the attention. There was one older haole looking lady with nice long blonde hair. She looked good from far and when she moved to the table in front of us we could see how old she really looked. No thanks.There was one smaller asian girl who looked new. She seemed nervous and didn’t so much on the table except stand there moving like an ocean wave holding on to the bar at the top. Boring. One guy seemed interested and she did nothing but sit there and yap his ear off. come on lady! He isn’t there for a convo take off your clothes!We asked if they had a pupu menu. The guy tells us we only have chicken wings and fries. WHAT?! ugh. no wonder this place is empty, you don’t have food. Naked girls, beer, and food. DING DING DING! winner! At this point, I was ready to leave and hit up Electros where they have $13 ribeye and at least the girls there WORK for their money and do some tricks n stuff.We ordered fries $5 and we got a small plate of steak fries that was ok and a bowl of pretzels. woopee!After about 45 minutes of boredom, we left and hit up 939. I don’t think I’ll be going back to Rockza in the near future.P.S. I thought no pictures were allowed in strip clubs? One dude took a pic of a girls goodies while she was open for business with her head thrown back. I guess the bouncers were so bored, they were sleeping too.

  12. roadside
  13. Gato Preto Bonito ..

    I have only been to a few Honolulu strip clubs, so I am not used to their nuances which differ from the many others I have frequented. For example, lap dances being double the norm in most US cities, and that the girls make money when you buy them a stupidly-priced drink ($30? $40? Come on). I know this is the Honolulu norm, but I deducted points for such practices. Just not what I prefer.As far the girls go, very, very decent. Love the full nude thing, and the girls were not shy about – how should I say? – “opening up.” Modesty begone. But it was tasteful, in my eyes. Tasteful = awesome.Service was great. Cover was reasonable (I think $7), and it got me my first drink free. Girls put on a good show for the dollars, and the seating arrangements were fine.Did not do bottle service (again, Honolulu pricing is crazy high) or any VIP activity. I’d go back.

  14. mike
  15. rob

    A few of these girls need to be in a magazine

  16. brad the man

    best on the island.have been going 2 this club now 4 8 years

  17. Otter
  18. justinlk

    1st off let me start with the fact I have been to a strip club in years. Came here had nice clean atmosphere girls were friendly not forceful and music was great. Drinks were strong but good and all together a great time. I took my friend as he needed to unwind and how else then to see beautiful girls. The hottest of which was jewel, she was nice friendly funny and hott. She had my friend forgetting he had any drama and that he was the luckiest guy in the world. The waiters were nice and helpful waitress was rude but that’s ok we just stoped ordering through her or I just straight to the bar.

  19. sweetaspie

    pretty pussys flock together do you guys interview for that

  20. Royal Kuhio

    Classier and better lite place than most clubs.The girls are good looking but only give you some personal attention while they are on stage with their garter belts open for money.No lap dancing and not enough girls for the clients, so they would ignore most of the non-aggressiveness guys in the audience.Stayed less than an hour because I did not feel welcomed.$7 cover & you get a free drink.

  21. ryan123

    A dollar will go a long way. Better than Club 939. Everything is in your face!!!!

  22. Johnnyboy123

    The first time I went a few months ago, I had a blast. Found one girl to waste my money on. It took abit of time, but it was worth it. Went recently twice and……it went downhill. First time back, no girl caught my eye, so I bolted after an hour. Second time… was busy due to RIMPAC, but the roaming girls just made the experience unbearable (the mid-aged Asian in jeans and some of the girls in miniskirts). Seriously, I spent more on soda water than on the strippers themselves. And I had a wad of $100 in dollar bills burning in my pocket!! Left within 30 minutes because i got annoyed at the CLOTHED GIRLS trying to wrangle me for money!!Will go again, but with reservations.

  23. RockZa

    No 1 club overall in Hawaii. Small but quality strippers who will show you a good time but you have to be able to pay the tab. Cheap skates go to other clubs.

  24. Victoria

    I went in there to make a few extra bucks..and Dallas is absolutelty right! The dancers are ugly boney whores. theres no pole, can’t do lapdances because of the prstitution problem it was banned. staff and the whores were all rude and uneducated…just like the bitch who posted above dallas. In Honolulu there are 2 types of women who live there…Military wives and meth addicted prostitutes. its pathetic!!!

  25. maxxy1

    This is the worst titty bar i’ve ever visited. My god the dancers look like underpaid school teachers in their 40s. Not the best crowd in the house either. Me and my friend thought it was cool to try something new but this experience has made me reconsider that thought tremendously. If you’re looking for a nice piece of ass do NOT go here.

  26. fuckery12

    Pretty Good for a Strip Club*I must say one of the more “HIGH CLASS” strip club joints. They have a lot more attractive ladies here. The location is really good. On the corner of where the street is. LOL I can’t remember the name. But where Kapiolani 24-Hour Fitness is and Hawaiian Brians Billards Club. It’s practically always busy here with you know customers inside. They have two stages with at least 3 girls on for each set. The have a full bar, which is good to always get your drink on. The bartenders are really good and even though the prices of some drinks are steap they give you a lot of alcohol inside! They have $3 beers everyday I think it was Budweiser, Heineken, and something else. They have a dj that plays songs for the sets which is kind of junk because you know how some strippers like specific songs they like so they can twerk out better to it. But whatever I understand…LOLThe inside is okay kind of small but not ghetto looking. They have black leather booth things with little tables in between to seperate parties. An overall good set up for a small business establishment. The bathrooms are okay. I don’t like how for the womens bathroom though theres no doors going all the way up to the ceiling. Cuz like bitches can just look at your bean when you’re peeing and who the hell wants to see that?! EW. LOLThere’s a big selction of women here tooo forgot to mention from black, to asian, to white, and filipino. They have valet parking if the parking lot gets to full. Also they have cover charge, idk because I never pay but I’m sure it changes on different days. Overall a good experience.

  27. joseph1k

    Paid 7 for cover. This place blows…girls are boring! They find a customer for the night and stay with them as long as they’re tipping. I’ve never been to a strip clubs where there’s 6-7 girls on one stage before. They’re right next to each other. At one stage, there were these three dudes that didn’t get any lovin at all…for like 20 minutes bradda!

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