Club Sundance



703 Queen Street, Honolulu, HI 96813


21.3009034, -157.8572254




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Sundance

  1. mathewater12

    I remember when I saw my classmate “shadow”. Hot in high school and hot as a dancer ..

  2. timmykilla

    Come down for good times.. Awesome drinks specials and pretty faces.. Under new Ownership and management. Support local 808.. Aloha!

  3. Tim

    Can’t say how much I love this club. Just come on in and check it out.

  4. harryharry

    Its better than it was before I guess because my friend is working it behind the bar.

  5. michael k.

    Run down in a bad area of town.

  6. Franklyn

    This is a super friendly place, the dancers are GREAT the place is small, but you feel welcome whenever you show up!! The ladies running the place chatter back and forth in Vietnamese and catch everything you need, music is not to loud. Plus they have great drink specials and also will be MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL hosts so you can watch your favorite team, andIf they lose you can have one of the dancer pick up your spirits!!!!!! I really think this place will start to crowd up once the word is out, but until then, it’s my personal relaxation bar!!!!!

  7. XhXeXy

    Got there for Happy Hour on a Sunday. No dancers. Drank 3 beers, took 2 shots, and was yelled at by one of the dancers for no apparent reason. New owner/manager? Hmmm…whatever’s! Needs customer service training and workers during Happy Hour, not just the bartendress.

  8. Very Happy Customer

    This club has a new owner. NOW OPEN SUNDAYS WITH FREE PUPUS BEFORE 7PM. Just got a new sound system, a bunch of new dancers. Don’t worry some girls you may know stayed. No cover charge, very friendly and laid back place. Yes, you can buy a girl a drink for $20. Not forced on you, like in other clubs. Table Dances take place on a private stage and fit up to 8 guests comfortably. It’s $40 for 1 song and the girls get up close and personal. NO HANKY PANKY, VERY CLEAN, WELL KEPT CLUB. The girls will give you quite a show though. WELL WORTH A VISIT. Dancers it’s a bit slow now because of past issues, but House Mama is well known and it should pick up very soon.

  9. ryan123

    I came here on Mother’s Day to support some working moms. Expectations were low…very low. To my surprise the horror I anticipated did not happen.We parked across the street and heard some moaning coming from a neighboring building with an “Open” sign lit up. Can you say “massage parlor?” That was a funny way to start our adventure.We walked in strip club. It was as grimy, just like I expected it. But everyone was really nice, the bartenders, dancers, mama-san included. Even creepy old guys lurking in the corner seemed nicer than the ones at other no cover strip clubs.The drinks were cheap.We grabbed a few beers and sat in the “hot seat,” the seats around the stage where strippers strip. I was scared to death that pole was going to break. It looked like it was being held together from the ceiling to the floor by clear packing tape. That was cool. The strippers were still able to do there thang. I later learned that a well placed fan could add to a stripper’s performance. A stripper would walk on stage have the fan blow up her skimpy skirt and make the performance/dance/lap dance (whatever you want to call it) at least 2 times better.One could tell that the strippers may have been in the game for awhile. Although dancers seemed to be weathered, they were genuinely nice and not pushy!? A definite first for me. Too bad they were 10+ years older than me…hahaClub Sundance, I was ready to give you 1 star before even stepping into the club but you pulled off 3 stars which is pretty badass for my “No Cover Tour.”

  10. Tom

    I’ve seen slaughter houses better then this shit hole.

  11. Sam Da Man

    Great club very relaxed. The girls are very clean, with the new owners it’s like the Higher End clubs without the cover charge and large crowds. Clean and Laid Back. These girls ARE SWEATY HOT. You gotta come check it out. totally new and cool club. Not like before at all. open sundays from 3pm to 2am.

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