Le Girls Gentlemen’s Club



5151 East Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034


33.445953, -111.970717




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Le Girls Gentlemen’s Club

  1. hapy4wifenow

    been visiting le girls from time to time.. all atmosphere dead.. girls are sticks w all fake black hair.. then THERS KELLI SHES THE MISSING LINK!!! SO HAPPY YOUR BACK!!! RUB YOUR PERSONALITY ON YOUR PEERS WILL YA???!!! HOPE 2 SEE YOU ON A SUNDAY FROM TIME TO TIME!!!

  2. Jim

    Got a free pass after a concert from a sexy dancer from Le Girls. So my friends and I went over to check things out. Had a great time and was glad we went. Hot dancers to say the least.

  3. joseph1k

    This place is really nice inside and outside with fun, cool, and hot ladies all around. The fact that the club has a full bar along with both topless and nude dancing is a huge plus because no other clubs in the area have this option.

  4. lenny

    worst this club has ever been. The management or owner of this place needs a good kick in the ass to open thier eyes

  5. mike
  6. tiff
  7. Andrija

    Club has gone downhill. Really bad managment that makes you feel like you’re putting them out just for being there. Overpriced cover/drinks. Alot of the girls look like ex-prostitutes. Most of the girls now have bad attitudes. It’s not the fun place it used to be. Glad Drew wasn’t there the last 2 times I went, her p*ssy smelled like fishsticks. Quit? Fired? She told me she didn’t have kids so where did she get the stretch marks and saggy tits? They are all liars. Half of um have babies and will cry about it to get money from you.

  8. Pussy Licker
  9. Luke
  10. Weedman420

    There’s always one of those places you just have to avoid, and it’s this place. When I got there, there was no one at the pole. I was waiting at least 5mins nothing. Then the worst part one of the servers or bartender asked what I wanted to drink. Since I already ate before I got here I said nothing thanks. But they do not take no for an answer. You HAVE to buy a drink and whatever it is, it’s $9. It quickly became expensive, boring and awkward. Yet, I still did not have no fun. They are better places than this. Avoid this place at all cost!!

  11. AZ native

    This is by far the best all nude club in AZ. The dancers are between 7’s-9.5’s. Its a large and beautiful club. The cover my seem high to some, but considering the quality of dancers and club its well worth it once inside. I highly recomend le girls.

  12. Jackson

    Loved the selection of girls.

  13. Kelly

    Was not impressed at all. There were only three dancers working, and the only thing that I did like at this place was the customer service.

  14. XhXeXy

    I haven’t been to a strip club in a while, but I’ve seen this place for a while after riding the light rail, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I came here with a friend of mine, and we both had fun watching the girls dance.The club offers no cover charge if you get there before 7PM. We got there shortly after 7, and they still werent charging cover. Nice! There were a few girls dancing and circulating throughout the club, and we got or drinks within moments of arriving.The girls here are young, and more petite looking girls. Boob wise, they were all very small! body wise, they were smaller built girls.Overall, it was a fun experience.

  15. T


  16. Paul

    Come here if you like to visit teen sites on the web. Small breasts, trim waists, pretty much everyone looked good. Better, they were all extremely nice, had a great attitude even though the club was dead. I like to sit and enjoy the stage dances before I get a lap, and nobody seemed to mind (I’ve been to places where they do.)

    Of all, I couldn’t take my eyes off Chanel. I’m used to a little more grind during my laps, but I didn’t miss it at all when she danced for me.

  17. Chance DeChamp
  18. Johnnyboy123

    Polite bartender

  19. fuckery12

    Clean, friendly atmosphere. Beautiful girls and a fun DJ. If your looking for a nice and good priced club to chill…check it out.

  20. James Bond

    Was able to give Sunni the stinky pinky in VIP. when her tongue was in myn ear.

  21. stripwatch

    stripwatch.com it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  22. Boom Boom Room Lover

    This club has went down hill over the last few years. It used to be the best in town but now it is a rip off. They increased their cover charges and the girls do not take off their bottoms. They only play “peek a boo” (they flash their pussy for about 2 seconds). Not worth the high price cover charge.

  23. Josh

    I’ve been to this club a few times in the past year. The talent is consistently good. Wednesdays are cool cuz everything is 1/2 off but I think the best dancer lineup is usually Saturday night. My favorite dancers is Jazelle. The schoolgirl door-girl with the long legs is hot. This club is probably the best afterhours club.

  24. Rich Taylor

    No dout this club is nothing like it used to be. No wonder its a dead club with fat fuck Managers like the guy Josh they have. That man needs to learn how to talk to people, or hes going to get his lights knocked out!

  25. jake

    They have some sexy college age girls

  26. city boy

    overall I had a great time, but the only thing that was bothering me was that

    there was no touching and the lap dances weren’t really private… (such as

    having your own V.I.P. private booth away from everyone…) the girls there

    were young and sexy, all nat-u-ral… Went there twice, recommend to go

    there on a wednesday because everything is half off… And make sure you

    get there before 1, they stop showing there pussy…

  27. XXXbeast

    The girls look good and are friendly as well as approachable, great drink specials for a strip club, and you don’t get constantly hounded for dances. All in all one of the better clubs in the valley.

  28. Allyson Chains

    Hey Everyone! I am a Dancer from Texas and I worked at Le Girls about 5 months ago and I have to say that it was the nicest club I worked at In Phoenix! Each night was exciting and I love the fact that they were open until four in the morning! There was a good amount of girls working there and they were all super nice. The next time I am in town i am definately going to stop by there and work again! You all should go by there and check it out.:)

  29. Kamron

    Le’ Girls has very pretty and nice young ladies performing day and night. Staff is pleasant and helpful both day and night. The club is clean and not so dark you don’t know what you are stepping on. Great lights and music. New lunch menu tht includes beer battered shrimp and BBQ that likes your mouth.

  30. winston12

    Literally the worst strip club I’ve ever been to. They have a topless side and a “naked” side. They trick you into a “lap dance” at the bar and get mad if you don’t give them $10. If you want a real lap dance it’s $100. Id rather pay a random waitress $50 for an OTPHJ behind a dumpster. I will never come here again.

  31. Harrison69

    I went here with my bf last night. My first strip club experience ever and I left smiling. Loved all the attention from the girls which even got physical 😉 Women are definitely welcome here. They were really hot and so sweet.

  32. Ryan

    Hot Girls! Even the waitresses were smokin’ hot and so sweet 2! Joy is just an angel. I hope she starts dancing. 2 bad there’s no alcohol but the girls make up for it. I’ll be back!

  33. Erin Villin

    I like to have a good time but it’s just too expensive to just get the place

  34. Jamie

    I met one of the manager’s there(Jim) very nice and helpful gentalman! Also very nice doorman there and short also I think his name was Eric he was on top of things. I fell in love with a couple of girls there Kelly and Tatum.

  35. tonycluber

    My husband and I are usuals here. We have been to a few other gentleman’s clubs in the area and this is by far the best! All of the dancers have been super nice and genuine. I haven’t been treated different because I am a female. Not to mention all the dancers are super gorgeous. The building is well kept and clean. I would definitely recommend this club to anyone interested.

  36. Corey was Butt-Fucked

    Josh and Corey can eat a dick

  37. billtheguy12

    Booooring! Some decent girls. States their Full Nude but guess what, they’re not. Over priced but conveniently located near the airport. Save your money!

  38. Not From Az

    This club is not good value for money; the cover and the two drink minimum get you bored dancers and a boring stage show.

  39. Cappy

    what a shit bag that Josh fag is!

  40. Dragon

    Great dances, friendly women, open late. My favorite place to go after 2am.

  41. George

    We had our bachelor party there and it was a amazing night. The bachelor show was one of the best i’ve seen

  42. currnently employed

    I think its fair to say the last person to comment got their fat a$$ fired.

  43. Austin

    This club sucks!

  44. Alexia
  45. DexterRexter

    I don’t know why but our experience was horrible. Would you pay $24 for two small drinks? Well we did not knowing it would be that way. What’s worse is if you want to go to their other connected club, each person has to pay a $9 cover for drinks and you must pay it to enter. Felt like even if I had $500 to drop here, it wouldn’t get me much. Girls were not friendly either and just ignored us while and after dancing. We will never come back to this place again.

  46. Brett
  47. Scrappy

    I’ve been to this club a couple of times and everytime I went I had fun! There are alot more hotter girls here then most strip clubs! The place is pretty big with 2 stages one of them having two girls at once! Overall one of the best I have been to!

  48. larry1

    Stopped in last night (Tuesday) around Midnight. Place was a ghost town with only one pervy looking creepy kinda guy. My female companion was looking hot as hell and I was in animated form. We were dressed to the nines and having fun with the doorman, front counter gal and cocktail waitress all of which kinda cocked their head at my sarcastic sense of humor but finally got my jokes after thinking a bit. We ordered two cokes (1 drink ea no booze at LeGirls). Without going into too much detail I’ll say for the amount of pussy we saw I’d rather have had a Jack & Coke. The dancers were cute/hot enough alright but they had the energy level and stage presence of Roseanne Barr on Opiates. I know there were only us plus one creep in the place but we were dropping $5.00 on each dance at the rail and each of us asked a girl for a lap dance and both said they’d be over and never came back….*yawn*Finally a third gal with Tats came over to say hi and we invited her to join us and I went outside to have a smoke and let the gals talk. I’m pretty sure her name was Jasmine. Now this gal had a great personality, excellent ass, smallish but perky tits, sexy tats and a self admitted preference for my lady friend over me which was fine. We decided to both get Jasmine to give us a lapdance and all three of us went to the designated booths and she started with me….the girls had schemed together that I would have gotten turned on by her doing a Domme roleplay with me and she started by slapping my face and telling me not to talk…LOL…ok I played along but they were barking up the wrong tree and lucky I was in a good mood. She gave me a good lapdance but not enough for “Russell” to poke his head up and stretch. I got like 3 more lapdances ($20/ea) for my gal and watched from the sidelines and those were way hot and caused the bouncer to flash his little flashlight warning that they were getting a bit too hot many times. We opted to call it a night rather than pay the $160 for a 13 song VIP lapper up in the VIP booths as we both agreed that paying $160 for a hot chick to grind on us and still not be able to touch her back is stupid when any number of Craigslist chicks are down to 1hr full service at a flat c-note and thus reinforcing why I don’t go to strip clubs…waste of money compared to services rendered. All in all I give the club a solid 3star rating. (Jasmine a solid 4 but needs to learn to suck up her lesbo leanings a bit more when the guy is the one flipping the Jackons)

  49. Chris

    3 maybe 4 girls worth anything the rest suck

  50. braiden Gains

    If the poeple who owned this club had half the brain as soom of strippers, he would stop wasting time and money on thier general manager. That asshole couldnt manage a taco bell. Been there twice and both times he was an ass and drunk. That place is dead no one wants to have to deal with mangament, biches for girls for high price and cost of le girls.

  51. josh loves it in the ass
  52. ewww

    Jizelle does way to much coke and if you see her in the light she is not that pretty

  53. Dan

    This was my 1st strip club and it was great. Stevie is by far the best dancer there. Perfect bootie

  54. james1412

    If I could give this place a negative 5 stars I would. I had a coupon for free entry and I have never been to a strip club before so I thought why not and went. My boyfriend and I got there and were greeted by a very friendly bouncer who checked our IDs and gave us the black X’s on our hands for being under age. He then proceeded to gesture us towards the bar side and told us to “Enjoy.” So we went over and sat in the bar/topless side for a whole hour and a half. I approached the bar to purchase two sodas, the bartender was very cold and she charged my card before she told me “Oh by the way that was $18.” Despite the over-priced drinks, we enjoyed our time and decided to wander over to the full nude side. The waitress on the topless side told us we were allowed to bring our $18 drinks to the other side, but once we got there, the extremely rude and scummy waitress on that side denied us entry because of our drinks. So we walked back to the topless side, left our drinks so we could go and and sit back down in the “nude” section. Thirty seconds after we sat down we were approached by the scummy waitress again and were told we had to purchase two more drinks if we wanted to stay on that side. So we said “No thanks” politely and made our way to the topless side once more. As we were about to walk through the doors, the same “nice” bouncer that let us in rudely demanded us to show him our hands with the X’s on them and said “No you can’t go in there, it’s a bar” in a very harsh and loud voice as if we had said something to even provoke that tone of voice. Mind you, he was the one who sent us in there the first time, watched us go in and out multiple times, and even walked in the bar and right passed us with a smile on his face. Guess who was standing next to him as he was yelling at us? The scummy waitress. This place is running a scam, don’t waste a penny at this place. They will find a way to scam you if the place is slow and they are desperate for money, as they were on the Saturday night I went. As we were walking out the door he proceeded to tell the scummy waitress “stupid kids think they can get into the bar” Another couple left the same time we did because they experienced the same thing we did with the same waitress. So rude, overly-priced, and all the girls have chests that look like that of a 14 year old boy. Don’t waste your money here.

  55. ming
  56. Collin

    O.K. club but the quality of the lapdances isn’t worth the overpriced cover and drink minimum prices. It’s a little farther for me but now I sometimes drive to the Legirls west club on the I17 & McDowell. The long-legged hostess that always wore pigtails and worked at this club for years is a dancer now at the west club. I once jerked off on that girls legs. OK it was a dream but still hell yeah!

  57. garret

    Just wasnt too impressed, like somebody died in there.

  58. Joe

    I have literally been there 25 times. This is my favorite club in Phoenix. The trick on this club is to go at lunch time. Everything is cheaper. Dances are only $10, so it is nice to just have them do two dances in a row for $20. The place is practically empty, I have actually been alone there before. You can sit right on the stage and get practically private dances the entire time you are there, and I usually just put a dollar on the stage every song. At that time of day you will only be able to choose from 3-5 dancers for a private dance, but there is always at least 2 really attractive ones. Most of the $10 couch dances are very very friendly, except if you happen to choose someone who is just starting to work there. Being almost alone there you do have to seem just as interested in the really bad ones, but that is okay too, since they all are extremely friendly. Lunch is actually a pretty good deal, a ton of food for about $5. Their drinks are way too expensive. Since it is alcohol free, you are paying $6 for about a half of a can of coke, so sip your drink very slowly. I think if they lowered their drink prices you might actually buy a second round.

  59. Kevin

    A few hotties. Lap dances are okay but got stared at the entire time I got dances by the manager/bouncer guy. Missed seeing the usual cheerleader doorgirl. The place isn’t quite what it used to be but not the worst.

  60. Connery

    Paid too much for a pretty lousy time. Club used to be better. Didn’t

    have many dancers, at least not any I’d actually want to see naked.

    The manager, this sloppy fat guy, was completely sh!tfaced drunk.

    That was kind of funny, especially since there is supposedly no

    alcohol in the club. I guess management brings their own supply.


  61. Jordanp

    Love Le Girls I have been going here with my boyfriend for years. Great drink prices and the girls are top notch.

  62. Borat

    This club fucking sucks, overpriced and nobody goes there anymore.

  63. Clyde

    See my review of the club on the main club page. My party had a spectacular time there.

  64. Jerrl

    Alot of scanks!! and Josh the fat slob….a total loser and the Doorman there are little boys,,,especaily this Fat loser Kimmbo….. what a fag!!!!

  65. I'll Be Back

    Great club. Cover and drinks are a little pricey but definitely the hottest nude girls

  66. Regular Patron

    Easily the best nude club in the area, by far.

  67. rickywho2

    ghetto strip club. they took the doors off the women bathrooms stall because girls kept going to the bathroom to do lines. so you have to use the bathroom in front of everyone and all awkwardly. generally a ghetto strip club. not sure how the other strip clubs in arizona are like. this is the only one ive been to and it was terrible in comparison to the ones in los angeles.

  68. no name

    This club will go down in flames, Josh can eat a dick

  69. WillBBack

    Of all the nude clubs I’ve been to in Phoenix, they by far had the best looking girls.

  70. suzie Q

    josh is a scummmmbag!

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