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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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When it’s time to see the action, visit Scores Strip Club Chicago and check out the hottest exotic dancers.

Any night of the week that you stop by this gentlemen’s club, expect to see a bevy of beautiful women, as our adult entertainment club boasts more than 100 stunning strippers.

No matter what type of woman that you prefer, she will be there to tantalize you.


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0 reviews for “Scores

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  2. Ruby

    This place is awesome, had a great time here all is great…love this place !!

  3. Lisa is my hero...ine

    Just a tip of the hat to da Man for having the developed taste to appreciate the magnificense of Lisa. Since roughly 92 have made bi monthly visits to strip clubs, mostly All Stars and the Admiral. All Stars is where I first saw Lisa. Have, not surprisingly, seen several highly entertaining dancers in that time, many beautiful, but Lisa is in another world, where, with her beauty and character, she brings this to where it is an art form, which, ideally, it should be. If they ever played music that befits her beauty, say Ellington, 50’s or 60’s Miles Davis, or hard Chicago blues I might finally be able to melt before her eyes, a highly desirable way to leave this world. Of course would admit none of this in a face to face exchange, but here, no problem. LISA IS LEGEND. THANK YOU ROMANIA.

  4. Kelly P.

    What can I say….. I’m a female that doesn’t mind hanging out in a strip club now and then. And if I had my choice of them, I’d say Scores would be the one I enjoy most. The girls are super friendly, and not overly pushy. The decor is classy, and clean. I’ve been in some shit hole strip clubs that you are afraid to touch anything. We always have a good time there, and the staff makes you more than comfortable. I’m not shy about hanging out there, but I know some ladies are. Drink prices aren’t bad. They are a tad small for my liking, but they do that so the customers don’t get sloshed. Lots of seating and they are very accommodating to groups. If you like this sort of thing, I’d definitely check it out.

  5. Andrew

    Club’s kinda small, but the girls are pretty hot. Most of em anyway. Little tight spaced, girl accidently kicked me with a 7 inch heel tryin to walk past me but, at least she was hot.

  6. conventioneer

    This place is not fun. The dances are no contact and the bouncers watch the dance. It costs for everything even washing your hands. Girls are phony and unfriendly. My friends and I moved on to Allstars and had a better time.

  7. james1412

    BORING!!!!! We were there for like 4 hours and the only girls were the ones on stage and like 2 scary looking things walking around. The rest are in the changing rooms or something getting high or god only knows. Granted we went on a Wednesday night but still, if your open at least have the girls out. The only person we wound up talking to was the waitress.

  8. Travis

    This is a very small club, and in a bad area. The valet was moody, but once inside, it seemed pretty good. The lighting and music was ok, the atmosphere was not comfortable, the girls were only so-so, and the staff seemed a bit stiff. I have had better times elsewhere. It was a little boring, so I cut my trip short. I don’t think I will be back.

  9. fritter17

    Totally had an excellent bachelor party at this top notch Chicago strip club. One of my co-workers at the office was getting married and of course, everyone left the planning up to me. I had heard good things about Scores in New York and figured why not check the one out here in the Midwest. We got to the club at about 10pm and the place was already packed. After we paid the admission, we were met by one of the bouncers for seating. The guy was really friendly and seemed to already know we were there to celebrate before I could mention anything. We waited a about 5 min at the bar and then got the most excellent seats ever. They put us all by the main stage. OMG the groom loved the dancers. They all looked beautiful. He picked this brunette girl out for some private dances at the table. I think her name was Sarina. One of the managers came over and asked if we were having a special occasion. The manager set it up so that we could put the groom on stage with 3 of the girls. That had to be the highlight of the night because I will never forget the look on his face when the DJ announced that he was getting married. I suggest this place to anyone who is planning to throw a bachelor party or just for kicks. The prices for drinks were pretty reasonable for a Gentlemens club and the entertainment was amazing.

  10. Carl
  11. Weedman420

    Just stopped by Scores on 4/12/2014, Twenty three years old and they would not let me in because they discriminated. They thought because I was under 25 I wouldn’t spend “real” money. Little did they know it was my friends bachelor party. They lost out on a lot of business tonight, disgrace.

  12. felixnada

    ugh! No way, never again.

  13. Michael

    This place is amazing! They even have good food!

  14. Chicago Craig

    Stopped here on a recent Sat. night after a Bulls game(went to VIP’s first – don’t waste your time, or more importantly, your MONEY at that place). Rolled in around midnight and was lucky enough to get a table on the main floor near the main stage. Lots of talent, good sound system and even liked some of the vids shown during the stage dances. Had a few ‘private’ dances with Heather, a hot tight bodied brunette that had a great attitude and gave a very good lap dance (you know it’s good if the bouncer, who was too close by, had to tap her on the shoulder during one dance to tell her to cool it a bit with me…are you kidding? damn, keep going Heather!) It’s a nice club, it IS too pricy at $10.00 cover/$5.00 plus beers and $30.00 dances, but the talent and environment help make up for that. I recommend this for a midnight – 4 am party as long as you bring plenty of $$$. Heather, I will be back to see you hun…you are a very hot lady.

  15. Jeff
  16. bob
  17. Kevin J

    So I have been to The Admiral(No Booze), All Stars (The girls rate FAIR and best) Pink monkey ($30 bucks to get in) and Atlantis (to far and no girls) and VIP’s (the girls are almost completely covered) and Scores is by far the best. Its close and the girls are hot and you can get in for free ( And yes the girls will push rooms but if you dont want to just say no and they are usually good with stopping. The cost of liquer is a little high but what do you expect…. its a strip club

  18. da man

    Lisa is awesome and she does a good job of acting like she is happy to see you for the brief 2 songs sometimes 4 when I am lucky pretend that she does one classy lady

  19. Padrano

    Fun club with friendly pretty dancers! Will def return when I have the cash.

  20. Soldierking

    See my comments elsewhere. Attractive dancers but poor service and no attention to the single patron.

  21. ahhhh
  22. David R

    This is by far the best Scores there is! and Ive been to most.

  23. Dude
  24. I'm done with this place

    This place sux big time, I’m done being robbed and am now going to Allstars in Northlake, which is further away from me, yet ten times better than any other club around. Allstars may be a smaller club, but it is actually better and makes me feel more in tune with the girls.

  25. nickstrip

    This was one of the worst nightlife experiences I’ve ever had. I would never recommend this establishment to anyone. We went for my friend’s bachelor party and he was sorely disappointed. He was ignored by the girls, even though they said they would come right back. We were given attitude by multiple girls, with one even tossing my other friend’s glasses back at him when he didn’t want her all over him because he was our driver for the night. When we bought our drinks the bartender insisted that he photo copy our ID’s and credit card and gave us extreme attitude about it. He acted as though he was above us and made us feel as though we weren’t welcome there. It also seemed as though every employee working didn’t want to be there at all, they each had a sour attitude. Add in the fact that the entertainment had no idea how to dance, if you can call it entertainment at all. The bathroom attendant didn’t know how to attend to patrons and I’m pretty sure there was barely any alcohol in my overpriced “alcoholic beverage”. Not to mention the fact that just to sit down in the main area would have cost us almost $250 for a bottle of cheap booze. I don’t recommend going to this location if you want to have fun. There are much better establishments that actually care about their patrons and you’ll save money as an added perk.

  26. mm

    not too great

  27. Col. Fagin

    Not a very safe club. Often has a lot of fights,

    robberies, and even occasional shootings.

  28. Steve from Springer

    Had a Bachelor Party at Scores this past Saturday. Rob, the floor host, really took care of us. I brought in a dozen guys and he brought over at least one dancer for each of us as soon as I told him we were ready and then kept the variety of dancers coming to see us steady. Ask for Rob, he is the MAN!

  29. juan

    The dancers can be quite nice and friendly but some staff are very rude. The food is poor. The TV and sound system are poor. The dances are good and special but short.

  31. scores regular

    I have to say, Ive been in every club in “chicagoland” and this is definately the best….there are some good clubs out there but girl for girl…SCORES FOR SURE

  32. R R G

    Over all the club is just average at best. The women who work there however are top notch. Mela and Riley are in my mind the most beautiful ladies there and are two you should get dances from.

  33. striphound

    Nice Upscale club (A true Gentlemans club).

    Dances are on high end but if you get the right girl they are worth it!

    Not the place to go if you have $40 in your pocket, but if some $$ to play with can have a great night.

  34. help


  35. Nelson S.

    True story, I was wasted when I came here with friends. We walk in and have to wait in line to pay the cover. So I say to the guy in front of me, “So have you been to this place before?” He says, “No, I just got out of prison.” Me, “Oh, so I guess you need this place more than I do.” I thought this place was alright, most of the girls here are pretty cute, I ended up getting a lap dance (when in Rome) and that that was $35 bucks for a song. Drinks are kinda weak and small. We didn’t stay here for too long and I probably wouldn’t be back unless I was taken here. Strip clubs just ain’t the same up here as compared to Peoria. For a buck, you least get some titties in your face. A buck here gets you a look. Oh well.

  36. Steve
  37. Bill G.

    Over priced lap dances. Also, stay away from the ATM! $10 Fee! Come on…

  38. Ray
  39. Kevin
  40. johnny

    Too many eastern european women with hairy armpits and stinky

    cheap perfume. It’s gone downhill since they hired ex Allstar

    dancers. It’s alsoo disrupting this site because cheap

    Allstars customers are looking for the refugee dancers on here

    instead of paying $5 to look for them in the club.

  41. David

    Went to this club on a Saturday a few weeks ago. The cashier is cute and the bartenders are very attractive. The management is a joke. Two little squirts trying to run a club, walking around as if they are all high and mighty. Couldn’t get an answer from them when I asked about a girl that I saw earlier that I wanted a dance from. He acted like he was doing me a big favor and that I didn’t even matter to him. I really don’t care because I cannot stand snobs and if the girls and the management could stick their noses back down and fall off their high horse, the club may be ok. The parking is horrible and there is no place to park and valet is mandatory. Five bucks to have a stranger drive my car and leave mud on the floor-I guess from the misty night could have left it that way. Either way, the overall experience was poor, but I do give credit for the lovely cashier and the bartenders. Good luck getting a smile here. I highly recommend to not waste your time here and find another one.

  42. Pat

    Most of the girls are 9’s and 10’s. I come in as often as I

    can when my fav Joanna is working. I appreciate the attentive

    servers and the friendly nice sexy dancers.Great way to take

    my mind off things and forget about what was stressing me

    before I went there.

  43. Real Kevin

    VERY BAD Club!! All Girls look like WHORES!! Fucked up Club!! WORST Club ever. All dancers are UGLY. Very Ugly.

  44. RJW
  45. handsy andy

    Great time last night with Mela. I went home with a giant hard


  46. Wayne


  47. fuckery12

    Best strip club in Chicago. Girls are near 10s in looks and conversation.The free admission pass still leaves you with $3/each to pay. Make fun of them for this like I do. Don’t know the meaning of the word “free”.Beers are like $7 so get drunk before going. They’ll charge you $5 for water so just drink beer.The guys who walk around and show people to their table (not sure this is necessary/a real job/what to call them) are easily the creepiest looking guys you have ever seen. Like something you would see portrayed on Adult Swim or something. Expensive beer, free admission isn’t free, but the girls are so hot I still give this place 5*.

  48. Ronnie

    My friends and me came in but did not have fun. The girls were too aloof and could not hold up a conversation. It would help if everyone wasn’t so crabby. We moved on to Carls and had fun there instead of stuffy Scores.

  49. Robert

    Girls are pretty stuck up.

  50. joseph1k

    I love this place… Never a dull moment, reasonably priced drinks and usually a strong pour. The ladies are always good to me and the massage therapist is great.

  51. Marcus

    Had an excellent time

  52. Rambo

    VERY BAD Club!! All Girls look like WHORES!! Fucked up Club!! WORST Club ever. All dancers are UGLY. Very Ugly.

  53. ?????

    come in and say hi

  54. JJ

    great club!!

  55. DR Who /gentlemens pages

    does anyone ever clean up this inane bathroom grafitti? where is a real review…I’ll have to go ….

  56. yes
  57. Jim C.

    I visited this place for the first time pretty drunk. My friend lived in a condo in Arlington Heights and we left the bars around 12am there. We ended up taking a taxi cab from his Condo to Scores which was like 25-30 minutes from us. We just wanted to keep on celebrating with more fun as we haven’t seen each other for a whole month. I mean we been to HB’s and always had fun there in the past. Well, it seem kinda dead around 1:00am maybe 40% full not like other places I’ve been too during late hours on a Friday. But the parking lot was full must be cuz its small. We were there for about 45mins got few beers and left. I’m really picky about women and none of them were worth a dance maybe one girl. My friend lost a contact lens it pop out of his eye. He was drunk LOL.. So we left. Just a little advice always bring cash. We were using credit cards and we felt over charged for our beers for their entire gay fee’s… Put it this way we should of spend just under $20 but our bill came to $45 that’s not right… I mean we were pretty buzzed and didn’t want to fight it since we’re not poor. Just make sure u spend on beers with cash!!! I hear from others that this place will over charge you if they get a chance. I’m sure the lady seen me and my friend pretty buzzed and took advantage of our credit card. But I was watching didn’t figure it out until we sign. Damn you waitress bitch and you had bad breath like you just smoked pot !!!!

  58. Guy
  59. Jack the Ripper

    There was doo doo and feces all over the walls.

  60. rogerrab2

    ::sigh:: I can’t believe I am going to tarnish my stellar Elite reputation with a review of a strip club…I found myself here after a Saturday evening at Rivers Casino (another reputation-ruining moment). We were out to have a stupid fun night, so what better way to end it than at a strip club, right? We took a cab there, so I can’t comment on the parking or valet situation that so many others have talked about. Yes, they require you to check your coat. Do you really care that much? It’s a convenience for me, so check away. I have absolutely no idea what time we arrived but it was pretty empty when we did and got busy as the night went on. We were seated right in front of the main stage on the floor and it was great. Music was loud but not obnoxious. The waitress bringing our drinks was on top of it; my drink was full all night. Of course the girls walk around trying to sell massages and private dances and just earn some money. I would imagine they do an OK job making money here; they were all really attractive. If the constant “pay me for this” atmosphere annoys you, perhaps you shouldn’t be at a strip club? If you are out to have a super good time, you will spend a LOT of money here. Be careful, because everything costs. If that’s not a concern, or you are sober enough to keep track of yourself, it can still be a good time. The girls kept leaving chips at our table so I cashed them in when we left for a beach towel. That’s right, now I have something to remember this hilariously fun night by! ha. It might be trashy, it might be disgusting – I don’t really know. What I do know is that I had a great time and laughed a lot, and that was the point of my night out. Negative: the bathroom was up some stairs, past a side stage, around a corner and through the woods… ok, not through the woods, but you get the point. I got lost every time and the stairs just annoyed me from where I was sitting.

  61. jacob S

    GREAT time girls thanks!!

  62. Jerry

    All the DANCERS are WHORES in SCORES.

  63. Jimmythegent

    This club has set the standard in the chicagoland area for the past ten years. From what I hear things are only gonna get better! real soon!!

  64. Micheal

    Absolutely Worth It!

  65. Fat,

    ugly bitches on day shift.

  66. Veronica

    Bored during the day? Cum and see us during the Day shift for great drink prices and much more private dances… During the day the girls are gorgeous and the pressure is low so you can feel at ease and have a great time! if big booty and lil waist is your taste look for me Veronica.. Im there tues, weds, and fridays! Your never going to really know how good it is until you try it yourself! xoxox

  67. Dino K

    I Love this Place

  68. A dancer
  69. George

    Friendly bouncers, managers, and waitstaff is best in Chicago area, but let’s face it, that’s not why most of us go to strip clubs…this place is okay – women are good looking, but dances aren’t great. Better dances than Admiral or VIP’s, but still not great. For better lapdances with equally attractive women, and cheaper drinks, go to Heavenly Bodies instead.

  70. JAY


  71. Larry

    VERY BAD Club!! All Girls look like WHORES!! Fucked up Club!! WORST Club ever. All dancers are UGLY. Very Ugly.

  72. GFD


  73. Mr, King

    VERY BAD Club!! All Girls look like WHORES!! Fucked up Club!! WORST Club ever. All dancers are UGLY. Very Ugly.

  74. scores guy

    by far the best club in chicago! i stop in whenever im in town, beautiful girls and great service. its pricey, but worth it.

  75. Josh


  76. Marcel M.

    Out of all the nearby Chicago joints, I actually like this place. It’s not as seedy as Admiral club (or Industrial Strip in Indiana). It’s not as club-like as VIP’s on Clybourns. It’s a happy medium where you can hang (figuratively).I went there for a bachelor party and we had two regulars with us. I didn’t know they were regulars so it was a surprise to see the bartenders, bouncers, and women giving us first-class treatment. It’s one of the few clubs that you can stay at for more than an hour and not completely dirty inside.Oh yeah, it wasn’t super packed (like VIPs) and take the highway there. Going local takes forever.

  77. Raj

    They need more sexy girls from India here.

  78. Horny Papa

    I came in there recently and got dances from Joanna. She was

    really friendly, nice, and carried a great conversation. I

    enjoyed the dances so much that I will be coming in a lot more

    often! The waitresses were really attentive and I didn’t have

    to wait for a drink. Had a great time.

  79. i agree


  80. fisherdex1

    Some could dance others I’m like you see that in a typical club, parked my own car still got charges 6 bucks the food was so so never order the pizza pretty sure its from the dollar store its super gross pretty sure that tostinos with all the sauce, the chicken fingers were good enough

  81. AssnTits5

    Last Saturday night i’m out with a few married friends and they all want to go to a strip club. Suggestions are thrown around and we settle on Scores. Its not my first time there, and i happen to have a card with me that will get us past the cover. For those of you without a card, print one online or you will end up paying $15 a head.We get escorted in by one of the hosts who asks if we want a table or if we want to stand at the bar. We want a table and he takes us to one. I slip him $10 because the table is close to the stage. Tipping the host will do two things. 1) it will get you a better table and 2) the hosts will check on you and grab girls for you if you are looking for someone particular.We order drinks. Our waitress is wearing a skimpy outfit and she looks hotter then some of the girls in the club. As the rest of the reviewers have said, the drinks are expensive and on the light side. I order a beer, because last time i checked it’s hard to water beer down. No one gets food, i don’t eat at strip clubs typically, so i have no comment regarding the cuisine.The club is laid out very nicely. It looks higher end. There is a main front stage with large screens on either side that play music videos. Above the bars they have t.v.’s showing sports. The girls dance on the main stage for two songs and then rotate to the side cages. There seems to always be something to look at.There are a lot of dancers there on a Saturday night. They have a t-shirt 2 for 1 special where all of the women come out on stage. There must be 30 women here tonight (maybe more). There is a wide variety of looks that probably suit most tastes. I would say as in life, the girls are mostly 7’s, with a few 8’s and 9’s and few 6’s and 5’s. The girls are forward but for the most part not too pushy. That being said the first dancer that comes up to me has AWFUL breath and i feign having to go to the bathroom so she won’t sit on my lap and talk to me for 15 minutes (I might have passed out from the smell). I actually have to track down the young lady I want a dance from. She takes me behind the stage for a dance where dances cost $30. She is solid, has some fun teasing me, and lets me have a little fun also. The girls go topless, but keep their skivies on. There is a manger in the back room so while you can do a little groping, there is a limit. The room is in no way private, but as long as you don’t get too aggressive they don’t seem to hassle you. Afterward she comes back to my table, sits on my lap for about 15 mins. We chat, I buy her a drink, she finishes it and says she’ll stop by again later (she does). Before i know it we have been there for 2.5 hours and the night seems to have flown by.I did not go in the Champagne room. The dancers will offer it. I think its between $600 to $800 for an hour. Its more private, but as Chris Rock said “There’s no sex in the champagne room”.My friend ends up taking out money from he ATM. He gets hit with a $10 “dead to rights” ATM fee. When you go, go prepared. Stop at an ATM in the city or wherever you are coming from. I would give it 3.5 stars if i could b/c of the price and the weak drinks. But its clean, classy, and comfortable and a decent place to hang out. A few guys are their with their girlfriends/wives and i see what looks like a large group of lesbians having fun too. Overall, this is probably the best Chicago has to offer.

  82. Mark

    Come here all the time. Best club in Chicago. Beautiful girls. Great atmosphere. Bring $$$ though, it’s not cheap.

  83. Everybody

    This is the best club in chicago by far

  84. n
  85. Dancer King

    Too many hack dancers that the other clubs don’t want. Some

    dancers who don’t get asked to dance and just sit around and

    drink and stir up drama. They need to train some of the

    dancers to act less ghetto.

  86. Ray the 2nd

    Man Ray it is good to see someone with a brain shares my obsession, at least where Lisa is concerned, not sure who the Asian girl is. Your imagination has my commendation, proceed my brother, Lisa deserves someone with a fully operational brain, and I am plain old too old, and..too broke. Glad to have seen her again and she did a real good job of acting like she was glad to see me.

  87. Amanda R.

    Drinks are good and decently-priced, but weak and small. We were there on a Friday night, and there was about 15 people there, which we thought was kind of strange. We sat at the bar to get a good look at the place. The clientele mostly had their backs to the stage and weren’t at all paying attention to the women, as if they wanted to appear so important that they can’t be bothered by the smoking hot women mere feet from their table. The women were very nice looking, but seemed incredibly bored and danced as if they couldn’t wait to get out of there. They also will not touch you if you are female, it seems. I guess uninterested girlfriends of clients are the only women who go there. In fact, they almost didn’t allow us in. Apparently, women are not allowed in unless they are “escorted” in by a man. The only reason we got in is because we know one of the dancers. They take your jacket at the door, whether you want them to or not. Parking is valet only, but it’s just $5. The valet guys are really very friendly, though, as are the bouncers. We’d been joking before we arrived when a friend we’d invited (but who already had plans) told us to join him if we got bored. We thought it funny, the concept that we, who were going to a strip club, were the ones who were going to be bored, but you know what? We were. We ended up leaving after only a half an hour to go to another place.

  88. Rich
  89. 1
  90. Phyxius
  91. Simon

    All the DANCERS are WHORES in SCORES.

  92. NY Guy

    Was at Scores a couple of weeks ago and the 4 or 5 girls that I received dances from were cute, (maybe no supermodels but certainly cute) were fun and had great attitudes. Could not ask for anything more.

  93. Tim

    Oh my god the girls here are so beautiful, I have a hard time being faithful to my wife coming here.

  94. Dave
  95. rh
  96. na
  97. Mike

    This place sucks

  98. Tony

    Had a fun time tonight. My dancer was Jennifer, she was absolutely gorgeous. Treat the ladies right, gents, and they’ll treat you right. Deuces.

  99. barbara

    i had the best time ever.. love the girls…

  100. todd w.

    the girls are mostly hot snd the witresses are hot too. never tried the food. the club has a decent layout

  101. Bobby

    THe club is way to small and the girls are stuck up.

  102. lL


  103. James

    The girls are hott and alot of silicone around the place but some of them are all natural. I fell in love with virginia she was worth every penny. One of the few girl that can hold a conversation and talk about smokin HOTT! I would go back just for her.

  104. XhXeXy

    Always filled with sloppy drunks and pigs- even saw dude puke on himself & had to be wheeled out in his chair.

  105. mathewater12

    Absolutely appalled at all the attitude before even entering the club. Sorry not sorry that me and my brother asked to pay valet but still park a brand new car ourselves. They told us it would be $20 to park it ourselves instead of the $5 charge. Then the free admission isn’t free and not revealed over the phone even when you call hours ahead to check prices, having to pay $3 a person for a pole fee. What a joke, not one other club in the entire state does that bs. Of course the door girls had plenty of sass about that too. Then the crap drinks with the gouging prices. Oh make sure to keep receipt as they will add their own tip into the total and have to check your bank to see that apparently your cash tip wasn’t good enough that they want to commit theft and fraud. Called the next afternoon to clarify if it’s not what my receipt says that will be a problem. Not so much talent, all looked irritated and bored. One dancer approached us after we had tipped several girls with no luck and she just randomly happened along us. Not even worth the drive or a dime.

  106. Jayne

    Great friendly ladies, great dances, more mileage for female patrons 😉

  107. Hombre

    I had a great time with Bijou. Why cant you hire more

    beautiful classy girls like her? You’ve got a new customer.

    She really made my night.

  108. Carter

    VERY BAD Club!! All Girls look like WHORES!! Fucked up Club!! WORST Club ever. All dancers are ugly. Very Ugly.

  109. Scott

    The afternoon quality of girls has really gone down hill; a number of them have put on a few pounds by drinking at the bar and not dancing. The club has now begun to watch the afternoon dances like a hawk; it use to be fun. Occasionally you get a girlfriend / regular that makes things worth while.

  110. john

    this place lives off there name.but lately very little business.

  111. Harrison69

    This place was pretty awesome, much better than I expected after all the reviews. I came in on a thursday to celebrate my 21st birthday. The very first girl that came to me was very peppy and energetic and made me feel awesome (granted, for money but I didnt mind) and was soooo hot.The drinks are obviously overpriced and so were the dances (30 for a private) but what strip club isnt. The DJ was pretty decent, he played popular songs that seemed easy to dance to and didnt call anyone out (such as people to give more than they wanted)The girls were of different varieties (asian, blonde, brunettes, super skinny, skinny, and well endowed) but all extremely beautiful. I ended up spending more than I wanted but thats simply because I got more than I expected. Definetley will return and if you really care, Jax and Nicole were my personal faves!

  112. 43
  113. Adam

    The ladies are hot and down to earth…very clean club, it’s not a dump like others that i’ve gone to.

  114. Anonymous

    I dont know what others are complaining about but i was at the club last weekend and i had a great time. girls were friendly and the drinks were strong

  115. He who knows

    Gangster and violent thug place this is! Shootings, car

    jackings, armed robberies, homicides, surrounded by miles of

    ghetto, don’t EVER go here!

  116. tonycluber

    I mean by Mannheim Rd. standards this place is classy and the ladies are pretty nice. That unfortunately doesn’t say very much. Drinks are poured like shit and dances are way too short for the money. That being said they do have some pretty girls.

  117. Elvis

    Hot topless girls on 1 main stage and 2-3 side stages. Club is upscale with great sound system. Private dances vary, sometimes real good, but sometimes the bounce just won’t leave. Overall it a great club!

  118. XXXbeast

    Ohhhhhh boy oh boy oh boy. My inaugural experience at a strip club; I’m not sold on the idea of going to another one again, at least not without being under the influence of some grade-A drugs beforehand……To start, Scores is in a pretty sketchy part of town, despite being on a busy streetcorner. For parking, you have two choices: either use their ‘mandatory’ valet ($5 or $10, I forget) or try your luck in a nearby auxiliary lot, where you’re warned that “you could be towed.” Bastards had me over a barrel, so I forked over the cash. Cover was $20/person, I think, when my female companion and I arrived at 11pm on a Saturday night. Once we got inside, there were a few bouncers doing pat-downs for safety, which is totally understandable. The atmosphere is one large room with several tiers of seating, so we plopped ourselves down and ordered a couple overpriced long island iced teas.Shortly thereafter, we were asked if we wanted dances. She seemed nice (and pretty) enough, so my girl and I obliged her. My first mistake: these dances were not cheap ($30/person), they were clothes-on/hands-off, and the girl appeared highly disinterested and borderline unhappy.If her face was an emoticon, it would be this one :-/Afterwards, I actually asked the stripper/dancer/waitress if she accepted Discover. The thought of swiping my black monogrammed card between her bewbs (or her silicone-injected buttcheeks) made me giggle. Evidently, she didn’t accept plastic, but her chest sure did–hiyo!At this point, I needed (more) cash, so I went to the ATM and withdrew a fistful of dollars, Clint Eastwood-style. My second mistake. I was presented with the text that THIS ATM WILL CHARGE A SERVICE FEE OF TEN DOLLARS (plus any fee your bank will charge for out-of-network money withdrawls). Ten bucks, really? Holy shit! Ehhhhh the stripper needs her moneys, so I begrudgingly withdrew a wad of bills.Overall, the girls on the main stage were attractive and full-figured, which was great to see (I hate those Victoria Secret ‘stick figure’ model types). All races and ethni-titties were represented, but the asian gals were by far the best looking. At the end of the day, though, it was still just a bunch of girls whose fathers didn’t love them enough clamoring for $1’s and the occasional fiver. A few were definitely “out of it” when they took the stage, likely on uppers or an equivalent dosage of amphetamines.TL;DR: until I visit Las Vegas or a classy, fully-nude place in Chicago (or hands-on place in Texas), I’ll always think of strip clubs as seedy and depressing. Yet I have no issues at all with porn. How’s that for a double standard?

  119. Johnnyboy123

    Went here when I was home visiting. Great hang out. Very spacious seating and thank god they have massage girls! I hate that they charge per song rather than 5 minutes, but their songs are long. Didn’t get a dance but tipping in chill, this is the place to tip because the girls and their pole tricks are fantastic! Two girls on the pole at the same time, definitely something worth seeing. Cheap beers, I got in for free because I am awesome so cover wasn’t an issue. Also very beautiful women. I feel they live up to their expectation.

  120. cyberpunk1011

    The girls kept trying to push the “presidential suite”. $500 for 1/2 hour, $1000 for an hour. Topless only. I’d rather go to Admiral and spend $300 for a fully nude girl. According to the website, Diamonds would also be a better choice. Other than the constant upselling, it was ok. The server was a bit annoying since SHE wanted me to go to the presidential suite with her, but she was good to look at and provided conversation and excellent service, even if she did keep trying to convince me to go to the suite.

  121. Andy

    I will agree with the last comment that this is easily the best club in chicago.

  122. Franklyn

    I have to say, I was rather impressed with what I saw. I came here on a FRIGID night when everything else was completely dead. This place still had a lot of hot girls all around, dancing, serving and just wondering around. The first drink I ordered was an absolute and soda. Only $6.25, but of course ended up costing me $8 after tip since I don’t exactly carry around a bunch of change. They did charge me a whopping $18 at the door that included some B.S. coat check fee, and it did look like they were charging for parking., but I parked on the street. Advice… bring change for the drinks, park on the street and don’t bring a coat to check. …But highly recommended!

  123. Andy from Chicago

    I had a very very exciting time there! The music was just

    right and the ‘scenery’ i.e. girls were very exciting also. I

    think Mela is my favorite. I am still dreaming of her!

  124. traveller

    Probably best club in Chicagoland area. Party atmosphere. 5 dollar valet, 10 dollar cover, 5-6 dollar drinks pretty standard. Good variety of very attractive dancers. Topless on stage. Private dances topless with decent contact, but are pretty steep at 30 bucks. Dont pass up 2 for 1 special. Girls are friendly, but will hustle a bit for the champagne room. Got very crowded after midnight.

  125. Real Joe

    VERY BAD Club!! Fucked up Club!! WORST Club ever. All dancers are ugly. Very Ugly.

  126. Beautiful B.

    Extremely nice looking gentlemens club, but you have to be extremely thin to work there. If you weigh over 130 pounds your consider fat & they won’t hire you.

  127. Kurt

    VERY BAD Club!!! WORST Club EVER!!!!!!!

  128. Dean

    VERY BAD Club!!!

    WORST Club EVER!!!!!!!

  129. Having Fun

    Check out the club for yourself! Take an online tour and print out FREE PASSES !

  131. Joe

    This is the BEST club in Chicago

  132. Tommy One Time
  133. vvv


  134. Nicole P.

    My friend and I went there for a girls’ night out to celebrate our birthdays… just 2 women. They wouldn’t let us in because we didn’t have a guy to “escort” us… the manager said it was an “unwritten rule” that everyone knew. We had to have her boyfriend come babysit us so we could get in… thus, bye-bye girls’ night. We had never been so outraged by such blatant sexism… we just wanted to do something different and have a good time. It’s a shame, too, because the prices were reasonable, the waitresses were sweet, and some of the dancers were really good. But if you’re a girl, don’t go… you need a penis to get in.

  135. Mike K
  136. Sd S.

    Screw this place, i gave a dancer 95 for 3 dances, she gave me 4 and demanded i gave her another 30 bucks, i was really drunk so i said sure, i went over to the ATM and before i could hit the 40 dollar button she smacks the 100 button and rips the money right out before i could even do anything. i started a riot the manager comes over and the girl plays stupid, after 20 mins of arguing to get my money back that was stolen from me, i got escorted out and thrown a handful of free entrance vouchers, fuck this place.

  137. Unhappy

    Scores will take every dollar in your pocket and provide nothing in return but stuck up girls money hunger floor hosts (who will happily provide you with the dancers they are dating or have gotten pregnant) if you want nothing for your money but to watch drunk girls act stupid and flrit with the help go to Scores!

  138. Jenny Blair

    went with my boyfriend, wasn’t really sure if it was something I wanted to do but what a turn on! Club was great. tried the same thing once before at another club (forgot the name) and was grossed out. so we decided to try Scores WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!

  139. Dancer

    I have recently been to scores in chicago and I had a great experiance there. I don’t usually stray from the suburban clubs but this one is worth checking out

  140. Kelly

    Was in last night. Extreme ripoff. Crap club. Chicago clubs just suck and this

    one is no different.

  141. teirry bara


  142. a fan

    I agree that its expensive but i dont think its overpriced. you get what you pay for and this is the only club in chicago thats worth spending any amount of money at. beautiful girls and much more

  143. curtis17

    great girls great staff had a fantastic time with mexico city

  144. Rick
  145. Jim

    This club is both classy and fun. The girls are absolutely beautiful and can actually hold a conversation!

  146. VIP
  147. Jack

    Scores is THE strip club to go!! the girls are amazingly beautiful, 95% of them, private dances are pretty erotic and satisfying for the price, they done push you into dances like all stars and HB. drinks are reasonalbe, i like one girl the most, she’s a european Hotty, Christina, gives good private dance and an entertaining conversation.

  148. Bill

    VERY BAD Club!! All Girls look like WHORES!! Fucked up Club!! WORST Club ever. All dancers are ugly. Very Ugly.

  149. StripClub431

    This club is the worst run gentlemans club in the U.S period.

  150. Paulito Reubens

    I Love To Suck a Shit Load of Dick… oo=======> 😉

  151. ex customer

    About a third of the girls that work there are unfriendly and have bitchy self absorbed attitude. I’ve had more fun and been treated better at the other clubs. I do spend money and expect to be treated with the same respect I treat the girls. Maybe when you hire dropouts from the area you should give them some training. Even in Harvey the girls show much more class.

  152. J B.

    I have been to several Gentlemen’s clubs in the Chicago area like VIP’s, Admiral Theater, Pink Monkey, Allure, Heavenly Bodies, Polekatz and Scores. This has to be one of the worst. The place is kind of dumpy & the drinks are over-priced and watered down. When you think of a raunchy strip club, this is what you are imagining with its huge gaudy back drop of multi-color lights and little side stages that look like cages. The girls are decent looking, but give you those phony stripper lines that make you feel like they are robots. I don’t expect them to be seriously interested in me, but at least brush up on your acting skills. Besides that, you got valet parking, coat check, cover charge and “$3.00 pole tax” before you even enter the front door. **If you have a visa debit card, don’t use it and bring cash for drinks. The moment they swipe your card for a drink, it debits $200 from your bank account and you are lucky if you get that money back in less than 5-7 days. You are better off paying the ridiculous ATM fee of 10% or getting cash before you get there **I would recommend VIP’s in the city and PoleKatz in the suburbs.

  153. j
  154. Lucky

    We were in town on business and brought a group of 15 guys. Some of the guys in our group easily drop a few thousand at strip clubs without a second thought, but this club missed out. The host brough 3 girls over when we first got there, and then no one else besides a straggler here and there. Not nearly enough to cover 15 guys. I’ll admit one girl was a great sport, not the cutest but a great personality – she worked her way around the whole group and made some good money that night. Overall, for a Scores, I would have expected better – maybe the fact that it was a Wed night had something to do with it. I spent my time with Jamison, who was one of the cutest that night – aside from the constant cough – she was great company. The bottom line, I would come back.

  155. winston12

    I love scores it’s so much fun! Girls are pretty and drinks are great. I’ve been to several clubs and scores is definitely the best in the Chicagoland area.

  156. hell no

    hell no for $500 lap dance the stripper want i would get pussy for that price or less or even free pussy who would be stupid to pay them that kind of money for just a lap dance.

  157. Tony K.

    This place sucks! The prices suck. The stage sucks. The parking sucks. The location sucks. The bartender put a $300 charge on my credit card I found out 2 days later. Thats after I had two drinks that cost $11 each. The vallet tried to rip me off too. Oh! And two of the girls were jacked up on something. They tried ripping my shirt off in the middle of the bar area. Im not attractive enough for a woman to rip my shirt off so I knew they were on something. Anyhow one of my buttons popped off. So in short….. if you want to go to a crappy possibly dangerous area of Chicago and get ripped off along with your shirt go to Scores.

  158. Jimmy

    Club’s too small, some girls are fcukin rude, and everythings too pricey. HBs is better.

  159. Stan

    VERY BAD Club!! Fucked up Club!! WORST Club ever. All dancers are ugly. Very Ugly.

  160. Officer

    VERY BAD Club!! All Girls look like WHORES!! Fucked up Club!! WORST Club ever. All dancers are ugly. Very Ugly.

  161. ryan123

    This was the first strip club that I went to with my boyfriend and a group of friends. Had an awesome time. Some strippers looked gorgeous, very model-like others looked trashy (to me). Our group got lap dances from Jennifer. The back rooms werent very private at all. Overall, it was a great experience for it being my first time at a strip club. 0h, The girls are super friendly!

  162. PSYche

    Overall good

  163. Stephen D

    Are you kidding me with this?? What a great club..girls were hot hot hot!

  164. fanduanos

    I had a orgasmic experience last night with my girls last

    night. The service was excellent and very attentive. This will

    be my new hangout.

  165. its a surprise
  166. Rain K.

    The girls were hot. But that was the only thing that’s true. Almost all the girls were all busy w/ the groups that were already in. Not much love for the single walk-ins. And this place is expensive. Pricey drinks, pricey dances. I would actually prefer to go to the Admiral than here. At least your money’s worth in dances with the sacrifice of alcohol. But in all seriousness, you don’t go to this kind of place for booze. This place gets one more star for “Claudia” who was the only person who walked up to me. And she’s a very cool person to talk to. So thank you for salvaging my first time there.

  167. REGULAR


  168. Mike T
  169. maxxy1

    I moved to Chicago Suburbia a month and a half ago. Last week, I received a text that an old friend flew in to get married. Naturally, we decided to partake in one last night of debauchery and douchebaggery before he had to promise his brethren soul to eternal damnation. After a few drinks at a few bars, it was time to go to a strip club.We arrived at Scores and used their “Text the Word SCORES to 630-967-8988” for free group admission. That’s right, we nerded out and checked the Scores website before deciding on the venue. The Venue: Once inside, the place had plenty of energy with a stripper station in the main pit and two higher stations for the upper levels. The music was flowing and the girls were into the dancing. It wasn’t overcrowded but there were more than enough patrons so we didn’t feel like pervs. 3.5/5The Strippers: The strippers were great and really into their dance routines. Some of the moves they pulled off were Olympic-grade. Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Tats, Crazy hair, Wooden-leg, etc. This place was like 31 flavors, it had a little something for everyone. On a personal level, the stripper game was tight and they were able to release 60 greenbacks from my iron clutches for two private dances for the Bachelor. Our tatted up waitress was beyond awesome. 4/5The Drinks: Who really comes to a strip club for the drinks? That’s what dive bars and walmart parking lots are for. Well, I didn’t get enough in the parking lot so I started with my token drink: morgan and diet. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that our table had also ordered Morgan. I was leery when a greasy-haired gent in a white suit jacket approached us with the Liter of Captain. I watched closely as our waitress lit a flare while he “opened” the bottle and presented it to us. Call me paranoid, but that charade for bottle service seemed a little sketch.Our waitress poured my drink first and I immediately tasted a watered-down version of morgan. The Captain had been overthrown, there was mutiny! You know when you leave your morgan mix out from the night before and all the ice has melted? That’s what this tasted like. Hey, don’t judge me for some hair-of-the-dog morning drinking, judge me for morning drinking a captain mix that been sitting out for 8 hours.After she poured the rest of the table, I snatched the bottle and hit it like a pedestrian biker. It went down way too smooth and didn’t have any bite. The bottle had definitely been watered-down because I can never take pulls like this. After drinking nearly a fifth of the bottle this way, I looked directly up at the waitress and said, “this Captain is watered down.” (I did feel like a badass for taking such a huge pull with no yuck-face, but I digress). She said it must have been all of the other drinks from that night clouding my judgement. I figured she probably didn’t know nor could do much about it. A few minutes later, on my way to the bathroom, I told the Maitre’D and he basically shrugged his shoulders. It was so loud, I didn’t know if he understood what I was saying. Basically, I said Funk It and put the bullshiz alcohol out of my mind for the night. 1/5This place would have gotten 4/5 but the watered-down bottle left a bad taste in my mouth, literally. The bar drinks were solid. If you order bottle service, buyer beware. Otherwise, the girls, service, and venue were all great fun. I don’t do strip clubs, but I recommend this one for anyone who wants to have a good time.

  170. Grennan K.


  171. Fatso

    This place is way better than the former Allstars

  172. spanky

    Gorgeous women…good friction during the dances but no nudity.

  173. Padre

    This place was okay but would be better if drinks were

    cheaper. Next time I come back without wifey!

  174. Darin

    Small club but service is way beyond excellent. Not alot of girls but the girls they have make it well worth a trip.

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