The Penthouse Club St. Louis



1401 Mississippi Avenue, East Saint Louis, IL 62201


38.603801, -90.174652




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Penthouse Club St. Louis

  1. Peter

    Love these girls. So much fun to have here.

  2. Robert

    This club is horible! All the girls are stuck up and boring!

  3. Dean H.

    I go to the club several times a week after work. I usually take several extra pairs of underwear because I shoot my wad as soon as a naked girl gets near me.

  4. Sam

    Wife and I had a great time last night. Lots of beautiful women that aim to please.

  5. Bryan

    Outstanding club with great dancers!!!!

  6. jim

    some of the hottest girls in the country!!!

  7. Guest

    Great club with excellent dancers!!!!!!1

  8. traveler

    A variety of dancers. Some new, some know how to make the connection. Sure, a few disappointments, but let them go immediately without regret or a second thought. Ususally a very good time here. Food is superb.

  9. SSG

    This club sucks. Entertainers are stuck up, no reason to be they are NOT cute. The only girl who talked to me just complained about not making money, such a turn off. I enjoy a real entertainer who can smile, talk and give a good dance, maybe I came on the wrong night.

  10. Dave

    This is a very nice, upscale club which is designed very well. Good lights, music, and sound system. All of the girls are good-looking except for a few. You will find some girls here who look like they are in the Penthouse magazine. I think the really hot ones work on weekends. Weekdays are kind of disappointing except for a few strippers. Waitresses are all hot too. This and Hollywood are the best strip clubs near St. Louis.

  11. larry

    While it is true that some of the girls are stuck up, not all of them are. Keep looking and you will be very happy!!

  12. BriDog

    Awesome time

  13. J
  14. Stewie

    Love these girls, makes you want to fire off some knuckle children.

  15. jake w

    Hannah is super hot #1 hands down

  16. ryan123

    Okay so let’s be honest… it’s expensive, even for adult entertainment… but it’s one of the best Gentleman’s Clubs I’ve ever been in. I used to travel the country for business, with a crew of dudes, so I’ve seen my share of adult entertainment venues… very few compare with this place.

  17. Jim Brewer

    Nice club but just can’t think of a reason to go back after being there. Alot of girls sitting around chatting with each other looking dis-interested. VIP was $105 for three songs and they crank’em out quickly.

  18. Charlie

    Was in the club last saturday nite march 1st for a few hours, had a great time. The dj made the show no doubt the music he covered was awesome. these are the guys that can make everyones nite great, good music= happy customers= money well spent with the dancers. not sure who the dj was but kinda looked like one of the mario brothers

  19. .......


  20. Mr. and Mrs. Bill

    Wife and I went in to Penthouse for the first time last night. The place looks nice enough, but the quality of service is horrible. First we got slapped with a $20 each cover which is too high. Then we sat at a table for over an hour and we were only approached by one lady the whole time (she was not attractive and only came to ask for a dance after my wife went to use the restroom). Obviously not friendly to couples. I bought funny money while we were there and after the dissappointing experience, tried to get it refunded, which they obviously refused. Stupid things expire in 3 weeks, so I just got screwed out of $200 that i would have dropped on even 1 lady if she would have been attractive and offered us a dance. NOT HAPPY! PS- I’ll sell the funny money to someone for half of their value if you want them.

  21. Ricko

    Great Club! Good looking dancers, friendly!

  22. Tim

    I was in Saturday and had a great time with a great bunch of GIRLS!!!!!!!

  23. Steve R

    Had a great time last night. Girls were awesome!!!

  24. Jozo B.

    Yes, I am reviewing an adult entertainment establishment. No, I did not go for the adult entertainment aspect, but I will admit, when in Rome?I had some friends in from out of town, and we were having such a fantastic time, it seemed that the best idea at 3 am was to continue in consuming adult beverages. What else sounded better than drinking till 6 am at an adult entertainment club.The crowd is actually a pretty good mix of men and women, most of which are hanging at the bar. The drinks are super expensive, and unless you are pimpin here and carry a load of cash, your options are:1. Hit up the ATM and get charged for a $20 fee, or 2. Use the bars money system, where 20 Us dollars is equivalent to pesos after they tax you.The crowd is usually a mix, business people, tweekers, whatever and whoever may just show up. Just be careful, driving there may be a mistake (Just walk up to a cop and ask to get arrested or a DWI).

  25. Gault
  26. Titan

    Totally unsafe, in a World War I battlefield of a bad

    neighborhood! Right on the edge of Terror Town aka East

    St. Louis!

  27. V 12

    Not all the girls are stuck up. Just most of them. This surprises me as you would think that the girls would make more $$$$ if they were friendlier.

    The trick is to find ones that aren’t full of themselves.

  28. Stuck up snobs

    Nice on the inside, pretty cool set up, but overpriced and the dancers are rude as hell.

  29. Shoes

    These girls are great. This is the best club!!!

  30. honest
  31. 2000


  32. jake
  33. Kerry

    Nice club with great looking dancers. Just wish this was a naked club. The way it is it is very expensive as in too expensive.

  34. Paul
  35. John

    I was there the last saturday night. I thought I was in night club, until I bought a drink; WOW!!!. What happened to the gentlemens club.

  36. Robbie

    Still the best upscale club in the area. No comparison,

  37. What happened

    Was better as diamond

  38. K 11

    Nice club with a nice stage. Girls are good looking but they dont get naked which is a shame. This place would be great if it was a NUDE club.

    It is rather expensive for what you get.

  39. anon pl

    not nearly as nice as I remember a few months ago. I a girl is unhappy with the

    lack of customers at stage, flipping off the house and yelling fuck you is

    probably not the best strategy. The lunch is good, but the rest really isn’t. The

    girls were not much to look at and very unpleasant to talk with.

  40. DickHandler

    Last time i was there I got kicked in the face by a pregnant stripper. I’m not lying. She came up to me for a tip and I said “I ain’t yo baby daddy” and i got kicked in the face. It was actually pretty awesome.

  41. eddyL

    The upscale ($$$$) lounge type of gentlemen’s clubs (has a large bar and lots of seating and tables away from the stages). Penthouse even has a true VIP Lounge ($$$$$$$$).Drinks are expensive. The entertainment is more topless, but with $$$$….The entertainers get women from the audience that are sitting next to the stage up on stage. This can be interesting.I used to work the front door at nightclubs on Washington and this was one of our destinations after work (both men and women). We got to be patrons at a bar with sexy girls walking by in just thongs.If you want to ask the manager about the price of the VIP lounge, you can not afford it. (They want yearly membership) Nice stuffed lion, wood panels, lounges and a true oversized personal restroom is the design. The drink selection is also increased.Bring LOTS of cold hard $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ or pay big ATM fees.

  42. shaun
  43. KC

    Nice place but way too expensive for the average joe

  44. Bill the Traveler

    After visiting several other clubs in the st. Louis area I stopped by this club. Other than the outrageous drink prices I managed to enjoy myself here.

  45. eric

    a very classy place with classy dancers

  46. Missing Diamond


  47. Holly

    Came in to poor service. Unfriendly girls, shitty air dances for 100 dollars and why the hell do I need to buy a bracelet to get a damn dance?

  48. Nick

    Great place. Ginger is truly outstanding.

  49. joe

    definitely gone downhill since the change to penthouse. the club looks much better but all of the good dancers left and the ones that are still there have no personality.

  50. mr money
  51. Jay

    Had a GREAT time last night. Cant wait to return

  52. Hello

    Can I get some attention!!!

  53. johnny

    most of the girls are really hot but a few are stuck on themselves. spend some time and you can figure out the ones to spend time with.

  54. dirtygary

    Riley is a 10. Her beautiful blue eyes just paralyze you. The $3.99 steak and fries is a real deal too. The dances are a bit pricey. The club is really nice inside too.

  55. kelly
  56. jonny sunny

    “Love all the pussy…and love the service…I was greeted by the hottest waitress I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting…Will be back soon!”

  57. Gene

    nice place. had a great time.

  58. Never Again

    Luckly I had good company with me, or i would have been bored. I had a cute server; blonde hair, can’t remember her name; but she was def good to me

  59. StewieB

    love the titties

  60. Ha

    These girls are fucked up!!!!!! Look at this page. It is apparent that the girls that work at this club just come on this site to talk shit and post fake comments. Get a life. DUH!!!!

  61. Fuz
  62. Not Bad

    Was here on a saturday, this place was packed.

  63. Jack

    Simply put — It’s the best club in the St. Louis area.

  64. sky

    Awesome club!!!I know work there!!!

  65. Jayson

    Rather pricey club with mostly good looking dancers. Many 8’s and few 9’s and only a few 6’s.

  66. james1412

    Hey maybe if you want to pretend to be an upscale establishment and charge 8.50 per beer you should clean your effing bathrooms once in a while. I went last night and there was piss all over the floors, shit overflowing the toilet in the handicapped stall and flies circling the toilets. It was 10 TIMES worse than a nasty truck stop. Not sure how well that puts me in the mood for a lap dance. But hey if you can have a bathroom attendant with colognes and m&ms, maybe you can also give the restrooms a remodel so they don’t have graffiti scratched all over the place and broken nasty toilets…make them look nice and clean them every couple hours.

  67. nope


  68. 2nd time visitor

    While many of the girls are beautiful but stuck up, Cody and Scarlett are both beautiful, sexy and very friendly.

  69. fuck that!

    that place looks great but the girls inside suck, they have no personalities…one of the girls i talked to had a blank look on her face while we were talking or she interupted me with some bullshit about her baby daddy drama…the waitress tried overcharging me for a drink, just so she could have an extra couple bucks…i mean really wtf? the directors were great but not a place i would reccomend, maybe it was just a bad night?

  70. GentlemanClub Fan

    I think that the Penthouse Club is one of the finest in the midwest. I think the girls are hot, staff is stellar, and the DJs seem to put on a good show

  71. kevin

    Great place and great dancers!!!! WOW!!!

  72. Goose

    Love this place. Mercedes rocked my world

  73. Visitor

    Scarlett is a great addition to a very good club.

  74. Josh

    I was at the club last week for a bachelor party. All the girls were hot. We bought a dance on stage for my buddy. Ryan and Cody did a great job tearing his ass up!

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