Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club



5420 Bunkum Road, East Saint Louis, IL 62204


38.6224703, -90.0909029




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

  1. ML

    Had a great time. Drinks were very reasonable in price and girls were all attractive. The dollar dances were a great idea.

  2. R.R.

    the bartender was great but the prices for cover charge for a couple is way over the top normally girls get in for free.drinks were more than other clubs.we never had any dancer come up to us at all.

  3. Tank

    I wont go to pts anymore. yall got a nice place i digg it

  4. roger

    love summer used to dance by kandis

  5. squirrels
  6. Terry
  7. beachboys
  8. Don Good

    very nice club, bartenders are excellent. could use some lighting in the truck parking area.

  9. Bill the Traveler

    Ive traveled around the country for business and have seen many different adult clubs. This club has hot girls and great guest service. I will be back my next trip to town. I recommend this club for anyone looking to enjoy themselves

  10. Supe

    I enjoy myself every time i am in there. Not only are the dancers beautiful the bartender and waitresses are smoking hot.

  11. terri
  12. chad

    some people seem a bit bitter, but truth be told. this is quite simply the best club in the st louis area day in and day out!!!!

  13. James
  14. BIGDOG

    best club in town

  15. Fitz

    Had a good time, however after a dancer was talking to me for a short period of time, the bartender took the hard sell line to try to get me to the VIP room. Felt a bit of pressure and that wasn’t cool. Toilets in the bathroom were still broken from a year ago. The DJ mumbles over the sound system…not that I want to hear much of what he has to say. About 50% of the dancers are staring at the ceiling while dancing. All in all I would give it a 6 or 10. The dancer I was in to was excellent.

  16. regular

    Definite improvement! Best, highest class club in St. Louis!!!

  17. BIGK63401

    Love the variety of the girls. Cover is good, music is usually pretty good, security is not in your face all the time, the drink prices are kinda high, but it is most definately the best around. The wife and I frequent it ofter and we are two hours away. We brings friends alot too. Love it

  18. Josh Jeninngs

    Great Place. Defintly coming back.

    Thanks for making my going out of town party the best yet.

  19. Syn5150

    Awesome club, always a great time, except for crappy music. It seems like the girls don’t even pick their own music, let ’em pick so they have moe fun!

  20. Joe bob

    If you visit the place you need to look up Angel and do a private dance definitely worth it!!!

  21. He who knows

    This is, without a doubt, one of the absolute most dangerous

    strip clubs in North America! Shootings, arsons, brutal

    homicides, assaults, armed robberies, Washington Park is a

    demon’s lair city, even worse than East St. Louis!

  22. Brian

    Still a top notch club…hot dancers…great prices..

  23. horrible
  24. Derek
  25. eddie c

    I came in for the one millionth and first time last week and I met the most

    exotic beautiful girls there Raven. This girl was just striking and stopped me

    flat in my tracks. Until last week I never thought I would meet the perfect

    woman. Everything about raven was real from her personality too her name

    right down to that rockin body she has. No joke, she has a classic artistic

    what every man really wants body. Besides that her personality is sparkling.

    I had a 2 hour conversation with her in one of the suites… She never

    danced or took off her clothes because I found her so entriging. She told me

    she just switched clubs from penthouse but Im glad she’s there now.

    Honestly folks, this is the girl to be spending your money on, and when she

    does dance for you and just for you… You leave speechless.

  26. dirtygary

    Second best club in town. Girls are great, but a bit spendy. Nice clean club.

  27. Tim Swany

    Great Place! Beautiful Women

  28. Bachelor Party

    Made a stop at the club last weekend for my friends bachelor party. I was impressed at the beauty of the dancers and the waitress staff. Got the bachelor on stage with all the girls. Had a blast!!!!

  29. marty

    the newest remodel looks incredible….

  30. loser dave

    Went late on a Tuesday night. Struggled to find a girl to dance for me, just not enough hussle. Then when I found one, the dances after paying the club for a wristband were a hard grind, but no contact since the girl told me we were being watching on a video camera found in every booth. Wow!

  31. T. Macnemara

    Bartender was a real bitch, I was so impressed by the whole club until she ruined

    our night. Was extremely rude, before going back I will make sure that she is

    not working. Missy I believe I heard her say

  32. Jake

    I was surprised about the reasonable drink prices and dance prices. Really helps out in these tough times

  33. Matt
  34. jay
  35. Rodney

    this is a very classy place

  36. BigTom

    Awesome club.

  37. Steve

    Hot chicks, Kim was the finest.

  38. todd

    hot friendly girls! a great sunday afternoon!

  39. kyle

    loved the club first time there and everything was great

  40. Bob T
  41. Bob Sanders

    First time here was on New Years, Lots of beautiful girls. Fun atmosphere and even took home some free hustler gear.

  42. cana99

    had a wonderful experance. the dancers were very frendly and the drinks were made the way i like them.

  43. DARREL

    I really liked the slow dance switch thing. I had a blast!

  44. Fred


  45. Nasty
  46. Gary

    Excellent atmosphere, great looking girls,definitely

    a St. Louis area must see !!!

  47. the fun one
  48. lol
  49. e
  50. mike
  51. Love It

    Beautiful girls

  52. $$man

    good location right off the highway!wich is good for washington park il

  53. Re; Dangerous?

    You out of your tree or something!? Cop killers loiter on

    every square block and they gun people down in broad

    daylight! Even SWAT won’t go into Washington Park, it’s

    that dangerous! Washington Park is a war zone, about as

    bad as Baghdad, Iraq!

  54. geronimo

    I like the porn star shows and the most beautiful dancer , LaCole

  55. Ohio Girl

    Im a traveling dancer and I worked at this club last weekend. I had a blast!!! Great Girls (Naudia; Awesome performance), fun staff, best customers ever, and of course made good money. Thanks for the oppourtunity, I’ll see you all again soon.

  56. Tom Bernake

    Great time, good people, will return next trip to town

  57. curtis17

    Came on a Sunday night only 1 girl dancing after paying 20 dollars. Dropped 100 dollars for nothing. Hollywood also sucks balls.

  58. ll
  59. one and only
  60. chuck

    better then my club!

  61. Charles

    I really had a good time when I was in this club. It was my first time and I was surprised by the variety of girls and how beautiful they were! I was blown away. All I can say is that if anyone has never seen the triple show … they have no clue what they are missing. One girl has long black hair, the other has red hair and the other one a blonde. They just move together so well. Everyone needs to come and see this show…. not to mention the privates were reasonably priced at only 20 dollars and believe me I did many of them. Drink prices were okay, what else does one expect when entering a gentleman’s club and that is what this place is… isn’t it?

  62. happy

    awesome club!

  63. Traveler

    Worked here a few weeks back. Great atmosphere, staff, and guest. Thanks to all

  64. Joe
  65. Larry

    nothing better

  66. fritter17

    While in St Louis to see a show @ The Pageant this past Tuesday night, I met a group of people intending upon going to this club for cheap tues night drinks. My friend & I ended up going out there around 2 am. The place was crowded, but mostly with inconsiderate, obnoxious patrons… probably there mostly for the cheap drinks. Oh yeah… and the fully nude women. Only problem is, when the customers are drinking excessively & cheaply, they’re not tipping the dancers as well, and everyone just seems in a sour mood. The wait staff was very friendly & responsive to our needs, and one of the managers, also named Josh. approached us and talked for a few, seemed like a cool dude. Except for liking LSU. Roll Tide!Bottom line: you can find classier Hustler Clubs. Try Bourbon St, Nola.Of course… if everyone could remember to tip the girls well & be chill, everyone would have a better friggin time! So, the place certainly has potential.

  67. jimboo
  68. Carl Banks
  69. Dancer

    Great place to work and party

  70. Cadros

    Outstanding!!! I went to St. Louis about a month ago and I found this to be the best club i have ever been to. Top notch all the way. I was greated at the front door with a smile a greeting from a very nice large gentleman. He was very clean cut and polite. Some of the floor staff was helpful some seem to be sitting like birds on a wire. the waitress’ were beautiful and polite. the dancers… OMG I left amazed at how beautiful they were and the variety there. The VIP guy took great care of me THANKS DAVE!!! he greated me with a smile and a handshake he was very polite. No matter what when i head back i will stop by there first thing. This place is everything i would want a club to be. 5 stars all the way gentleman. And I will Have to See Lexi again if i do : )

  71. Ryanne H.

    I really Enjoy this club. It has good Music. Good Dj’s on staff. I like the vibe here. It’s always fun to pop in here! When I am in The area! I like a upbeat environment. The music up and going! ( that’s me.) once you get into swing of things?The clients can have a really good time.Night shift Rotation of girls. Has a huge selection .There Is always a girl for a client! Waitresses are nice and polite. Just down to earth.( me.) I like it fast pace up and going .So IF anyone IS like me? With Adult entertainment?Night shift is fun to come in on. Have a good time .:)

  72. Marco (like Polo)

    this is the definite hot spot for me. i had more fun with Phoenix in the last 30 minutes of business than hours anywhere else. needless to say, we were back the next night. everyone was friendly and the dj played my request quickly. A+ baby!

  73. Jim

    Great club. Dug Heather.

  74. Billy Joe

    I just wish we had one like it on the MO. side of the river.

  75. sam

    Naudea is great here.

  76. Joe Schmoe
  77. ryan123…high crime and despite cameras they dont carehalf price drinks for me and a friend $144private dance quote $250 quickly went to 330 wasnt even for an hourgirl passed out while waiting for room set upthen got conned into buying merch immediately tried to return it …. fail

  78. Average Joe
  79. WAY overrated
  80. 111 P.

    Sorry Mr Wolf, to my visual knowledge kissing ass won’t help! You seem to be a part of this issue, being that you were already aware of these problems. (Sending me a standard facebook message fixes nothing upon the way guest & employees are treated @ this establishment.) Compared to any of the other Hustler Club’s in America, You’re lucky to get one Star… SINCERELY: THE STRIP CLUB VETERAN

  81. adam
  82. Mo

    This place is a 10!!!

    Cant wait to return. Had a great time. All the ladies were beautiful and very nice. I recommend this place to anyone, they have a great staff and the dancers were wonderful.

  83. Joe Cool

    Bettter than expected. Lots of pole dancers – awesome. Devon’s the best

  84. ken

    Had a great time the girls were great smiles on every face.

  85. faithful customer
  86. john

    This was our first time at the club. We went on a Friday night. I thought the talent and looks of the girls needed to be better. The waitresses were annoying. They would ask if you needed a drink every minute. Not joking. The best part of the show was the porn star. She was better looking and more talented than anyone in the place.

  87. Scott

    This place has a great atmosphere. The dancers look great and are personable. The drinks are well priced. The employees excelled in service. I never had a more pleasurable experience in a adult club. I will be back in the near future. This club in my opinion rates an A++

  88. Donald

    I love this club. It never fails to disappoint. If people complain about the money they should make more.

  89. Leftycross

    Cover charge was $25 on night with special feature dancer, but included wristband for private dances. All entertainers and waitresses I saw were all sexy and beautiful. Every dancer was fully nude, every time, by end of her set! I will be back….often.

  90. Bubba Sparxxx

    Love this place had a great time and the girls are gorgeous. The whole club was awesome and it was a great place to chill and have a whole lotta fun!

  91. fun seeker
  92. Dangerous?

    This club is hardly dangerous. The parking lot is well lit along with at least two security guards.

  93. c

    consistently one of the best clubs around…….

  94. Billy

    very nice

  95. john d prine

    so so

  96. Dick
  97. ilovetitties

    long time stl and the boys wanted to hit a strip club. having never been i didnt know what to expect. all i can say is WOW. Hustler is the best place in the stl area for a strip club experence. drinks are a little pricy but hell what club isnt. the girls are smoking hot and will let you touch them. they interact very well with the customer and the staff will bend over backwards to ensure you have a wonderful experence. great music and well lit parking lot even though it isnt in the best area. feels very safe and secure. i visited hollywood right behind this place once. dont waste your time or the money. come here and only come here!!

  98. adamrod

    First, let me start out by highlighting the fact that it (a) serves alcohol AND (b) is full nudity. I have never had the pleasure of this combination anywhere else in the U.S. That itself, in my opinion, makes the $10 cover worth it. In addition to this, the girls are super friendly and they know how to give a real lap dance. The prices are extremely reasonable and there are three active stages at all times. I thought the girls were hot but not remarkable. But I’ll take hot and friendly over remarkable and stuck up any day of the week. All in all, the place is a great time and as far as strip clubs go, it’s very reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

  99. Dorothy

    Excellent fun good time. Looking forward to going back. Looking for a specific one who rocked my world!

  100. winston12

    Great place to visit! Went there on $2 Tuesday had a great time and this place is very clean and classy. The girls are very nice and good looking except 2 of the girls look very old and lazy(or drunk), the DJ did a good job and so did the rest of the staff there making it a very inviting and friendly place. Would go back any time I’m in town!

  101. George McGee Jr

    Itz da best damn club i have been too in St. Louis. I guarantee The Hustlers Club that i will be there more often now. Thankz for the entertainment. and da private dance. Beautiful ladies, you know who im talkin bout. Jus let her know Her dominican friend will return. Two thumbs up Guys.

  102. Ben

    The quality of the dances in the suites is awesome!

  103. tom

    went in last Friday and had the best time with alyssa and paris! hottest sisters ive ever seen dancing!

  104. Lance Manion

    We were at Hustler Club St Louis from 10PM Fri – 4AM Sat. The girls were much better looking than I was led to believe by a friend. 2 of the ladies were experts on the pole. Odd thing here but the brunettes were super friendly. Most of the blonds were not. We went on a night when a feature dancer was there so we got hit with a $15 cover. However, she was definitely worth the extra cover charge and she gave three, 4 or 5 song performances throughout the night that were really good. We had great time and will definitely be back.

  105. very impressed

    Name says it all

  106. Cody

    Great place to go on tuesdays

  107. Demetrice

    great place to go bring back 2 dollar tuesdaya

  108. bobtheb

    Great Dancers

  109. daytime customer

    this club is great for an afternoon out. the bartenders are great, there is a variety of girls. armona is a blast to watch on stage and raelin is always fun to hang out with.

  110. ex dancer

    i worked here for a looong time and the best thing about it was the awesome smile from karly the artender. they have their hands out to take ll our money cause they cant make it on their own. there are to many dirty ethnics come in there even after corporate took away all the drink specials. and the dj sucks, always has, and always will. not to mention steals cds froim the girls. the girls there are all pretty awesome and some of the best looking. but their morale is low since the club is in a rut. so you wont have a good time.

  111. trees
  112. Col. Fagin

    Very dangerous and unsafe! Sits in a World War I

    battlefield of a bad neighborhood!

  113. TDB

    One of the nicest clubs I have been too, friendly dancer’s, they shared the stage and paid me money so that makes them not greedy. Sweet and pretty girls, a big variety! I like this place and will def go back!

  114. Not impressed
  115. stacy

    fuckin the hotest ladies ever

  116. Robbie Lee VA.

    CElester and Shawn FUCKING ROCK Ted SUCKS just kidding love yall happy holidays for Virginia.

  117. danielson

    I used to go to Hustler a lot (2 or 3 times per month) in 2015. I always enjoyed the place, much more so than the local competition. It was just a fun place to be with an awesome energy. Unfortunately, in January of this year, I got transferred to the west coast for work and hadn’t been back until last week. Wow, has this place gone down hill.It is depressingly boring in the club now. So many of the old employees are gone and what was always a packed club is now rather empty. The life is totally gone inside. I only stayed for about 30 minutes because it was so miserable. I was incredibly confused about how the place could change so much in just half a year.Fortunately, I got some answers a few nights later when I went to Penthouse. I ran into a dancer that I used to see a lot at Hustler (Madison, brunette, bow tattoo on her lower back). I was excited to see her, but surprised to see her at Penthouse. I asked her when she left Hustler and she said she was actually working both right now. I asked what the hell happened at Hustler and she unloaded on the place. The old manager (Sulli) left for another club in the company and they brought in this new guy that goes by Wolf. Apparently he ran off a ton of former employees and has completely killed the vibe. She told me the dancers are panicking because money has dried up big time. The place is basically being run into the ground. She said she is working both just to cover her bases, but is hoping this Wolf character is run off soon. Everything Madison said confirmed what I saw when I was in. It is a shame because back when Sulli was running the show, Hustler was an absolute AWESOME time. Hopefully things change because the other clubs in the area aren’t very good.

  118. Justin Parmley
  119. J

    I went there on a Wednesday, during the day. The bartenders were very friendly (and cute). I got private dances from Charisma, and Alana (I think that was here name). They were really cool girls, hot, and gave great dances.

  120. John Saltwater

    Greatest Place ever

  121. Stud

    Hot,fun girls that know how to throw a party! I really liked the free dances, just need to do more of them.

  122. shane

    this is the best club around here.

  123. roy

    me and my friend came in at open on monday, and had a spectacular time. we came all the way from central illinois. neither of us had ever been to a strip club before and the staff took great care of us. it cost some cash, but well worth. Sasha and the dutchess were VERY sexy.

  124. dan
  125. customer
  126. t
  127. >>>>>>

    This is still honestly one of the best places to spend your time on the weekend. They got the hottest girls in the area and some of the best dancers in the area. Its the only club that is not screwing over the customers with high prices.

  128. Barry

    First time visitor. On a Monday evening which may not be refective of end of week or weekend. Cover charge was very appropriate, I was surprised. Number of girls was great. Quality of girls was very high. Different types but not a heavy in the bunch. Stage dances were entertaining. While I was approached by most of the girls none were pushy. I like to watch the dancers on stage and observe how they react with customers before I make section. Selected Lucy for a lap dance and then a VIP. Excellent choice. She is engaging and beautiful. Lap dance prices are on par. Vip rates are on high end but very entertaining. I will visit again when in town. Thank you Lucy!

  129. bobby

    most of the girls are very nice … they get into serios

    friendly conversations too ! “Chelsey” is awesome ! i’ll come

    back for her !

  130. *****

    Very Nice!!!

  131. OldPro

    Better than anything I have been to in Chicagoland

  132. mr. x


  133. Bill

    Great Place!!!

  134. name goes here
  135. gogo

    smokin hot chicks, greatest club in Midwest DON’T MISS IT

  136. ya ya
  137. Allyn

    This club is great

  138. payt

    I was here last tuesday. This place is huge. The girls and waitreses are all great looking. Private dances were hot. I am pissed though that I was told the dances are $40 per song but, the ad here says $30. What gives?

  139. loveshotwomen

    I love the club. Everytime I go I meet another smokin hot lady.

  140. Mark


  141. joke
  142. First timer

    First time visitor….Great….very clean…..Beautiful and talented girls.

  143. harry

    The Girls are Smokin’. Large variety of ladies, each is unique! Waitresses are hot too, and attentive. Theres three stages so you can’t get bored. The private dances are very erotic!

  145. long time customer

    Somebody must have come on here and stacked the rating with low scores. Read the reviews.

  146. wwww
  147. Micheal

    I really love the atmosphere!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Carlo


    Heavy smoking all over, smelled like my Aunt Maybel’s brown false teeth.

    Girls were hot and interested the first hour, then the place picked up and few girls came around, despite good tipping. Lots of fat guys with more money waving around.

    Love the wheel though.

  149. julie
  150. Jeff
  151. Bill Sanders

    Some of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen

  152. matt blaharckeck
  153. jojo

    Lets just say ill be going back

  154. JP

    If you happen to go when Michelle is performing you are in for a treat. Works the poles like no one else. Give a fantastic private as well….

  155. Chris

    It rocks but the wait staff needs to wear less. Some of them are hotter that the dancers.

  156. rogerrab2

    I had a real nice time the service is great definitely give it A5 star and a manager Dean Ebert was also awesome I recommend that you go there and you have a nice time people are really awesome .

  157. Bboy

    so i go into the club as a regular and hald the staff has been fired and half the girls quit because of the little italian guy that thinks he’s a mafia boss. meanwhile the new managers are drinking on the job in front of us all. does the owner pay attention or what. I won’t be coming back and i’m sure alot of other regulars won’t be either

  158. Overrated
  159. Adult Club Connoisseur

    The girls have too much fake hair and boobs. The music is lame until after 1AM and girls dancing reflects this. Need more $1 dances too motivate customer/girl mingling. Tuesday nights are great when the music starts pumping after 2AM.

  160. Racer

    Best Club I have ever been too! Had the best VIP dance I have ever got here too! Raquel (spelling??) was the best dancer I have ever met!

  161. carrie
  162. Travis
  163. cory

    overall it was very fun. three dollar drinks rocked. girl freaked when i touched a butt cheek in the private dance. its just a cheek lighten up on the rules.

  164. jason
  165. Malissa Vance

    The atmosphere and quality of your business is superior, however, it is important for Hustler to diversify themselves from other competitors in the adult entertainment industry. There are plenty of strip clubs in Illinois but Hustler offers something that they do not and that is quality (and cleanliness). I understand that you have worked so hard to build an image for yourselves that has set you apart but if you continue to build upon that image by diversifying the services you provide as well as diversifying the women you feature I am confident you will bring much more business to your arena. The women you currently feature are very talented and very beautiful but it would be refreshing for your club to offer events that would build excitement as well as curiosity for new comers and current patrons. Me and a few of my gal pals had a few ideas that were sexy and exciting (and legal) and I wanted to give you guys a few friendly hints. Although I do not expect to receive a call from you I would like to extend my telephone number to you. Feel free to call me. I am simply a frequent patron of your business who believes that while you guys are the premium spot for female entertainment you still have so much unconquered potential.



  166. Tex

    I used to stop in every 2 months and have fun but its not the same anymore. No drink specials, nowhere close to half the girls you used to have and they are all the same body type now. What ever happened to having 31 flavers without going overboard with whales. It used to be nice to buy a couple drinks on special on the occasion I showed up on such a day from Texas and had my choice of over 20 different style girls to choose from but no longer. Then the bed dances are gone as well as price changes across the board? Too much change and not enough consistency for my likes. Consistency is what we customers want not wholesaling of everything that was good. Everyone was friendly from the doorguy to managers last time but too much change isn’t good folks.

  167. Stripclubvisitor

    VIP text club is now available

    Text: VIP

    Send to: 62582

    Its free and confidential. Got a six month VIP membership the other day. Pretty cool.

  168. Johnson12

    $20 cover on a Saturday night is a little ridiculous for a club that plays shitty music…. girls are super attractive but the music somewhat ruined it…

  169. carlose

    I would come back just to see heather.

  170. Just Another Regular

    Must check this place out

  171. Rock

    $2 Tuesdays = Brilliant

  172. Dave

    Lots of pretty girls Found a very exotic alternative girl Trinity Tryce SUPER SEXY and had a great time with her will be back for sure..

  173. Colbys

    Wow I haven’t bn to Hustler in awhile and I must say best time ever the bar staff was awesome and friendly the door guy was very polite and welcoming the girls are beautiful and the managers bend over backwards to show you a great time. I also would like to add that club looks amazing new carpet new couch in vip rooms looks like the refinished everything . Their attention to small details made my experience amazing definitely recommend this club really recommend on Tuesday when drinks are 2$ and Fridays and Saturdays are off the hook

  174. ssda


  176. Saber

    I was a regular here prior to the beginning of the year and got to experience some of the extras. But, since the new year, the management have dissallowed the extras and increased prices on the VIP dances, but lowered the price of the private dances. Now, they are emphasizing the Genltemen’s Club aspect, and lesss the Strip Club. The wait staff is pretty decent (there is a slim blond with a killer rack who isa super nice bartender). The women there are generally better than some of the other places in the Washington Park area. ALl the women are pretty attractive, and have a variety of body types. Overall, decent prices, nice staff, good atmoosphere.

  177. capt XXX
  178. monthly visitor
  179. Wild Bill

    I had a great experience thanks in no small part to the new girl, Jade. What a babe! She was so cool (and friendly). If I had the money, I’d be here every night that Jade is working. Look her up and you’ll see what I mean.

  180. Suzanne K.

    Passing some time in this beautiful club with Sexy Showgirls. Everyone is friendly and the the club looks fabulous. Nice place to stop for a cold one.

  181. Bob

    Best value around. $4.50 beer and $20 private dances and the quality of the girls is as good as anywhere. Nice atmosphere since the remodel.

  182. David

    Me and my boys had a great time in the club last Friday. Larry throws a bachelor party like no other club in the St.Louis area. I LOVE ALLY!

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