Bigfoot Gentlemen’s Club



1609 South Alpine Road, Rockford, IL 61108


42.2518224, -89.0290847




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bigfoot Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Mary

    Love the girls.

  2. Enron

    No more new taxes? LOL

  3. nice

    I had a good time, most of the girls know how to dance and look good. Theirs a few that are to old and fat. None of the girls where to pushy. Got an incredible lap dance from this sexy ass girl with a perfect ass wearing a little red skirt, sorry baby cant remember your name.

  4. David W.

    When i moved back to Illinois I wanted to go out and have some fun. So i came here. Overall I had a blast. The lap dances were good. And Became friends with few of the dancers.

  5. Pete

    Lap dance is a joke! It is an air dance. Zero contact. Save your money.

  6. dancer25

    this is a horrible club, the owner didnt even have the balls to tell me himself that i wasnt “good enough”.. most of the girls there are fucking bitches and sluts.. dont go here.. they drain your money just on drinks. go to state street station!! alot better!

  7. mimi

    This place has the worst private dances in Rockford.

  8. Mika

    I’m a dancer and sometimes go to different clubs to check out the girls. This club’s girls ROCK!

  9. donald

    not worth the price of the drinks. hear some guys get serviced here, all i got emty promises. guess you have to tip better. but spent too much on drinks and girls weren’t worth heavy tips. Oh well live and learn, see ya at state street.

  10. chizad

    samantha and joey are Sexy dykes!

  11. john

    half the girls are great! some are average, then there are the couple of aweful ones, but its kinda funny to go in and see them, and the hot ones way overweigh them

  12. Brian

    It was ok for a bikini bar. Lap dance was lacking

  13. Robert

    Most of the dancers were pretty good looking and friendly. The waitresses were always coming around checking to make sure we had drinks. Some lap dances we bad, but some were awesome. The $25 lap dance price is too much, so I think next time I’ll try the $125 30minute VIP.

  14. Tim

    I had a great time there.

  15. Tee

    This place is amazing. I love the girls and all the staff. Can’t wait to go back and visist!

  16. Miss S and Mr G

    The girls are AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! and very fun to talk to…We were talking all night and just having an awesome time…then we hit the Very cool place!! DAMN!

  17. Cassidy

    I Have danced at several dance clubes across the country and as a whole BF has great girls and is a bombdiggity club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ASH
  19. SAM


  20. Darren

    I will definitely be back soon.

  21. Bob

    Very clean and nice club. Most girls are hot and I hear they are getting a new manager.

  22. Joy

    I really like the girls, bouncers are ok, DJ is real nice. It wasn’t a guy though, a girl. The owner was nice to me! Didn’t hit on me, he is kinda weird, but harmless I think. If you’re from out of town or new, customers will love a fresh face, espically if you have confidence.

  23. big dog

    girls are anywhere from 2’s to 7’s or 8’s (maybe one or two) but the dances are outstanding. Ive been sucked and fucked in the dance rooms by more than one dancer here.

  24. six 12

    this clubs ok i hear some mob italian kid is gonna buy it hope he cleans the place up

  25. pissed

    The dj talks about stupid shit, the dances aren’t worth 5 cents, and the girls are nasty… I got offered s*x and bl*w jobs for money after only tipping dollars! who knows what std’s those girls have if they are offering themselves up for so little. They all seem drunk and out of sorts with no future. Not something I want to see my money go to.

  26. dave
  27. kyle

    this club was great all of the gils were so hot !!!

  28. Tom

    I go to a lot of different clubs and this one is my favorites. Most of the girls are very sexy and lots of different girls to choose from. The more money you spend the better attention you get. I have my favorite girls of course, where is Hayden?

  29. David

    I had a great time

  30. What Not To Do

    Crap service,bitchy dancers,CRAZY PRICES & a stupid DJ, I don’t know what else I can say… Wait…DONT GO HERE!!!

  31. John Q

    Bikini bar, but sometimes u get a little slippage.

  32. Michael

    Had a blast thanks to all.

  33. Dino from Highheels

    Wondering if a Miko,Envy,Amber works here.All r great!


    Big Dog…Sorry about that but you got the worse end of the deal. I used to work there and it used to be not like that. It used to be classy. Guess you take out the best and you do get the trashy. I’ll be back though to show all of them up. I might have small breast but I have been known to show a good time in respect and not be trashy like most.

  35. Steve
  36. average joe

    I went here after I left the Body Shop because it sucked, BAD IDEA!!!!! lets see, where to start…. bouncer was cool, waitress was a bitch to me for some reason or another, then she charged me 12 bucks for a bottled miller lite??? are you kidding me?? you tell me if she was ripping me off… DJ was talking to the girls over the mic. totally unprofessional, and irritating. Dancers were either ugly as hell, obvious crack heads, or fat as hell. There really was no happy medium. I did not want to have a lap dance with any of them. Some little foreign looking guy starts screaming at one of the dancers in the corner about “you cost me a thousand dollars bitch!” must have been the manager or the owner, I don’t know, but I thought he was going to hit her. COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I WAS SEEING! I was on my way out at this point, then the bouncer who was cool at first turns into a dick on the way out saying “don’t fucking come back broke dick mother fucker!” SERIOUSLY???? I had a thousand dollars in cash on me, and spent 12 dollars on one beer. NO WAY IN HELL WILL I EVER WASTE MY TIME IN THIS DIVE EVER AGAIN!!

  37. ?
  38. ????

    looking for a dancer not sure her stage name but her real name is micah tiny white girl real skinny long brown hair kinda wavy neone know her stage name or when she dances?

  39. Hayden

    Hello Tom!!! I’ve been out of the scene for awhile, I hope

    your doing well. Certainly hope to see you out and about soon!

    Haven’t been to Bigfoot in awhile but I’ll be stopping in for

    a drink to see some fresh faces I hope!

  40. aaron

    I went in to have a good time, blow some money, and get a lap dance or two . that’s not what happened. I was at the stage tipping some ugly ass, strung out looking dancer just because I felt bad for her. She bent over to put her ass near my face, and all I could smell was rotten pussy. It was disgusting. Then, I got up to go get a drink, she started yelling at the top of her lungs that I stole her money! Some asshole came over and told me that I had to giver her her a $100, I said no and he had some bouncer guy throw me out. I will never come back to this club ever!!!

  41. Monroe

    All I can say is I’m ready for more. This place is awesome.

  42. D.J.

    No cover, but the drinks are way high. Couple of bocks more per compared to other clubs. Some girls are hot, but $125 to get in VIP room is outragous. Don’t expect to go for a fun hour for less than $200. The days of dropping 50 bucks, have a couple beers, enjoy a couple girls company are way gone in this place. If you want to keep some dope head in business, who abusses his help, go ahead and visit the Bigfoot. If you want to enjoy a night out and be able to afford to eat the rest of the week, go elsewhere.

  43. Allister

    The DJ at this club is terrible. Why does he have to do his idiotic flirting with the dancers over the mic, WHILE we’re trying to watch the “show”?

  44. jacki

    seems the more money you spend the more attention you get… you can get plenty of attention from the less attractive girls without spending too much, but the quality girls require cash.

  45. Michelle

    Luv the girls!!!!!

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